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Found 414 results

  1. Here's the error I got inside the KSP.log: [EXC 15:16:51.022] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object RUI.Algorithms.SCCFlowGraphUCFinder.IsEntryPointRequest (.Part part, .Callback`1 requestCallback) RUI.Algorithms.SCCFlowGraphUCFinder.IsEntryPoint (.Part part, .Callback`1 deliveryCallback, .Callback`1 requestCallback) RUI.Algorithms.SCCFlowGraphUCFinder.IsEntryPoint (.Part part) UIPartActionWindow.CanActivateFuelFlowOverlay (.Part p) UIPartActionWindow.CreatePartList (Boolean clearFirst) UIPartActionWindow.UpdateWindow () UIPartActionController.UpdateActiveWindows () UIPartActionController.UpdateEditor () UIPartActionController.Update ()
  2. I keep on getting errors using Flare Exporter on Kopernicus and I can't fix it, I've already tried changing unity versions among other things but to no avail. If anyone has a clue, then any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hello everybody! I have a problem. When I launched the rocket, a pink square appeared on its nose. How i can fix it ? - screenshot.
  4. I have a fresh install of the newest update (1.9) with no mods. Freezes on loading screen. There is no picture and no text. The yellow loading bar is always filled halfway. It never loads and is stuck. No log because it does not crash.
  5. Whenever I EVA on the ground or in space, the kerbal parachute is always visible, but transparent. I installed GPP on version 1.4.5 through ckan, and only installed what it insisted installing. here's what I mean: Please help
  6. Hey guys I'm new in the forum and seeking for help. The engines are working fine, but maneuver nodes and dV readout are broken. Can anybody explain to me why this is happening and if this can be fixed? I can't really use this craft, except by manually calculating start mass and end mass before every burn. Restarting the game didn't fix it. Neither did redocking the craft. I imagine this is a pretty casual bug even though I couldn't find any posts about it. I have a few visual mods but stock parts and physics. I'd really love to know if there is a fix to this problem. Thanks for the help
  7. I have encountered a possible bug/issue with robotics and a lack of power when one of my base modules in physics range (mun base) runs out of power. Every piece of robotics goes into slowmo when adjusting traverse rates and/or target angles -- by which I mean the animation is very, very slow and jerky - and the game misses some of the animation(s). The game sort of slows down - although that might just have been my PC and not the game. I resolved the issue by moving a few of the modules (those that have wheels due to a contract) to an orientation where they were able to get direct sunlight, but I thought I should warn others of a possible problem that they might encounter.
  8. So I put together a rover to collect some Science from around the KSC, and I put four Experiment Storage Unit's on it so I wouldn't need to recover it constantly. I had also had four of each experiment I was bringing, so I expected them to all get collected. Then I noticed X Science was showing I couldn't run an experiment any more, despite the fact more runs were in fact required to fill the bar and enough science parts were present, so I checked the experiments. Turns out some of them had failed to collect. Thinking about it, this had also just happened while I was collecting the atmospheric analysis science from Kerbin's upper atmosphere with a totally different craft. Best I can tell, this is because I had all the Experiment Storage Unit's on an action group together, and they must have all collected from the same part at the same time. New since 1.8.1 as far as I know. While I have mod's installed, which is why I'm putting this here, I do not believe them to be at fault. Any experiment + 2 action grouped Experiment Storage Unit's on a craft should allow this to be replicated EDIT: Actually, it looks like they need to be on the same stage - so no decouplers in-between. Maybe. EDIT 2: Figured it out- this doesn't work with the Science Jr. or Mystery Goo. Haven't gone up to 1.9 yet, so I can't speak for that.
  9. Hello everyone, I was flying my knockoff F-14 Tomcat Replica and this happened Yeah, don't ask, something went very wrong here. Please help. Nothing worked, not Esc, not F3, nothing Thanks
  10. So I'm building an insectoid walker and for some reason the game refuses to keep the ordering I've assigned to the different tracks: I've lost count how many times I've tried to re-order "L B Hip 1" to appear below "L M Ankle" and "L M Pad" the game simply refuses to keep the ordering I assign them whenever I load the craft. I've tried deleting/re-saving the craft, saving under a different name, opening the file in a stock game... no avail. The weird part is that if I open the .craft file in Notepad++ and go looking for those entries, their rowIndex is consecutive (even if their physical location within the file is a little jumbled up) and as I'd expect them to be: L M Ankle = 10, L M Pad = 11 and L B Hip 1 = 12... Granted, this isn't a huge issue, but it's annoying, and it's bugging me.
