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Found 122 results

  1. Improved Explosion Effect! The definitive BDArmory Nuclear Weaponry (and other things) Pack! REQUESTS ARE ENCOURAGED! Donations = More Coffee! Welcome to North Kerbin Dynamics, supplier of Nuclear Weaponry and other modern or old weapons that will make you appreciate explosions even more than Michael Bay! This pack REQUIRES BDAc BETA 1.1.0, earlier versions will NOT work with this mod! Download on Curse or Spacedock NKD SPACE DIVISION: Videos: Changelog: Licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) Keep an eye out on my YouTube channel for a full overview of the mod (coming at some point soon):
  2. A TEMPORARY FIX FOR 1.6.X CAN BE FOUND HERE ATTENTION: Behaving quite stable now though, this stuff is still under development. Remember to read and follow ALL manuals below, and use it at your own risk. Naval Artillery System(NAS) is basically an expansion of the amazing BahamutoD's BDArmory, providing a set of naval weapon replicas and weapons used to attack naval ships from both side in WWII. It is still WIP, and not so detailed, we would improve that soon. PERHAPS The pack is now under development of a modding team named Kerwis, members of which are all from China. I am honored today to post this small expansion to you all! Our members: Models: Ben, BF2_Pilot, Edoaca, GeorgeDuty, Icecovery, ladeng, Minamion, sky92 Textures: Acea, Ben, GeorgeDuty, ladeng, Minamion, sky92 Import: BF2_Pilot, flywlyx, GeorgeDuty, ladeng, ouloul Configs: Acea, ladeng Technical Support: BF2_Pilot, flywlyx, GeorgeDuty, HoneyFox, ouloul, Summerfirefly Debug and DEBUUUUUUUUUG: All of us above, and Himidori Shuumoto Localization Supporters: Japanese: eboshi Russian: Next_Star_Industries, NISSKEPCSIM Simplified Chinese: Acea Spanish: fitiales Special Thanks: harpwner (for his wonderful firing effects) TheBeardyPenguin & TAPEGaming on YouTube (for their awesome Fall of Kerbin series and actual battle data for us to rebalance and improve NAS) REQUIRES: BDArmory Continued v1.2.0 or later. Older versions are not supported. Module Manager, an API by sarbian and all of you know what it is. RECOMMENDS: Hangar Extender, a plugin by Snjo, allowing you to build larger ships. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, an excellent plugin by ferram4, which strengthens the link between parts. Large Boat Parts Pack, a warship expansion by Laythe and SpannerMonkey(smce), which give us easier access to constructing WWII and modern naval ships. Maritime Pack, a universal ship expansion by Fengist, which provides parts ranging from steam ships to escort/light carriers and new functions. SM Marine, a warship mod by SpannerMonkey(smce), including almost everything about modern naval building and battles. WW2 Warships, a ship simulating mod by Azimech, providing features like sinking simulation, which are quite useful in AI or multiplayer combats. COMMUNITY EXPANSIONS: MalFunc Weaponry, created by Themorris, with several modern naval weapons, useful for everyone who enjoys building warships. North Kerbin Dynamics, an addon by harpwner, providing nukes, Mk 45 naval gun, and a bunch of cool stuff. P.E.W, made by LORDPrometheus, with a lot of missiles, bombs and turrets based on actual American and Russian weapons. MORE WWII WEAPONS: Aviator Arsenal, a BDA addon made by tetryds, contains the most famous World War 2 aircraft weaponry. TUKE Attack Systems(WIP), an expansion pack for BDArmory by TUKE, adds several WWII aircraft weapons. Source code: DOWNLOAD: SpaceDock (Available on CKAN) Alternative: Curseforge INSTALLATION : Delete the existing CAL and NAS folders in your own GameData, then unzip GameData into game directory. DO NOT USE CAL ANY MORE WITH NEW VERSIONS! Part list (Updated Apr. 28th): Changelogs: Please tell me or PM my teammates if you have any questions or suggestions about this pack. We're glad to help. License: Firespitter plugin was released under Snjo's custom license.
  3. Hereby I proudly present you my first mod - a Point Defence Cannon as seen on MCRN Tachi space corvette in The Expanse TV series. Point defence cannon is essentially a space CIWS. So far I have only fixed model that is just raised on its mount when activated. But I plan to add the one that will retract into special bay eventually, just like the ones in the series. The nicest feature is the inbuilt tracking-only radar with RPM camera built in. If you have Raster Prop Monitor installed then you'll be able to watch your target on MFD screen as the radar tracks it. Download from Spacedock: Suggestions are welcome
  4. Hello, I'm pretty sure i downloaded the mod correctly, but when I open the GUI for the weapon manager it says "No Weapon Manager Found" I don't why this is happening and i have deleted and reinstalled the mod multiple times to no avail. Please get back to me soon, thanks.
