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Found 340 results

  1. So not sure if this is technically a bug, but I noticed while setting up a challenge between some friends that when you use the "sort by manufacturer" function in the VAB/SPH, LightYear Tire Company isn't listed. It should be right between Kerlington and Maxo in the list (it's alphabetical), but it's absent. It's a relatively minor thing, but I figured I'd post it anyway to see if maybe it was just my game, or if others have this issue too; and if so how to fix it.
  2. For some reason my minmus landers' LT2 landing legs explode as soon as I touch down on minmus. now I know I'm not going too fast because a) I've accidentally landed a lander with the same legs going about 20 m/s on minmus when I ran out of fuel and the legs didn't explode and b) I'm touching down at about .3 m/s.
  3. Overview When in the editor (VAB or SPH), and placing a part with radial symmetry enbled you have access to the Radial Symmetry Space Option, which is supposed to let you switch between having the symmetry mode be relative to the vessel, or relative to the parent part. It appears that while this option has a hotkey, as well as an on-screen button, its toggle state does not actually currently affect object placement; The part placement always defaults to using the vessel as the axis of symmetry and not the parent part. Details Given this simple vessel which has two tanks (FL-T400 Fuel Tank) on radial decouplers attached to a larger central tank (FL-T800 Fuel Tank) using 2x symmetry: The default behavior for attaching a small spherical tank is to do so relative to the vessel. In other words, The spherical tank is placed with the axis of rotation being through the center of the vessel: In the tools section there is an Option that toggles between "Vessel" (Default) and "Parent" Which when pressed displays the corresponding notification: This option can also be toggled by hitting the F hotkey, described on the Key bindings wiki page as "In place mode: Toggle Symmetry between vessel or parent part". With it set to "Parent Part", I would expect the spherical tank to now be mirrored relative to is parent part (the FL-T400 Fuel Tank), which would look like this: However this is not currently the case. The above image was mocked up using single symmetry, and was not achieved using the "Parent Part" setting. Here is a gif screen capture showing the issue: Note how despite being in 'Parent' mode and the on-screen notification saying "Radial Symmetry around Parent Part", the spherical tank is not mirrored around its parent part, the FL-T400 Fuel Tank, and is instead always mirrored around the vessel's center part, the FLT-800 Fuel tank. Summary Am I correct in my assumption that when the Radial Symmetry Space Option is set to "Parent Part" that objects should be placed in relation to their parent part, and not the vessel? If not, I would really like to know what this option is intended to do otherwise. Tested using KSP (WindowsPlayer x64) en-us Note: If an admin could move this topic to the Technical Support (PC, unmodded installs) forum, it would be much appreciated.
  4. I just started playing KSP again after a long time off. I don't like the stock fairing's confetti deploy, so I always set them to 2 sides and clamshell deploy. With clamshell deployment, having too low of an ejection force causes the fairing to not clear the craft and either get stuck or crash into it upon deployment, destroying it. I've found that the default ejection force of 100 is not enough to eject the other size fairings, so I have been using an ejection force of 500 without problem, until I built a craft today using the 5m fairing. I tried a simple test to make sure it wasn't something wrong with my craft. I used the tallest 5m diameter tank, put a 5m fairing on top and a probe core on top of it. I created a simple fairing with nothing is inside it. Set the fairing to 2 sides, clamshell deploy and ejection force of 500. Sitting on the launch pad, deploying the fairing causes the fairing base to explode every time. I lowered the ejection force until it no longer explodes and it seems fine at 400 and below. I put engines under it and launched it. I stuck to an ejection force of 400 and tried deploying it in different situations. Deploying the fairing works fine sitting still or when not under accelerations, but deploying them them under acceleration they still explode somewhat randomly. Edit: Oops, I thought I was in the support section, can a mod move this?
