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Found 15 results

  1. Provenance Aerospace v1.0 The launchpad can be found in Tundra Space Center and is not available in Provenance Provenance Aerospace adds stockalike New Glenn parts to the game. Currently, the landing legs for the first stage are not present in the mod. This will change in a later release, however you'll have to use stock legs for now. Join the Discord to follow any progress Dependencies: B9PartSwitch by Blowfish (included in download) CommunityResourcePack by Roverdude (included in download) SimpleAdjustableFairings by Blowfish (included in download
  2. Release v1.0 (Alpha) Hey Guys!! Long time no see!! I'v been really busy with my work and on weekends, working on this next and final thread from CC's mod's. These should be some Blue Origin stock a like mod, with the recent features showed from Bezo's presentations. In this mod, you'll find: - New Glen parts - BE3 engine - BE4 Engine - Landers variant's **The MMSEV is not included, he's part of my 1st mod, that you can find it here. Hope you all enjoy! **Sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language. **Last one becouse, let's wa
  3. Provenance Aerospace As of February, 2020, this mod is abandoned and I currently have no plans of returning. <mod edit> New Thread Here:
  4. My Rockets 99% Mods, 1% Stock So these are some of my rocket recreations of real world rockets. These are just some of the recreations I do, the crafts I make use a few mods. Falcon 1 Boeing Starliner Soyuz MS Falcon 9 1.1 Falcon 9 FT Falcon 9 Block 5 Falcon Heavy Blue Origin New Shepard Mercury Redstone X-15 + B-52 If you've got any ideas on what else I should make, leave a comment! (They wil
  5. I've been looking for a New Shepard mod for a long time. I've never met, I've tried to make this rocket, but for me it's very difficult, and I do not know why modders can not make a mod of this rocket !!! It's a simple, small, suborbital rocket, why did not anyone even make a New Shepard mod?
  6. Hello everyone! I want to share with you my project called 'New Kepard'. It was inspired by New Shepard rocket landing: My goal was to recreate it in KSP using the kRPC mod which allows you to write your own scripts to control the vessel. The developement of the project took me much longer than I had originally thought (more than 100 hours). Writing the program which controls the rocket was not the hardest thing. Bugfixing, tweaking, testing and ensuring that the code is prepared for every possible flight scenario was what I spent the most of the time (~75%) on. I am n
  7. Is the New Glenn even economically viable? I know Jeff Bezos seems to think so- the issue being that reusable payload to LEO is 50 mT- far larger than anything launching today, even when considering GTO payload (~16mT) It was honestly pretty surprising to me. I guess it makes some sense, avoiding competition with ULA- but avoiding competition is pointless if there is no market. Not to mention there is no 2nd stage reuse planned.
  8. Got bored, so i decided to make the Blue Origin New Shepard rocket... And i think i did it well, this thing really is a joy to fly. both pieces regularly launch from KSC LC-1 nowadays, each carrying a crew of 3 paying kerbals on a suborbital hop that included up to 10 mins of pure weightlessness (That they don't get to experience because they are strapped to their seats ) Anyway, tell me what you think!
  9. This thread is for the discussion of Blue Origin's proposed "New Glenn" rocket, which is a beast of a heavy lift vehicle (though not as heavy as some historical or proposed lifters, it still beats everything currently in use...) and would rely on first-stage reusability, much like the Falcon 9/Heavy rockets of SpaceX. It will come in both a 2 and 3-stage version, with the 3-stage version having higher payload . Feel free to discuss here. More detail and maybe some pics of the design art!) probably coming soon. Regards, Northstar
  10. I was watching some videos the other day and come across a video of Blue Origin. It showed their rocket (Shepherd I think it was) and it said they were 'making history' by being able to reuse the booster on their rocket. And a year earlier, There were already Falcon 9's being reused. And I saw some representative of Blue Origin in the video (Or it might've been Jeff Bezos who owns Blue Origin) saying: "Yes, what SpaceX does is very similar to what we do." Even though their Shepherd rocket only went up into space and deployed its capsule then both come back down. So, Blue Origin trying to
  11. Hi so i'm making a Blue Origin, New Shepard replica but i don't know what engine would look the best? so far i'm thinking of using the "S3 KS-25 "Vector" Engine" what do you think?
  12. My First Collection The Collection is called Tulerman Industries Collection, was a cooperation with the Brazilian Giuliano Tulerman and the Youtube channel Kerbal Essences. (Thanks to Lukas!). Hello. (This is a collection of welded parts) I am newbie in this branch of KSP Collection. I need a time to update the forum post and the collection. So, if you think, `that collection is Regularly updated`, you are wrong. The time to update this is long, but i`ll try to update soon and soon.
  13. New Shepard Flight One This is the first flight of my New Shepard replica. The mod you see is Hot Contents Orbital Systems, which can be found in my signature. This first flight did not have any dragbakes nor winglets, which meant I had to restart the engine a little early to get some control. My next flight will be a full replica. As you might be able to see, the landing didn't do so well. But hey, at least we didn't destroy an ocean platform. Just kidding SpaceX, we love you. <3
  14. Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket made history as the first rocket to do a vertical landing after a flight to suborbital space. It is intended only as a suborbital rocket. However, by using triple cores of the New Shepard with a small upper stage, a la the Delta IV Heavy, you actually get an orbital rocket: Triple Cored New Shepard as an orbital vehicle. http://exoscientist.blogspot.com/2016/01/triple-cored-new-shepard-as-orbital.html Bob Clark
  15. To those who do not know, recently a company by the name of 'Blue Origin' successfully sent a capsule up on an sub-orbital flight with a single stage booster. This booster later successfully landed in the dessert of Texas. This is quite a tricky stunt to pull off and I have recreated it in KSP without any mods. Below you will probably see some images of my re-creation, if not then click here. I am sure this process can be automated with KOS for guaranteed success every-time, though I have chosen not to do so at this time. Click here to get the .craft file of the spacecraft. [imgur]fs
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