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Found 1 result

  1. This challenge may sound simple but in reality it is quite hard! So here is what you need to do: You must complete the route without using orbital map. What you're going to do is to learn how the landscape looks at different points. Place a flag at evry point you visited(it means that you need to get close to land and drop your kerbals out of your ship to place a flag.) You must perform the task with a boat made out of mk2 stock parts. Modded mk2 parts may be allowed if they are not overkill for the task. No cheating, but refueling is allowed! Try to be quick and finish the route as fast as you can! No flying or driving when started! But if you are not in rush, try doing it whith ion propulsion! Advices: Try deleting the mass that comes with the fuel and make ship more dynamick in the water! How to navigate whithout a map? Try using navball or if you are a 1.2.1 use KerbalNet or how is it called?.... Watch your speed , you may bump up and crash into the water! Why mk2?- it is the dynamikc and looks like boat! Why would i spend time for this? - Because you are a KSP player, and you know what are you doing, you are explorer of everything, evry rock that may lay on your path! What kind of propulsion should i use?- everything except nuclear engines...they are dangerous to enviroment! Can i use autowarp?- Yes, sure but that is a bit dangerous... After 2 weeks i will find the fastest completion of this challnege! and rate it in the table. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Good luck and don't forget that too much mass will make you sick sink!!