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Found 16 results

  1. Please note that Physics Range Extender is a required dependancy for BD Armory Continued See spoilers below for release notes, videos, Github issues and download links The BDAc family of mods were all created by @BahamutoD, and in his absence, we have taken it upon ourselves to keep the explosions flowing For anything related to BDAc or mods in the BDAc family, I refer you to the Github link for Papa Joe's Soup (Slightly Over Used Parts) where there is listed download links for the mods in question ... If you have questions or concerns, feel free to post here and the team will do our best to assist you I also refer you to our in game KSPedia where you will find a wealth of information on the operation of BDAc Be aware that forcing opengl will result in many shaders showing as pink ... the only solution is DO NOT force opengl If you think you have come across a gremlin or a bug with BDAc or any of the mods we maintain, feel free to post here, however we ask that you also take a look at the issues list on Github to see if your problem has been addressed. We use the built in Github issues tracker to keep record of bugs, enhancements and feature requests as it is difficult to keep track of bug reports and all the great ideas that the community have come up with on the forum (things can get buried and lost under newer posts) Please note that only the most recent version of BDAc is supported at this time and that BDA needs PhysicsRangeExtender to work properly: Also, to correctly install BDAc, first download the latest release from the BDAc releases link posted below (not the source download) and then extract the BDArmory folder contained within the zip file and place it into your KSP/Gamedata folder ... Do not, I repeat, do not place the Gamedata folder contained within the BDAc zip into your Gamedata folder as this will cause umpteen million conflicts to arise as the BahaTurret pickle looks for textures, configs and whatnot in specific places In regards to CKAN ... It is our policy not to provide support for CKAN as we have no control over the process beyond listing when deploying to SpaceDock. If you are having issues with CKAN we request that you take it up with CKAN, otherwise follow the clear instructions posted above and if your issue continues then feel free to ask the team for assistance In regards to support, KSP.log please (Found in the same directory as the KSP executable ... this file is overwritten each time you start KSP ... upload this file to a filesharing site such as dropbox and post the link so the team can take a look) ... I also refer you to the following thread where it describes in detail everything else that is required for us to help you: Best Regards, The BDAc Team @Papa_Joe @jrodriguez @SpannerMonkey(smce) @gomker @TheDog @DoctorDavinci @Eidahlil @TheKurgan BD Armory wiki: BDAc Release Links: Releases link: Issues link: Physics Range Extender (REQUIRED): Papa Joes Soup Github link: BDAc Release Notes: BDAc Development Notes: BDAc Family Mod links: Videos: BD Armory Continued was originally developed by Paolo Encarnacion (BahamutoD) and distributed under the license CC-BY-SA 2.0. This mod is now being maintained in BahamutoD's absence by Joe Korinek (Papa_Joe) and continues to be distributed under the license CC-BY-SA 2.0. Please read about the license at attempting to modify and redistribute it
  2. Well I had been playing with BdAc for quite sometime and I thought if we could spawn military vehicles with their engines on ,we could simply have a military campaign. So can anyone help me here? PS. Don't be rude like steam. I've been an explorer for a 2yr now n now I wish military expeditions.