  5. Fox Defense Contracts is both in itself a mod and an Expansion of BDArmory Continued. The main goal is to add in much more tank turrets for both the ksp war communities and the creative community. This WIP is soon to have a full official release with a lot of changes coming soon. Mainly QOL and other changes that will bring a bit of freshness to the mod. (I think.) I would love to hear suggestions about what to add in and what to change. Requires: BDAcontinued V1.3.0 or later. Download Here: SpaceDock Link (1.1) Github Releases Link (1.1) - In case spacedock fails Installation: Delete any existing FoxDefenseContracts and FDC Armor folders. Then drag and drop the new one into the GameData folder. This is to decrease any incompatibility issues or any parts not found issues! Changelogs: Update 1.1 American Frontier - New sounds - New Ammo - 7 new tank turrets (HSTV-LT, M4 Sherman, M42 Duster, M103, T34, M4A3 Sherman 105, M24 Chaffee) - Fixed up Bullet defs for a few tanks - LEGACY Ammobox for fdc is still in until next release. *Official 1.0 Release* - Modern turrets added (M1A2 Abrams, T-64, BMP3, Bradly) - Reduced amount of CFG files, and reduced their sizes - All turrets have descriptions - Ammo Boxes have been changed -- Legacy Ammo box is still there and will be removed in next update! Version 0.9.0: General Update, The last WIP update - More Armor pieces for FDC_Armor, 1x1 half pipe, quarter pipe, 45 degree pipe, 2x1, 0.5, 1.5, variants as well - Added Landmines (beta test, works relatively well.) - Refined folder structure - Added in AA Variants, 76mm 50mm 40mm and 37mm (Bullet cfg and resources has been added. Version 0.8.0: Graphics update 2, The Electric Boogaloo - Mainly went from PNG to DDS (Massive loading and Memory Reduction) - Added in The KV-1 Turret as well as M36 Jackson Slugger Turret (With respective Resource and Bullets CFG Changes) - FDC Armor has some new panels 2x3, 2x4, 2x5, 3x4, 3x5, 4x5, 5x5, 1x5, 1Hx5, Slope1x5, Slope5x5 0.7.5 The Radio and Lights Update - Some turrets features lights that do shine and track with the turrets movement - Turrets that have an antenna or module that sticks out like one has a feature to receive radar Data - License changes. Version 0.7.0: Graphics update - Graphics changes for most turrets (Added bumpmapping) - Added in the Sturm Tiger 380MM canon with BulletCFG and Resources updated - FDC Armor got some changes to textures, native texture switching. (6 Textures to choose from) Version 0.6.0: Artillery update - Fixed some sounds - Added in 5 new guns (SU-5, SU-14, M41HMC, Sexton, StermPanzer II ) - Updated bulletscfg - Updated Bullet resources Version 0.5.5: Tank Destroyer Pack - Added in new guns (FCM36Pak, FT_AC, Marder38T, PanzerJager I, StugIII, T3HMC, T56GMC, Tortoise, UC2Pdr, ValentineAT) - Fixed Batchat25T - Removed E.R.A part until a fix is made - Changed a few numbers and variables, so just re-add the turret onto your tank for the changes Version 0.5: An Epic Update - Added 26 New Turrets to the mod - Scaling changes again - weight and Ammo changes - Tank turrets added (7tp, amx50B, AmxElcBis, Arl44, Batchat25T, Chi-nu, Chi-Ri, Cromwell, Is-2, M10 Wolverine, M18 Hellcat, MBT-70, O-I, Panther, PantherII, Panzer III ausf J, PanzerIV, Panzer 38T, RenaultFT 13.2mm, ST vz. 39T, Su100Y, T92HMC, T-95, Tiger I, Type-97) - added a universal Ammo box for FDC - New armor panels Version 0.3.4: Compatibility Update - Updated for BDAc 1.1 and 1.2 Version 0.3.2: Soviet Pack - Added 6 New Turrets from Mother Russia - Full Scaling changes across all turrets - Tank Turrets Added (BT-7, T-34-85, T-44-122, T-54, T-10/IS-8, KV-2) Version 0.2.3: Semi-Scale Fix (Plus more) - Added 1 new sound - Added The FV4005 Stage II Turret (Death in yo face) - Made some scaling changes to some turrets, expect more in the next update! - Added an ERA Moduel. Currently it doesn't have much use except for props. Expect a new BDAc update to make this module functional. Version: 0.2.0: Bullet variety Update! - Added M60A3 105MM Turret, and 120MM turret (Stat changes) - Added Bullet Definitions and Penetration values for all tank turrets - There are now new bullet types for the older turrets resulting adding tons of turrets for variety. AP, APDS, APC, APCBC, HE, HESH, HEAT, HEATFS, APFSDS, etc Version: 0.1.1: - Changed T57 Shell weight, Shell velocity, and minor turret speed changes to Real life values. - Changed T26E4 Shell weight, Shell velocity, and minor turret speed changes to Real life values. Version: 0.1.0: Added: Lots of Sounds Crusader Flak88 IS1 JadgPanther JadgTiger(128MM) M3Stuart Maus Pak36 Pak40 ShermanFirefly ShermanJumbo T26E4 T57 TigerII TOGII* More to come! Videos Featuring my Mod!: Lights: These are mainly the turrets that have the lighting system. Special credit to Kerbin Nerd123 for a lot of the values for tanks turrets such as bullets and turret rotation speed! License:
  6. North Kerbin Dynamic B-83,Castle bravo,FOAB,MOAB and lastly Tsar bomba North kerbin dynamic is now ported to 1.9.1 This mod add plenty of bomb including nuclear one,and some conventional bomb is also in this mod.Originally developed by harpwner this mod hasn't been update in a while and some bomb are not working so i decide to update it.Now there are plenty of bomb working including Tsar bomba,Castle bravo,B-83,Moab and all other that i haven't mention(All the gun and turret are still not working).Currently all bomb are in the missile tab i will change that later.Mirv and B-61 are deleted due to malfunction i will re-introduced them soon.All the hard work came from harpwner so please support him. Direct download link Discord Debug Discord
  7. I tried downloading bdarmory fps but my kerbal does not equip the guns so is ther a similiar mod to that. mod link for informations about the mod:
  8. By trial, error, and advice from others, I have learned alot about building competitive BDArmory Fighter aircraft. Because of the growing number of people interested in making competitive aircraft, but do not have the knowledge how, I am making this guide on how to make competitive BDArmory Fighter aircraft. Feel free to suggest additions, and to share your advice. This guide will be divided into two parts: physical design tips, and AI tuning/weapons selection tips. According to @Box of Stardust, an experienced designer on the forums, making a good fighter plane is "25% airframe, 30% weapons and utilization, and 45% AI tuning." Also, keep in mind these characteristics, suggested by @Box of Stardust. These characteristics are the main traits that define an airplanes strengths, weaknesses, and performance. Maneuverability: Maneuverability of an aircraft. Aside from general control authority, it also includes the ability to perform extreme dogfighting maneuvers, which may be influenced by factors such as thrust. Propulsion: Acceleration and speed of an aircraft. High thrust-to-weight is good, but can also be influenced by aerodynamics; know the ins-and-outs of the KSP aerodynamics system to help create less draggy aircraft. Endurance: Time an aircraft can remain in combat before running out of fuel. 15 minutes dry thrust according to KER readout is the lower bound I recommend. Size: Size and form factor of an aircraft. Influences ability to avoid damage, due to being a harder-to-hit target, as well as smaller radar cross section. Damage Mitigation: Ability to take damage and remain combat effective. To clarify: not simply surviving damage, but remaining able to fly effectively despite the damage and not