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Found 1 result

  1. Image credit goes to Niako Welcome to the development thread for Beyond Home Beyond Home is a planet mod which aims to add a new system, as well as re-imagining what the Kerbol system would look like after the death of the star. Information Beyond Home will add more than 20 new planetary bodies to land on around 2 star systems. The player will begin in an entirely new star system that the Kerbals have fled to after their home star has died. The Kerbol system will still be accessible in this mod, with its planets being burnt, melted and scorched. A ruined system to return to after exploring the new home system. Currently, a roadmap is still in-progress. It will be released shortly along with an orrery view of both systems and the relative orbital information of the planets/moons. Each planet and moon will come with various unique biomes, visuals and features. No two planets look alike. Planets will range in size, appearance and ultimately difficulty progressively. Main planets further and further away from the home planet get increasingly more difficult to traverse, but not painfully so. Lava lakes, toxic atmospheres, high pressures and high gravities are not uncommon, and everywhere you go you will find interesting and new worlds to explore. Screenshots Below are some in-development screenshots of a couple of planetary bodies already created. Note that this list will be updated as development continues, and not all planetary bodies will be available to view here - only the major ones. The rest are up to you to explore. *Please note that Beyond Home is a "work in progress" and is by no means complete. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop them below in the thread or send them to me as a Private Message. Thank you for taking the time to read the thread, and keep checking back for any important updates! - Gameslinx