  3. For those that struggle with finding that perfect part or put together that perfect fighter fuselage, this is the mod for you. Brought to you by SM Associates @XOC2008 and @TheKurgan (with some excellent modelling by @SpannerMonkey(smce)!), we bring you Versus! Versus was created with two things in mind, lower part count aircraft to utilize BDArmory and related mods more efficiently, and to put together head-to-head match-ups between aircraft of similar style and function. These fuselages are all-in-one, including cockpit, radar, engine, ammo, and fuel. (On some occasions, the fuselage will also have a weapon integrated such as with the F-15 in this initial release.) Versus R1 includes the fuselages to pit a MiG-31 Foxhound against an F-15(A/B/C/D/E/However you design it) Eagle. Keep in mind this just contains the fuselages and a few extra bits like drop tanks, and the Pilot Pitot parts(for full Weapon Manager, Wing Commander, and AI Pilot capabilities.) Make sure to attach the pitot or some similar Weapon Manager part to ensure you can control your craft. You will of course also need to outfit the vessel with wings, landing gear, control surfaces, weapons, and whatever various odds and ends you'd like. To note: This mod is intended for "full size" aircraft. Tweakscale is not supported, as it can and will most likely alter the weight and flight characteristics with disastrous results. Thrust, velocity, and atmospheric curves have been toiled over to get the most realistic performance we can squeeze out of these aircraft. This mod was designed for and with Stock aero, as such FAR is not supported, but if this works in FAR then all the better for those users. Versus is CC BY-ND 4.0 I know, no pics no clicks! Download on Spacedock or Dropbox. Recommended (but not required) Mods: BDArmory Continued - Required for pilot pitot part to function SM Armory SMI Missiles and Launchers - Full of missiles, especially some perfect Russian ones to outfit your vodka fueled planes. KWS - Cold War BDArmory Extension Kerbal Foundries Procedural Wings
  4. Hello there! Before you contact me for submitting an entry at [email protected] and get your craft featured in a YouTube video, please watch these two videos providing the rules and clarifications or read the post by goduranus providing further clarifications then these videos. Please keep in mind that if there's enough interest I'm allowing 15 submissions total alongside mine, and that I'm not trying to compete with other YouTube fighter competitions.
  5. So, to clear the air, yes, I have seen FoxDefenceContracts. I was just wondering if there are any more out there that I could download that are compatible with BDAc 1.2.X . Also, is there a mod that could add in unguided air to ground missiles from the late WW2 to Korean War Era? That would be nice.
  6. I really miss having historically accurate guns on my propeller planes and have I've grown tired of the standard .50cal guns that come with BDAc. Aviator Arsenal is taking a while to update (sorry for complaining Tetryds), and I was wondering if there was already one in development or already released. If yr wondering why I won't just default to KSP pre 1.4.x, its cuz I like the ground AIs.
  7. in my ksp file, which i am using the 1.2.2 version of ksp and the ksp 1.2.2 version of bdac, i am having a bit of a problem. My flak88 has a max range of 8 km but the default detonation range dident change to it, my bombers are set at an altitude of 3 km, so when the flak starts firing, the bombs have already been dropped! ive tried editing the part itself but to no avail, i even searched in the ksp save files, but it dident save when i changed the default detonation range. please tell me, how do i change the default detonation range?
  8. Hello! [DEVELOPMENT HALTED] [FORWARDS COMPATIBLE UNTIL LEGACY MISSILE/GUN/TURRET CODE IS DEPRECATED] With LOTS of help from a certain Monkey with a wrench( @SpannerMonkey(smce) ) I've put together this small pack of parts with more in the works. Its expanded alot since initial conception as i gain more skill with KSP modding and making parts for BDAc in particular. Currently includes several turrets, Some experimental bits i did with combined modules, a cockpit and some new props that will eventually get separated into their own mod for IVA Makers. Known Issues (1) - Landing gear like to bounce on landing and deceleration on the ground, working on fix Dependencies (1) - BahamutoD Armory continued Pictures, Not all are shown. Download: Politically Motivated Salvaged Parts Changelog Update V0.4 - Minor bugfixes to GBU Guidance and Turret