  5. This is 1.4.4 related issue only, it never happened on 1.4.3 or any prior version. When I play and go to VAB or SPH, then press ESC instead of Quit button, the game shows the Save/Load/Settings/Quit menu on the screen, which is OK. Now, pressing ESC while the menu is displayed will hide the menu, but will not return the game to its normal state. Some controls are enabled, but quit doesn't work in SPH or VAB anymore, the right mouse click doesn't rotate, the Build/Actions/Crew assignment buttons are disabled, the Switch editor type does nothing, I can't pick any new parts, save the craft or do anything. Pressing ESC again does NOT bring the menu back, the game is locked, but it's not hanging. The highlight still works when moving mouse cursor over the craft, or any UI controls, but they just don't react. The only way I can quit the game is via ALT+F4 and/or Alt+Tab and Close. I tested it on plain vanilla 1.4.4, as well as modded one, and they behave the same. It never happened on 1.4.3 before, or any other prior version, and I played the game since 0.22 or something.
  6. My craft has loaded in with the majority of the craft under the surface of Mun. It consistently explodes when disturbed in any way. Despite numerous attempts to free it, it would appear that the craft is forever trapped just under the surface. (I'd upload a pic but I don't know how.) If anyone could shed some light on my struggles please do, thank you.
  7. Not sure if it is already posted,but i'm using a corsair K55 French AZERTY keyboard,i used the change layout function to switch all my keys instantly to that perfect layout (very handy feature!) problem is it still thinks its a QWERTY keyboard,i tried changing them manually too but nope ZSQD stays WASD ... Please help...
  8. I currently have a bug that literally made me stop playing KSP. That is, a random annoying line that follows the camera, no matter what i do. It occurs at some places, like being at a desert, or on the Runway. The line can be white or black. If you are curious enough, Here is a picture about the bug. It is still there even though i've deleted Scatterer and AVP. I made the picture giant so that you can notice the line easily. I've also placed an arrow pointing towards the line. I've tried forcing OpenGl, But that didn't help. Forcing Directx9 didn't help. Even forcing DirectX11 didn't even help. I've searched everything on google, but i didn't find a fix. This bug didn't appear before 1.4 I play on 8x antialising because i love realistic things. If you have a fix that doesn't involve lowering the graphics quality or changing the antialising to 4x, 2x or off, then, it may help. [Don't send annoying posts please.] Version of KSP That i use now is 1.4.4 with making history.
  9. Vandarren

    MEM bug

    So, i first posted it in the modded section because I had a modded install, now, I have an unmodded game and still have this bug which apparently hasn't been solved in the patch. The MEM module has its control axis inverted, so when I want to pitch down it goes up and viceversa. Everything is set to default. Also the KV2 Pea and KV3 Pommergranate have the kerbals "looking" east when placed in the VAB, and then, when pitching up they yaw right.
  10. I saw this on the large map indicated in green. I thought at first it was another tracking station, until I got down low. I saved my game (since my landings are not always the best) and as I approached, I blew up in midair. The game claims I crashed into the ground. I tried 3 times on the same luck. The 4th time I tried landing a bit outside the low level depression the egg was in. I landed fine, but as I tried to taxi to the easter egg I just blew up. Its like I hit a forcefield. There is a video and screenshot below. I hid it so as not to spoil this for others.
  11. I've tried to log into the bugtracker, but I can't find a way to register. I've tried my forum ID and it rejects. Lastly trying the "forgot password" link tells my it can't find my ID. So I don't think the bug tracker is "public" at the moment. Found the register button "hidden" at top-right of screen Bug tracking guide asked to log this here first. I'll log the bug in tracker once I get the go ahead that someone wants recorded there. I couldn't find anything referencing a NRE bug for Goo, so I don't 'think' it's a duplicate. Closest I found was a bug @DMagic mentioned in a 2015 post, but this in this situation. Anywho - on to the bug report (very much an edge case): KSP 1.4.3 (no mods, no MH expansion) build id = 021522018.04.26 If a Mystery Goo container survives a crash and is it's own root part, the code that runs the "Observe Mystery Goo" PAW button errors with a NRE. Craft used to test the error. Material Science container used as it's known to be fragile and will reliably explode when dropped leaving the Mystery Goo container intact.
