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Found 34 results

  1. INTRODUCING THE RSV DOLPHIN The RSV (ReSearch Vessel) Dolphin is the Proverbial 'Big Mama' of long range research and experimentation featuring Premium QualityTM Cabins For scientists and Researchers away from Home. Just look at how happy they are! Craft Link; craft file here Hopefully in the future I hope to put this badboy on Laythe as Mobilebase/Refueling Station for seaplane SSTOs But I don't have the talent or skillz to get her into orbit let alone over to Laythe, any help would be appreciated ~Chad
  2. Carrier Vessel eXpansion You can Download it here! Album: Images: Videos: What is CVX? CVX is a low parts mod that allows you to build a Nimitz class Aircraft Carrier. The mod currently contains 5 parts: 1 screw, 1 rudder, 1 hull, 1 radar tower, 1 bridge tower. The idea behind CVX is so players can explore Kerbin while carrying aircraft and not have to worry about having enough fuel, or... You just want an aircraft carrier without worry about tanking your cpu with parts count. What is Included? 5 parts: 1 rudder 1 screw 1 hull 1 radar tower 1 bridge tower Why only one carrier? More ships are on the way. Soon I'll be releasing a Wasp-class LHD, Essex-class CV (for recovering the Kapollo) and an Admiral Kuznetsov CV (for all you Krussians) in the first phase. The second phase is experimental carriers such as a submersible carrier and a helicarrier. Why are there no weapons or radar? There are already mods covering that, and a list of recommended mods are further down the page. Where can I get that F-14 craft? The F-14, made by GrandAdmiralJon, can be found here on KerbalX. Recommended Mods: BDArmory (Continued) [1.3] (maintained by pappa_joe) SM Marine [1.3] [SpannerMonkey(smce)] BoomsticksRev3 [1.3] [SpannerMonkey(smce)] Master Tech Weapons [1.1.3] (TMasterson5) Blue Hawk Industries [1.1.3] (TMasterson5) MalFunc Weaponry [1.1.3] (Themorris) North Kerbin Dynamics [1.1.3] (harpwner) Never Enuff Dakka Redux [1.3] [SpannerMonkey(smce)] Kerbal Attachment System [1.3] (maintained by IgorZ) Kerbal Inventory System [1.3] (maintained by IgorZ) Hanger Extender is helpful for building very large crafts. Hanger Extender (recompiled for 1.2/1.3 by Alewx) The following is for placing the carrier in water. VesselMover Continued [1.1.3] (maintained by pappa_joe) Boat Launch Central [A channel marker buoy made by SpannerMonkey(smce)] For use with Kerbal Konstructs. [1.2.1] Hyper Edit [1.3] The following is for keeping the massive vessel together. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement [1.3] Arrester Cable and Hook, By Flywlyx Aircraft Carrier Accessories [1.3] Bugs and Issues: The big glaring bug this mod has is the Boat Kraken in 1.1.3, this is where the vessel is flung into the atmosphere, caused by a floating point error. The release of KSP ver 1.2 fixes this so there is nor more the need for either use FAR or AirPark but both are excellent mods, try them anyway. The new current problem is the stock joint system, where even rigid attachment will allow parts to separate, KSP's attachment nodes weren't designed for such heavy masses. I recommend using the cheats for both inserting into the water and operation until Kerbal Joint Reinforcement is updated. Change Log: Version 0.13.1: 1.3.1 Compatibility Update: -Dependency Update Version 0.13: 1.3 Compatibility and Fixes Fixes: -Fixed Fuel Capacity in Nimitz Hull -Fixed Engine Thrust Added: -Added Reaction Wheel to aid in turning -Added Support for USI Life Support -Added Support for Aircraft Carrier Accessories (Nimitz Catapult and Toy Box Catapult [for Future Top Secret Vessel] -Added Pre-made Craft Files -Updated Dependencies 0.12: Various fixes and adjustments: -Models and Dependencies updated to KSP 1.2 -Model recompiled as a second attempt to fix the Light Dim Bug. -Added normal maps -Added new hull textures -Added new resource, KSteam -Adjusted screws (still not perfect, still goes too fast for a carrier, 40m/s, but hey this is a game.) -Adjusted Buoyancy, hull rests at waterline. -KSP 1.2 has better floating point so no more boat bounce -Fixed phantom forces with rudder, but is as useful to steer a carrier as a fly swatter. Hopefully a solution coming soon. 0.11: fixed issues with rudder settings. 