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Found 91 results

  1. For those that struggle with finding that perfect part or put together that perfect fighter fuselage, this is the mod for you. Brought to you by SM Associates @XOC2008 and @TheKurgan (with some excellent modelling by @SpannerMonkey(smce)!), we bring you Versus! Versus was created with two things in mind, lower part count aircraft to utilize BDArmory and related mods more efficiently, and to put together head-to-head match-ups between aircraft of similar style and function. These fuselages are all-in-one, including cockpit, radar, engine, ammo, and fuel. (On some occasions, the fuselage will also have a weapon integrated such as with the F-15 in this initial release.) Versus R1 includes the fuselages to pit a MiG-31 Foxhound against an F-15(A/B/C/D/E/However you design it) Eagle. Keep in mind this just contains the fuselages and a few extra bits like drop tanks, and the Pilot Pitot parts(for full Weapon Manager, Wing Commander, and AI Pilot capabilities.) Make sure to attach the pitot or some similar Weapon Manager part to ensure you can control your craft. You will of course also need to outfit the vessel with wings, landing gear, control surfaces, weapons, and whatever various odds and ends you'd like. To note: This mod is intended for "full size" aircraft. Tweakscale is not supported, as it can and will most likely alter the weight and flight characteristics with disastrous results. Thrust, velocity, and atmospheric curves have been toiled over to get the most realistic performance we can squeeze out of these aircraft. This mod was designed for and with Stock aero, as such FAR is not supported, but if this works in FAR then all the better for those users. Versus is CC BY-ND 4.0 I know, no pics no clicks! Download on Spacedock or Dropbox. Recommended (but not required) Mods: BDArmory Continued - Required for pilot pitot part to function SM Armory KWS - Cold War BDArmory Extension Kerbal Foundries Procedural Wings
  2. I think it would be pretty cool if there was a plugin to integrate BDArmory modules such as the targeting cam and radars to be displayed in RPM or ASET MFDs, like using the targeting cam through an MFD and displaying radar information and locking targets on it. Weapons display would also be cool. EDIT: Instead of a plugin that alters the functionality of the current MFDs added by the aforementioned mods, a separate MFD prop that could do all described above would work, too. This is what I'm looking for. I do not know how to do this myself as I only make models.
  3. BDARMORY FX NOT WORKING PLS HELP my ksp is 1.3.0 and i have downlloaded all de bdarmory mods with kchan but the mods dont function as ive expected the effects of most bombs do not work
  4. The Sidean Ship Collection!

    My ships! coming soon
  5. The is the Open Beta for the next release of BDArmory Continued. This next release (version 1.1) will be a complete refactor of the damage model, ballistics and explosive force calculations. Our goal was to model realistic values for ballistics, bullet penetration explosive damage and force. All formulas used to calculate these values are based on real world values and physics formulas with balancing to account for game play. Beta Release #1 : Fixes Too many to list - see this tag in get for issues being corrected and comprehensive lists : Pending Release New Features Main issue tracking changes : Damage is no longer tied to heat or temperature of the part, a completely new "Hitpoint" health system has been created. By default all parts will have their Maximum Hitpoints calculated based on part area and density Documentation : For Modders: you can override these values by using the following in your part config or MM patches MODULE { name = HitpointTracker ArmorThickness = 120 maxHitPoints = 100000 ExplodeMode = Never } Example baseline values for balancing : 10,0000 hitpoints for Tank Hulls, 100,000 hitpoints for larger boat hulls. Armor The Armor and penetration system has been completely redone, no longer needing custom layers or parts. All parts will have a default value of 10 "Armor" units to approximate default thickness of metal composed of the part. Armor can be changed in the VAB or by the same method above with a MM patch. Any part can have Armor if you choose, allowing for more flexibility. There will still be dedicated Armor panel parts for those who choose a different build path. Armor will stop bullets and limit damage depending on the amount present and bullet mass and velocity Bullets Documentation Bullet configurations now have real world values for caliber and mass. Ballistic coefficients are calculated in code based on these values for a more accurate drag model Most damage values for weapons have all been moved to the bullet configurations. This will now make weapons more consistent with same ammunition. BULLET { name = 30x173HEBullet caliber = 30 bulletVelocity = 1180 bulletMass = 0.3880 //HE Bullet Values explosive = True tntMass = 0.3104 blastPower = 2 //deprecated, use tntMass, left in for legacy