ranges, brought them off 6.5 Kilometers since that was effin ludicrous -Fixed .50 Twin mount #Note for the GBU's / You have to keep the TGP Gimbal's of sight on your target for the bomb to track. just keep it off Gimble limits and hold a pylon turn and it will track. these things are powerful as hell too. Update V0.5 +GBU31-V3(B) Bunker buster +AGM-65G IR Maverick. double the power of the Standard AGM-65E That comes with BDAc +New props. Not important until i separate the props into their own folder, better to log it though. +GBU-16 LGB +Heli turret Reintroduced with new model +Some others that i cant remember -9M33 Development Delayed Indefinitely -ZSU-23-4 Shilka turret Delayed Indefinitely -Fix coming soon for Missile smoke -APKWS Rockets delayed pending Numerous errors -Props demonstrator pending -Moved Truck BMG Pivot -F-14 parts Delayed indefinitely -Development halted. Update V0.3 +M2HB Advanced Turret - Has a Targeting pod on turret for aiming, click the Turret button on the TGP Display and select the turret you want to aim incase you didnt know already. i've only recently figured this out myself and its why i made this turret. +Truck Turret - .50Cal mounted on a rotating ring, standard 1x1 panel size, perfect for vehicles +M2HB Twin mount - Good for naval vessels +New props - G Meter - Self explanatory. ACES II Ejection seat with animated handles, Working Eject arm and ejection function. - Tweaked GBU-12 Guidance - Fixed Konnel 52 IVA, Its very sparse and only good for seeing the kerbals right now until i get some more editing in, Get ASET For basic targeting functionality - Switched designation to 1.x.x since its just a parts mod, just keep your dependencies up to date Other notes for V0.2 and up Delete the Scheisseweapons folder if you for some god forsaken reason have the old version of this. Its been merged with the Konnel folder. Install like any other mod. just drag the folder into Gamedata. License - Configs are GNU/GPLv3, Models/textures All rights reserved
  9. HP and Armor Editor for BD Armory v1.1 I now present for your approval the preliminary release of the standalone HP and Armor Editor for BD Armory Continued v1.1 Edit by part type in the SPH/VAB - All Parts, Command, Wings, Control Surfaces, Fuel Tanks and Ship Hull Still a few glitches such as having to click the Save Armor button twice to save the number entered if setting the armor above 500 (this is due to the HP and Armor auto-calculations in BDAc) as well as Engines, De-couplers and Launch Clamps are excluded from editing due to the code in BDAc that causes degradation of performance on any part that has an engine module or de-coupler module as it takes damage INCORPORATED INTO DCK FUTURETECH
  10. Who wants to play a game of Kerbal war? STATUS: OPEN! TO DO: Update map, add some rules, update launch site spreadsheet General -All launch sites are based around the sea to the west of the KSC. So I've put together a modlist for KSP 1.3.1 with the following mods: Rules and Map Can all be found here. How to play 1) Message me that you would like to participate -If I acknowledge your message then continue. 2) Download the "Actuallywar" save in the folder KSPWAR/Saves/INITIAL-CAZON-1/ 3) Read over the rules while the world downloads 4) Once you've completed reading the rules and asking any questions I'll send a link with some custom configs for some mods. 5) I've already placed troops at my bases, you may start your initial phase and move on to your first turn. 6) When you've finished your first turn upload the save to the KSPWAR/Saves/ and name it PlayerName-TurnName and we'll go back and forth passing saves from there.
  11. This is a BDA tournament with a bit different tournament setup. You must beat literally everyone in a row in order to be declared the King Of The Hill. If someone dies, everyone they killed respawns! TOURNAMENT STRUCTURE: I will randomly pick two living planes from the submissions to do a battle. The loser of a battle is dead. Anyone's entry killed by the loser in a previous battle respawns to fight another day. Battles will always occur if there are 2 or more entries currently alive. The tournament begins IMMEDIATELY as of this post. CRAFT REQUIREMENTS: Keep your planes at 60 parts or fewer. No missiles. This is a gunfight. If you want rocket pods or bombs on a dogfighter for some reason, that's fine. Turrets, if present, must be locked to fixed 0-0-0 position. No drones. These are to be piloted planes. You are however allowed to have secondary pilots or passenger space. No tweakscaling the cockpit. Planes must have radar installed. ANY AI settings