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Found 2 results

  1. New Shepard hi everyone, i make a little mod who give you a New Shepard, the mod have lot of bug actually so tell me if you have any issue and i going to fix it to make the mod better (sorry for my bade english) the rocket doesn't have parachute at this time but you can add stock parachute tested on KSP 1.4.2 (if you using RSS the mod Requires Real Fuel Mod) Download on Spacedock : Shepard License : WTFPL
  2. Hot Contents Orbital Systems A Mod by Sequinox and Joco223 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: What is Hot Contents Orbital Systems? A: Hot Contents Orbital System is a mod that aims to have multiple parts for every purpose imaginable. Stock engines are very limited, so I aim to develop a mod to where you can look for a part that fits what you need and it will be there. Q: Wait a minute, you're not a modder! A: o_o You got me! This is my first mod I am developing for the community. I started off making some Real Plume configs for the Launchers Pack mod. From there I decided I would like to do something I can truly call my own. Q: Where can I give you feedback? A: You can always tell me how I'm doing by just replying on the thread! Feedback is always welcomed and it helps me develop a better mod! Q: Alright, cool. Anything else we should know? A: All of my mods will use GitHub for the main download. I believe that GitHub should be used by every mod creator due to the fact that you can see what you are downloading. If you wish, there will always be a download on SpaceDock. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Image Gallery ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Downloads: GitHub SpaceDock ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hot Contents Orbital Systems requires: RealPlume (Not included in the download!) SmokeScreen (Included in the download!) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Planned Stuff: Grey: In planning Red: Modelling Yellow: UV Mapping/Texturing Green: Unity stuff/Config files Strike Through: Put on hold HC-2 Lower Stage Engine: A small 1.25 engine. Comparable to the Merlin 1C. HB-2: The next tier of upper stage engines. (READY FOR RELEASE) HA-Multi Engine Adapter: A 9 engine adapter. Comparable the the adapter on the Falcon 9 1.1. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Change Log: v.Demo-1: Added HC-1 Orbital Engine v.Demo-2: Added the HCE-2 Polished up some stuff with the HC-1 v0.1: Added the HB-1 Added the HC-FT-1 v0.2: Added HC-SB1 Rebalanced the HB-1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Help Wanted! We are currently looking for someone who can do unity configuration and create config files! If you are willing, please message either me or @Joco223. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- License CC BY-NC-SA What does this mean? You are allowed to remix and redistribute our work so long as you give credit, provide a link to this license and make clear what changes you made. You may not redistribute this mod for commercial uses. Development Team Sequinox - Creator, Thread Maintainer, Unity Configurer, Config File Configurer Joco223 - Modeller, Texturer Other Credit: @Nhawks17 - For the beautiful Real Plume Stock Configs mod @sarbian - For the amazing SmokeScreen mod.