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Found 3 results

  1. This is a chronical series, that I hope it will help my story telling , for another fanfic I will start eventually. I will post probably every Monday,Wednsday and every other Friday. It is for the previous school day. In Louisiana right now, I have to go Tues Thurs and every other Friday. So thats the explaination for the posting schedule. I will leave out big details, such as full names, school name, etc. I put this in The Lounge because its not on topic, or a fanfic. 10/20 Tues Tuesday was fun, boring but fun. Civics was a recap of American History in 7th grade. We had a test, or
  2. Hi guys, I'm starting a blog/story thread about the 'New Kerbin Space Program', I have the intro done but I will be waiting until 1.1 comes out before I start doing mission and posting screenshots. This will be ether a bi-weekly/ Monthly thing so I hope you enjoy! Khronicle Of Kerbin Intro Hi guys this is a blog like thread were I will be documenting the trials and tribulations of the ‘New Kerbin Space Program’ or (NKSP). The original Kerbin Space Program was started in 438 AK (After Kracken). It was started by a group w
  3. DMSP

    Space Daily!

    Well, I decided to make a space blog. It's not too scientific, and I feel like it's a better way of spreading info then writing on a whiteboard. http://dmsp.blog.com/ Enjoy, and hope to see some of you guys there!
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