are allowed. If you manage to go outside slider limits somehow, that's fine too. Please do not use any of the engines from Quiztech, including the jet RCS thruster, as they are not balanced with the stock meta. SXT engines, both jets and props, are okay. Please do not excessively clip parts. A wing going through a fuel tank is okay. Ten wings and 4 engines clipped most of the way inside a fuel tank is not. You MUST have 15 minutes of fuel at nominal full afterburner. That's 57.4 units of fuel per Juno, 210 per Wheesley, 525 per Goliath, 597 per Panther or Whiplash, and 603 per RAPIER. I'll allow you to round it down by up to 0.5 units of LF. No more. I am completely willing to make you fix a plane because it has 14 minutes and 58 seconds of fuel. If you tweakscale engines, make sure to give them the right amount of fuel. Tweakscale's exponent for engine thrust and fuel consumption is 2.5, so the math is: Fuel needed (tonnes) = ( NewSize / OriginalSize ) ^ 2.5 * Original Thrust (kN) * 900 / ISP / 9.8 So for example, a 2.0-meter-sized Panther needs: (2.0/1.25)^2.5*130*900/3200/9.8 = 9.665 tonnes of fuel. Multiply by 200 to get 1933 units of fuel. This is to power 15 minutes of 421-kiloNewton thrust. Or a 1.0-meter sized Goliath would demand (1.0/2.5)^2.5*360*900/12600/9.8*200 = 53.10 units of LF. Note that changing your engine size has no effect on the TWR of your engine, as the mass scales with the 2.5 power as well. COMBAT SETTINGS: The default competition distance of 8000 meters will be used. Rounds will be 3v3. One battle per round. Best out of one. Any plane which cannot fly or glide is considered dead. The winner should still be able to fly or glide after winning. All deaths count as deaths. The despawn distance will be set to 100 kilometers. If your plane despawns, it is counted as dead. ENTRY RULES: There will be a limit of one entry at a time per person. You may modify or replace your entry at any time. Post here to replace your entry with a link to the new one. I will check this thread every time I'm about to run a new fight. Modifying a dead entry replaces it and the new entry remains dead. Modifying a living entry effectively kills and removes your previous one and spawns in your new one. If your old version has killed any planes, they are re-spawned as well. You must build your own vehicles for your entries. No modifying someone else's. If your entry has been dead for 72 hours, I'll allow you to withdraw your entry and submit a new one which starts alive, with the stipulation that it must be a new aircraft that has never competed in this challenge and not a modified version of your previous entry. Submit your entries here. MOD LIST: BDA continued SXT continued Quizztech continued -Remember, don't use the engines! Aviation cockpits Cockpits Tweakscale Github -Don't use this on your cockpits! HALL OF FAME: I'll be posting all Kings Of The Hill in order here, as well as how many planes they killed to get to the top and how many challengers they've beaten, as well as which new plane eventually killed them. I'll have a second leaderboard showing number of battle wins and losses of each contestant. I'll also post the status of the competition as a whole, which planes are alive, which planes are dead and by who, and which entries have been dead for 72 hours. There will also be uploads to YouTube of each battle, although I may decide to trim them or speed up the boring parts if, say, both planes run out of ammo and orbit in the sky for hours. Current entries: Pds314's xFA Iridium: . - currently alive. DoctorDavinci's O' Revoire: - currently dead. - Killed by Lepidoptera Cherensis drtricky's Dorito: - currently dead. - Killed by Big Momma Eidahlil's Lepidoptera Malvae - Currently alive with 1 kill. Triop's Big Momma IV: - run with 150 extra LF per wing for legality. - Currently alive with 1 kill. K/D leaderboard: Triop's Big Momma IV: 1 win, 0 losses. Killed leader! drtricky's Dorito: 3 wins, 1 loss. Once a King! DoctorDavinci's O' Revoire: 1 win, 2 losses. 1 perfect game. Eidahlil's Lepidoptera Cherensis: 1 wins, 1 loss. (1, 0 in current model) Pds314's xFA Iridium: 0 wins, 2 losses. Kings of the hill: GMT: 10:40, 12/4/2016 to 6:30 12/6/2016: drtricky's Dorito - killed 3. - Killed By Triop's Big Momma. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My entry: Battles so far!:
  12. Hello There! The mod uses BDarmory And Firespitter Plugins. This is the temporary or not thread for my mod, because the forum derped. I know that there is aviators arsenal who has the same weapons as me, yes thats true but his weapons are just little pods sticking out of the wing , i wanted to have the full weapons so you don't put guns into tiny wings and see that guns are larger(or smaller when you think. I was not trying to make the models to accurate becouse a) this is the first time me modeling absolutely anything. b) it's KSP. Download From <snip> Download From <snip> Weapons list: License You can Click da like button if you want to
  13. On behalf of the BDAc team and development group, I welcome all prospective entrants to this BDAc challenge! The start of the skirmishes shall commence on December 1st, 2016 and will hopefully be completed before December 20, 2016. I will be on holidays from the 21st until the end of the month. If the challenge does not conclude on December 20th, they will recommence until completion on January 1, 2017. From this post on everybody has 12 days to build, fine tune, and submit their planes. The rules as agreed upon: -One submission per applicant -Battles will be 3 vs. 3 round, best of 3 skirmishes . This will be a simple elimination setup. You win a battle, you progress. You lose, you're out. Ties will be delt in a overtime round. If the plane(s) lands intact due to expiration of fuel resources that will count as a loss since your plane will not be able to defend itself. -All planes will be flightworthy. -All planes will be able to taxi down the runway or dirt in a straight fashion. If your planes like to do the wing-slap-shimmy with the dirt or pavement, don't submit it. If it happens during a battle, it will be counted as a loss. -All planes will be tuned to your best abilities at the point of submission either by DropBox or KerbalX. Once your plane is submitted, it will be considered a final draft. -All planes will have the BDA AI and Weapons Manager in plain sight (pardon the pun), preferably on top of the fuselage or airframe. If I have to go looking for them......well, that results in bad Karma, Ju-Ju, or whatever you call it. It's poor manners for the tournament host. Besides, I might have to check on things. -Any AI or weapon manger settings allowed. You are tuning the AI to your plane. Do what you have to. Same with the Weapons Manager. -All BDA guns allowed. NO MISSILES THIS TIME. Rotating turrets will be locked down to 0-0-0 configuration, pointing forwards. I will check. -There will be a hard minimum of 750 metres ASL AI configurations. No maximum ASL altitude limit will be imposed. This is to prevent dirt poisoning or SDT (Severe Deceleration Trauma) mishaps (hitting the ground). -All contests will be within the default 8,000 metre arena. Use this as a yardstick for building your planes. -All planes will be inspected so they have the stock SQUAD parts and the following mods (links will follow): --SXT continued --BDA continued --Quizztech continued --Aviation cockpits Cockpits?ga=<Game+3102+'Kerbal+Space+Program'> --Procedural Dynamics (wings) --Procedural Parts (airframes, tanks, etc) --Tweakscale Github NO OTHER MODS WILL BE PERMITTED. -FAR or NEAR not approved. Stock game physics only this time around. We shall see in the future. -Default G-limits on planes and Kerbals in full effect. You can build whatever you want, but the pilots have to live until they die (morbid, but true) -Any planes that use Tweakscale on the cockpits will be disqualified. Tweakscale renders the cockpits and other manned structural parts unmannable. If your design calls for a .625m cockpit the before mentioned mods have those in their parts inventory. Same with 2.5m cockpits. Use the proper cockpit for the job. -Tweakscale on engines permitted, however this may not be an advantage due to thrust, fuel consumption, mass, etc. It will be up to the participant to design their plane with this in mind. You have been advised. -All planes will have a minimum of one Kerbal. -All planes will have a maximum of 2 engines -All planes will have a minimum of one BDA Radar unit installed. -All planes will have a maximum part count of 50. That should be plenty. -All planes will have sufficient fuel for a minimum 15 minute flight at maximum throttle. This includes Afterburners. Dogfights with evenly matched planes have been known to last quite a while. -There is no minimum or maximum mass on the plane. -There is no minimum or maximum speed requirements, but it's preferred that your plane can do at least Mach 1.1 for a decent mass-to-thrust ratio. - There will be no hidden wings installed inside the fuselage, UNLESS IT CAN BE PROVEN THAT IT'S A NECESSITY FOR THE STRUCTURE OF THE PLANE. That means no shoving 20 wing surfaces in the space of one using the debug menu to do it. That will be an instant no-fly.