support blastHeat = 3.7 //deprecated, use tntMass, left in for legacy support blastRadius = 2.5 //deprecated, use tntMass, left in for legacy support apBulletMod = 3 //not yet implemented bulletDragTypeName = AnalyticEstimate } Weapon Configurations All damage values are now calculated from the bullet configuration. All other value are deprecated. ammoName and bulletType are required MODULE { name = ModuleWeapon .... ammoName = 30x173Ammo bulletType = 30x173Bullet .... Decal Bullet Hits Bullet strikes currently have two sizes for (90mm below / above) This is a very early feature and has much work left to be done (i.e. mapping bullet decals to curved surfaces properly) Explosive Damage @jrodriguez to provide more details on the changes of the explosive detonation code New value of tntMass is replacing all other values for explosive in bullet configuration. For Missiles the following will need to be added, where tntMass should be the approximate real world value of explosive mass the missile contains. MODULE { name = BDExplosivePart tntMass = 27.15 } Compatible Mods SpannerMonkey has graciously allowed me distribute his pre-release updates that are compatible with the Open Beta. Please do not comment on any other thread but here about issues with these parts. Feedback should be provided here in relation to BDA testing only. Do not merge any of these , complete re-installs SMIndustries : Malfunc Weapons : Industries BBDA dev ready SM version HullBreach Compatible with SM Mods : Thanks Test / QA Crew borrowed from @SpannerMonkey(smce) @Azimech @TheKurgan @Wrench Head @XOC2008 Other QA and Mod Makers : @Acea @lancefoxcia @harpwner The Standard Warnings and Notes Use at your own risk, this is a beta build an will have issues. We recommend you test in an isolated copy of KSP. It is possible you could corrupt craft or saves, no guarantees. Always completely delete / replace the entire BDArmory directory Delete your partDatabase.cfg & ModuleManager.ConfigCache before loading if updating the new build Module manager is required New / Daily builds will be posted at We hope you'll enjoy these new features, and looking forward to an interesting open beta phase with lots of insights & discussions! Your BDAc team @Papa_Joe @SpannerMonkey(smce) @DoctorDavinci @gomker @jrodriguez @TheDog Boring demo Beta Release #1 :
  6. Hello to all again. I'm new to the KSP forums and after searching google I'm turning here for support. I want to build a customized artillery shell but the small warhead isn't working. Sometimes it'll explode like its supposed to, but mostly it just impacts and disintegrates. Can anyone help?
  7. The goal of this is just to make parts that I have wanted that just may be useful to someone else. Currently: 4 Variants of a 50 caliber long recoil machine gun. Why: I like how long recoil guns look when they fire with the very visible mechanisms moving I like low part count parts that combine multiple things together for quick assembly. The four variants are wing mounted, wing mounted with a magazine, surface mounted (shrouded) with and without a magazine. This is not based on any real machine gun but the barrel and mechanisms are, I think, within reason as I tried to follow typical specs/barrel sizing while modeling. The magazines also hold what I measured to be a to scale amount of ammunition. For sound these use the base BDArmory sounds. This needs BDArmory to work 2 Variants of aesthetically different gun pods. Why: I like low part count parts that combine multiple things together for quick assembly. These may eventually become turrets These very roughly follow realistic sizes. They come with ammunition. (If you can guess, I made these before the previous ones.). This needs BDArmory to work 3 Variants of BDArmory Combination Command Boxes. Why: To combine 3/4 frequently needed parts into one To have to closest thing to a laser I can make These have AI flight modules, Weapon Management modules, Flight Command modules, Solar panels, Batteries Lights (lasers?!), Very Small Reaction Wheels Radios and Small RTGs. Still trying to figure out how to orient the bdarmory modules correctly in relationship to the command module. This needs BDArmory to work Edit: 0.01 Update: Added slimmer AI Command box that looks far more stealthy/sleek. 1 Small Single Shaft 1 mode thrust direction changing turbojet fin (Based loosely on the TJ100(Tweakscalable)) Why: I like low part count parts that combine multiple things together for quick assembly. Ive wanted a small drone sized jet engine that does not need anything but itself to produce thrust/steering. (Intake, directional thrust, fin, small fuel tank, engine included). This has about 5 minutes of fuel at sea level, 15 degrees of articulation and has no thrust vectoring but instead acts as a fin. the engine itself occupies a 27cm by 27cm by 64 cm box (like the real life PBSTJ100) (very slightly off angle at the moment, to be fixed ). This needs no other mods to work. Has turbine rotation animation, along with heat animation. Placed in career mode to the same place as the smallest available