be locked into basic defensive actions only, and if possible, continue fighting. Structural durability comes into play greatly. Offensive Capabilities: Aircraft armament and the effectiveness of the utilization of the weapons (weapon ranges and such). Flight Control: Ability of the AI tuning to both push an aircraft to its maneuvering limits and maintain stability and directional control. The AI must be able to perform extreme dogfighting maneuvers, evade incoming fire, pursue enemy aircraft, and be accurate when firing on a target. Additionally, the ability for the AI to accomplish this despite the aircraft having taken damage. (Note: this has become increasingly harder to judge with BDA 1.2.) Now, we will start with the structural/aerodynamic construction: 1. Never use manned aircraft, unless required by competition rules. And if possible, use lawn ch- err, command seats. Command modules weigh almost a ton, and increase the size(and thus, radar cross section (RCS), and more area for the enemy guns to aim for). Additionally, avoid Mk1 (1.25m) parts. They again add unnecessary size. 2. Aim for about 300 units of liquid fuel. Again, you should get your fuel from sources other than 1.25m parts. The Big-S wing strake can hold 100 units each and, combined with 2 Mk0 liquid fuel tanks, provides you with enough liquid fuel to provide sufficient endurance. 3. Do not use the stock panther engine. Use the AirplanePlus tiger 0.625m engine. It offers greater thrust for the weight, and generates much more electric charge than the Panthers for its thrust. Additionally, the tiger runs at a "cool" temperature for the thrust, allowing the shortest AIM-9 lock range of any afterburner(AB)capable engine, approximately 2.8 km in non AB mode, with a low throttle setting, compared to just over 3km for the panther. Although 0.2 km might not sound that much of a difference, it is, when you take into account the near-mach 2 closing speeds. Just that little distance may allow you to fire your AIM-9s and cause the enemy to dodge before firing theirs. 4. Design your airplane for maximum battle durability. Avoid attaching multiple wings to each other, instead, attach all wings to a hidden structural part, like a structural I beam inside Big-S wing strakes. Ideally, any one part exploding shouldn't have any affect on the others. However, this normally isn't possible. And since BDA 1.1/2, hidden parts wont receive damage until the part covering it explodes, (unless you got an armor penetrating shell). So, you attach all wings to this hidden part, to ensure maximum battle durability. Additionally, place wings close to the fuselage(e.g, small wingspan), and if competition rules allow, clip wings close to the center. This insures that most lift is coming from the center of the airplane. Thus, the plane wont spiral out of control when a wing is lost. (FYI, lift from the body/fuselage IRL is called "body lift". This is what allowed that Israeli F-15 to land on 1 wing. The F-15s body generates a good amount of lift) Now we will discuss aerodynamics, and making the best plane aerodynamically. 1. More wings almost never hurts. Turn rate is 85% determined by wing loading (which is the amount of lift each square unit of wing has to produce in order for lift to equal the weight of the aircraft). More wing area means less lift each square needs to produce to equal the aircrafts weight. Thus, the lower the wing loading, the more excess lift is available. More excess lift means that you can turn with less Angle of Attack (AoA), meaning less drag. Less drag means less thrust is needed, which also means less fuel can be carried. That means less weight. And weight is probably any aircraft designers worst enemy. Alternatively, the reduction in drag can also be utilized to improve energy retention, the greatest advantage in a dogfight. Overall, high lift is key to a high maneuverability aircraft, and gives you a significant edge over opponents without this knowledge. The question is, how much wing is ideal for an aircraft? After all, wings do weigh, and too many wings induces unnecessary drag. From my designs, I have found that around 1.2 to 1.4 units of wing area per ton is ideal. Anything under 0.9 is insufficient lift, and over 1.7 produces excessive drag. And, like stated in the structural section, moving wings inwards, and clipping wings near the middle are ideal, because if the lift is coming very close from the lateral center, the loss of a wing will not severely affect flight performance. TL; DR: you should aim for about 1.2-1.4 units of wing area per ton of aircraft to maximize excess lift, and to minimize excessive drag. 2. If maneuverability is 85% wing loading, whats the remaining 15%? Thrust to Weight radio (TWR). Why does TWR have anything to do with maneuverability? Because even the most perfectly designed wing produces drag while turning. And slowing down reduces your turn rate. Thus, to keep up energy, you need thrust. Practically, your craft will weigh about 6.5-8.5t loaded, depending on the amount of guns, ammo, fuel, missiles, etc. Anything above 8.5t is generally a bit to heavy for ideal performance. And its very hard to make a well-designed aircraft under 6.5t. If the craft weights over 7.5t, use 7-8 Tiger engines. If under 7.5t, use about 5-6 tiger engines. Optimal numbers may vary depending on other factors (mainly drag and wing loading). 3. Place elevators as far back as possible. This maximizes pitch authority, which (as we will see later) allows you to decrease control deflection, which is key to providing ideal response time. Also, 4-6 reaction wheels are ideal. 4. Place the center of lift(CoL)just behing the center of gravity(CoG). Ideally, the center of the CoL sphere should be halfway between the center and outer edge of the CoG sphere, or maybe maybe a tad bit closer to the CoG, depending on your plane design. 5. This tip (first suggested by @goduranus) is a poorly known (and counter-intuitive) one, but can greatly increase responsiveness. This is the theory behind this tip: all control surfaces on an aircraft should be able to respond to an full input in 0.3 seconds. In other words, the control surface should have no more than 0.3 second "lag time" from center to max allowable deflection. Unfortunately, most control surfaces default deflection values provide lag time in excess of 0.5 seconds, some approaching 1 second. To counter this, you reduce the max deflection untill an 0.3 second lag time is achieved. To calculate the exact number for the max deflection, you multiply the control surfaces actuator speed in degrees per second (found by right-clicking the part) by 0.3. Then, divide this by the maximum deflection in degrees (found next to the actuator speed). Multiply the result by 100, and that number shoud be your max deflection. Very few surfaces (namely, the advanced canard) can be left at 100 and still meet the 0.3 sec limit, and none can be increased to 150. This is why you want your elevators as far back as possible(to maximize control authority) and a CoL just behind the CoG(to minimize resistance to pitch up). 6. Choose the right control surfaces! In order to get maximum deflection, but still remain in the 0.3 sec timeframe, you want the maximum actuator speed. Note that this tip isn't very critical, especially if your plane is well designed. Also, having a bigger control surface with slightly slower actuator speed is better than a smaller surface with a faster speed. This is why the best control surface IMHO is the Big-S type 1. It combines ideal size with sufficient speed. And the best canard IMHO is (not surprisingly) the advanced canard. When more size is needed, use the standard canard. This concludes the aircraft design section. The next part of this guide covers proper selection and tuning of BDArmory weapons, countermeasures, and sensors. It also covers tuning the weapons manager settings. 