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Found 1 result

  1. "I think we should have more things to do on the bodies we visit." "The planets are not very interesting IMHO" Many players (me included) have these opinions, but what can SQUAD actually do to make bodies more interesting places? So what do you think? "What game mechanics (can be small, can be big) could be implemented to make bodies more interesting places?" As a start I'd suggest an idea based on one of my earlier threads, which involves camera and telescope experiments that show you pictures of the bodies in different wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. You run your experiment -> the expeiment dialoge shows up -> instead of the experiment message, you see the picture taken in the wavelength of the camera/telescope -> You see things normally invisible (insides of atmospheres, aurora's, coronal ejections, easter eggs, name it.) show up. -> get science (and rep if in career)