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Found 7 results

  1. Versions 1.4.1, 1.4.2, 1.4.3 Windows 10 64bit Problem: KSP wont load up when I install B9 Aerospace, error: "B9PartSwitch has encountered a fatal error and ksp needs to close. No resource definition named 'Gypsum' could not be found The tank definitions have not been loaded yet (done after the game database load). This is likely caused by a earlier error of by ModuleManager being missing or out of date. Please see ksp's logs for more details" Mods installed: B9 Aerospace, B9 Animation modules, B9PartSwitch (the one giving me the error) BahaSp, Chaterer, Cho
  2. So I downloaded the update for ksp 1.4.1, and when I start the game, I notice that my B9 aerospace engines make no sound and have no jet animation, though they still produce thrust. Only the stock engines have sounds and animation in the updated game. Any tips on how to fix this?
  3. Um.... What happened to the .craft files from the previous version of B9 Aerospace? You know, like the "Vance" etc...? If anybody could be able to post a folder containing the ships in a reply below, that'd be great!
  4. Hey All First post here, so i thought i would start with an A-10 cause i just love that plane. The Design is still in the making i have to work out a few bugs, like when taking off it loves the drift to the left then roll and well explode..... More information, pictures and videos to come..
  5. Hi, I have had B9 installed for a while however unexpectedly yesterday the game wouldn't load, it kept stopping when it tried loading in a B9 part, so I went back into CKAN and uninstalled B9 and everything accociated with it and tried loading the game which worked. when I went back in to reinstall B9 it had the same problem. does anyone have a somution. Thanks
  6. Hey fellow KSPers. I have a bit of a problem. I've downloaded the B9 Aerospace mod and I'm missing those awesome, gigantic parts! I put everything in the Game data folder but When I start everything up, i do not have them. Please help me in the name of Jeb.
  7. Hi all, one of my career modes was nearing endgame, so i decided to spice it up by installing Interstellar, since it contains a tech that's missing from stock parts - thermal turbojets for exploring planets with anoxic atmospheres. As these super powered engines were threatening to make things too easy, I added Ferram Aerospace , which with it's tendency to make you obsess over the area rule curve sent me scurrying towards B9 Aerospace procedural wings to get the shape i wanted. Interstellar is a pretty big mod in and of itself, but apparently needs Tweakscale and Starlionin
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