jet. Edit: 0.00201 Update to the UR100c TurboJet fin. It will function more like a typical fin, and have a far more reasonable aerodynamic effect for its size. The animations were also updated with more orangey red lighting from the engine heating up, and an animation that visibly goes the correct way. Turns out it was never off angle and stock fins also have a similar effect. Nevertheless its improved. It has also been edited to work with Tweakscale (Recommended as outside of the early stages of career mode, these engines are quite weak without scaling (given the real life analogs are made with small planes or rc planes in mind)). Edit: 0.01 Update to UR100c TurboJet fin. It now has a drage cube that better reflects its shape. Ive noticed its more powerful than the real life engine as in ksp itd be pretty near to useless if my calculations are right. Its not too far off though, so tweakscale is still something you'll want to use with this most likely. Im considering making a bigger one. 1 Electric Ducted fan ((Tweakscalable)). Why: I like electric ducted fans, and wanted one I could tweak to feel more realistic and like the look of. This is not based on any particular real world fan and does not have any special tweaks to work in ksp. Its finished mostly. I just need to add sound. Edit: 0.01 Update: This has been added. It relies on community resource pack with intakeatm to work. Balance could use work. Both this and the mono prop engine use KAX sound assets. 1 Atmosphere breathing mono propellant powered 0.625/half size piston engine (Tweakscalable). Why: For low flying flying rovers on planets with atmospheres but no oxygen like eve based on concept from nasa in the 70s This is pretty much done. Modelling is complete, variable pitch propellers work along with reversing thrust. All I need to do like the electric engine is finish sound. Edit: 0.01 Update: This has been added. It works without intake atm for the time being. It still provides no thrust without atmosphere however so that is good. Im considering using firespitter for both this and the ducted fan. Single Piece Landing gear. (scalable) Why: I like low part count parts that combine multiple things together for quick assembly. This is really nowhere close to being made. It will be using KSP wheel (so that it can support having more than 1 wheel collider) and while the model is done, setup will probably take a while even with a helpful example from the maker of kspwheel (Shadowmage) . Edit: 0.01 Update: Its been made! Its designed differently than the first design, but it works completely. Im actually pretty happy with how its turned out. It uses tank steering and looks a whole lot more rugged than the first iteration. I plan to make another one with a more typical arrangement as well. Thanks to Shadowmage for answering probably too many questions about this. It uses KSPWheel as well as Kerbal Foundry sound assets. One Part y axis balanced dual wheel landing gear. Why: To have a small steerable landing gear piece that has functional wheel colliders for each wheel, meaning a vehicle can be balanced on just 2 of them. Planned: Single Piece Landing gear (No tank steer). Why: To match a more typical landing gear look. Variety Turbo fan jet engines (With animations than go to 90 degrees for vertical takeoffs). Why: Making vertical takeoffs easier Electric lift fan (With animations than go to 90 degrees for vertical takeoffs). Why: Making vertical takeoffs easier Add Fire Spitter to props/fans. Why: Better matching rotations Making the variable pitch propellers on the monoprop piston engine function better. Rotation affected by air speed Landing gear enhancements (Making the small single axle menu have full customizability (difficult now due to having 3 real wheel colliders)). Why: Allowing the same customizability as would be on normal ksp wheels with a single part that balances on 2 wheel collider Add to CKAN Fix shading on parts of the 50 cal machine guns, particularly the outer housing. 0.011 Its fixed. Not perfectly, as I think that would require changing the model, and that would require re doing a whole lot of the setup in unity after fixing it in blender. Ive just made things generally less shiny/rough. Put this on the actual addon release page since thats basically what this is really. I have posted this there now. I'l probably just keep updating this main post and linking to it from that one with small updates, issues etc. Just stuff that I think would clutter up the release page. Link to SpaceDock Download Dependencies, recommended and included mods: Included Included Not Included. Latest Downloads available from the official Github Releases page. Recommended License: Feedback is appreciated. Ive never done this before and am clueless. If anything is off, and you know how to make it better, Im open to advice. Also thanks to Shadowmage and Spannermonkey for their assistance with KSPwheel and BDArmory Continued respectively. They've both been extremely helpful with questions, examples and advice. Also thanks to all others who have been helpful here and there.
