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Found 17 results

  1. Please note that Physics Range Extender is a required dependancy for BD Armory Continued See spoilers below for release notes, videos, Github issues and download links The BDAc family of mods were all created by @BahamutoD, and in his absence, we have taken it upon ourselves to keep the explosions flowing For anything related to BDAc or mods in the BDAc family, I refer you to the Github link for Papa Joe's Soup (Slightly Over Used Parts) where there is listed download links for the mods in question ... If you have questions or concerns, feel free to post here and the team will do our best to assist you I also refer you to our in game KSPedia where you will find a wealth of information on the operation of BDAc If you think you have come across a gremlin or a bug with BDAc or any of the mods we maintain, feel free to post here, however we ask that you also take a look at the issues list on Github to see if your problem has been addressed. We use the built in Github issues tracker to keep record of bugs, enhancements and feature requests as it is difficult to keep track of bug reports and all the great ideas that the community have come up with on the forum (things can get buried and lost under newer posts) Please note that only the most recent version of BDAc is supported at this time and that BDA needs PhysicsRangeExtender to work properly: Also, to correctly install BDAc, first download the latest release (not the source download) and then extract the BDArmory folder contained within the zip file and place it into your KSP/Gamedata folder ... Do not, I repeat, do not place the Gamedata folder contained within the BDAc zip into your Gamedata folder as this will cause umpteen million conflicts to arise as the BahaTurret pickle looks for textures, configs and whatnot in specific places In regards to CKAN ... It is our policy not to provide support for CKAN as we have no control over the process beyond listing when deploying to SpaceDock. If you are having issues with CKAN we request that you take it up with CKAN And in regards to support, KSP.log please (as well as BDAc version, KSP version and modlist) ... I also refer you to the following thread where it describes in detail everything else that is required for us to help you: Best Regards, The BDAc Team @Papa_Joe @jrodriguez @SpannerMonkey(smce) @gomker @TheDog @DoctorDavinci BD Armory wiki: Papa Joes Soup Github link: BDAc Release Notes: BDAc Family Mod links: Videos: BD Armory Continued was originally developed by Paolo Encarnacion (BahamutoD) and distributed under the license CC-BY-SA 2.0. This mod is now being maintained in BahamutoD's absence by Joe Korinek (Papa_Joe) and continues to be distributed under the license CC-BY-SA 2.0. Please read about the license at attempting to modify and redistribute it
  2. this is a new BDA Dogfighter thread. you can host a new section if you want but you have to do the dogfighting and you have to post the video here. @MiffedStarfish is hosting a stock+BDA only section soon and i am doing one with a couple of mods. but for mine, you can have up to 2 fighter jets,1 Bomber, and 1 ground base(You don't have to use bombers or ground bases if don't want to)my brother @dundun92 will be doing a couple more dogfights in his modern fighter jet challenge before he stops. Rules for mine: These rules apply for the modern category(except there are no ground bases or bombers) i am copying rules from the modern fighter jet challenge. Ground bases are not included in these rules(you can build your ground base any way you want) Required Mods RBDA(for those who aren't familiar, it is a branch of bda by @jrodriguez. 1.2.2 version here You can build with regular BDA, but dogfights for mine are conducted with RBDA. Allowed Mods AirplanePlus Vens Stock part revamp Tweakscale If you dont use BDA, just ask me. I'll put on the missiles, radar, cannon, and AI and weapon manager for you. You have to use the the 20mm 6000rpm Vulcan cannon. You may use FAR but I will dogfight them without it. LeaderBoard: My Category: LeaderBoard: The modern category: 1. @NotAnAimbots PLFP-II 2. @53miner53s fighter 3 3. @dundun93s ASW X-18M 4. @MiffedStarfishes F-18