0.10: Initial Release Additional Credit: Snjo and RoverDude: for FireSpitter (*.dll Packaged with C.V.X.) RoverDude: for Community Resource Pack (Also packaged with C.V.X.) This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  3. Challenge: Build a boat that goes as fast as you can make it travel. Rules: -Must have at least one kerbal in it (this can be in anything as long as the kerbal is secured to the vehicle, the kerbal can't be holding on to it) -Must have at least one part under the surface of the water -Must have at least a net total of 0.25 tons under the surface of the water (you can estimate this) -Must be intact and not break any parts (planned staging is okay as long as it still applies to the rules above) -Must provide screenshot and/or video evidence of the attempt -Highest speed will be counted as the highest speed measured for 3 seconds as long as the boat applies to the rules above -Have fun (Side note: vesselmover or similar mods are acceptable to get the vessel into the water) Scoring: -Each kerbal on the boat is worth 10 points -Speed is divided by thrust, then multiplied by the weight, that is then multiplied by 5, finally your amount of kerbals is multiplied by 10, and added to the total. -The equation for points is this: -((m/s)/kN)*5t+(10)K OR -((meters/sec) / (available thrust)) * (5 * mass in tons) + (10 * Kerbals onboard) Example: -500m/s top speed, 390kN (3 panthers in wet mode), 12 tons, 3 kerbals -((500/390)*(5*12)+30=106.92 points Scoreboard: - - - - -
  4. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Kerbal network said THE KSP WORLD RECORD HAS BEEN BROKEN BOAT GOING AT 186 m/s boat this speed if you see 169.3 m/s thats when speed got killed in 1 sec .........................................................................................................................................................................................
  5. The Maritime Pack v0.1.11 Pictures! Ok, so it seems someone has disabled imgur album imbeds and left large gaping holes in the forums. You can view all of my KSP images here Source code is available here Other Links: Some player cretated ships on KerbalX ____________________________________________________________________________________________ This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks to @Beale and his modding tutorial He's responsible for this. This mod contains code originally written by @snjo and @allista. Thanks for their permission to reuse this code and their permissive licenses. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Known Issues Required Plugins: NONE! (finally)
  6. Hello, everyone. I've already got a surface robot on Laythe exploring one of the islands. However, if I really want to cover some ground, I need to be able to travel by sea too. Does anyone have any ideas for an unmanned boat I can send to Laythe and cruise around with? If you had something that could travel on both land and water, that would be awesome. Thank you. (PICTURE OF ELEGAIL ON LAYTHE'S SURFACE, NEXT TO THE DELIVERY CAPSULE/RELAY)
  7. Is there a way to make functioning, preferably electric, propeller engines in the stock game, without having them be a separate craft? I know of one youtuber who built a cool fan boat, but his design required stage separating the propeller assembly and controlling it as a separate craft. I'm looking for a way to propel an amphibious base on Eve's bodies of explodium, so jet engines are out of the question, and rockets would be extremely inefficient.
  8. Do the mobile science labs float? And if they do, how much of them sticks above the water? I'm not at my home computer and will not be able to test this for some time. If someone could drop a lab in the sea and post a screenshot, that would be great. Also, could you take a similar length of the new structural tubing of the same diameter as the lab, capped by "Rockomax Brand Adapters 02s" at both ends, that would also be great. I strongly considering sending a sea plane base out to Laythe, but I am not sure how to build a craft carrying the required (for me) two science labs. But if I can use the labs as part of the floats, might be easier. I already know I'll need to build massive wings and between 4 and 8 jet engines (depending on the model I use). So if anyone isn't doing anything (I'm ADD-ing in a lecture on the basics of MS Word), some you mind dropping some things in the water for me?
  9. This is a Fictional Warrior Class Strike Craft based off the South African Navy, SAS Makhanda. Some credit to RixKillian for the Cleveland-Class Light Cruiser that I built off of.
