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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm starting a blog/story thread about the 'New Kerbin Space Program', I have the intro done but I will be waiting until 1.1 comes out before I start doing mission and posting screenshots. This will be ether a bi-weekly/ Monthly thing so I hope you enjoy! Khronicle Of Kerbin Intro Hi guys this is a blog like thread were I will be documenting the trials and tribulations of the ‘New Kerbin Space Program’ or (NKSP). The original Kerbin Space Program was started in 438 AK (After Kracken). It was started by a group which consisted of: 3 pilots, 4 engineers and 2 scientists. They often referred to themselves and ‘’Rocket Men’’. Each group had a leader/commander (Pilots) Jebediah Kerman Snr, (Engineers) Bill Kerman Snr, and (Scientists) Bob Kerman Snr. Ironically each of these men would have kid with the same name and go into the same fields as their fathers, but we’ll get to that later. These men are considered as Kerbins first space programs ‘’Founding fathers’’. Each group had a certain job to do as they knew that why everyone could use their own unique qualifications. Pilots would design the cockpit for manned missions, they would also be the commander for any manned flights. For unmanned they would fly the craft from the group as remote guidance units had not yet been invented. Engineers would design, test and build the rockets that would launch the payloads. They would also co-design the cockpit with the pilots Scientists had by far the hardiest job they were in charge for the fight plan, this means that they plan the trajectory of each mission. They also were in charge of creating propellants so they vehicle would have as much thrust as possible and lastly they would be in charge in the scientific payloads. Once people heard about the space program they started applying and within 6 months of creation the work force had gone from 9 to 325. Their unmanned program called ‘Genesis’ had 4 flights: Mission 1 Mission Name: Genesis 1 Mission Type: Unmanned, Sub-Orbital Mission Description: To test the Genesis rocket with an active 1st stage and dummy 2nd stage and payload. Mission Duration: 20 minutes and 23 seconds Mission Outcome: Overall Success. Mission 2 Mission Name: Genesis 2 Mission Type: Unmanned, Orbital Mission Description: To test out the 1st and 2nd stage together with a dummy payload. Mission Duration: 3 hours 26 minutes 14 second Mission Outcome: Overall Success Mission 3 Mission Name: Genesis 3 Mission Type: Unmanned, Orbital Mission Description: The first ever satellite is launch into orbit. This satellite is sent into a polar orbit it took pictures and videos for 45 days after launch. Mission Duration: 45 days 2 hours 4 minutes Mission Outcome: Overall Success. Mission 4 Mission Name: Genesis 4 Mission Type: Unmanned, Orbital Mission Description: This mission tested out the Columbia 1-man capsule. It mad 3 orbits and deorbited itself and made a successful re-entry and landing Mission Duration: 2 hours 4 seconds Mission Outcome: Overall Success The group would have 5 years of unmanned flights before their first manned flight. There would only be 2 flights… Manned Mission 1 Mission Name: Genesis M1 Mission Type: Manned, Orbital Crew: Luke Kerman Mission Description: 1st manned flight. Completed 2 ¼ orbits before a planned re-entry. Mission Duration: 3 hours 2 minutes 2 seconds Mission Outcome: Overall Success Luke got a heros welcome home he would never fly again. Although he was Capcom for the next mission. Manned Mission 2 The original crew was meant to be Ken Kerman but he came down with the measles so Jack Kerman replaced him. This mission would be the last mission to the Kerbin Space Program… While being placed in his capsule an over pressure event happened in the 1st stage. (It would later be determined that a H2 02 canister in the 1st stage blew up when it was stirred). Jack Kerman and his white team of Neil Kerman, John Kerman, Frank Kerman and Chris Kerman all persisted. The launch site was in gulfed in a massive fireball. Mission Name: Genesis M2 Mission Type: Manned, Orbital Crew: Ken Kerman Replaced by Jack Kerman Mission Description: This was going to test the CSM antenna and guidance system in more detail Mission Duration: 0 Seconds Mission Outcome: Catastrophic Failure. After that nobody was willing to go on so the project was abandoned. Many outsiders were convinced that this project being abandoned was only a short term thing but it wasn’t. Now here’s were New Kerbin Space Program beings, 23 years after the first space program. Remember the ‘’Founding Fathers’’ of the first space program Jebediah, Bill and Bob, well their kids named after their fathers also went into the same fields as their fathers. The boys being good friends for years decided that as they had follow in their father’s footstep thus far that they might as well look up and head for space. Although the boys made a pack that though out their time with the space program that they would never give up in the face tragedies in honour of Jack and his white room crew that lost their lives all those years ago. After that they began to employ hundreds of people and soon 762 people were employed. There was some deference’s this time around though as instead of 3 main groups Pilots, Engineers and Scientists there are now about 14 group focusing on different things like Launch facilities Orbital Mechanics Payloads (Unmanned) Capsule Launch vehicle Jebediah had manged to get his hands on the genesis blue prints, and after talking to his father about the ‘Genesis M2’ failure and what the investigation found and recommended for further mission with this rocket, Jeb now knew what to do. Kram45
  2. DMSP

    Space Daily!

    Well, I decided to make a space blog. It's not too scientific, and I feel like it's a better way of spreading info then writing on a whiteboard. Enjoy, and hope to see some of you guys there!