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Found 5 results

  1. Hey all This is an update of this post to v3! The objectives get a little messy but its all there, it's working all the way through with points for medals now. The only mod needed is Kerbal Engineer because I added the tape recorder MechJeb part to the CSM. I think a lot of you use MechJeb so maybe this is a positive, let me know if that's a negative and I should make one completely stock. APOLLO 15 v.03 on KerbalX LINK HERE Thanks, and please send out some feedback if possible! Apollo 15 launched from KSC on 7/26/1971, on a scientific expedition to the Hadley-Appennius region of the Lunar surface. The first 'J-Class' mission, Apollo 15 had more advanced capabilities than previous flights, including a LM equipped with the Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV), and an orbital science kit stowed in the Service Module. Recreate this historic mission in Kerbal Space Program by launching a Saturn V rocket to a precision landing in the Munar Midlands! Once safely on the surface, you'll unpack the MEM and commute via rover to collect samples in several biomes. Setup the Surface Experiments (AMSEP) package while the CSM performs orbital science collection. Once surface operations are complete, you'll rendezvous and dock in orbit, deploy a subsatellite, depart Munar orbit, perform a spacewalk en route to Kerbin, and land safely (hopefully...)! All in a days work for the crew of Apollo 15! IMGUR for a few highlights -
  2. Can someone please help me: When I downgrade ksp to older versions CKAN thinks I still have the latest version.I thought the installed version will be recognized automatcally. Could it be because Steam does not change the Build ID when downgrading?Or is it because of CKAN itself?If its the second option, how can I fix it? Thanks for helping
  3. Ever since the 1.1 update, version 0.90 has been absent from the KSP store. This may not sound like a big problem, and frankly it's not, but (as far as I can tell) there's no reason not to bring it back. Some reasons for it, however, are an alternative physics system, infinigliders (which are very fun), no re-entry heating (which can be done in cheats and settings but it's on by default there), ion gliders, and just the ability to experience a piece of the past firsthand.
  4. I've been really excited to try out 1.2 but whenever I try to get it off of Steam from the beta pre-release, I can't access it. I have signed up for beta on the settings and also singed up for the pre release discussion or group or whatever its called. Am I still missing something?
  5. I really like the satellite contracts in KSP, but I get fed up of KSP asking me to move my Remote Tech or SCANsat probes. So, I decided to try and fix it. I present to you: Clever Sats. A replacement for stock Satellite Contracts. How is this different to the stock Satellite contracts? The stock system will cast around for any vessel which has an antennae, probe core, and solar panels, and decide it's a valid target. This is fine for stock games but for those of us running RemoteTech, or SCANsat (or other satellite mods) it will ask you to move all of them, regardless of function. Yes I can ignore those contracts, but I'd rather not have irrelevant contracts generate at all. So, what does Clever Sats do differently? Basically, every time you put complete a contract to launch a new satellite, that satellite will be added to a list. When we start looking for satellites to move, we will only consider vessels on the list. This means that comms relays, scansat probes etc. will be left alone. Sounds good. So why is this in Addon Development? Two reasons. Firstly, it requires an unreleased version of Contract Configurator. The second reason is, that it isn't really finished. I've got it to a point where I'm basically happy with the way orbits are generating, but I need help with playtesting and reward balancing. That's where you come in! What sort of contracts can I expect from this pack? Right now, I have these missions: The basic "launch a satellite into orbit" mission. This is pretty much like the stock missions. The harder the contract, the further out, and the wilder the orbit. You'll probably find that one star contracts will give you mainly equatorial, low orbits. Three stars, well all bets are off. Create a satellite constellation - this is a bit of a clever one. It will try and find two satellites which are close by. If it finds them, you'll be asked to synchronise their orbits. Any satellites that are part of a "constellation" should be ignored by other missions (but see Known Issues) Move a Satellite - this is basically like the stock enhanced contracts, you'll be asked to move your satellite to a new position. Move a Constellation - move a constellation of satellites to a new position. (Coming Soon) - Decommission a satellite (Coming Soon) - Repair a faulty satellite What can I do to help? 1) Grab the latest development version of Contract Configurator from here: 2) Grab Clever Sats from here: 3) Play, and give me feedback. 4) Profit Special Thanks @nightingale as ever, for his tireless hard work on Contract Configurator License CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 Source available at the release link above.