  10. ~ Triton Mk-IV ~ 224 Parts, Stock, Version 1.3.1 Ever wanted to check out the seas of Laythe with a speed boat? How about some off road dune action? Perhaps an enjoyable flight past picturesque mountain peaks? Using the Triton Mk-IV, you can do all 3 with 1 launch. Establish an adventure colony on Laythe today! THE ROCKET Triton Mk-IV rocket: Designed to deliver a small 4 kerbal exploration team and 3 vehicles to Laythe (one way). Straight forward stage progression and generous delta-V values make getting to Laythe an enjoyable experience. After you drop the first stage, slowly push forward a full 90º until you are parallel with the surface. This should put your apoapsis at around 80~90k. Keep your remaining stages right on the horizon and if you do it right, your nukes will only need to use about 100dV or so to put the periapsis at 80~90k and all the prior stages will de-orbit properly. This will leave you with an orbital craft sporting just over 8,200dV, plenty for the journey to Laythe. Once there, simply de-orbit over the ocean and let the parachutes do the work. THE VEHICLES Trident: A jet boat and vehicle carrier. It's purpose is to transport the Beast from island to island, unloading and reloading it from beaches. It can achieve speeds over 42 meters per second and has reversible jets that act as brakes. It has good steering and enough fuel to reach land from nearly any landing location in the ocean. Always open and close the loading ramp slowly using the percentage slider. If you are stuck on a beach, you can reverse full thrust and use the ramp to dislodge. (packed on the Triton Mk-IV) PRESS "1" to toggle thrust direction. Beast: A mining and fuel refinement truck. The truck can be used to explore deep inland and produces fuel for the other two vehicles. It has a narrow wheel base to allow for unloading and loading on to the Trident. Always slow down below 10 meters per second for turns or steep hills. If you start to tip over, counter steering can often save you. In flatter areas, you can safely go 20~35 meters per second without tipping over. (packed on the Trident) PRESS "2" to toggle solar panels when on land. Firebolt: A very small and highly maneuverable jet weighing less than 900kg! It is capable of flying medium distances and is perfect for surveying the surrounding area. Even with a kerbal in the seat it has zero torque, allowing maximum benefit from the SAS. It is very easy to land, but care must be taken to prevent crashes. Using the brakes it can take off and land using a very small area. Keep SAS on at all times. It is the fastest of the 3, allowing for horizontal flight speeds of over 160 meters per second. (packed on the Beast) DOWNLOAD THE CRAFT FILE HERE! IMAGES OF A SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH! Design Notes: *Craft is turned 90º left on launch pad to accommodate unorthodox payload shape, just press up/forward instead of right when turning into orbit. **Once deployed, the Firebolt cannot be combined with the Trident and Beast again for sea transport. However, the Firebolt has enough range to follow the Trident most places and can be flown separately.
  11. You know as they say, all code and no play let jack = "ZHVsbCBib3k="; So after days of some serious KSP-related coding, I took a break and made this... FLYING CAT Jet powered, extreme-sports land/sea/air catamaran for the discerning Kerbal adventurer. IT WAS NEVER MEANT TO FLY! But then it did, and quite well too, providing care is taken with turning. Many of our volunteer test pilots were promptly lost to the ocean upon unexpected aquabraking, causing quite some concern around the offices of KSC. The addition of wheels was simply perfunctory and wholesome. Nevertheless, this is why you're here. CONTROLS AG1 Toggle flaps DOWNLOAD FlyingCat.craft 184Kb *While this is technically stock, I may have tweaked the reaction wheel strength slightly. Should work as intended in a stock game. If not, let me know and i'll say ten "hail krakens" or something. Enjoy!