  3. So I've tweaked the airframe of my old F-2 fighter even more, and came up with this one. It's kind of a "re-do" of my F-4 Cobra, which was supposed to be the Su-27 equivalent to my F-2 Predator, which was built for close range engagements similar to the MiG-29. I've added more lifting surface and rebuilt the wings entirely, in addition to clipping a second pair of Panthers to keep reasonable performance for the added weight. Like the real Su-27, this thing is pretty massive, weighing in at 30 tons at full combat and fuel load, like the real deal. However, it's not meant to be an exact replica, and is smaller at 17m length and 11m width, although it does give off a Su-27 feel. Its main role is air superiority, and, unlike the F-2 and F-4, is a dedicated fighter without any dedicated multirole function. Estimated internal range is a little bit above 2000 km at 8700 m altitude and 250 m/s cruise speed, which can be upgraded with drop tanks, although you would have to remove the ECM pods or some armament to save weight. Maximum speed, which is of about Mach 2.5 at full throttle and half tank, is rarely used since it uses the fuel very quickly and reduces range by half. I'm currently trying to develop an interceptor version of this which would use ramjets allowing it to operate at these speeds efficiently, but my F-6 fills that role quite well for now. With ECM pods, countermeasures and sufficient armament, the F-8 can fare pretty well in a BDA AI match against other "aesthetic" fighters, but it's not really a dedicated competition fighter so don't expect too much out of it. Armament is of 8 AIM-120 and four AIM-9 in addition to two M61 Vulcan cannons. Countermeasures are three chaff and three flare pods mounted in the vertical stabilizer. Be careful when flying it, since the controls are very sensible and can easily flip the plane if you smash the S key too much at high speeds. The following image gives a good idea of what the F-8 is capable of. Notice the jet trails. While it's not as crazy as the F-2F+, the turn rate is pretty good for a plane this big. To make high speed flying easier, you can disable pitch control on the canards. Action groups: Fire weapons (Modded version only) Switch weapons (Modded version only) Toggle afterburner Download links: Stock version: F-8 Thunder STOCK.craft?dl=0 BDA version: F-8 Thunder.craft?dl=0 KerbalX page:
  4. Version: KSP OSX 1.3 (Uncertain if 32bit or 64 bit) Mod List: Like some other reports, KSP is about at the end of the loading, when it crashes. A few mods seem to cause this, and a few examples seem to include BDArmory (but not Baha Turret), SM Armory (with SM Industries), and Modular Kolonization System (MKS). The above are the mods that DO seem to work, though adding any of the ones I just listed makes the game crash. I assume it isn't related to memory, because if I remove a big folder like the BoulderCo from Andromeda: Daydream and add BDA, it still crashes. Link to the Player.log
  5. So I can change very basic stuff in BDA but I was wondering how to get it so that a part fires say 8 shots then needs to reaload. The reaload will be it cooling down from over heating but I'm new to configure files and if someone could help I'd really appreciate it. thanks in advance for your help
  6. There was a jet fighter tournament by Jolly Rogers on Youtube a couple of days back. I sent in a fighter to compete, but I wasn't satisfied with it and went back building what I thought would be the best Jet Fighter possible, combing high speed, heavy armor and massive firepower, and here's the result. or It's the best configuration possible, and should defeat any other design when numerically evenly matched. Would anyone like to take up a challenge to prove me wrong?It is built on rules of TAPE's jet fighter showdown and Jolly Roger's plane fight club, so Stock + BDA Parts and no turrets. STATS Max Speed: 780m/s in level flight Max Ferry Range: ~4000 km(circumnavigates Kerbin without drop tanks) Maximum maneuverability: 75Gs Armaments: Dual GAU-8, 8 x AIM-120 ARMAAMs Armor: Resists 1-second burst of Vulcan or Browning at 1000m Dry Mass: 18 tons Maximum Payload: 20+ tons.
