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Found 31 results

  1. Hello everyone this is my first post on this site and yes I am here because i need help, Recently i discovered (old) KSP Blender addon that allows you to import .craft models to blender, but i cannot do that due to the error There are my specs KSP (previous 1.3.1 on steam) Windows 10 Blender 2.83.2, here is my kspdir.txt direction D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\ (note that Blender and KSP are on the second D: Drive) and here is my error ###### Traceback (most recent call last): File "D:\blender\2.83\scripts\addons\io_object_mu-master\import_craft\", line 106, in execute return import_craft_op(self, context, **keywords) File "D:\blender\2.83\scripts\addons\io_object_mu-master\import_craft\", line 80, in import_craft_op obj = import_craft(filepath) File "D:\blender\2.83\scripts\addons\io_object_mu-master\import_craft\", line 44, in import_craft gamedata = GameData(Preferences().GameData) File "D:\blender\2.83\scripts\addons\io_object_mu-master\import_craft\", line 146, in __init__ self.create_db() File "D:\blender\2.83\scripts\addons\io_object_mu-master\import_craft\", line 129, in create_db recurse_tree(self.root, self.build_db) File "D:\blender\2.83\scripts\addons\io_object_mu-master\import_craft\", line 29, in recurse_tree files = os.listdir(path) FileNotFoundError: [WinError 3] System nie może odnaleźć określonej ścieżki: '' location: <unknown location>:-1 ###### System nie może odnaleźć określonej ścieżki = The system cannot find the specified path (yes I am Polish) (and no i have default english blender version but sometimes like today i get console errors in Polish) Pls help i have been reaserching this bug for a while now, and all i want is to get my KSP rocket to real life
  2. Hallo allerseits, Ich lerne gerade Blender. Nach meinen ersten abgeschlossenen Projekten möchte ich das Modellieren, Animieren und Texturieren verbessern. Daher möchte ich meine Unterstützung beim Erstellen von Modellen für KSP-Add-Ons anbieten. Wenn jemand Interesse an meiner Hilfe hat, können Sie mich gerne kontaktieren. Ich bin 28 Jahre alt, studiere Technik und arbeite in meiner Freizeit mit Blender. Früher habe ich viel KSP gespielt, aber jetzt habe ich mehr Spaß beim Erstellen Dies ist meine ArtSation-Site: Freundliche Grüße Christian [Moderator Added Translation] Hello everybody, I am currently learning Blender. After my first completed projects, I would like to improve modeling, animating and texturing. Therefore, I would like to offer my support in creating models for KSP add-ons. If someone is interested in my help, please feel free to contact me. I am 28 years old, study technology and work with Blender in my free time. I used to play a lot of KSP, but now I have more fun creating it This is my ArtSation site: Friendly greetings Christian
  3. Ok, so a few weeks ago I made a thread asking for help with 3D printing craft, since Eucl3D is sadly gone. People suggested I use @taniwha 's blender .craft importer. UNfortunately, Blender is giving me errors when I try to install it and I can't seem to find a fix either in the forums or Reddit. I also tried with @Dasoccerguy 's add-on, which I can actually install, but it gives me errors whenever I try to actually import a craft. I found one potential fix, but it didn't do anything (I have also tried with older versions of craft files and the same thing happens). I'm very committed to doing this, basically because I had a 3D print which was very dear to me and it got stolen. Given my recent failures--and I hope this isn't against forum rules--I'm willing to pay anyone who can just give me a blender, obj, or stl file of my craft. Can't promise it will be much, since I also need to order the print, which mean additional spending, but hey, it's something. Anyway, thanks to anyone who can help!
  4. Hi, i downloaded this addon for blender to import ships from ksp because i want to make animations but every time i try to import .craft files i get this error. I've tried a couple of fixes listed by others in the comments of the original post, but none of them seem to have worked. (Most of them were Mac and i am using Windows 10). Does anyone know what's wrong here? Is there a newer version of this plugin? Last update seems to be around 2 years ago. Also, im using Blender 2.78 and KSP 1.3 without mods.
  5. I am making a command pod, it's 2.5m diameter, 2.7m long, houses 4 kerbals. How do I improve it? What else do I need to add. I understand I would need to add windows, on the opposite side.Any advice would be greatly appreciated...
