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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. As we all know, the KSP Forums has a blue and white colour scheme. While this is alright, in low light environments (or at night), the forums can seem to be, well, a bit too bright, and can hurt your eyes. I'm proposing a forum night mode, where the white is simply switched to black. This can be toggled in Account Settings, and I believe would be very helpful for late night (or early morning if you're extreme) browsing Thoughts on this idea? - Cat
  2. I couldn't see anything against the rules for this, so I thought 'Why not?' Anyway, pretty much I'm doing a project for a course at the moment which requires me to complete a full website, from design to implementation. Through this design I need some good old research. Which is why I've created the below survey. It's a couple of question about browsers, devices and what's important to you (the user) in a website. Don't fear, I've turned on anonymous responses so no IPs or data is logged. I'd greatly appreciate if as many people as possible complete the survey, and try spreading it
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