  7. Posting this new thread since the OP on the original one didn't put any rules. KSC has been put under siege, and it's your job to liberate it... and occupy it yourself! The challenge's goal is to destroy enemy defenses on the KSC. A module or attacking vehicle is defined as destroyed when it cannot harm any attacking vehicle by either having no weapon, ammo or cannot get close enough to attack. You can achieve this by using up to three vehicles in as many waves as you want. You can airdrop vehicles from planes, and the order and time when the vehicles are deployed is entirely up to you. Planes or any vehicle relying on fixed surfaces for lift must start 20 km away from the KSC, and any other vehicle has to spawn 5 km away. Each craft has a maximum of 16 weapons, of which 5 at most can be firearms, 2 "main", and 3 "coaxial". The "coaxial" weapons must have a smaller caliber than the "main" ones. The coaxial weapons cannot be any "major" turret. Turrets considered major are the three Goalkeepers, Oerlikon, Vulcan turret, 105mm howitzer and 120mm M1 turret. This rule is to prevent gun spam as a way of dealing quickly with defenses. Since Hydra and SKOM pods have lots of missiles, each pod will count as 2 weapons. Since this challenge is about a tactical attack, indirect fire weapons, lasers, guided missiles other than BDA's, the two cruise missiles and any plane with a bomb load over 7000 kg are forbidden for both attack and defense. Banned weapons: AGM-86C cruise missile RBS-15 cruise missile USAF airborne laser Hydra-70 turret Any guided craft fitted with any BDA explosive/weapon that is designed to be crashed into the ground or near targets. This means no "stock" cruise missiles or kamikaze plane/tanks. Unguided small explosive warhead rockets are permitted. The goal is to have a Kerbal plant a flag ontop of the VAB. If it's destroyed, the attacker suffers a penalty for damaging useful structures and must plant a flag on the flagpole place. If all three vehicles are put out of combat (, the attacker loses. If he succeeds, he must publish proof in the form of a video. Victory can only be achieved if all defenses are put out of combat as by the definition. You must keep the KSC as intact as possible. Here are penalties for destroying some structures: Spaceplane hangar or VAB: Cannot have any missiles in defense system Research center or tracking station: Cannot have any radar or targeting systems in defenses The winner gets three days to build his own defense system, and shares the persistent file for us to repeat. The defense system has a maximum of 5 separate crafts. Are you ready for war? KSC file Defense Use the current KSC Current King of KSC @MostExcellent Former kings of KSC @jrodriguez defeated by notanaimbot @NotAnAimbot, defeated by jrodriguez and mostexcellent Allowed and required mods BDA continued Vessel mover For moving your crafts from the KSC to the spawn points. Any mod that does not add parts other than BDA, not including its extensions and that does not affect physical gameplay. No, I will not allow BDA's weapon extensions, since I want to keep this simple for the maximum number of people to enjoy.
  8. Hereby I proudly present you my first mod - a Point Defence Cannon as seen on MCRN Tachi space corvette in The Expanse TV series. Point defence cannon is essentially a space CIWS. So far I have only fixed model that is just raised on its mount when activated. But I plan to add the one that will retract into special bay eventually, just like the ones in the series. The nicest feature is the inbuilt tracking-only radar with RPM camera built in. If you have Raster Prop Monitor installed then you'll be able to watch your target on MFD screen as the radar tracks it. Download from Spacedock: Suggestions are welcome
  9. Im looking for a bda add-on that adds weapons for orbital combat. I was wondering if you knew of one.
  10. This is a BDA tournament with a bit different tournament setup. You must beat literally everyone in a row in order to be declared the King Of The Hill. If someone dies, everyone they killed respawns! TOURNAMENT STRUCTURE: I will randomly pick two living planes from the submissions to do a battle. The loser of a battle is dead. Anyone's entry killed by the loser in a previous battle respawns to fight another day. Battles will always occur if there are 2 or more entries currently alive. The tournament begins IMMEDIATELY as of this post. CRAFT REQUIREMENTS: Keep your planes at 60 parts or fewer. No missiles. This is a gunfight. If you want rocket pods or bombs on a dogfighter for some reason, that's fine. Turrets, if present, must be locked to fixed 0-0-0 position. No drones. These are to be piloted planes. You are however allowed to have secondary pilots or passenger space. No tweakscaling the cockpit. Planes must have radar installed. ANY AI settings are allowed. If you manage to go outside slider limits somehow, that's fine too. Please do not use any of the engines from Quiztech, including the jet RCS thruster, as they are not balanced with the stock meta. SXT engines, both jets and props, are okay. Please do not excessively clip parts. A wing going through a fuel tank is okay. Ten wings and 4 engines clipped most of the way inside a fuel tank is not. You MUST have 15 minutes of fuel at nominal full afterburner. That's 57.4 units of fuel per Juno, 210 per Wheesley, 525 per Goliath, 597 per Panther or Whiplash, and 603 per RAPIER. I'll allow you to round it down by up to 0.5 units of LF. No more. I am completely willing to make you fix a plane because it has 14 minutes and 58 seconds of fuel. If you tweakscale engines, make sure to give them the right amount of fuel. Tweakscale's exponent for engine thrust and fuel consumption is 2.5, so the math is: Fuel needed (tonnes) = ( NewSize / OriginalSize ) ^ 2.5 * Original Thrust (kN) * 900 / ISP / 9.8 So for example, a 2.0-meter-sized Panther needs: (2.0/1.25)^2.5*130*900/3200/9.8 = 9.665 tonnes of fuel. Multiply by 200 to get 