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Found 2 results

  1. This is an interactive story. At the end of each part, I will ask a question which will determine the actions the characters take. At a moderator's suggestion, I'd like to remind everyone that roleplay is forbidden on this forum, and one should not attempt to interact directly with characters of the story. Also, if you haven't watched Gravity Falls, warning! Contains minor spoilers! I was stuck, orbiting a few hundred thousand kilometers over the sun. Radiation drowning out all communications, and the depth of the gravity well making rescue very, very improbable. Yet, I waited. Then, I saw it. Between me, and the sun, slowly coming closer. Some elements of its form reminded me of parts we use to build spacecraft. Perhaps it was a- Cipher: "I'm no derelict satellite! I'm just an interdimensional being of ultimate power! And I want to help you Bill Keman." It spoke with a voice that reverberated through my mind. I'd heard many legends about great beings found in space. The Deep Space kracken, the Great Naked Space man, but the interdimensional yelling triangle? What? Bill Kerman: "Am I going crazy?!" Cipher: "No. Well, maybe. But that's beside the point! I can get you home, Bill Kerman. And if you work with me, I can teach you how to unlock the secrets of the cosmos!" Bill Kerman: "Why do you want to help me?" Cipher: "Cause my name's Bill too! Bill Cipher! Every 100 years, I pick a mind to inspire, and you seem like a cool guy. Besides, you'll fry in days if you stay here. You neeeed me. " Bill Cipher: "What do ya say Kerbal? Kerb Bill?" Bill Cipher: "Do we have a deal?" Should Bill Kerman take up Cipher's offer? Answer in the comments!
  2. Prologue: Year 2110 This is the start of a new series. This is NOT related to Advancing through Hardships, this is an entirely new alternate universe. I am going camping though these next few days so expect sometime before the first chapter.