  8. Kerbal Space Program Ultimate Fighter Competition (KSP-UFC) With the Guidance of Emperor Allister of house Kerman. The Bosognian Empire would now host a gladiator pit-fight between the world's greatest aircraft designer's fighters. The First set of the competition would be Theme-less and would follow an 8 competitor bracket. The battle would be fought with 2 planes per player with the opposing planes facing each other back-back. No tampering on the planes would be done. If you sent your fighter with an maneuverability even an AI cannot control then that's how it shall battle. The Competitor would be chosen through Random Selection The Competitors Submission must be sent by E-mail to The Competition Shall Impose restrictions on the fighters however the restriction would be light. Mods (Required) BDArmory (The (Optional) Quiztech Airplane Plus Aviation Cockpits Firespitter SMArmory Master Tech weapons Procedural Wings Adjustable Landing gear Restrictions No Gimbaling Turrets No Gimbaling missile launchers No Meteor Missile from Master Tech Weapons Crafts should be 80 parts or less FAR would not be used No PAC-3 missiles Clipping is allowed but Resource Clipping is not allowed The Clips from the battle would be posted at:
  9. Hello there, I've recently started modding KSP again, and I wanted to try out BDArmory and its addon mod North Kerbin Dynamics. As you can probably tell from the thread title, I've been having an issue. I've managed to install BDArmory, PhysicsRangeExtender and North Kerbin Dynamics in the most recent version of KSP. The items were all in working order, as far as I could tell, but I was missing a very important one: the Weapon Manager. I've re-installed the mods countless times, but the problem keeps reoccurring. I have either been downloading outdated versions of the mods, or I am doing something wrong with the installation order. If any of you could provide help, it'd be nice.
  10. I have been trying to use BDarmory in 1.3.1, and All my craft that I built in 1.2 are compatible, but the BDarmory parts menu has disappeared, and my weapons still won't fire! Has anyone else had this problem?
  11. [1.3.1] BDDMP [BDAC 1.0.0]

    BDDMP Now with `unsafe` code and probably still as many bugs, but now with more Kraken Greetings everybody, and welcome to BDDMP. This mod does one thing. Make BDArmory sychnronise over DMP. Why? Beccause hilariously entertaining multiplayer combat encounters can now happen in mostly real time, which is fun. Background This mod was originaly made by DsonBill, then died, then was resurrected by me. Then it died again, around the time BDA introduced Radar, as that involved a total BDA rewrite, which also broke almost all of the existing code, as the mod required a forked version of BDA to function. Then on the request of a couple of forum users, and my own boredom, I though, why not, and re-built it. New Version Features? Support for BDArmory continued, since BDA was deprecated Utilisation of detours and extensions, meaning that downloading an entirely new copy of BDA is a thing of the past More features than the last one (as I re-implemented some more things) What is the point? To mess around with the powers of multiplayer. Will it work reliably over a high ping? Probably not. (Have tested it) Download Spacedock Sources Github Licencing All of my code is licenced under CC0. Any BDArmory code is licenced under CC 2.0 BY-SA. NAQ Q. Does this work with BDArmory expansion mods A. It should, if they don't use their own plugin Q. Vessels Are Duplicating A. That's due to a lag based fault on the end of DMP As always feel free to ask any questions. Thanks for reading.