  12. ADVENTURERES WANTED! The Kerbal Geogeographic Society (KGS) and the Maritime Exploitation Institute (MEI) are seeking enthusiastic Kerbals to join in the exploration of the coasts and waterways of Kerbin. As a part of Global Geophysical Initiative, Kerbals are encouraged to abandon their planes, rovers, and rockets, and embrace the hydrosphere. To promote the exploration of Kerbin's coasts, the KGS and MEI announce a series of challenges/contests. There can be only one top record holder, but through your efforts, you can help name coastal features of Kerbin. Entry rules: Use KSP 1.2 No mods that add parts or alter physical performance of stock mods. No mods that alter the game physics. MechJeb, Hyperedit, and other non-performance changing mods are allowed. Build a boat using stock parts. Power your boat using stock engines (see Scoring Levels below). Start from near the Kerbal Space Center (I have been using Hyperedit to get my boats into the water just east of the runway). Report or show your starting latitude/longitude. Travel to a location on the coast. Plant a flag and name the location. Report of show the latitude/longitude of the site you named. Take a screenshot for the history books. Either continue on your voyage to name more locations or return to the location you started from. If you can't return to your starting point using the same craft, with all of your crew, it doesn't count. Remember the Maritime Exploration Institute's attempt to change its image after the disastrous pleasure cruise last year: No Kerbal Left Behind. To be clear, you can plant multiple flags during a voyage. The maximum number of flags you can place during a given voyage is determined by the number of kerbals onboard your vessel. Ten kerbals? Ten possible flags...and you get to name all those locations. Take a screen shot showing mission clock. Oh, and no refueling. The fuel you leave the KSC with is the only fuel you have. Coolness++ if you go into detail about your ship and its journey. Each entry will be cataloged and added to a downloadable file compatible with MechJeb or WaypointManager, allowing other intrepid explorers to more easily navigate to the place you named. Scoring: Scoring is fairly straight forward. [(Total distance (m) travelled)/(mission clock time in seconds)]* (number of flags placed/number of kerbals on board) A detail: the distance reported by the F3 info screen is often incorrect. To get the distance, either a "Great Circle" calculation will be made using the start and flag lat/long info, or a round trip will be calculated using Kerbal Earth. Short video tutorial showing how to use Google Earth with maps of Kerbin. Scoring Levels: Level 1 "Juno" engines only Level 2 "Wheesley", "Panther", "Whiplash", "Dart", and "Juno" Level 3 "Goliath", "Wheesley", "Panther", "Whiplash", "Dart", and "Juno" Level 4 Any engine you want, including rockets That's right: Kerbals are a score multiplier. The MEI wants Kerbalkind to start exploiting the waters of Kerbin, not just engage in "flags and footprints". Scores: Level 1: @seanth The Skutaliepooper 6.18 (distance: 60,581.07m; flags: 3 ) @seanth The Skutaliepooper 2.78 (distance: 99,213m; flags: 1) Level 2: @gilflo The Gliding Dolphin 84.62 (distance: 2,998,000 m; flags: 10) @seanth The Kitty Wine 6.54 (distance: 267,535.71m; flags: 2) Level 3: @seanth Quarterway and the Pip 21.31 (distance: 1,768,563.22m; flags: 5) @seanth The Western Nosebleed 15.07 (distance: 1,205,202.63m; flags: 3) @seanth Quarterway and the Pip 5.6 (distance: 626,730m; flags: 1) Level 4: -->MechJeb File with the Player Named Coastal Locations: MechJeb.CommunityKerbinNavalWaypoints.cfg<-- -->Waypoint Manager with the Player Named Locations: WaypointManager.CommunityKerbinNavalWaypoints.cfg<--- -->Google Sheet with names and locations:<-- -->Github repository with all files and free ships anyone can use<-- Tools: Kerbal Maps is down, maybe for good. Copy is available on the Internet Archive, or can us downloaded. Links in this thread. If you find that jet engines are producing too much "fog" in KSP 1.2, a suggested solution is here. Download available here. Video tutorials on using MechJeb to control boats Custom info windows and stable hydrofoil control Picking and navigating to targets Using (and sharing) Spaceplane "waypoints"
