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Found 397 results

  1. So I bought the breaking ground DLC for Ps4 Pro today and started a fresh carrier to avoide any corruption. I started on Hard difficulty with enabled revert and quickload. Also enabled part preasure and g-force for parts and kerbals with plasma blackout and require signal options. When I unlock the tech with FL-100 Fuel Tank it keeps duplicating and have to purchase the entry fee for that part over and over again whenever I enter tha VAB or the Tech tree, also this tank part is dupIicating every time I repurchase it, so by now I have 3 of this sane FL-100 at the tech tree. I already tried to delete and reinstall the game with the dlcs and also deleted every save file, but without any success of solving this tiny but anoying bug. Please, if you have any solution, I would be happy know.
  2. I have a craft that utilizes two Docking Port Juniors with same vessel interaction enabled. The example might be for a craft with a hinged door that uses docking ports to secure the door when closed. To close the door, the hinge motion is assigned to action key 4. When the door is closed, the docking ports are used to lock it in place. The problem I'm having is that I have tried assigning various combinations of "Undock", "Decouple Node", and "Same Vessel Interaction" to action key 4 so that when the hinges try to open, the docking ports are decoupled. ...but it doesn't work. I can manually in-game right-click the docking port and break the seal using "Undock" but when I assign "Undock" or "Decouple" or both to any action key... it does not work. Should I post this one to bug tracker? It only seems to be an issue when I am trying to use docking ports with Same Vessel Interaction. Although, I have tried toggling on/off the vessel interaction and it seems to make no noticeable difference. For instance, I have no problem getting action keys to undock ports when dealing with subassemblies. Anyone else come across this?
  3. My North kerbin weaponry mods nuclear bombs have stopped working. It is only the bombs as nuclear rounds and rockets still work. I have tried deleting .dll's, re installing BD armory/NKW and installing different versions of each, as well as verifying KSP's cache, I would love to know if anyone can help with the bombs, as its really pitiful to see a tsar bomba hit the ground and spit out a tiny explosion that does nothing.
  4. Hello, I just got the DLC on PS4Pro (latest KSP-version, all standard settings) and have some problems playing the historical missions. Right during the first mission: The Dawn of the Space Age: After successfully landing (Wernher told me so :)) the K-7 near (but not directly on the runway) the old airfield I return to the VAB either via the button at the top or via the mission diagram. I build the K7-B and want to launch. But here I am sent back to the landen K-7 on the island. Here Wernher briefs me on the 48km-flight. Somehow the spawning of new vehicles does not work, From now on, when I manually return to the space center, all building are locked except the Observation building from where I just can return to the landen K-7.
  5. For some reason, whenever I have kerbals in their External Command Seats in 1.8.1, I can see them through all the parts. I have no parts/ texture replacement mods installed, just a couple of visual and some helpers. How do I make this stop? Here is a picture of this phenomena:
  6. I was trying to mine some ore on Mun to refuel my lander. I would put KSP in to FF to get the sun to come out and charge the solar panels, but every time I did, during ff, the craft would suddenly plunge well into the terrain and explode spectacularly. It took me a bit to figure out what the F was going on. when using lander legs and as little as 5x FF, when you exit FF the craft will do a hop. if you leave the FF on for a period of time, the craft will be forced into the terrain and explode. the log will say the craft has collided with the mun.....but the craft is supposed to be landed and at a stand still. the engines are turned off, and SAS and RCS are turned off... there should be no movement of the craft. additionally the craft is sometimes out of power when this happens, which means the craft should not be capable of moving anywhere, much less hopping into the air, or forcing it self into the terrain. I have verified my files, and that's not the issue. I have no mods installed. only the two DLC. I know its the legs because when I raise them leaving the lander resting on the rocket nozzles, and perform a FF, there is no jumping when you return to normal speed.
  7. I wouldn't call it the kraken but for whatever reason my game is currently bugged beyond comprehension and I've no idea what is going on. Here I am just about to come in for a landing with my Mun Rover, I've left a satellite in Orbit to relay the signal and I've got plenty of fuel, SAS and gimbal to successfully to do the landing, everything *should* have been good to go, the probability for success was 99%. But you know that 1% really bit me in the ass this time. For whoever is interested, I'll share my save file, if you load it up and load up Quick save #4 you'll be about 3 km from the Mun Surface, plenty of fuel but have a completely dysfunctional control system, it's neigh impossible to land and I've attempted many things to try and rectify the issue to no avail Any help would be appreciated as I cannot for the life of me figure out what I've done wrong to make the SAS completely dysfunctional. PS this is complete stock, no mods, trying out a complete stock playthrough for the first time.