1. Don't use radar. Its simply dead weight right now. The most competitive drones have such a low Radar Cross Section (RCS), that trying to lock on them is virtually impossible, especially when they have jammers. Besides, they can dodge AMRAAM's easily anyway. So just don't use radar. Unless you're in a competition that requires one. 2. Spam sidewinders! Since the BDA 1.1 update, planes have gotten much more damage-resistant. Meaning a single sidewinder wont do much to a well-designed aircraft. Actually, many planes can take multiple missile hits and fight as if nothing happened. So you need a lot of sidewinders. Ideally between 8 and 12. And you want the weapons manager to fire 2 at a time, but we will discuss that later. 2. Don't gun spam. Prior to BDA 1.1, when heat was used to determine damage, planes were not very damage-tolerant. That's when the idea of gun spamming in the merge was invented with @Eidahlil's Cookie. A "flying ceiling fan" with 8 GAU-8 cannons. It basically hovered while rotating to aim at you. Unfortunately, this didn't work well, due to the fact that it can't dogfight. Soon afterwards, I was trying to make an ultimate dogfighter, but ended up with one of the most hated planes in the ASC competition. The Du-3. Basically, it was a guns-only airplane with 5 vulcans, a low top speed(to reduce IR signature), and very manuverable. Unknowingly, the decision to make it guns only is what gave it its formidable reputation. Here is why: because it came in slowly(~210 m/s), the engine was on very low throttle. Thus an IR lock would be achieved at just under 3km. Now, when the AI has a missile lock, it doesn't fire immediately, which is simply how the AI works. Then, people left their guns range at 2.5km (a big no-no today). Before the AI could fire its sidewinder, it reached gun range. And there is about a 0.5-1 second lag when switching weapons. The Du-3 never had to switch between weapons, meaning it sent a hailstorm of 20mm bullets downrange immediately at 2.5 km. The other airplanes, because of the lag, didn't start firing until ~2km or less. Thats over a half kilometer. Often, before they could evem return fire, the Du-3s would already have destroyed one of the enemies. Thus, when fighting a Du-3, you were basically guaranteed to loose a plane or two (sometimes all 3) in the head on pass. Numerous other aircraft (@dundun93's TFD 2.1 with 16 Vulcans, @Box of Stardust's Basillisk with 6 Vulcans and Flying Gunbrick with 10) followed this tactic, with great success, until the BDA 1.1 update. And thats when gun spam because impractical. Because of planes increased damage tolerance, it is rare to get enemies in the merge. And guns/ammo are heavy. Thus, carrying around all those guns and reduced maneuverability. Now, this has always been true, but previously, you could turn a 3v3 into a 3v1 just with the merge. Now, you need to dogfight to get enemies. And gun spammers are normally less-than-ideal dogfighters. Additionally, some new methods eliminate the merge all together, namely the Pre-Routing device(PRD), and certain weapons manager tweaks. We will discuss both soon. TL;DR. Gun spamming used to be a viable tactic, but isn't anymore. You want no less than 3, but no more than 6 Vulcans. And 4 ammo boxes is perfect. Also, pressing F2 in the SPH will show you how your guns are aimed, e.g, converging, diverging, how far away they converge. 3. Set your Vulcans max engagament range to under 1.3km. Also, set the gun range on the weapons manager (by right-clicking it) to just over the number you choose for your Vulcans. This is why: in the ASC challenge, it was noticed that planes were not using their sidewinders. This is because of the 2.5km gun range. And after the merge, airplanes are pretty close together. Normally closer than 2.5km. Thus, when enemy planes were extending to ~2 km and turning around, a perfect AIM-9 shot, the planes were wasting ammo on hopeless long-range vulcan shots, instead of properly used the AIM-9s. Thus, @box of stardust started the trend of reducing gun range to force planes to utilize their AIM-9s. Although reducing Vulcan range seems counter-intuitive, you have to think like this: at 2 km, which is more effective: Vulcan fire, or AIM-9s? At 1.5km? 1.25km? Generally, over 1.3km, AIM-9s are more effective than cannon, especially if fired two at a time. Under 1km, Vulcan fire is the most effective. The exact number between these two varies. For example, if your plane has a limited number of AIM-9s, or your plane can exceptionally aim long range gunfire, you might want a value on the high end, maybe 1.25km. Alternatively, if your plane runs out of ammo quickly, you would want a lower value. Maybe 1km. I personally choose about 1.0-1.1 km. Note: I know I didn't quite to the best job explaining this, so maybe someone could come up with a simpler explanation? 4. Fire two at a time! In the weapons manager, by right-clicking on the part, set the missiles per target to 2. That way, it fires two AIM-9s at a time. 1 AIM-9 at a time is not enough to do any significant damage in the latest BDA(also, it means you only have to dodge half as many missiles), and 3 depletes your missiles too quickly. 5. Set your intervals properly. In the weapons manager settings, put the "firing interval" at 1, and the "burst length" at 0. You want the plane to fire guns in short intervals, with short breaks inbetween, not continually. This ensures that less ammo is wasted, while keeping effectiveness. In my testing, non-continuous fire is just as effective as continuous fire. 6. In order to avoid your missiles colliding with you at seperation, shorten the, missile rails as much as possible. Additionally, you want forward jettisoning missiles. By default, its on lateral, or downwards ejection. Right-click on the AIM-9, and set the drop time to zero, decouple speed to 10, and forward firing, not lateral. Also, set the max engagement range to about 4-4.5 km. This is to avoid the missile exploding immediately after launch due to the loss of a long-range lock. 7. Use a PRD! A PRD, Pre-Routing device, works by firing a missile without a lock. This missile will trigger the enemies RWR, and cause them to dodge, but the missile doesn't have a lock. Meaning you can avoid merges by firing a PRD just prior to the merge. The only stock missile that will work is the RBS-15 cruise missile. Set its max engagement range to about 4-7km (experiment to see what works best). Also, set it to engage air targets only. It will fire the missile at the set range, and the enemies will respond as if it was a guided missile. There are more complicated PRD's, that fire unguided sidewinders/AMRAAMs, using some modular missile guide programming. But the RBS-15 PRD should be just fine. Additionally, the more complicated PRD's require decouplers(which are banned in some challenges), unlike the RBS-15 one, which doesn't need any decouplers. Just the missile rail. I reccomended you place the PRD on the belly of the airplane. Not on the top. 8. Always have at least 4 flare boxes, and at least 2 chaff boxes. Use ECM only if necessary. Normally, a PRD will stop AMRAAM shots by causing the enemies to dodge before they can fire their AMRAAMS at you. This is because most competitive drones have very small frontal RCS, meaning AMRAAMs lock at about 3-4 km. A little after your PRD should fire. If you use jammers, set them to activate with the gear action group. Don't use toggle, use activate. And, angle 2 of your your flare boxes at 45° angle backwards. And all of the flare boxes should have an eject speed of 30. Lastly, we will cover tuning the AI, probably the most important part of designing any BDArmory aircraft. 