  13. KSS Ocean Master KerbalX .craft download I've always wanted to circumnavigate Kerbin, but the clumsy-glitchy nature of rover tires has always sort of turned me off to the idea. The KSS Ocean Master was designed to be able to circumnavigate via water, and also to recover crashed down debris. Uniquely included, is a stock recovery crane on the rear of the boat. I've built upon my previous "ball-joint hinge system" to increase reliability and reduce part count. Stage to set the crane onto the boat and use the "Free Pivot" option to give yourself free range of motion to recover debris. Utilize the ore balancing system to pick up heavier debris efficiently. The engine pack on the back can push this boat along at a cruising speed of 38 m/s, and a speedy 48 m/s on afterburners. At cruising speeds you will have 4 hours of fuel, with plenty of room to add more fuel if you'd wish. **Only 232 parts!** KSS Ocean Master also has the equipment to act as a mobile Relay Station that can go anywhere on Kerbin, though admittedly I have not tested to see if it actually works that way! As far as boats in KSP go, KSS Ocean Master is extremely reliable and capable of full speed FULL time warp turning. You will need SAS activated to maintain correct roll orientation, however. Controls: 1. Main engine Toggle 2. Main engine Afterburners 3. Toggle left turn engine (for turning while stationary) 4. Toggle right turn engine "" "" 5. Toggle Reverse Engine
  14. This is an interpretation of Castille7's Crawfish Queen because the boat and it's creator are awesome! It's a bit lighter and a bit smaller, and while some of the details were left out I think it still keeps the spirit of the original craft. 5.9m/s on paddles only, not too bad. My first real boat, yay! KerbalX Castille7's KerbalX Original posting
  15. Large Boat Parts Pack Get it on SpaceDock Get it on Curse This mod gives you a vast assortment of pre made parts you can use to build ships. Mods like VesselMover and WASD Editor camera or Hangar extender are recommended as your ships can get very big. Textures are easy to edit. They are in .png format and they consist of different flat colors. If I add any other texture than a flat one then the texture would look very stretched. A lot of parts are provided to make many different ships If you use BDArmory plus any of its mods then you are in luck. These parts were designed to take a beating. They wont explode easily. Feel free to comment what you think. I can do requests also. Have fun! Here are some old videos: Cruiser Vs Jet Aircraft Carrier Corvette Vs Spies
  16. Rage Runner The Rage Runner is an Offshore Oilfield Transportation Vessel AKA a Crewboat. This craft build would need so much more detail to be an actual replica of a crewboat. This is similar to one I operated when working as a Captain Offshore during the 80's & 90's, it was named the Mr. Blake. You can see it here with details and here is a Video of other Vessels for the same company as the Mr. Blake. The name Rage Runner got it's name from the often times I was unhappy about how Companies handle their business with these Vessels, including Coast Guard Regulations. Rage Runner Craft File: Rage Runner Parts: 796 Mass: 535.808t Height: 18.1m Width: 14.1m Length: 52.6m Rage Runner with Cargo Box Craft File: Rage Runner WC Parts: 1015 Mass: 595.308t Height: 18.1m Width: 14.1m Length: 52.6m Cargo Box Parts: 207 Mass: 58.890t Operation: At launch start with starboard engines only so the Vessel can travel off the side of the runway as shown in the video, enter the water slowly. Run all engines at full steering with keys DE, QA. Action Groups 1- Toggle Port Engines 2- Toggle Starboard Engines 3- Toggle Vector Engines
  17. Today I Tried This Craft! I've been thinking of a Thread idea to promote other builders craft. The idea is to also encourage others to try someone's craft build at least once in a while. I am really not one that does this often because I get caught in my own circle of building and posting. The ideas is to try someone's craft and tag them saying a little something positive about their craft. There are a lot of builders but some craft may not be all that it seems to be, I myself have some that you may find looks nice but handling is not so great, if someone tries it they may choose not to post it here. This will give us a place see and try craft that we may have never tried at all if they had not gotten someone's opinion about it. Please if you think of a better title or anything that can be added to this thread to make it work better let me know. Here is my Example Format @Azimech Today I flew the 77I - Azi19 Jolly Jinn I applied the brakes to allow the engines to gain some RPM'S then press AG 1 as directed, gave it full throttle and the craft looked so awesome vibrating much like a real one. The Cockpit view was giving this same look, too cool! On a scale from 1 to 10 for fun things to do in KSP flying one of Azimech's TurboProp Aircraft is a 10!!
  18. SECTOR 7 SPACE LABORATORIES Water Spider A requested build from KerbalsAreKute on KerbalX. The request was to build a small water craft. This is a recreational craft, it handles well near 20 m/s and will flip over at 20 m/s plus when traveling on the water. Using warp adds a little more fun to the action. Craft File: Water Spider Parts: 92 Mass: 5.263t Height: 2.6m Width: 5.0m Length: 6.6m Operation: I haven't been using SAS to get to the coastline and I've been staying under 20 m/s on land and in the water.