  11. Video link: (pay attention to the Apoapsis marker position and altitude) I have no idea of what's causing this. It's happening to every craft I have in orbit, although not with the same intensity (smaller crafts seem to be affected less) This issue is really messing up my game though. Not only Rendezvous/SOI Interceptions can be lost because the plotted course simply changes after the time warp; but in this specific example in the video, I need the AP/PE markers to stay in the same place as I'm deploying a satellite every time the main ship passed through it's AP, this way ensuring proper separation between each satellite. Anyone has any idea on what's causing this? God, every day KSP has a new different bug that will probably take ages to be fixed... Edit 1.: I'm not entirely sure, but I'm pretty confident I know what might be causing this issue, although I have no idea how it could be fixed. The ship I'm using is quite tall as it has on the top 2 fairings with interstage nodes so I could fit 3 small satellites on top of each other. Now, I'm not sure how the game takes into account where the "center" of the ship actually is during map view (if it's either the Center of Mass, the most central point regardless of the mass, the active "control from here" module or even something else entirely), but it seems like this center point is not really aligned with the orbit line center (let's say it's 10m below the orbit point for example). This 10m offset therefore becomes the new center of the orbit when I switch from real time into warp mode. Therefore, as I switch, the game recalculates my orbit 10m below from where it actually was, causing bigger changes far away on my orbit. Maybe if the Devs had/could implement a system in which the game takes my orbital values (AP / PE values) before I start the Warp and put them back in after the warp is done this problem would be fixed; instead of recalculating it as the warp is finished.
  12. Ok so, I have been having fun trying out all the new breaking ground stuff over the last few days. Landed a craft on Minmus with a robotically deployed rover, Take the rover for a spin to find new surface features and end up about 5km away from the lander, upon returning the lander is not about twenty metres up in the air and tilted over slightly. I have tried EVAing my kerbals from the rover into the floating lander, I can enter the vehicle but firing the engine has no effect and I cannot maneuver at all. Apparently I am moving 9.2 m/s relative to the surface. I then sent a kerbal back to my rover to try driving out of physics distance but now the rover is stuck in place cant even use reaction wheels to rotate it. I will try to replicate and upload a screenshot when i get home. Has anyone else experienced this, know the cause or workaround? Kinda ruining my career save right now as I was planning on building many bases/rovers. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hello there! I am creating a mod for KSP, but I need some help with the config file. In the config file, I have a RESOURCE module for an undefined fuel called "Artron Banks". I have this resource being displayed and shown, and the amount of Artron Banks is 5000. The problem is, when I load the game there isn't any fuel at all! The Artron Banks Gauge is empty. I have no idea what to do. Please help! Notice the Fuel Gauge in the bottom corner.
  14. So, I've been having a problem with some of the textures in KSC Extended (and it's dependencies I suppose). Namely, they've gone black. I've installed the latest versions of the listed dependencies on the 1.8.1 version of KSP with both DLC expansions. I'm unable to pin down the cause and I am also running my KSP in OpenGL, if that may be the problem. If someone can find a solution, that would be well appreciated!
  15. Xbox one EE cursor controls career mode, hard difficulty, part upgrade purchase disabled as it doesn't work Bug: A craft is built and on the launch pad, move the cursor over a science module and its highlighted in green (e.g. thermometer), pressing "B" to open the action menu has one of three outcomes, seemingly at random: 1. correctly open the action menu 2. open the action menu of the command pod or other part the selected part is attached to even though its not highlighted 3. do nothing Expected behaviour: open the action menu of the highlighted part, only, every time
  16. I was landing slowly and after being still I released my rover. The screen froze but I knew the game was still running because I could hear the RCS thrusters firing and pressing Esc muted the audio. I closed the game and reopened and the problem continued. I tried starting the game from steam and CKAN, landing on another planet, waiting a while before releasing the rover, letting the craft fall over before releasing the rover, and releasing the rover before landing. The problem continued and waiting ten minutes did not cause it to unfreeze. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Today i was testing the trust of some engines and i built a pretty stupid craft. When I put it on the runway it started driving itself at about 9 m/s. The brakes can't stop it. I think it is running on kraken power. I don't know what is causing it, but here is a video of it happening. P.S. I hope this is the right place to put this thread, I couldn't find a category for bug reports...