1933 units of fuel. This is to power 15 minutes of 421-kiloNewton thrust. Or a 1.0-meter sized Goliath would demand (1.0/2.5)^2.5*360*900/12600/9.8*200 = 53.10 units of LF. Note that changing your engine size has no effect on the TWR of your engine, as the mass scales with the 2.5 power as well. COMBAT SETTINGS: The default competition distance of 8000 meters will be used. Rounds will be 3v3. One battle per round. Best out of one. Any plane which cannot fly or glide is considered dead. The winner should still be able to fly or glide after winning. All deaths count as deaths. The despawn distance will be set to 100 kilometers. If your plane despawns, it is counted as dead. ENTRY RULES: There will be a limit of one entry at a time per person. You may modify or replace your entry at any time. Post here to replace your entry with a link to the new one. I will check this thread every time I'm about to run a new fight. Modifying a dead entry replaces it and the new entry remains dead. Modifying a living entry effectively kills and removes your previous one and spawns in your new one. If your old version has killed any planes, they are re-spawned as well. You must build your own vehicles for your entries. No modifying someone else's. If your entry has been dead for 72 hours, I'll allow you to withdraw your entry and submit a new one which starts alive, with the stipulation that it must be a new aircraft that has never competed in this challenge and not a modified version of your previous entry. Submit your entries here. MOD LIST: BDA continued SXT continued Quizztech continued -Remember, don't use the engines! Aviation cockpits Cockpits Tweakscale Github -Don't use this on your cockpits! HALL OF FAME: I'll be posting all Kings Of The Hill in order here, as well as how many planes they killed to get to the top and how many challengers they've beaten, as well as which new plane eventually killed them. I'll have a second leaderboard showing number of battle wins and losses of each contestant. I'll also post the status of the competition as a whole, which planes are alive, which planes are dead and by who, and which entries have been dead for 72 hours. There will also be uploads to YouTube of each battle, although I may decide to trim them or speed up the boring parts if, say, both planes run out of ammo and orbit in the sky for hours. Current entries: Pds314's xFA Iridium: . - currently alive. DoctorDavinci's O' Revoire: - currently dead. - Killed by Lepidoptera Cherensis drtricky's Dorito: - currently dead. - Killed by Big Momma Eidahlil's Lepidoptera Malvae - Currently alive with 1 kill. Triop's Big Momma IV: - run with 150 extra LF per wing for legality. - Currently alive with 1 kill. K/D leaderboard: Triop's Big Momma IV: 1 win, 0 losses. Killed leader! drtricky's Dorito: 3 wins, 1 loss. Once a King! DoctorDavinci's O' Revoire: 1 win, 2 losses. 1 perfect game. Eidahlil's Lepidoptera Cherensis: 1 wins, 1 loss. (1, 0 in current model) Pds314's xFA Iridium: 0 wins, 2 losses. Kings of the hill: GMT: 10:40, 12/4/2016 to 6:30 12/6/2016: drtricky's Dorito - killed 3. - Killed By Triop's Big Momma. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My entry: Battles so far!:
  11. So i have another idea but this time its time to have some fun and a safe way to have a war without loosing kerbals. By adding Kerbal.Entertaining.Rocket.Foam(the kerbal equivalent to NERF) or KERF for short.
  12. Is it a spaceplane? is it a rover? no its THE MEKHA TENGU CHALLANGE! Koviet engineering korps is looking to see if any kerbal is smart enough to make a hybrid spaceplane/rover that can cut down the pollution that is caused by multi staged interplanetary launches and a rover that can be returned back to kerbin,and be used as a gunship for a(totally fake) war(that does not involve nuclear weapons and napalm). WINNERS WILL BE DECIDED BY A RNG. RULES: screenshots 2.can have very witty names 3. must use BDA for weapons 4. list mods used(if you are using any modded parts that are not from BDA)
  13. So, I have recently been informed that a lot of the top mods currently aren't compatible with the newest 1.2 update of KSP. I was wondering how could one go about reverting my game back to 1.1.3 or something. I am using steam I honestly could care less about most of my saves I have a boatload (more like an intergalactic capital ship turned into a cargo ship full kind of boatload) This is mostly in the name of BDArmory Thanks in advance, -lococarl, over and out. **P.S.: Here's what's in my GameData folder: 000_USITools (Miscellaneous plugins and such for USI mods near bottom of list) BDArmory (RIP BDA, no parts show up in 1.2, really itching to try for first time) CommunityResourcePack (No idea where I got it from) Eskandare_Heavy_Industries [CVX (Only having problems with launch)] ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads (Out of date) Firespitter (Not my favorite, pretty janky if you ask me) JSI [RasterPropMontiter (I guess it's working)] KAS (Haven't figured out how to really use it yet, for lack of trying) KAX (Has fallen by the wayside because of KSO) Kerbaltek [Hyperedit (Working)] KIS (Haven't delved into its wonders at all yet) KSO (Love it very much, 99%* working) SHED (Haven't used yet but works) SM_Marine (Only having problems with launching boats) SmokeScreen (Due to dependencies, also have no idea what it does) Squad (Stock) TweakScale-master (Fully functional) UmbraSpaceIndustries (Akita, FX, Karibou, Konstruction, and Malemute) VanguardTechnologies (EVA parachutes and ejector seats, haven't booted game with it yet) VesselMover (Tab not appearing at top of screen, I call it not working) WildBlueIndustries (Buffalo MSEV, haven't booted game with it yet) Hope someone can inform me on what I'm doing wrong with some of these or how to use them. *There are some screwy things in KSO (ie.: physics loads for already landed helicopter from previous flight with engine left on and it spins and flips all over and blows up).