1. Leave the Pitck Ki on 5, and Max G/Max AoA on the maximum allowable values. Default and minimum altitudes: the default altitude can be kept as it, though setting it a bit higher can be advantageous in a dogfight. The minimum altitude should be put at 300 for a plane designed by these tips. Then, if you notice the plane crashing into the ground abnormally, raise it to 400. Steer Factor: steer factor is a multiplier that determines how much control input is used to turn the airplane. Higher values mean larger inputs for a given turn. (Here is a simplified example(not using the actual values): with steer factor at, say, 5, it will turn with 50% input for a target 30° above it. Put it at 10, and it uses full input). In order to properly set it, I highly reccomended you fly the finished plane by hand. That way, you have a general sense of what the capabilities of the airplane are. If you notice that the plane isn't turning fast enough, increase the steer factor. Alternatively, if the plane is turning too sharply, and bleeding airspeed unnecessarily, reduce the steer factor. Steer damping: the easiest way to adjust steer damping is this: place a stationary target with a weapons manager on the grass by the runway. Next, launch your craft. Temporarily set its guns to engage ground targets. Now, put the airplane and stationary target on different teams, and battle! While the plane is firing at the target, look to see how steady it is flying. If it is oscillating/wobbling in pitch/roll/yaw, increase the damping. If it appears to be steady, decrease the steer damping as much as possible while still being steady. You want the lowest steer damping value that provides stability, as excessive damping negatively affects turn performance. Min Combat speed should be set to around 40. So should the takeoff speed. Idle speed can be left as is, although increasing it to 200 never hurts. Max speed can be left as is, or maybe lowered to about 300. But never increase it. You dont want your plane merging with full afterburner, do you? BTW, here is a design that utilizes the tactics suggested in this guide, except the PRD, which didn't seem to help this design. the updated version has a MLRS. Updated version:  
  9. Hello if anyone can see this. I have used BDArmory in KSP 1.3 and it worked great, loved the mod so much. Seeing the new updates like 1.5 and 1.6 got me excited to combine such a mod. Unfortunately, I have ran in to a problem when loading my KSP game. I downloaded the mod for 1.5 and 1.6 through this website: I download the zip file and extract the mod folder, place the folder in my ksp gamedata folder. When I run the game in 1.5 or 1.6 the loading bar says BDArmory/Parts/20mmVulcan/vulcanTurret/bahaGatlingGun, and stays there forever. The loading screen with the picture slideshow and witty loading comments doesn't stop however. Am I doing something wrong?! The github releases say that it was recompiled for 1.6 and 1.5!!! Can someone help me please!!! This mod is amazing and I only wish it would work!!! I've been trying to figure out the problem on my own for two days. Hopefully I will get answered. Seems he/she got the mod working: Someone help me please.
  10. Greetings, Pilots The AirCombat Lite series of crafts are designed with minimum mod usage, using only on Airplane Plus for aesthetics and functional parts and BDArmory for armaments Using minimum mods should help for users with less-advanced computers who can't put on 50+ mods or they'll melt their computers, also to ensure widespread use because some people just don't want to use certain mods AirCombat Lite crafts are mainly based on US jet aircrafts, some are replica, some are not Feel free to use these crafts as OPFOR to help you design and fine-tune your aircrafts The Hangar F-102 Auk - Download F-107 Asp - Download F-109 Adder - Download F-110E Mamba - Download F110F Strike Mamba - Download EF110G Wild Mamba - Download RF110E Mamba - Download F-24 Krait F-25A Boomslang F-25B Strike Boomslang YF-25C Super Boomslang YF-26 Taipan XF-27 Keelback XF-28 Cottonmouth Universal Key Features Every craft have enough fuel for at least 1 hour flying time (measured with KER) Every craft use RCS key to toggle afterburners BDA AI flight control module for every craft is calibrated to loiter at 8000m altitude, 200m/s airspeed BDA Weapon Manager and onboard cannons/machineguns for every craft is set at 500m gun range for realistic dogfighting
  11. I have been having this problem with BD_Armory, where it will get stuck loading at the BDArmory. /GameData/BDArmormy/Parts/20mmVulcanTurret/bahaGatlingGun
  12. In order to train the new KAF pilots, you have been contracted to make an aggressor fighter jet. The competition for the contract is fierce. Can yours stay at the top? This is a BDArmory fighter competition. RULES: 1. The battles are run King Of The Hill style. You fight the 5th place aircraft, and work your way up the leaderboard. 1.1. There are 5 maintained spots on the leaderboard. 1.2. Fights are 3v3 matches, best out of 3. 2. No space-grade parts permitted (oxidizer, monoprop, rockets, non-cockpit reaction wheels, ISRU, etc). 2. Ore is allowed for ballast purposes only. 3. No drones (or lawn chairs). 4. Armor thickness must be left at the default value. 5. No unreasonable part clipping 6. 75 part count limit(may be raised later to 85 if necessary) 7. No decouplers/multi-staging (this is a plane, not a rocket!) 8. Up to 2 Vulcan hidden 20mm cannons, 1 GAU-8, 6 Browning AN/M2 .50 cal, or 2 M230s (locked in forward position) 8.1. No turrets (unless locked in forward position). 8.2. No mixing different types of guns. 9. Up to 6 AIM-9 "Sidewinder" missiles. 9.1. AIM-9s are the only missiles allowed. 10. Up to 4 flare boxes 11. Your plane must fall under 1 of two categories: light and heavy fighters. 11.1. Your plane (light or heavy) has a two engine limit. 11.2. Thrust is calculated with the engine on AB (if applicable). 12. Light fighters must weigh at least 6t at combat weight. 12.1. Light fighters can have up to 250kn of static thrust, and at least 400 units of liquid fuel. 13. Heavy fighters weigh at least 12t at combat weight. 13.1. Heavy fighters can have up to 500kn of static thrust, and at least 800 units of liquid fuel. 14. Editing of the craft outside of the game (e.g, text editing in notepad) is ABSOLUTELY prohibited. (Looking at you @Eidahlil) 15. BDA 1.1, and KSP 1.3.1 is used. 15.1. We will use 1.4.x as soon as BDArmory is ready . 15.2. AirplanePlus and BDArmory (duh!) are the only allowed mods. 16. Have fun! 17. If you have any questions, ask me (@dundun92). PLANES IN TESTING: [none yet] LEADERBOARD: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  13. When the loading screen gets to the text "BDArmory/Parts/20mmVulcan/vulcanTurret/bahaGatlingGun" the pic keep scrolling but the loading bar stops. I've let it run for a while and nothing has changed with the bar. What is wrong and how can i fix it?