  12. So I've got this pretty annoying issue when trying to launch craft from the VAB where I open the pause menu to launch the craft (after loading it from subassemblies) the cursor highlights the parts section while the pause menu is open, this then means that I cannot get out of the pause menu. The only way out from that point is to close the whole game down and reload the save to try again, eventually it works normally but it usually takes 3-4 tries of reloading the save and trying to launch. I'm on PS4- career mode, approximately year 10 The subassembly I am loading is a complete rover that has been built in the SAB, I'm trying to load it on the launch pad and drive it to a base pod on the runway to test being able to load/unload the rover. I'll get a screenshot/ video once I'm home from work but hopefully somebody has encountered this and can provide some advice. If not hopefully the DEV team will see this.
  13. My game frequently crashes when launching craft, reverting to the VAB, or when trying to load a save. My PC is well above the required specs, and I have no mods installed. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Didn't have this problem during 1.3. I have the current version (1.4.1) and the Making History Expansion. Anyone else have this problem?
  14. I've noticed that I can't run more than one converter on a 2.5m convertotron without it overheating, no matter how many radiators and TCS I activate. Also, the 1.25m convertotron overheats all the time, there's no way to cool it down with any amount of radiators. KSP 1.4.3, stock.
  15. this is all in 1.4.3 firstly, craft like to slide when landed and not moving, i noticed this and thought it was my craft so i played with the wheel and nothing fixed it, today i noticed on a stream his craft was also sliding, breaks on, all wheels aligned yet it slides for no reason what's so ever it happens at KSC and the dessert runway but nothing seems to stop it unless you have a launch clamp on your plane when wanting to test somthing while stationary before taking off, i've tried playing with friction settings but it does not seem to have much of an effect not sure if this is the wheel or terrain but when you have a craft on a runway they always seem to float, like they're touching but visually it makes the craft look like it's floating an inch off the ground, not sure if that is a bug though secondly KSP seems to have a memory leak, KSP only used a couple gigs of ram for me but i noticed on EJSA's stream he had a big memory leak, Stock KSP used 10 gigabytes!! here's the clip he also stated it seems to only happen after playing KSP for awhile like EJ or Das (i have not seen Das have this issue as i rarely watch him) also there seems to be rounding error's in the SPH editor (not sure about the VAB), here's the twitch slip does anyone else have these issues? or is it just me & him?
  16. bonjours a tous, je suis un tout nouveau utilisateur de KSP et j ai vue quelque problème avec la version française. 1) Bug en jeu (écran du choix des stratégies) Subvention publique Vente des droits de recherche 2) traduction manquante #autoLOC_8004228 = [fr]Cannot deploy parachute while speed is less than 1.0m/s au lieu de : #autoLOC_8004228 = Impossible de déployer un parachute lorsque la vitesse est inférieure à 1,0 m/s 3) erreur de traduction #autoLOC_7003302 = <b><color=#DB8310>Gene Kerman :</color></b>\n\nBienvenue aux archives scientifiques. Faites votre choix. au lieu de : #autoLOC_7003302 = <b><color=#DB8310>Wernher von Kerman :</color></b>\n\nBienvenue aux archives scientifiques. Faites votre choix. je ne sais pas si ces erreurs sont connue (ma maitrise de l anglais étant proche du zéro absolu ) et si il existe un moyen connue pour les utilisateurs de corrigé le bug 1 de ma liste... si ce n est pas le cas une âme charitable anglophone pouvais t'elle remonté ces infos aux devs dans l’espoir que ce soit corrigé "rapidement". merci d'avance.
  17. (I didn't know where else to post this.) While I was playing around with subassemblies for one of my cargo aircraft, I noticed something weird about some of them. After narrowing down the issue, I found that subassemblies containing Rockomax X200 series fuel tanks displayed them with their old model and texture. Now, the subassemblies in question were created before patch 1.4. As you can see, the new texture is in the foreground with the alternate versions in the centre. Notice that there are three different variants of the X200 fuel tanks present here, respectively with their old textures/models. When I right-clicked on the old ones, they didn't show the texture options at the bottom of the menu either. Bear with me, the bug report system is too complicated for my simple mind even with the guides.
