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Found 4 results

  1. Title says it all. I would be pretty happy for everyone to be dead. Rules: don't be openly violent. Why? Nobody wants to hear something about fried guts, or something. + the only way to stay a violent person, is not to tell people that you are a violent person all the time. No politics. Why? first of all, that is a forum rule, second is that the bombs just detonated an killed absolutely everyone, everywhere, nothing about it. Don't show any horrid pictures, of bodies leftover after the nuclear bomb, building are okay though. Why? A forum rule- shocking content. Some trivia: sudden noise in your eardrums, and you look in the window.. A gigantic ball of flame that destroys everything in its path, you have some last thoughts, what would it be?
  2. Ever felt KSP needs more explosions? Me neither really, but space debris is a problem in real life, and now it can be a problem in your game too! When/if you start leaving debris in orbit, your craft may encounter a "micrometeroid", which will explode a random part of your ship, unless the game considers it to be shielded from the airstream. Debris only counts (and therefore explosions can happen) if: 1) It's Periapsis is above the atmosphere height (or 5000m for airless bodies) 2) Your vessel is outside the atmosphere (or 5000m for airless bodies), and below the Apoapsis of the debris. More debris = more chance of an explosion (the exact amount this is affected can be changed in the difficulty settings) I know, no pics no clicks, so here's some screenshots from some earlier versions with pretty explosions: License: MIT Download it here
  3. The best demonstration of Lenz's law (iirc) that I have seen.
  4. Biggest Explosion?

    Ever had a fail? *you probably did* it might've had an explosion. show it off!