  14. I have created a fresh new Topic to maintain BDAc continuity. For any past forum posts please refer to the Old BDAcTopic here: The old BDAc Forum Topic has been locked by the topic owner. Please note that Physics Range Extender and Module Manager are required dependencies for BD Armory Continued Also be advised that using the World Stabilizer mod will cause problems with PRE as it has it's own world stabilization code we refer to as Black Spell ... Only solution to this is to not use the World Stabilizer mod PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Importing craft that are armed into the new BDAc is going to mess with the weapons as the craft file that has been saved will have values in it that are no longer in BDAc as well as not having the new variables that are in BDAc Updating to BDAc v1.2.x from previous BDAc versions will be craft breaking if the craft have BDAc parts or BDAc Addon Parts on it TL;DR - DO NOT IMPORT OLDER CRAFT WITH WEAPONS ON THEM FROM VERSIONS OF BDAc PRIOR TO THE ONE YOU ARE INSTALLING ..... REMOVE ALL BDAc AND BDAc ADDON PARTS AND THEN IMPORT YOUR CRAFT See spoilers below for release notes, videos, Github issues and download links The BDAc family of mods were all created by @BahamutoD, and in his absence, we have taken it upon ourselves to keep the explosions flowing For anything related to BDAc or mods in the BDAc family, I refer you to the Github link for Papa Joe's Soup (Slightly Over Used Parts) where there is listed download links for the mods in question ... If you have questions or concerns, feel free to post here and the team will do our best to assist you I also refer you to our in game KSPedia where you will find a wealth of information on the operation of BDAc Be aware that forcing opengl will result in many shaders showing as pink ... the only solution is DO NOT force opengl If you think you have come across a gremlin or a bug with BDAc or any of the mods we maintain, feel free to post here, however we ask that you also take a look at the issues list on Github to see if your problem has been addressed. We use the built in Github issues tracker to keep record of bugs, enhancements and feature requests as it is difficult to keep track of bug reports and all the great ideas that the community have come up with on the forum (things can get buried and lost under newer posts) Please note that only the most recent version of BDAc is supported at this time and that BDA needs PhysicsRangeExtender to work properly: Also, to correctly install BDAc, first download the latest release from the BDAc releases link posted below (not the source download) and then extract the BDArmory folder contained within the zip file and place it into your KSP/Gamedata folder ... Do not, I repeat, do not place the Gamedata folder contained within the BDAc zip into your Gamedata folder as this will cause umpteen million conflicts to arise as the BahaTurret pickle looks for textures, configs and whatnot in specific places In regards to CKAN ... It is our policy not to provide support for CKAN as we have no control over the process beyond listing when deploying to SpaceDock. If you are having issues with CKAN we request that you take it up with CKAN, otherwise follow the clear instructions posted above and if your issue continues then feel free to ask the team for assistance In regards to support, KSP.log please (Found in the same directory as the KSP executable ... this file is overwritten each time you start KSP ... upload this file to a filesharing site such as dropbox and post the link so the team can take a look) ... I also refer you to the following thread where it describes in detail everything else that is required for us to help you: Best Regards, The BDAc Team @Papa_Joe @jrodriguez @SpannerMonkey(smce) @gomker @TheDog @DoctorDavinci @Eidahlil @TheKurgan BD Armory wiki: BDAc Release Links: Releases link: Issues link: Physics Range Extender (REQUIRED): Papa Joe's Soup Github link: BDAc Release Notes (latest only): BDAc Development Timelapse: Just a little video that @jrodriguez put together to show the development of BDA from its modest beginnings to around April of 2018. We thought you might like to see it: BDAc Family Mod links: BDMk22 Plugin Releases link: Issues link: Burn Together Releases link: Issues link: Camera Tools Releases link: Issues link: Destruction Effects Forum link: Releases link: Issues link: Improved Chase Camera Forum link : Releases link: Issues link: Vessel Mover Continued Forum link: Releases link: Issues link: Vessel Switcher has been incorporated into BD Armory Continued In regards to Adjustable Landing Gear, please consult the Kerbal Foundries Continued thread where @Shadowmage has taken it upon himself to maintain an ALG-like addition to KF Continued ... his thread can be found at the following link: Videos: Physic Range Extender: Guard Mode and Wing Commander: Modular Missiles: Sonar and Torpedoes: Missiles - Cruise and Terminal Guidance BD Armory was originally developed by Paolo Encarnacion (BahamutoD) and distributed under the license CC-BY-SA 2.0. BahamutoD has moved on to creating VTOL VR, found on Steam. Go check it out! This mod is now called BD Armory Continued, and is being maintained in BahamutoD's absence by the BDAc team. It continues to be distributed under the license CC-BY-SA 2.0. Please read about the license at attempting to modify and redistribute it BD Armory Continued contains code based off of Aircraft Carrier Accessories and is used with permission ( ... Courtesy of @flywlyx BD Armory Continued also contains code based off of Firespitter. To comply with the requirements of Firespitters' license, the following permission notice, applicable to those parts of the code only, is included below: License: You may reuse code and textures from this mod, as long as you give credit in the download file and on the download post/page. Reuse of models with permission. No reselling. No redistribution of the whole pack without permission. UV map texture guides are included so you can re-skin to your liking. For reuse of the plugin, please either direct people to download the dll from my official release, OR recompile the wanted partmodule/class with a new class name to avoid conflicts.
  15. Hi, I'm currently playing Kerbal Space Program version 1.3.1. I downloaded North Kerbin Weaponary, Module Manager, BdArmory, and Kerbal engineer. (I also checked if it is the right version for 1.3.1) However, when I make an attempt to launch or drop some bombs and missiles, it says "Weapon Manager Not Found." even though I have on attached on the plane. I tried to fix it by myself for more than a week, and it still doesn't work. Can anyone help me?
  16. I was Making a MiG-1.44 Replica And I used a Custom Bombbay, When I put it into a dogfight I had to Manually Open it, the AI will not fire a missile until it is open because the missile path is obstruced. Also, My F-14 Tomcat, when operated by a AI, Does not change the wing sweep regardless of the situation, it must be done manually. Is there a Way to Make the AI use the Infernal Robotics Joints Like the Cargo Bays for concealed weapons?
  17. So I recently installed BDArmory from this link, along with the required mods and North Kerbin Dynamics. I unpacked 3 folders into my GameData (BDArmory, BDArmory.Core, DamageCurves), and the other mods (North Kerbin Weaponry, PhysicsRangeExtender), as shown here. I start the game, I see the game loaded all the files. I go to the Spaceplane Hangar, look for the parts. I find the North Kerbin Dynamics parts in the utility section, but no BDArmory parts (anywhere). I then look around, find the parts under the Bahamuto manufacturer. I add basic weapons to a simple plane, add the Weapon Manager part and launch the plane. The Weapon Manager menu doesn't appear, and I can't do anything with the weapons (if I right click them, I can see they are filled with ammo). So, any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! Edit: I forgot to mention that I can see the Physics Range Extender menu, as well as open it.
  18. when you place a camera boom onto your craft, how do you switch to their respective view? Using BDArmory.