  12. Check out my P-26 i made! It requires BDArmory, and Airplanes plus. Download:
  13. As the shadow of war falls over Kerbin, the VAB and SPH have become prime targets because of their advanced building capabilities. Therefore, only a month into the war, hardly a day goes by without the sound of explosions being heard coming from the airspace over the KSC. But now, the KSC has begun building and testing new planes to defend their airspace, waiting for the day that they have a respectable fleet.Now they have commissioned you to design the top-notch air superiority fighter. Rules 1. Any Mods allowed, just don't go too overboard. If possible, please use no more than 10 mods. Leave a list of mods if the link is not to KerbalX. 2. Any designs allowed, including SAS, RCS, helicopters and prop planes (firespitter, not stock), and large payloads of weapons. Keep in mind that more RCS, SAS, and Weapons affect performance. Also, part count max of 200. All craft will be flown by AI in combat. 3. Battles will start from a 15Km distance between the two teams and will be best out of three matches of 3v3, and a mutual final death in one match when both plabes are tied will result in a SUPER DEATHMATCH!!! SuperDM is 8v8. Will always try to post matchups. (Special thanks to @exbyde for the help in running these) 4. Weapons must be BDA only! Also must carry its own ammo, infinite ammo will not be enabled. Turrets, moving machine guns, cannons with a 360-degree firing arc, autocannons, and lasers are absolutely BANNED!!!!! 5. Only participants who have made it into the top 5 will receive the badge. (Once I make it, of course) 6. You can post an infinite amount of times, just please don't post a modified version of a plane that you have already posted without putting a Mk. x as an indicator. 7. Feel free to run your own contests with these planes, as testing against future competitors is useful for R&D. 8. The scoreboard will show the top 5 planes. When a new plane is submitted, it will have to work it's way against the current fighters on the list, from bottom to top. There will also be an honorable mentions list for best looking, heaviest payload, fastest speed (to island airfield and back), Best VTOL, and most maneuverable (can it get under the R&D sky bridge, and how fast can it go while doing so). I will post a notification when a new plane makes honorable mentions. 9. A plane will run up the Leaderboard once, so in a KOTH matchup style, but you can request an unofficial matchup with another fighter. 10. A link to a spreadsheet with the entire leaderboard, all the planes, their creators, the number of mods used to build them, if they've ever made an honorable mention category and which one, and the link to the download. 11. If there are any settings you want changed from default on the AI or weapons manager, leave them in the comment submitting that craft. 12. Tell your friends! 13. Have fun! Afternote: If you are interested in one of these using FAR, check out @Mukita12's challenge below. Top Five Place Creator Craft Name # of Mods (excluding BDA) 1 @drtricky The Cool Ranch Dorito 0 2 @NotAnAimbot F-25 0 3 @Thor Wotansen Sangrigor Drone 0 4 @Thor Wotansen Bryntröll Interceptor 0 5 @53miner53 Fighter 3 Mk. 2 0 Honorable Mentions Best Looking Heaviest Payload Fastest Speed Most Maneuverable Best VTOL Creator @FleshJeb @drtricky @Eidahlil @Thor Wotansen Plane Name Thwop Thwop (helicopter) AB-17 Moses Monstron Bryntröll Interceptor # of Mods 0 0 0 0
  14. There was a mod called BDDMP that made BDArmory compatible with DMP but it is for 1.0.5 and that version crashes with a lot of mods as there is no x64 executable.(and itd pretty old , also unity4) Mod Link: I wonder if the new BDArmoryContinued is compatible with the DMP mod. We really want to make dogfights and stuff. Any help would be appreciated. I searched a lot for it on the internet but couldn't find anything.
  15. so i have installed the BDarmory mod i have got all the weapons and guns ect but i cant find the Weapon manager module which prevents me from firing my guns. missles and bombs are unaffected be this. i'm using ksp version: and BDArmory version: . i have here my gamedata log: i someone can help me fix this because i would like to play whit this mod and use the guns
  16. Hi, I can't seem to get the BDarmory cont. mod working for 1.3.1. I am getting a text line saying that there are patches being applied, but I can't see any weapons in the SPH or VAB. It is installed correctly, other mods have worked for me when installed this way. Also, I downloaded from spacedock. Should I try the version off of curse? Is there another depndency mod? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!! (Also, launching with steam)
  17. Taking the original, 1950's era, Vampirella into the 21st century. I built Vampirella, inspired by the de Haviland Vampire, then after testing it, went crazy on upgrades to make it Vampirella Advanced. Vampirella (original recipe) has been submitted to Jolly Roger Aerospace for Plane Fight Club 5. The theme is Korean War era jets. You have until midnight, October 8th to enter, or until 40 planes have been submitted. Rules Very important is the plane must be incapable of going supersonic in level flight over 8 kilometers distance when flown manually.
  18. laser guided missiles arent tracking the laser from both targeting pods when in flight. the lock on indicater shows up when im stationary on the runway, but not in flight. this applies to the maverick and hellfire missiles. my other mods are collision fx, destruction fx and physics range extender.