  18. Jollyranger

    5m fairing stretch bug

    So I loaded up my Saturn V to try it out, and I find out the fairing between the S-II and S-IVB is bugging out, and it appears to be too large and the pieces are spaced strangely. I tried restarting to no avail, as well as replacing the fairing and placing it on another rocket. I do have KER, Trajectories, and KIS installed, but I doubt those have anything to do with it, because I had them and Making History before the bug. Does anyone know what's up, or have a solution? Try to make it simple, because I know almost nothing about computers or code.
  19. Is my game bugged? What happened to kerbodyne fuel tanks? They don't seem to fit into anything anymore, I don't recall having this problem with older versions of the game. [snip] this is very upsetting to me. Even the biggest engine in the game is too small for kerbodyne fuel tanks right now. I'm so triggered right now that I went out of my way to creat a forum account just to report this.
  20. When I enter the administration building if I mouse over any item, the menus disappear and show the space center view. The only way to view the actual admin building menus is to put my mouse in the top right corner where "Exit" would be. Clicking where a menu item may be, for example the Public Bailout strategy, will register the input click and, if I put my mouse in the top right corner, will show that I clicked on the strategy/program and give an explanation. Moving my mouse from the top right corner though, causes the whole admin menu/facility to disappear and shows the space center again. Is there a fix to this, are developers aware of this bug? Should I re-install? This issue was not present before the 1.1 update.
  21. Game version: System: Ryzen 7, 16 GB of DDR4, GPU is RX 470 There's a CPU performance leak every time the same game is loaded. Make a quicksave in orbit, and load it. Eventually, frame rate will start getting worse after each load as CPU use goes up and up. Load 20 times in a row (this is what I did to verify the mechanism), and the game runs DRAMATICALLY slower. I'm not certain whether it's only quickloads, or if repeated normal loads cause this as well. Back out to the main menu, load the same game, load the same quicksave, and the leak is reset. Make a new quicksave and load it, load the main save, or return to space center, and it's still in full force. So, it can really build up over a long play session, as long as you don't go back to the main menu. I first noticed this quite some time ago, but I didn't report it because I assumed that such a thing would already be known. But I see now that I should have reported it. edit: I should add, that this is not really a support request, rather a bug report. The guide called this "The Stock Support & Bugs forum", but I guess it was renamed. There's nothing else to suggest that this is a bug report forum, but the quote makes this the closest thing I could find. edit: Can anyone else verify this? Is it a known bug?
  22. First screen Second After running: KSPx64-Patch-1.3.0-To-1.3.1-1891.exe and KSPx64-Patch-1.3.1-To-1.4.2.exe This is present each time I run the game. I believe, the odd text is intended to be an advertisement for the new paid expansion. The game runs fine, otherwise. There is also similarly replaced text elsewhere in the game, such as the names of the new and replaced parts. edit: I'm doing some research and finding references to a dictionary.cfg file, which is absent from my game folder. I'm starting to think, that the updater was missing this file, or failed to unpack it. Probably the 1.3.0 to 1.3.1. If someone could give me the 1.4.2 dictionary.cfg, I'd appreciate it.
  23. I have a mun station all setup on the moon, but whenever i try to aproach it with a rover that i made, it keeps randomly shaking and ripping it self apart. It also happens when i just land with a lander next to it, It isn't happening directly when i land, I happens like 30 seconds / 1 minute later. I dont know if this is a bug, i use a modded install but before, i didn't have this poblem and i didn't install any mods after it. I use Windows 10 64 bit and use a modded installation of KSP
  24. can we get a hotfix for the broken landing legs? i have a duna transfer window in 68 kerbin days and i need working landing legs maybe ist just missing breakingForce and breakingTorque in the config but im not sure