  19. I don't know why but it looks dead
  20. I have been having some problems with my mods. I would appear that one of the mods I have has broken the parachutes (the parachutes are empty objects, when I put them on my ship I get the warning that I don't have any parachutes, they don't show up in staging, so on, they just don't exist from a function standpoint), some other things, and all of BDArmory. I could go through taking out each one and trying it but my computer is a bit slow and it would take hours. I'm hoping I can get a quicker response on the forums. I'm going to list everything in my GameData folder, so if you know of any clashes, please tell me. BDArmory CommunityCategoryKit CommunityResourcePack FerramAeroSpaceResearch Firespitter JSI KAS KAX KerbalEngineer KIS Klockheed_Martian_Gimbal KWRocketry MagicSmokeIndustries MechJeb2 PlanetaryBaseInc ProbeControlRoom QuizTechAero SmokeScreen Squad (of course) ThunderAerospace Trajectories TriggerTech and a few versions of module manager I feel stupid to ask about this since I have been playing for 4 years, but I don't have time to go through them myself anymore. Thanks in advance!
  21. I got KSP on steam about a month ago and the main reason I got it is because of the mods, well first I had problems on how to install them and where to put them and then they weren't working correctly but now I am close to having that all fixed but first of all where exactly do you put the contents of the files? I sort all the part in the squad folder but I heard u can just keep it in game data in its folder. second, i can't find the bd armory weapon manager, at first I couldn't find the parts in utility (where they should be) but if I go into the other search with manufacturers and such. I can find the ai pilot system and the Modular Missile Guidance but I am also missing so ammo packs and smokes and I have checked the folder and found the weapon manager. PLEASEEEE HELP
  22. I can't seem to be able to open wing commander in my game. Where is it supposed to be in the files?
  23. Please note the following mods also require the installation of SM Industries SM Armory, SMI Missiles and Launchers, SM OST and T , SM AFV's Failure to install SM Industries will result in names and descriptions being displayed incorrectly and other related features will not work(don't panic the correct version of SMI is included in every download) Latest Update v0.99.99.93 Further enhancements, localisation. texture updates SM Armory for KSP 1.4.X and BDA 1.2.X ONLY Important note regarding recent BDA changes specifically BDA see spoiler The original BDA expansion contains over 100 items to enhance your military might from 7.7mm WW1 machine guns to modern CIWS systems , WW2 field guns to 152mmAGS turrets there's a weapon for every eventuality With SMA now containing 100 parts it's time to go for V1 and full release,SM Armory is also to my mind complete and as such very little will be added, however my intention is to make extra packs to add on if the user wishes, rather than forcing and increasingly large download This version includes the impossibles, things that were thought impossible to create with BDA. These turrets ALL designed for CIWS use feature rapid fire cannons and AA missile rails. Also as usual are loads of normal turrets some based on fantasy , some on reality, but wherever the inspiration came from I've attempted to make them relevant to the Kerbal world. With notable and deliberate exceptions everything here is appropriately powered for Kerbal Kombat. I've also spent a good amount of time making sure that they work with SM Marine and The Large Boat Parts as i find that's the situation in which most of these will be used Some of the latest additions Current Items that made release, constantly subject to testing and response SM_Armory for KSP 1.3.1 Notes NOT installing the SM_Industries folder will mean that parts may not appear, strings will be nonsensical and mod performance will be reduced On installation you will notice that the mod contains an extras folder. In this folder you will find the Secubots security robot turrets, A weapon probe for connecting to turrets for standalone use, meant for use with the field guns, the pirate ship cannon and the 88. Also included is a filter extensions addition simply unzip and merge with filter extensions to get advanced sorting of SMM products Links to original Boomsticks post -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SM AFV's KSP 1.4.X BDA 1.2.X Only v0.9.14.00 The T90 and New Tracks Update 17 new sets CONTENTS Here now SM AFVs Tanks and trucks Gives you parts to build Tanks and trucks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SM Old School Turrets and Tanks Current Release KSP 143 and BDA 1.2.1 onwards v0.1.2.0 download from github v0.1.2.0 download from SpaceDock SM_OSTandT SM Old School Turrets and Tanks REQUIRES INSTALLATION OF SM INDUSTRIES DOWNLOAD SMI FULL LICENSE DETAILS SM Old School Turrets and Tanks pre 50's military vehicles A rebirth of OST and OST Redux into a proper mod Features complete hulls and turrets for various tanks CONTENTS ALL HULLS COME WITH BASIC iVA FOR UP TO 4 CREW FLAK TURRET --------------------- IS 122 TURRET IS122 HULL GREEBLES ------------------ KERMINOV K17 THE FIRST KERBAL TANK ---------------------- KV1 TURRET KV2 TURRET KV SERIES HULL --------------------------- LOL TRAKTOR TURRET LOL TRAKTOR HULL LUCHS TURRET ------------------------- M4 SHERMAN HULL 75MM TURRET 105 HOWITZER TURRET --------------------------------------- M60 PATTON HULL STANDARD TURRET UPGRADED TURRET CUPOLA TURRET ------------------------- JU87 GUNPOD PANTHER TURRET ----------------------------- PZ4 TURRET PZ4 HULL -------------------- T34 TURRET T60 TURRET _____________ TIGER 1 TURRET TIGER 1 HULL SMI Missiles and Launchers KSP 1.4.X BDA 1.2.X ONLY V0.02.0 Contents of 1.4.3 update BoomsticksLegacy Boomsticks is currently under License: All Rights Reserved Old School Turrets and Never Enough Dakka With the uploading to SpaceDock or NED and OST I have decided to roll all the support and development into one thread, this should enable me to hear of and fix any issues ASAP. Although there will be little further development on these two packs( unless requested) I will continue to improve both function and appearance on all items, and of course I'll keep them working I have received some interesting other items in the assets i received from the original author PrototypeTheta and this will also make an appearance shortly THE NED REDUX RELEASE Works in 1.22 Old School Turrets Redux release Works in 122 Album link Note concerning issues. There is now a git repository for SMA in order to access and provide a hard record of any issues that occur, as the modlist grows the more i find i'm forgetting and it makes sense to do something proper for a change . You can find the issues reporting page at the following location Thanks as always to @gomker @XOC2008 @DoctorDavinci @TheKurgan and occasionally @colmo for testing bug hunting and sanity preservation Hi all yes the button is new, i don't ever expect anyone to bother, you are certainly not obliged in any way, I was asked by several people this week, if there was a donation button in order to show their appreciation, the wife saw the requests, and after a some discussion i have given in and added a donation facility
