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Found 8 results

  1. The arrival of Breaking Ground was probably the happiest surprise related to KSP1 since I started playing a few years ago, but one thing that it has soured is the contract system. The contracts were already terrible, loads of them make very little sense and if you are sick and tired of certain types of them you can't just block them - you have to manually keep declining each and every one of them forever and hope the game randomly offers something you want to do. Now that Breaking Ground introduced a number of new types of contracts this has gotten completely out of hand, I've spent up to several minutes in a row doing nothing but declining extremely undesired contracts that keep respawning just to get a dozen good contracts of the types I have any desire to deal with. I did get out ahead of this situation and posted my concerns before the DLC dropped and @St4rdust did relay the information to devs for which I am grateful, however I feel far from convinced that the issue was placed on the "urgent issues" list. I'm well aware that Career Mode is actually not as popular among players as one might expect and that such a thing might seem like a good reason to put low priority on fixing career mode issues, however there is ample indication that the contract system is one of the absolute biggest reasons -if not THE reason- why many players shun the game mode in the first place. When players call Career Mode "grindy" it is more often than not primarily because of the contracts. Across the forum there are already many suggested solutions to the multiple issues with contracts, I'll refrain from regurgitating everything I've seen and just list what I estimate to be the most useful key points below for dev conscideration: <> VASTLY increase the number of concurrent contracts that can be viewed and accepted. This should be done regardless of any other changes made to contracts, having to sit through loadscreens every few minutes just to find a new desirable contract is grindy. <> Either split the entire contract list into categories and have each generate a good number of contracts regardless of what's going on with all other categories, or make it possible to block certain types of contracts from spawning at all. <> Make the contracts sortable by location in some way, either by listing them neatly sorted by location or by having a filter function to show/hide contracts for specific regions. <> Some contracts generate horrifying numbers of messages in the log, the log needs a purge button and there needs to be an option to disable log spam. (Take 12 contracts to ferry tourists to Kerbin orbit and back, send all of them on a big cruise ship and land safely to cash in. You now have over a HUNDRED log messages from a single 10 minute trip, the message window stops working properly after a few such trips and you have to manually click to delete every single one of these messages that extremely fast can number in the thousands.) Other suggestions of lower urgency: <> Ability to clear the contract history without resorting to using a cheat menu or tampering with the save file. <> Add strategies to the Administration Building that greatly influence the contract generation; sacrifice cash or fame to generate more contracts of several user specified types while all other types generate in far lower numbers. <> Make the "active contracts" tab more user friendly, most notably there should be no reason it can't scale depending on number of active contracts.
  2. Notification spam is no longer an issue with KSP 1.8. Therefore, this mod will not be updated. Do not post asking about KSP 1.8, as this mod's functionality is handled by the stock game in that version. Github Repo Tired of the spam of notifications resulting from using the new surface experiments in the new expansion? I was. So I made this mod which decreases the rate of notifications for those experiments to once per Kerbin day, which eases up the spam. To Install Download the latest version of Module Manager and install it. Then, download the latest version and unzip it into the GameData folder of your copy of KSP. Issues This mod only changes the rate for experiments which are deployed after you install the mod. To change for already deployed experiments, you need to open your persistent.sfs file and change the value under ScienceTimeDelay for each such experiment. EDIT (9/22): I am getting some complaints that this mod seems to no longer work for some people. I will try to figure out what is happening as soon as I can; in the meantime, you may need to manually adjust the ScienceTimeDelay in your persistent.sfs for every science experiment you put down. EDIT (10/16): It has been alleged that ksp 1.8 fixes this bug. This will, therefore, likely be the end of this mod.
  3. Download: Mass: 692 tons Part count: 828 DLC Breaking ground
  4. So, I'm wondering, out of the dlc that kerbal space program has, which DLC, if any, is your favorite or the one that you like the most? I personally like Making History because of the Mission Builder since I've recently used it to make some historical recreations of missions and similar things also. The parts are also good, but I would like it if there were more parts in the dlc based on real life ones. What about you?
  5. One of the things I want as a difficulty option is for the robotic parts to not wobble, or maybe have a slider that controls how strong the joints are, and have locking joints eliminate all wobble. I've got 2 craft that suffer particularly from this problem: a GLaDOS replica, a little robotic rover with a little head and a mech with a rather primitive run cycle. GLaDOS and the rover sometimes end up headbutting the terrain if I drive them too fast and the mech can't support itself and ends up doing the splits on the floor. I've never used infernal robotics, but from the stability of some of the craft built using it, it appears people have a better time controlling craft that use the IR joints, while craft that use the official joints are floppier. What do you think?
  6. This contract has me confused. I scanned a surface feature within a large crater, yet I have no idea where to go from there.