  8. I don't know why this is happening, but sometimes, when I have a vehicle on the launchpad and either recover it and launch another vehicle or choose to fly it, the icon for the launchpad stays on the screen during flight and when I am in map mode. I've tried doing stuff like going back to main menu and then going back into the save, but it still stays there, even on the main menu. I know this is a bug, but i'm not sure how to fix it other than closing and re-opening the game. Below are some screenshots i took of this bug/glitch. And this is in Kerbal Space Program 1.8.0, if you're wondering what version. (Also, I can interact with it, but when I click the fly or recover button, nothing happens)
  9. Buenas: Algo ha debido pasar con la última actualización de Kerbal con la expansión "Breaking Ground", porque resulta que cuando aterrizo en Muna o Minmus, si me acerco a alguna "anomalía" para tomar muestras, el juego se "crashea", y aparece un mensaje de Unity. Es más, si tras esto, vuelvo a entrar y cargo partida, y voy a algún Kerbal sobre la superficie, también crashea….. Es desesperante.... ¿Le pasa a alguien más también?????
  10. KSP version making history 1.8.0 Breaking ground 1.3.0 Windows 10 Pro x64 1909 (OS BUILD 18363.418) Steam version System: MSI GE73 Raider RGB 8RE i7 8750H 16Gb GTX 1060 6Gb i thought an issue i was having was due too a file corruption or something. but after running verify on ksp, the issue still is present. I am not running any mods, so that is ruled out as a cause as well. only addition to base KSP I have are the two DLC so what is the issue? well... using the mk.3 cockpit causes all lights not to come on/off when you try and toggle them with the interface or by pressing the 'o' key. also using the cockpit causes the whole craft to bounce up and down like it's doing a jig (dance). also when you look at the properties for the cockpit, the option where the option that should say toggle lights should be, it says say only toggle. the lights will also not come on for the cockpit. you can still manually toggle the lights for other parts (landing gear, spot lights, etc.) however. I checked the landing gear properties while the craft was 'dancing' and there was no weight stress being registered during the bouncing. also the bouncing disappears when the mk. 3 cockpit is removed from the craft. the light toggle buttons also work on other cockpits. This seems to be a major bug. I hope it gets fixed soon. images: logs:!AouWDY3RtbYPgfkOiRq4TifhBQ_BAw
  11. I have a Soyuz ship that has to have permenantly opened antennae, but they break on assent now. Am I the only one who has this?
  12. Bug: I am not sure where to post a bug, I have never posted a bug or been on the forums before today, but here seems like the best place. I have encountered a bug with the LT-2 landing strut. When ever I put one on a robot part from breaking ground its feet clip into the ground and make the whole craft wobble. If the strut is under significant weight the whole spacecraft jumps into the air and the landing strut becomes possessed by the kraken. I know this is a 1.8 issue because I had a Mun lander that used LT-2 landing struts on hinges in 1.7.3 and it worked fine. But now after the update everytime I land everything blows up. Bug Replication: Step 1: create a craft with some considerable weight Step 2: place a robot part from breaking grounds dlc on your ship Step 3: place a LT-2 landing strut such that it comes incontact with the ground on the robot part you placed previously Step 4: have fun as your ship bounces, wobbles, or slides as if it was in an 80s disco club Videos: unfortunately i couldn't find a way to insert videos into this post so i created a link to a google drive folder with all the videos
  13. In the VAB when you open the Delta-V calculation config, at the Body selector you can select the Sun, this should be Kerbol.