  14. The premise is simple ... Destroy Team B in one mission with extreme prejudice There are 2 floating Jernas Turrets just off the coast of the KSC. There are also 3 ground based Jernas Turrets located to the North, West and South of the KSC as well as one AI Drone at the Island Airport ... All the Jernas Turrets are armed with 4 AMRAAM's each Download the save file, play it, record it or take screenshots and post your results here ... Links to the most notable entries will be posted below in the hall of fame BDAc is required but any mod is allowed ... you are playing on your system after all SAVE FILE: Challenge - YOU'RE SURROUNDED.sfs?dl=0 Take a crack at it ... I only managed to take out 3 of the 6 targets with 3 of my Manta GAU's using just BDAc and the Wing Commander module (I highly recommend consulting the in game KSPedia to familiarize yourself with Wing Commander so that you can utilize many craft at once on your attack runs) HALL OF FAME @SpannerMonkey(smce) - @Eidahlil - - Your name here
  15. Hi all We at the BDAc Development Group have decided to begin issuing Official BDAc Team challenges As 1.2 is in pre-release and our coding group are busy squashing bugs, we will not be issuing challenges for 1.2 just yet ... However, in the interim we will be posting an AI challenge for 1.1.3 in the coming days to tide us all over until the pre-release is finished and we have squashed the bugs that have been found with BDAc in KSP v1.2 We also would like to inform you that we are assembling a challenge team to assist with hosting AI battles as well as testing bugs and experimental builds of BDAc ... Feel free to PM myself if you wish to be involved Anyways, the point of this thread is to let all our fellow Kerbo-nots on this forum know that the BDAc team have been planning out some challenges for you guys/gals and to also have a discussion concerning what sort of challenges you would like to see Thoughts or ideas? ... Suggestions? The floor is now open
  16. Due to the public backlash surrounding the newly designed ground launched BGM-86 Cruise Missile, it was decided by the military branch of the KSC that the prototype would be destroyed immediately and all data surrounding it wiped from the record So all the info was erased from the computers and all the schematics were shredded, every bit of information was scrubbed from existence (sometimes you can catch a whisper of 'The Missile That Shall Not Be Named' muttered under hushed voices in the halls of the KSC ... getting caught talking about it is punishable by flames and salty tears) However there was a problem ... It hadn't occurred to anyone that the missile itself needed to be destroyed so they just left it stored at the island airport and when a disgruntled KSC employee by the name of Waldo went postal, management wasn't prepared for what was in store for them ........ ........ this time it is Waldo who is looking for them! ------------------------------------------------------------ THE MISSION The 'Missile That Shall Not Be Named' prototype is at the Island airport and Waldo Kerman, with the help of his minions, is trying to activate and launch the missile at the KSC - It must be destroyed before they can hot-wire it (they're looking for a paper clip) There are 4 turrets defending the area as well as 2 mini drones on the runway with one being inoperable (needs a paper clip) Your mission is to obliterate the missile and anything that stands (or fly's) in your way (as well as any paper clips) RULES - 2 crafts allowed with no cost restrictions Craft #1 - 70 parts Max (must be Kerbaled) Craft #2 - 50 parts max (can be a drone or Kerbaled) - Altitude settings must remain at default (1500 and 500 respectfully) ... All other settings can be changed - No Turrets of any kind - You must have a Weapon Manager and an AI Pilot which are toggled to hotkey '1' (Toggle Guard Mode and Toggle AI Pilot respectively) - Your craft is designated as Team A - YOUR CRAFTS MUST BE ABLE TO LAUNCH AND ATTAIN STABLE FLIGHT UNDER AI CONTROL - You must upload your crafts to the 'It's Waldo's Island' hangar on KerbalX ... Mods Allowed: BDAc - BDMk22 - I will record and post video's of each challenger from launch to beautiful disaster on YouTube for all to revel in the glorious destructive ability of BDAc HALL OF FAME 1- TBA - THIS COULD BE YOU 2- TBA - THIS COULD BE YOU 3- TBA - THIS COULD BE YOU 4- TBA - THIS COULD BE YOU 5- TBA - THIS COULD BE YOU