  14. When I try to use the new version of BDA with KSP 1.1.3, I paste the BDA folder into the GameData folder and install the game. The parts appear, but when I launch any craft, the screen is black. When I pause then unpause, the camera starts spiraling and zooming out. Am I doing something wrong, or are the two just incompatible? Thanks!
  15. When I try to use the new version of BDA with KSP 1.1.3, I paste the BDA folder into the GameData folder and install the game. The parts appear, but when I launch any craft, the screen is black. When I pause then unpause, the camera starts spiraling and zooming out. Am I doing something wrong, or are the two just incompatible? Thanks!
  16. I have installed BD armory correctly and when I land a plane I cant go to space center when I click it would do nothing can someone help.
  17. I ask that all who post in this thread to please keep your posts directly related to this challenge and try to avoid frivolous and unrelated content ... Thank you NOTE: You must compete in Level 1 in order to progress to Level 2 ... You can find Level 1 HERE With BD Armoury giving you the ability to have wing-men, I have created a second level for my Ground Attack Challenge that utilizes this ability I've manually flown a single military cargo plane to the Pyramids to deliver 6 mobile turrets. Your mission is to build 2 crafts that can fly to the Pyramids and destroy the turrets set up there Due to the missiles being amazingly accurate in the latest BD Armoury I am not using them in defense of the Pyramids ... Guns only on my end and anything goes on yours RULES: - Your crafts are designated as Team A - 2 crafts outfitted any way you want, however you may use a maximum of 100 parts per craft - You must upload your crafts somewhere I can download them from (Google Drive for example) - You may also upload a custom flag that will be used during recording otherwise I will use a bulls eye - NO MODS OTHER THAN BD ARMORY ... BD Armory 0.10.3 is required - You must have a Weapon Manager and an AI Pilot which are toggled to hotkey '1' on each plane (Toggle Guard Mode and Toggle AI Pilot respectively) - You may use droptanks if you wish ... They will be dropped when they are empty (see sample video) - YOUR CRAFTS MUST BE ABLE TO LAUNCH UNDER AI CONTROL NOTE: The BDA Wiki is located HERE I will record your crafts during launch, dropping any external fuel tanks as well as attacking the defenses at the Pyramids and then I will post the video's on my YouTube channel NOTE: The video will only contain the pertinent parts ... namely launch, external tank drop and the attack (see sample video) The mobile turrets will be re-positioned for the competition (as compared to the screenshots below) with 3 being set to target anything and the other 3 set for missiles only ... Once placed, the defenses will remain in the same configuration for the duration of this thread It will be a night time launch, however it will be evening at the Pyramids when the attack begins You can watch the sample video HERE Essentially I will manually pilot your crafts in the general direction of the Pyramids at roughly 2500m altitude and at 2/3 thrust [no afterburners] to around 4.8 km out from the mobile turrets at which point I will activate the AI pilots on each craft and watch the beautiful disaster ensue whilst recording the carnage for prosperity NOTE: 4.8 km is is being used so as to allow all crafts to load into physics as well preventing your craft from conducting a turn which could result in it flying out of range of it's targets SCOREBOARD (Kill Count) - SasquatchM w/ the Wyvern Mk.4 - LR ... KILL COUNT= TOTAL ANNIHILATION [video] - - -