  14. Before I begin, here is my modlist: B9 Aerospace BDArmoryContinued Distant Object Enhancement Docking Port Alignment Indicator Environmental Visual Enhancements Ferram Aerospace Research Firespitter Kerbal Alarm Clock Kerbal Attachment System MechJeb 2 ModularFlightIntegrator Module Manager Physics Range Extender PlanetShine RasterPropMonitor SmokeScreen - Extended FX Plugin Texture Replacer Replaced Transfer Window Planner All of the above (except for EVE) were installed manually. KSP Version: (I'm new to KSP modding. I really enjoy how these mods improve the experience, but please do let me know if any conflict and may cause issues.) My specs: i7 7700k, Z270 Mobo EVGA 1080ti SC 16GB 2400MHz RAM 2 512GB SSDs in RAID 0 So it seems that the black sky bug that apparently happens often with Scatterer is happening to me, but with even more issues on top of that. Here is how playing KSP goes for me atm: The game loads, looks great and works just fine when I first load in. Loading into anything a second or third time seems to work well too (i.e. loading into VAB and then launching pad). It seems that after the fourth loading screen or the second time loading into the space center screen, I load in okay but I'm presented with a black sky with clouds and an ocean with no water (I just see a blue surface where I assume the bottom would be). After entering any other loading screen (i.e. into VAB again or to take control of a flight), the game stutters as it normally would during loading and then the little rotating loading indicator starts moving again. Then: The loading screen never finishes and I am forced to force quit the game. This happens unless I press ESC to open the pause menu, which seems to close the loading screen and open up whatever instance I was loading into. This only works with 3D instances like VAB. If it was a 3D instance and I pressed ESC during the last step, I am now in the game completely unable to move my camera while still having the black sky and missing ocean. I am tired of searching for solutions. I've spent hours looking stuff up that might be related to my issue but have never seen the disappearing ocean and infinite loading screen part online. I'm assuming a screwed up mod installs somehow, but I've tried many things like: reinstalling visual mods verifying game integrity on Steam disabling certain mods yet the problem persists. I have tried disabling Scatterer and this did fix the black sky, but it caused a tsunami bug and didn't change the infinite loading screen behavior. I honestly don't even know if it fixed the black sky, as my game behaved the exact same except a darker blue sky came in when the fully black sky would have with Scatterer installed. I'm desperate at this point. I want to play this game with mods but I guess I will have to go without until anyone can give me any suggestions. Thanks for your anticipated help.
  15. Hello KSP Forum. Recently, I followed instructions on how to create a planet. When I finished up my script and went in-game, I was met with nothing but a few red rings where the world was meant to be. There is an image below, and my script. @Kopernicus:AFTER[KOPERNICUS] { Body { name = Stratastrophe cacheFile = StratastropheSystem/CacheFiles/Stratastrophe.bin flightGlobalsIndex = 10 Properties { description = Stratastrophe Description radius = 950000 geeASL = 1.67 rotationPeriod = 27500 rotates = true tidallyLocked = false initialRotation = 0 isHomeWorld = false timewarpAltitudeLimits = 0 30000 30000 60000 300000 300000 400000 700000 ScienceValues { landedDataValue = 2 splashedDataValue = 1 flyingLowDataValue = 11 flyingHighDataValue = 8 inSpaceLowDataValue = 7 inSpaceHighDataValue = 6 recoveryValue = 7 flyingAltitudeThreshold = 65000 spaceAltitudeThreshold = 140000 } } Orbit //Orbit properties { referenceBody = Sun color = 0.35,0,0,1 inclination = 0.5 eccentricity = 0.02 semiMajorAxis = 27000000000 longitudeOfAscendingNode = 0 argumentOfPeriapsis = 0 meanAnomalyAtEpoch = 0 epoch = 0 } ScaledVersion { type = Atmospheric fadeStart = 2000000 fadeEnd = 2100000 Material { texture = PluginData/ normals = PluginData/ shininess = 0.1 specular = 0.6,0.0,0.0,1.0 rimPower = 3 rimBlend = 0.2 Gradient { 0.0 = 0.7,0.0,0.0,1 0.5 = 0.0,0.75,1.0,1 1.0 = 0.0196,0.0196,0.0196,1 } } } Atmosphere { ambientColor = 0.7, 0.00, 0.0, 1 lightColor = 0.2, 0.0, 0.0, 0.5 enabled = true oxygen = true altitude = 90000.0 pressureCurve { key = 0 121.59 -1.32825662337662E-02 -1.32825662337662E-02 key = 2850 70.45212 1.08101766233766E-02 -1.08101766233766E-02 key = 6700 38.35164 -6.61608311688312E-03 -6.61608311688312E-03 key = 12550 19.50828 -3.70578701298701E-03 -3.70578701298701E-03 key = 16400 9.81708 -1.89074805194805E-03 -1.89074805194805E-03 key = 20250 4.94952 -9.4665974025974E-04 -9.4665974025974E-04 key = 24100 2.5278 -4.7371948051948E-04 -4.7371948051948E-04 key = 27950 1.30188 -2.38877922077922E-04 -2.38877922077922E-04 key = 35000 0.68844 -1.20685714285714E-04 -1.20685714285714E-04 key = 37650 0.3726 -6.2212987012987E-05 -6.2212987012987E-05 key = 41500 0.2094 -3.29298701298701E-05 -3.29298701298701E-05 key = 47850 0.11904 -1.80935064935065E-05 -1.80935064935065E-05 key = 52200 0.07008 -1.02857142857143E-05 -1.02857142857143E-05 key = 57050 0.03984 -6.21818181818182E-06 -6.21818181818182E-06 key = 61900 0.0222 -3.63116883116883E-06 -3.63116883116883E-06 key = 66750 0.01188 -2.07272727272727E-06 -2.07272727272727E-06 key = 71600 0.00624 -1.13766233766234E-06 -1.13766233766234E-06 key = 76450 0.00312 -6.07792207792208E-07 -6.07792207792208E-07 key = 79300 0.00156 -3.42857142857143E-07 -3.42857142857143E-07 key = 86150 0.00048 -2.02597402597403E-07 -2.02597402597403E-07 key = 90000 0 -1.24675324675325E-07 -1.24675324675325E-07 } pressureCurveIsNormalized = false temparatureSeaLevel = 288.15 temparatureCurve { key = 0 288.15 -0.008333333766 -0.008333333766 key = 9240 212.4633208 -0.001180336104 -0.001176697662 key = 16170 212.4633208 0.001176697662 0.001176697662 key = 23870 266.5252345 0.0006431355844 0.0006431355844 key = 43120 266.5252345 -0.0008869198701 -0.0008869198701 key = 61600 183.9579481 -0.001180336104 -0.001180336104 key = 69300 183.9579481 0.0006152915584 0.0006152915584 key = 77000 226.2245352 0.0009020832468 0.0009020832468 key = 115500 0 -0.0005839079221 -0.0005839079221 } temparatureSunMultCurve { key = 0 1 0 0 key = 5923.076923 0.5 -0.00007792207792 -0.0001333050649 key = 6526.656231 0 0 0 key = 11883.45738 0 0 0 key = 28045.35461 0.2 0 0 key = 42527.78708 0.2 0 0 key = 54071.53228 0 0 0 key = 77000 0.4 0 0 } } PQS { Mods { VertexHeightMap { map = PluginData/ offset = -500 deformity = 3000.0 scaleDeformityByRadius = false order = 20 enabled = true } VertexHeightNoiseVertHeightCurve2 { deformity = 100 ridgedAddSeed = 123456 ridgedAddFrequency = 12 ridgedAddLacunarity = 2 ridgedAddOctaves = 4 ridgedSubSeed = 654321 ridgedSubFrequency = 12 ridgedSubLacunarity = 2 ridgedSubOctaves = 4 simplexCurve { key = 0 0 0.1466263 0.1466263 key = 0.7922793 0.2448772 0.6761706 1.497418 key = 1 1 6.106985 6.106985 } simplexHeightStart = 0 simplexHeightEnd = 6500 simplexSeed = 123456 simplexOctaves = 4 simplexPersistence = 0.6 simplexFrequency = 12 enabled = true order = 200 } HeightColorMap { blend = 1 order = 500 enabled = true LandClasses { Class { name = Bottom altitudeStart = 0 altitudeEnd = 0.7 color = 0.1,0.1,0.1,1.0 lerpToNext = true } Class { name = Base altitudeStart = 0.7 altitudeEnd = 0.75 color = 0.7,0.55,0.2,1.0 lerpToNext = true } Class { name = Low altitudeStart = 0.75 altitudeEnd = 0.85 color = 0.7,0.6,0.4,1.0 lerpToNext = true } Class { name = Grad altitudeStart = 0.85 altitudeEnd = 0.95 color = 1.0,0.9,0.7,1.0 lerpToNext = true } Class { name = High altitudeStart = 0.95 altitudeEnd = 2 color = 0.95,0.95,0.9,1.0 lerpToNext = false } } } } } } }
  16. So i just bought the DLC on xbox one last night and ive had nothing but trouble with it. My main problem is i can't progress beyond the first challenge (build a rocket and land at the old runway). When i complete the challenge and land on the runway it prompts me to go to the VAB to start the next mission. I go to the VAB, create the rocket for the next mission, when i press launch it doesn't put my new vessel on the launch pad, it takes me to my old rocket still landed at the runway. When i try to leave and go back to the VAB it says the building is locked. Here is a video showing the problem. What is wrong here? I've reset the mission like 10 times now, deleted the DLC and redownload it. Completely uninstalled and reinstalled the game. And cleared save data. Nothing fixes it.