  6. I'm quite new to this forum even I join for quite a long time so I'm not sure is this the right place to ask. Anyways, I trying to create a KSP animation but I stuck at one problem. I couldn't find any Kerbal model that I can use which look like in game one. Nor I could make one that look appealing enough. And I wonder is there a way to get Kerbal model from the game/game's folder itself. Though this model would still be courtesy of Squad ,I'll use it only for the animation and I'll credit them as well. Can anyone help?
  7. I just started making custom parts, I would love to have a detailed guide on making parts like solar panels and engines from start to finish. I have basic experience with blender, But I am lacking in texture skills (I know how to do it, I need more info). I would need a in depth Guide to making detailed textures. My focus will mainly be engines, I need to know how to make animations for engine gimbal and solar panels, and how to make engine shrouds. I would also like a guide to making part variants, They are so cool but so hard to understand in Blender/Config files As for config editing, I am fine with everything but part variants. Any replies is amazing appreciated
  8. So I´ve downloaded this material here: and I tried to apply it to a project I’m making, I am a beginner on blender, and the material is not even close to what it is supposed to look like. at first, everytimei rendered it just showed up brown with no texture on, then i read on a forum to activate UV maping, and so i did, there wasn’t anything there so i clicked the plus button to create one and now it stays like this: I dont know what to dooo ;-; Help!
  9. While I've been away, I've given Blender a fair shake. Check these renders and models out. I'm sure I've done other works, but these were what I've felt were done enough to upload somewhere Procedural Earthlike with Rings More angles at Mechwarrior Locust cockpit Procedural Marslike PBR test - Rubik's Cube
  10. So, I'm making a radial jet engine- think the Vector's way of attaching vs the huge jet's version. How do I set up points in Blender so that it can function with a Gimbal and everything else? I'm around halfway through modelling it. Thanks for any help!
  11. Hello, and I am making Boeing 787 parts for a mod. I am using Blender to model the parts. My problem is how to make the windows flat, because whenever I use the knife tool to cut out the shape according to the 3-view diagam, it still is curved, when it isn't supposed to be that way. Thanks, BottleRocketeer
  12. Do you have unused blender models for KSP ? Here you can post all your works of art that you have given up on/don't have time to finish. Maybe someone else will make/integrate them into a great mod. ORIGINAL POST{outdated}
  13. How can I make 3.125 m parts in Blender? The radius would have more decimal places than Blender can handle. Does anyone have a solution?
  14. http:// The model is made in blender and im very new to modding, looking for help with textures
  15. I am using blender, and I cannot find a plugin that works for this. The only one I have found Blender won't accept. Do you guys have any way of changing these into those?
  16. Hi all, So I've been having issues trying to rig up a solar array wing so the animation plays fine. My issue is with the expanding/retracting of the solar cells inside the bounds of the endpoint arms. Picture below. With parenting I have it set us as followed: The endcap (B) is parented to (A). The solar arm (C) is parented to the endcap (B) and then the rightmost solar cell (D) is parented to the arm (C). and then the next adjacent solar cell is parented to the solar cell on the right. and so it goes all the way down the line (for 84 cells). So the animation, I have the endcap (B) keyframed to change location and expand outward from the truss can (A). as the endcap extends outward, the solar cells rotate and expand towards the right since they are parented to the arm (C). Because the encap animation (B) is a distance change while the solar cell animations (D) are angle-based, I am not able to get them to animate in a manner that the solar cells expand/retract properly (due to the angle based animation converts to a sine wave-based movement in the linear direction). Is there some way that i can parent the solar array so that it is bound by the left/right limits, and are driven by the animation of the boom/endcap deployment? I think a last resort is to merge all the cells into a single object and just have the animation be a change in scale, though i dont think it will look right, and would like to avoid this solution.
