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Found 2 results

  1. Hello KSP Forum, so I was bored and the awfully badly color-choiced "Your content will need to be approved by a moderator" was starting to bug me~ So I made a dark/blue theme for the entire forum in the old (probably abandoned) Stylebot extension in chrome for anyone who wants to use it. I know it's kind of an odd thing to post for my, third post on here- but I like things to look nice. lol I also added dividers between posts, made the profile look on the left of posts look a bit nicer/organized, and made some other minor tweaks using it aside from colors as it allows for adding borders to things which gives quite a bit of possibilities. To apply just paste this code into the Import Styles option in stylebot to get the theme to work- I am, seriously hoping that the spoiler box on here is a dropdown as that is a rather lot of text; maybe code would have been better.. By the way, hides the "Your content must be reviewed by a moderator" so keep that in mind, your content probably still will be needing reviewing even after coloring your browser. Screenshots If you find any problems; which I wouldn't be surprised if there are some as each main area needs to be modified significantly, and changing objects like these text boxes are really picky- just leave a reply and I'll see to fixing them.
  2. Here is an image of a new part im working on, the blue origin booster! As you can see I only have the booster, the rest of the parts are stock but I am working on making the rest of the parts (Including the landing legs!)