  24. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx NOTE TO ALL USERS OF SM MARINE There are issues in KSP 1.6.x with certain parts containing multiple animations . These issues display as broken information in the PAW (right click menu) and the animations being inoperative . The fix is fairly simple but time consuming to do and will be dealt with in a small update shortly. This and the broken IR aside all parts appear to be working well and fully functional in 1.6.x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SM Industries Presents v0.9.9.3 SM Marine KSP 1.4.X BDA 1.2.X OnlyUse SM Industries Included SM Marine NEEDS the SM_Industries plugin and localisation dictionary in order to function correctly It is important to have the version that matches the release, mismatched versions will result In Autloc text being displayed and parts may not appear SM_Industries for a latest releases can be found at the link below What is SM Marine? primarily its is a selection of parts and equipment to make your ships look more like ships, including better looking bridges with limited IVA, working radars, propeller drive systems, masts and antennas, I even found the time to add a few one part hulls As you may know I've been developing weapon mods forever and even as long ago as 0.16 I had working boats and submarines. upon my return I noticed a proliferation of boat mods and thought cool I like boats and ships a lot, i tried them and non of them fitted what I wanted, they were either too big, too complex or just not Spanner. So i started making a small selection of parts to make them more to my taste, along the way i dipped into my many years of experience in the marine industry and way too many hours spent on sea trials and made some hulls, that according to those who have tested them are some of the best behaved hulls in the game, naturally I'm biased. None of the parts are huge but they are all tweakscale prepared, so should you desire they can be huge . Typhoon and main cmd center IVA And its not all military Changelog Notes on functionality All radar units included in this mod require BD Armory in order to function. ALL drive units require a recent copy of the Firespitter DLL to be installed, without firespitter there will be no engine sounds. Would very much like a standalone version of the engine sounds functionality Propeller effects are provided by stock modules as is engine reversing. Extending Radar and small Radome the unit is telescopic and also includes a targeting camera, The fwd or neutral position is marked on the shell by use of a yellow line There are 3 types of anchor included all types work as anchors when attached to a KAS winch mount, in addition anchor 4 will activate the AirAnchor functionality of the HL airships airpark modules ( working on a standalone version for this mod) All structural parts will and should sink, please let me know if you find something floaty that should not be. Drive Units and rudders have 0 buoyancy. Each hull carries a small amount of ballast space, each Bridge unit has a pump for filling and emptying the ballast space. The drive units power scales with size so it is possible to overpower all the hulls should an overly large drive size be chosen, for best results keep scales in parity. The Rudder. do not be tempted to add several rudders in order to quicken steering, due to lift in certain circumstances now providing speed it is possible with multiple rudders to induce uncontrollable handling characteristics. The hulls steer at an acceptable rate for the size and mass All of the hulls has RCS thrusters acting as fine position and maneuvering thrusters, these are powered from ballast stored in the onboard tanks, To activate RCS you will need to pump some ballast into the tanks then activate RCS as normal, no ballast = no thrust All drives are intended to run on Intake Air and liquid fuel, the included intake mast will provide enough air for fairly large scales of engine, this part is also scale able For ease and simplicity of use the bridge units carry small generators for LF IA and EC And as a bonus all parts work well with other ship mods especially the Large Boat Parts pack that i am now maintaining while Laythe is otherwise occupied The new small hulls are not currently balanced for HullBreach, they are a lot more delicate than the LBP parts and balancing is a time consuming process, As soon as the balancing is properly achieved the cfg's wil be added to HullBreach. The larger hulls are almost there and will sink with cfg's included in HullBreach The Tug can attach to any other vessel using the included grab parts, styled as a push bar and truck tire these function exactly the same way as the stock Klaw. To use mount the chosen type on your craft, once launched, select arm, this will raise the visible contact pads. To attach to another vessel approach should be around 1m/s any slower and it will not trigger, any faster and you may bounce off before the module can grab the other vessel. To release select release from the gui. Most ships in LBP can be moved by two tugs 1 at the stern of the vessel to be moved and one attached via the Truck Tire klaw to the side of the vessel to be moved just forward of midpoint. this forward tug provides steerage Craft Files Basic Builds Special thanks go to @gomker @XOC2008 @V8jester without whom the mod would not be as neat as it is , and thanks to all the others who've presented ideas, random thoughts which have become a reality Download from SpaceDock other downloads available shortly GitHub Requires SM_Industries Dictionary assembled and created by @gomker SM_Industries EN US Localisation Dictionary Now available stand alone airpark works with the NEW ship main anchor Mods that are considered essential in order to fully use every item in this mod and Other Ship and Boat related useful mods and addons see below ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi all A Note concerning issues. There is now a git repository for SMM in order to access and provide a hard record of any issues that occur, as the mod list grows the more i find I'm forgetting and things that should be dealt with are slipping between the cracks. Therefore it makes sense to do something properly for a change . You can find the issues reporting page at this link NOTICE SM Marine is published under license type All Rights Reserved please do not relist or distribute this mod in any form, via any medium or service without my express permission. Hi all yes the button is new, i don't ever expect anyone to bother, you are certainly not obliged in any way, I was asked by several people this week, if there was a donation button in order to show their appreciation, the wife saw the requests, and after a some discussion i have given in and added a donation facility
  25. SM Stryker Armory and Aerospace combined Continued from the fine start by @strykersm link for prvious version 122 SM_Stryker Aerospace and Armory KSP 1.4.3 BDA 1.2.1 ONLY This update brings you Updates and fixes to IVA's 2 level IVA for JSI/RPM and stock ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current parts: Cockpits: BF-109 ; Mig ; Hyperion (P-80 lookalike) ; Razor ; Jetfire (SR-71/F-106 lookalike) Classic S(spitfire look alike), Classic FW(fw190 lookalike) P60 night fighter (both ends), B29 cockpit with 4 seat IVA, Val style twin seat fighter bomber cockpit with twin seat IVA, BF109 full, found and completely restored from a very early version of Stryker, Wings, in straight and elliptical form, Spines to blend in BF cockpit, 2.5 x 2.5 and 2.5 x 5 mtr bomb bays, DCK config for all reworked version of Baha's MK2 Lightning cockpit in two versions. both suitable for stock MK2 connections Intakes: Early and Late variants of Mig-21 intake ; Engines: Reaper AB Jet Engine (based on Su-9 engine); Kiril AB Jet Engine (based on Mig-21) , period styled engines for FW x2 P60 nightfighter and Classic S x2 AT this point I intend not to add anything new, but will continue to update overhaul and enhance as time goes on and my texturing skills improve . All included parts are based on the originals by @strykersm. who has kindly given permission for this continuation changelog emergency download CC BY-SA 2.0 parts This KSP Mod incorporates code from a part of USITools called PartCatalog.cs and is used under the GPLv3 License.