  19. The Cranky Delta

    Another jet fighter from Alan Aerospace Recycling and Packaging - where you'll find the best recycled aerospace parts neatly packaged. It's big. It's heavy - yet agile. Keep the central fuel tank empty for combat configuration. Fill it for extended ferry range. It's set to empty first for a longer pre-battle loiter time. Keep in mind that takeoff weight will be over 15 tons with it filled, agility will decrease with the forward CG shift, and you may need to increase the AI takeoff speed. screenshot12 by g_alan_e, on Flickr
  20. After watching a lot of BDArmory vids showing various types of aircraft dogfighting, I decided to give it a try. But I didn't want to make something too ordinary. So I threw this together with superposed engines and the cockpit offset to port, then used forward swept wings just for the heck of it. Getting the CG centered left-right was a bit of an issue. I resorted to putting a couple of RTGs on the starboard wing for the all stock version. The BDArmory version only needed one RTG due to the radome being a bit heavier. Flight characteristics. Don't over-rotate taking off or you'll remove the lower engine. Put on SAS and throttle up. Hands off and let it get wheels up on its own. At takeoff with full tanks the CG is a bit far forward but SAS or BDA AI has no problems. I set the forward tank to drain first so the CG will shift back then stay put to increase stability. Feel free to use afterburners early. So far its battle action has been one BDArmory AI dogfight VS itself. It won. With the default AI settings it was doing some pretty good yank and bank. However it only engaged with the Vulcan, never touched the twin .50's or the six AIM-9's. I'm probably missing something on the craft... just remembered I haven't installed chaff or flares. Oops. Feel free to modify weapons type, quantity, functionality. BDA version Stock version screenshot0 by g_alan_e, on Flickr screenshot1 by g_alan_e, on Flickr
  21. Why radar on boat cant detect target plane at 20km+ even when plane near boat ( 5km- ) still not detect . Radar detect only when plane launch missile ( just detect missile Not plane ) this error or something else?? ( like stealth ). I am use lasted version of BDarmory.
  22. i have installed everything corectly every part is there in the parts menu, but the weapon manager isnt there what do i do. i even checked the mod folder and it was there.
  23. I got KSP on steam about a month ago and the main reason I got it is because of the mods, well first I had problems on how to install them and where to put them and then they weren't working correctly but now I am close to having that all fixed but first of all where exactly do you put the contents of the files? I sort all the part in the squad folder but I heard u can just keep it in game data in its folder. second, i can't find the bd armory weapon manager, at first I couldn't find the parts in utility (where they should be) but if I go into the other search with manufacturers and such. I can find the ai pilot system and the Modular Missile Guidance but I am also missing so ammo packs and smokes and I have checked the folder and found the weapon manager. PLEASEEEE HELP
  24. The BD Armory section is there when I'm in a hangar and I can see multiple guns, rockets, bombs, and ammo, but no weapons manager. When I tried to use a gun, it didn't fire, even with ammo boxes. I used CKAN to install the mod.
  25. F-137 'SkyBlade'

    The F-137 Skyblade is my first fighter jet using the Crossguard-Blade wing shape concept I designed when I was drawing concept aircraft profiles. I came across a particular drawing the other day from a couple years ago with this wing concept, and decided to try my luck with it in KSP 1.2.2. The result is a Mach 2.56 twin engine super-maneuverable aircraft using BDArmory. Performance and Aircraft stats are the aircraft's actual in-game performance capabilities. Aircraft Description The F-137 SkyBlade is a supermaneuverable twin-engine fighter designed to be an all-weather medium range interceptor. It’s distinctive cross-guard blade/ wing shape makes it a unique and agile aircraft. Designation: F-137 ‘SkyBlade’ Manufacturer: Lockheed-Kerbman Top Speed (At Cruising Altitude): Mach 2.56 (880 m/s) Cruising Altitude: 7000m Powerplant: MK22-V Afterburning Turbofan Minimum Crew: 1 Maximum Crew: 2 Takeoff Speed: 60+ m/s External Weapons: -6x Variable Length Missiles -1x Hidden Vulcan Rotary Cannon Internal Weapons: -3x FAB-100 unguided bomb (100kg) Dimensions are as follows: Wingspan: 14.5 meters Height (Ground): 13.9 meters Length: 15.7 meters Creator: Moonsparkejo Date: 7/21/2017 Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.2.2. Mods Airplane Plus AoA Technologies - Aviation Parts AoA Technologies B9 Procedural Wings Modified BDArmory Mk2 Stockalike Expansion NKD - North Kerbin Dynamics for BDArmory Squad (stock) TweakScale - Rescale Everything! damichelsfuselage Kerbal Joint Reinforcement