  17. I built a massive lander for the moon which was attacked by a kraken while landing. While landing, I deployed the bottom stage (14 Jumbo-64s and 7 mainsails) to eject the lander (2 X200-32s, mainsail, hitchiker, Mk1-3pod, and landing gear). What I expected was that the stage would disconnect and the lander would fire the mainsail and land some distance away. What happened was that the lander sank rapidly into the bottom stage, and when it was almost all the way in it registered that there was a collision. My kerbal in the hitchiker went splat and the two in the command pod got launched at half the speed of light out into the outer void. Is there a known solution to this bug? I really want to land on the Mun with this lander, but if I have to eject the bottom stage early, I won't have enough fuel on reentry.
  18. Hello Kerbonauts, I'm rather new in this forum, but I've been playing KSP since it came out. Anyway, My game is heavily modded, and theres a mod that keeps giving me trouble. As the title says, its BDAc. I dont currently have it installed, but its given me trouble in the past. The first time I installed it, it Kraken'd my save file and corrupted my entire game. The second and third time i downloaded it ( third time from spacedock, first and second from curseforge), it worked but i couldnt right-click anything except the Rotary Launchers and Adjustable Missile Rails.  Anyone able to help? Thanks A Million.
  19. I have no idea what has happened but fuel cells won't take in any fuel and won't produce any electric charge. I removed all my mods and reinstalled KSP but the problem still persists. I made a test craft that was a probe core and a fuel tank with a fuel cell but when I turn on the cell no charge is generated. Is this a bug in the new update or is there something wrong with my install?
  20. Hello everyone, I'm new here. I use 1.7.3 and I think I have a bug with fuel cells (I don't know if it appeared with the update or not, i just noticed it) : no matter which fuel cell (the single one or the 6-pack), when I press the button to start it, it doesn't create any power and doesnt consume fuel. I put the fuel cell directly on the fuel tank and there is no other power generator on the craft. I had mods before but I removed them long time ago, I don't really remember but I think I made a new installation after removing them so there is little chance that it is a mod related issue. I searched on forums but it seems i'm the only one to have this issue. did I do something wrong ? Thanks in advance for the help and sorry for my approximate english
  21. This seems to be an issue that appeared after updating from 1.7.0 to 1.7.1 every time I try to launch the game (in 64 bit) it will load about half way to 2/3 the way through and then stop and sit on a file. Ex. It will display Squad/Spaces/Placeholder/internal/Placeholder. Also on every one it gets stuck on it’s in a ‘spaces’ folder. As far as for RAM I have 16gb ant it is always at 60% utilization when the game stops loading (about 5.6gb). Also, when I delete the file that has broken the game and relaunch it just goes to another internal.cfg file and freezes. Btw when I say freeze I mean that it stope day loading but the background and stuff still change. any help is highly appreciated, thanks in advance
  22. The fairing moves but not the fairing effect area. I'm sorry I can't speak much because I'm not good at English.
  23. I've found that complex robotic installations used as wheel mounting points can be very shaky and reduce the wheel output by up to 80%. And I mean in the weird part clipping jitter way, for example a servo-hinge joint jumps all around the place non stop. If the devs could fix it that would be great.
  24. I'm not sure if this just cropped up in KSP 1.7.2, but I'm seeing an issue with lights turning on their "glow" decals for the lenses when the part they're attached to turns its lights on. This does NOT happen in the VAB; I only see it after launching a craft into flight. More specifically, I can add Mk1 and Mk2 Stock illuminators to a Mk1 lander can or Mk 1-3 command pod, and then turn on the lights on the command pod within the PAW (or with the "U" button, even if the illuminators are unbound from that Action). Within a few seconds, the "glow" decal for the attached lighting parts comes on, even though the lights aren't illuminating. Hovering the mouse arrow over the part to highlight it briefly cures it, then it comes back. The reverse situation comes up when activating the illuminators and turning off the command pod lights. Illumination takes place, but the glow decal disappears either after a few seconds, or after hovering over it with the mouse. This issue gets more problematic when adding illumination mods like Aviation Lights. The blinking and color change functions become irrelevant, at least on the lenses, because they'll come on full strength, white, and continuously, regardless of the actual state of the light, or the glow will stay off if the CM's lights are off. I tried looking this up in the Bug Tracker, but didn't see anything (at least for 1.7.2 bugs) and the search/filtering tools are rather...weak. I'm using KSP x64 on Win10. First saw this on a modded install, then I did a separate clean one, with and without the Squad expansions. UPDATE: I've added this as an issue in the bug tracker. UPDATE 2: I've added detailed replication steps in the bug tracker.