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Found 5 results

  1. hello I buy the game yesterday and since I have a problem, it and impossible to launch the game because? the game displays an ad on the menu (for making history extension) and it can not be removed, how to play?
  2. Hello. I unfortunately discovered yesterday that the Kerbal Space Program Forums are now blocked at school. Luckily, this block only is from 8:30 am to 3pm (school hours), but it means that I will no longer be able to browse through memes during lunchtime or participate in debates and all that good stuff. So I will only be on very rarely (as I usually play Xbox when I get home), so just letting y'all know.
  3. ¡Hello!, i have long time without playing this great game. I found it, its in me language now, and i want to learn more in the tutorial mode, well, its called training. But now i found a problem in the third training. The problem in the third training its when i start i click in the building where i can create the rockets, then theres the second window and a next button to go to next step... So i press next and... The button gets grey and i cannot use more. There is no instruction so i can follow to do... So i dont know why its grey. I have a clean installation without mods, on steam (last version of the game), i have uninstall the game and installed again, verify the game, and of course, exit and enter a tons of times... But the button gets blocked again... Can someone help me please?. Here is a screenshot (remember its on spanish): Screenshot
  4. First post here on the forum, had a bug and couldn't lurk any more! I love KSP, I've been playing since .20. Any how, on to the bug. Windows 7 64 bit Hardware: Intel i5 @3.4 Ghz 8 GB Ram NVidia GTX 670 2 GB KSP V1.1.3.1289 (x64) In the MK1-2 capsule the windows are gray/blocked out. You can see a glimmer of the sky around the edges of the window as you look around but you can't see out. The MK1-2 capsule is the only one effected. I checked in 32 bit and 64 bit and it made no difference. I deleted local data through steam and re-downloaded. I tried in an un-modded install and modded, made no difference. What is going on here?
  5. So KSP 1.1 came with a updated wheel system that allows drifting and looks really cool... However it is impossible to create functional and good looking rovers due to the wheel blocked report, suspension is impossible, rovers have to be huge and it really does ruin the game. To me this is the most game breaking feature, it doesn't add immersion and is a hindrance to all builders that only build ground based vehicles, so i'd recommend a removal of the feature to allow more designs to be created, it may not be realistic but KSP is a sandbox game, where anything is possible (Within reason ), it doesn't make sense to limit people like this. Vagani, please feel free to post your opinions.