  19. Water Spider Special Thanks to KerbalsAreKute & MajaeV @MajaeV Thanks for the request of this Video!
  20. SECTOR 7 SPACE LABORATORIES FLYING SPEEDBOAT K.A.K. Flying Speedboat named after KerbalsAreKute on KerbalX A special thanks to KerbalsAreKute, I received a request from KerbalsAreKute on KerbalX to build a Speedboat for 1.2 because the older version is not working anymore due to up dates. The craft came with a surprise during fabrication, it flies! The Engine Block is built with Fuel Cell Arrays giving it a high techy look, also 0-10 Puff Engines and Monopropellant tanks give it that NOS System look. Craft File: Speedboat K.A.K. Parts: 67 Mass: 26.275t Height: 4.7m Width: 10.4m Length: 17.0m Operation: I've entered the water when leaving the Runway at the coastline near 25 m/s without damage but I recommend lower speeds when entering the water. The craft can also land in the water and I recommend near 20 m/s and level as possible. It's not hard with its incredible gliding ability. Keep speeds under 100 if you plan to stay in the water.
  21. KERBAL DINGHY DO YOU WANT TO SAIL THE SEVEN SEAS WHILE GOING AT A TOP SPEED OF 11 M/S? WELL YOU CAN! ONLY FOR A PRICE OF 70,000 FUNDS THAT'S A BARGAIN!. Stay tuned for the save file but in the meantime show me your boats
  22. Welcome to my Elcano Challenge thread! My goal is to sail and drive around Kerbin, going over the poles and seeing some cool stuff along the way! This is where I'll document everything on a daily progress basis, and where you can all enjoy the trip along with me! The Ship The ship I am using is the best of the best (not really), a Ship Mk1 model complete with loading gantries, helipad, bridge and crew quarters! Cruises at around 60 m/s after some of the fuel gets used, and best of all? It can drive on land! Yay! Her name's RV Evergreen! Here's a picture of it when she was launched: The Route Surprise! I'm going totally off of my best hunch and what I can see from the ship on this one! No plotting of routes for me, I'll just go where it feels 'right'. That said, I'll mantain a map of where I've been so far, which is here: The Crew We have a specialized crew of 7 Kerbals onboard The RV Evergreen, which is really to say all the personnel we had at the KSC at the time. The crew is ready for any eventualities that we all know will strike sometime during the trip! Their names are (in order of importance to the mission): Captain Sparrow - Captain of the ship! Commander Awesome - The adventurer! Jozie Kerman - Helicopter pilot and scout! Pine Kerman - Jeep driver and lookout! Sandisk Kerman - Cook! Carly Kerman - Mechanic! Lia Kerman - Comms interpreter! The Ship's Condition: I expect the ship to get banged quite a bit during this trip, so this is where I'll list any issues it has and an image of it at this very moment! As of now, the RV Evergreen has reached the first milestone of the trip: Reaching the on-ramp to the south pole ice cap! So damage to the ship yet, but the ships wasn't as efficient as I feared, and is almost out of fuel now. The plan is to land a refueling plane nearby and refuel. Original early post:
  23. Boat Momentum Part and/or Fuel Efficiency Challenge There have been challenges to build the fastest boat, and there have been heavy lift rocket challenges. Welcome to the boat momentum efficiency challenges. Whether you are considering fuel efficiency or part efficiency (fewest number of parts), efficiency is a tough nut to crack. Arguably, building a very heavy AND fast AND efficient boat is harder than building a very light and fast boat, so let the kerbalizing begin! Power Fuel Efficiency Scores: (foamyesque) Hydrofoil 2: 204,002.24 (Ezriilc) Orca 6: 153,021.41 (Ezriilc) Orca 5.3: 99,048.34 (Ezriilc) Sea Train-depleted fuel: 88,772.11 (seanth) Franklin My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn: 71,078.48 (seanth) Crick in My Neck-full throttle: 67,473.30 (Ezriilc) Sea Train: 63,052.18 (seanth) Crick in My Neck: 55,997.77 (foamyesque) We don't need no stinkin' hydrofoils: 55,967.62 (Ezriilc) Orca 3.4: 54,098.84 (The_Rocketeer) Soviet R: 46,966.95 (SpannerMonkey(smce): Challenge Cat: 26,400 (estimate) (seanth) Watson Your Mind: 22,542.14 (foamyesque) Unnamed: 18,543.40 (Heffy) Make KSP Great Again-minimal fuel: 5,379.70 (Heffy) Make KSP Great Again: 2,650.18 Momentum Part Efficiency Scores: (foamyesque) We don't need no stinkin' hydrofoils: 1,651.12 (Ezriilc) Orca 5.3: 1,268.37 (Ezriilc) Orca 6: 782.32 (Ezriilc) Sea Train: 337.82 (foamyesque) Hydrofoil 2: 305.05 (Ezriilc) Orca 3.4: 297.89 (seanth) Franklin My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn: 241.36 (Ezriilc) Sea Train-depleted fuel: 224.25 (foamyesque) Unnamed: 155.73 (The_Rocketeer) Soviet R: 149.9 (seanth) Crick in My Neck-full throttle: 138.94 (seanth) Crick in my Neck: 118.08 (SpannerMonkey(smce)) Challenge Cat: 56.36 (Heffy) Make KSP Great Again: 25.07 (seanth) Watson Your Mind: 19.11 (Heffy) Make KSP Great Again-minimal fuel: 10.05 Just for funzies--Momentum per L/s scores ([mass*velocity]/fuel usage per second): (foamyesque) Unnamed: 30,411.51 (Ezriilc) Orca 6: 13,495.18 (seanth) Franklin My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn: 9,654.28 (Ezriilc): Orca 5.3: 7,756.71 (The_Rocketeer) Soviet R: 7,746.6 (seanth) Crick in my Neck: 7,039.45 (Heffy) Make KSP Great Again: 7,391.23 (foamyesque) Hydrofoil 2: 6,512.25 (foamyesque) We don't need no stinkin' hydrofoils: 6,432.94 (seanth) Crick in My Neck-full throttle: 6,066.44 (Ezriilc) Orca 3.4: 5,906.37 (Ezriilc) Sea Train: 5,570.42 (Ezriilc) Sea Train-depleted fuel: 3,916.43 (Heffy) Make KSP Great Again-minimal fuel: 2,964.17 (SpannerMonkey(smce)) Challenge Cat: 2,479.07 (seanth) Watson Your Mind: 1,777.44 Momentum Part Efficiency Scoring: Total mass of your craft, multiplied by its velocity, divided by its part number (mass of your ship*speed of your ship)/total number of parts or (tonne*m s-1)/part number = Part Efficiency Score. Momentum Power Efficiency Scoring: (Thrust of your ship * speed of your ship)/units of fuel per second or (kN*m s-1)/units of fuel per second = Power Efficiency Score. Momentum Fuel Efficiency Scoring (for funzies): (mass of your ship * speed of your ship)/units of fuel per second or (tonne*m s-1)/units of fuel per second = Momentum/Fuel Efficiency Score. General Rules: The craft must be carrying at least one Kerbal. Hydrofoils are allowed BUT craft must not completely leave the water. That's called a plane. MechJeb is allowed since it might make it easier for people to show values in the screen shot (see submission guidelines). The intent is to build something using stock parts that works in KSP's normal physics. This means no mods that add parts, alter how stock parts work, or something that alters the aero- or hydro- dynamics (or other physical characteristics) of KSP. Something like MechJeb, even though it adds a part, is allowed since the part in question is essentially massless and can't effectively be used for structure, lift, or buoyancy. When reporting your fuel per second values, remember to add all the fuel being used together. If you are using rocket engines AND ion engines, you would add the liquid fuel, oxidizer, and xenon gas rates together to get one L/s value. MechJeb is highly encouraged since it allows you to show part number, mass, etc on the same screen as your craft while it is underway. Use of the debug toolbar for cheating is strictly not allowed. Of course, use of the debug menu to visualize aerodynamics when you are testing is allowed AND ENCOURAGED. Submissions should be made in the latest version of KSP. Submitters are encouraged to share their craft with others so we can improve on designs. Submission Guidelines: Please include images or video of: The boat moving through liquid at that speed. The craft's mass while moving has to be shown. It's not enough to show the mass of the craft in a build area, since fuel might be consumed getting to the water or getting up to speed. For the part efficiency challenge, the ship mass, velocity, and parts present must be shown in the image For the fuel efficiency challenge, the ship thrust, velocity, and fuel used per second must be shown in the image See the following post for examples Craft sites:
  24. So I was sailing a boat in KSP when I went to the KSC. Then I switch back to it, and suddenly the boat is 50 m in the air. Can someone explain to me how to avoid this from happening and if there are any realistic water mods that prevent this?
  25. Made this mods some months ago. Kayak And Air Delivery System: