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Found 1 result

  1. Can anyone kindly explain the operating/design process for implementing a working Fuel cell configuration in RO/RF? I believe I understand the LO/LH2 input to the fuel cell is required I assume the fuel cell part must be attached to a LO/LH2 tank (and the proportions are "similar" to a LO/LH2 burning engine) I assume that electrical power flows freely regardless of cross-feed (could be wrong) I understand there will always be fuel boil-off regardless of the tank type Yet... My pod always drains electrics to Zero and goes dead Fuel cells always show .01 charge (after they expend their residual (at start) charge) So... What am I missing here? (happy to label myself an idiot if I'm missing something obvious) Thanks in advance - I sense that most players resort to solar because its easier. However, I would really like to see if a working fuel cell configuration can be achieved in the current RO/RF setup. W.