  17. Hi I'm at a loss as to how to get blender to show the texturing. Last time I appear to have been pushing random buttons while sleep deprived, but a bit more knowledge would help ;-) I've got a screenshot here: I've setup (most of) the unwrapping, generated a colour image, but can't get the rendering to show. I also see a mutilated vertex in the unwrap which I can't seem to delete. Re-unwrapping it just adds another one. Any experts that can shed a light? Thanks Chris
  18. Dear community , after i realised a 3D deep-scale Modell of the Dragon CRS [* see below thread link] ( Deep-scale Dragon-CRS Model Study ) i have to start a KSP Game kompatible (low memory footprint) Model here is the first result. i think that i go later to implement this model for the game. (maybe this winter) yep - another Dragon-CRS model this 3d-model weight now 2.2MB memory > obviously integrate of full Imgur-photo albums dont works more - does anyone know why? < ok whatever here the link 4 the full album cheers, Raendy [full initial thread link]
  19. Previously, working with Blender, Unity 4.2.2 and .fbx as a medium format, long complicated animations turned out laggy and bloated the resulting model file to something like 2.5-5 Mb. With Unity's 5.x inherent support of .blender files came support for better animation import and compression. I made a PowerPoint style animation which turned out to be very performance friendly and 10 times less weighty than in previous versions of Unity and PartTools. Not all animation types are supported by Unity, things I learned: All objects need to have a scale of x=1, y=1, z=1 at the start of animation. All constraints type animations need to be baked or made by hand. No animated object should have child objects. If any of the above things are out of place, the Unity simply will not import any animation curves for that object. Tip: Some types of animations are much easier to devise after a smart placement of an object origin. Ready parts to play with are here.
  20. I was thinking of dabbling in Blender a bit and making a planet could be a fun project, but the question is: how are textures mapped? Is there a guide anywhere? There are many common types, cylindrical, spherical, etc. Also is there a guide to supported texture types, color, bump, diffuse, etc. ? Thanks! *perhaps I should specify, I'd like to use Blender's texture paint tools to make the textures so I need to emulate how KSP handles it.
  21. Hey all, So I'm trying to figure out how to create an animation for a radiator panel in blender. I would like to know how to parent the various components so that if I rotate a main torque panel at the base, that all the linked radiator panels and scissor linkages move respectively. I tested an animation where the radiator panels are parented to one another (from top to bottom) and animated each radiators via rotation keyframes. I then did the same for the scissor linkages. When deploying the radiator, it seems that it looks OK during the whole animation cycle. However, even though this workaround seems to work, would anyone still know how to do a "proper" scissor jack rigging?
  22. I've been working on an engine for the KSPtoMars project, but I'm having a few issues with transferring the textures over to Unity. I UV unwrapped the different parts of the model onto a single UV map for simplicities sake. It looks fine in Blender (see here). The textures aren't finished, but somebody else is going to do them so these are simply for testing. I then try to export the model as a .dae for import into Unity. When I import into Blender, the model is untextured, and I must drag the texture onto the material. Because the model is separate parts, Unity simply wraps the texture around the model, disregarding the way I set it up in Blender. (See here) I've played around with changing the materials on each section, from making them all the same material to all being separate, but none of that seems to change the way it displays on my model. I feel like I'm being really dumb as I've never had this issue before, but I've got no idea how to fix it so it would be great if someone more experienced could give me some tips. Let me know if I can provide any more info.
  23. Been spending the past week watching various Blender tutorials - thanks to @esinohio for the links! Decided to put some of what I've learned to use. It was annoying to find that I still only had a general idea of how things worked and I had to go back and reference several videos again to figure out what to do for some things but in the end after about 8 hours of work, including render time, I finally ended up with something that I found satisfying. Scratched that itch for a bit! The trickiest part was the lighting, since I was adamant about getting the sun in the shot I knew the probe was going to be really hard to see. I made the dish more reflective and found a good angle for the probe to catch sunlight as well as Dunashine after I moved the probe in closer, although I still had to bump up the Gamma a bit in composite and re-render the probe at a much higher sampling so I could brighten it without showing much lighting artifacts. Turning it so the battery was visible let me use its LED as an emissive as well. The Ion stream is created by embedding a torus shape ring into the engine model as an emissive and then having it wrapped by a cone shape set with a volumetric shader. Was originally planning to use a RenderLayer for the probe in composite so I could access the emissive channel but that didn't prove useful so I just rendered everything out as images and composited them for the final result. Many thanks again to @Starwhip for the planet models and hopefully he continues to work on his Kerbol System modeling project! If anyone wants to check it out, here's the blend file.
  24. Hi guys, i'm new here in the forums and also in mods and i'm having some trouble in modeling the parts just for fun if anyone knows a GOOD tutorial about modeling in blender, plz leave the links below thanks