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Found 1 result

  1. I think that sometimes too much emphasis is placed on Manned Space flight and not enough on Unmanned. Indeed I would go so far s to say that unmanned space flight has been severely neglected. For example, I would like to have some changes made to the avionics hub that would make me want to use it more. I could make a more compact (shorter) and part-friendly craft if the CH-j3 had the functions of the small SAS built in. It would be perfect if it could also carry 5 units of mollyprop (Mono-propellant.) Currently once I have the tech to get a probe core with Targeting ability I rarely, if ever, use the CH-J3. If the developers gave some thought to probes and automated landers then perhaps we would get some RCS tanks that were about the size of the Place-Anywhere RCS Thruster. And some Place anywhere thrusters that were about 30% of that size with power reductions to match. I am aware that some of you feel that the CH-J3 is already overpowered and can make the need for pilots superfluous. However I do not see this as a fault of the CH-J3 more of the lack of abilities assigned to a pilot. For example if pilots were able to land a craft autonomously and the distance to target and success of the landing was governed by the pilots ability then the ace-pilot would be much in demand. (I know that there are those of you who feel that if a player can not land his own vehicle then he should be playing something else.) Rendezvous with target could be addressed in the same way. Pilots doing.. you know.. pilot-y (pilot-ish?) things. I digress.. This post is not about making pilots more like pilots (Still a good idea though) it's bout the functionality of the CH-j3. I have well over 5000 hours in game. Pinpoint landings and Rendezvous are all very routine for me. Many new players who love the idea of the game do struggle with things that many other veterans and I, find simple. So please try to keep in mind that all I am asking for is that the CH-j3 be made more useful. Regards. D.