  18. Hello, I didn't tried to create anything crazy in term of design in the plane but I think there is a bit of a problem with this particular plane. And yes, I can reproduce this "thing" on every single flight. I can share the design if needed. WindowsPlayer x64 en-us (not sure if these 2 qualify my install to modded or not) 1.8.1 Making History 1.3.1 Breaking Ground Win 10 Pro 1903/18362.476 i7-5820K 16GB GTX1080 / 441.20
  19. So I bought the breaking ground DLC for Ps4 Pro today and started a fresh carrier to avoide any corruption. I started on Hard difficulty with enabled revert and quickload. Also enabled part preasure and g-force for parts and kerbals with plasma blackout and require signal options. When I unlock the tech with FL-100 Fuel Tank it keeps duplicating and have to purchase the entry fee for that part over and over again whenever I enter tha VAB or the Tech tree, also this tank part is dupIicating every time I repurchase it, so by now I have 3 of this sane FL-100 at the tech tree. I already tried to delete and reinstall the game with the dlcs and also deleted every save file, but without any success of solving this tiny but anoying bug. Please, if you have any solution, I would be happy know.
  20. Hello everyone! Are you playing the 1.2 pre-release? Do you want to help us crush those puny bugs and get the chance to name an in-game Kerbal or Waypoint while doing so? Of course you do, who wouldn't?! During the past Squadcast we announced the Bug Hunting Contest and it consists of the following: Participants just need to make quality bug reports on the pre-release project on KSP’s Bug Tracker. The QA team will nominate some 'bug report finalists' based on the relevance of the bug and quality of the report. Once a week, we will announce at least one winner at the beginning of SquadCast (Thursdays - 22:00 UTC at KSPTV). The winner will be able to add a name to a kerbal or waypoint random name generator, subject to our approval Every bug report made during the pre-release phase of the 1.2 Update will be taken into consideration for the contest (sept 13th. - TBA) We will also have a special reward* for the Ultimate Bug Hunter, who will be announced at the end of the contest. Let the hunt begin! Start finding those bugs and putting your best reports on the tracker! Good luck! - The KSP Dev Team *Shippings are limited to Shapeways’ Serviceable Countries list.
  21. I have a craft that utilizes two Docking Port Juniors with same vessel interaction enabled. The example might be for a craft with a hinged door that uses docking ports to secure the door when closed. To close the door, the hinge motion is assigned to action key 4. When the door is closed, the docking ports are used to lock it in place. The problem I'm having is that I have tried assigning various combinations of "Undock", "Decouple Node", and "Same Vessel Interaction" to action key 4 so that when the hinges try to open, the docking ports are decoupled. ...but it doesn't work. I can manually in-game right-click the docking port and break the seal using "Undock" but when I assign "Undock" or "Decouple" or both to any action key... it does not work. Should I post this one to bug tracker? It only seems to be an issue when I am trying to use docking ports with Same Vessel Interaction. Although, I have tried toggling on/off the vessel interaction and it seems to make no noticeable difference. For instance, I have no problem getting action keys to undock ports when dealing with subassemblies. Anyone else come across this?
  22. My North kerbin weaponry mods nuclear bombs have stopped working. It is only the bombs as nuclear rounds and rockets still work. I have tried deleting .dll's, re installing BD armory/NKW and installing different versions of each, as well as verifying KSP's cache, I would love to know if anyone can help with the bombs, as its really pitiful to see a tsar bomba hit the ground and spit out a tiny explosion that does nothing.
  23. Hello, I just got the DLC on PS4Pro (latest KSP-version, all standard settings) and have some problems playing the historical missions. Right during the first mission: The Dawn of the Space Age: After successfully landing (Wernher told me so :)) the K-7 near (but not directly on the runway) the old airfield I return to the VAB either via the button at the top or via the mission diagram. I build the K7-B and want to launch. But here I am sent back to the landen K-7 on the island. Here Wernher briefs me on the 48km-flight. Somehow the spawning of new vehicles does not work, From now on, when I manually return to the space center, all building are locked except the Observation building from where I just can return to the landen K-7.
  24. For some reason, whenever I have kerbals in their External Command Seats in 1.8.1, I can see them through all the parts. I have no parts/ texture replacement mods installed, just a couple of visual and some helpers. How do I make this stop? Here is a picture of this phenomena:
  25. I was trying to mine some ore on Mun to refuel my lander. I would put KSP in to FF to get the sun to come out and charge the solar panels, but every time I did, during ff, the craft would suddenly plunge well into the terrain and explode spectacularly. It took me a bit to figure out what the F was going on. when using lander legs and as little as 5x FF, when you exit FF the craft will do a hop. if you leave the FF on for a period of time, the craft will be forced into the terrain and explode. the log will say the craft has collided with the mun.....but the craft is supposed to be landed and at a stand still. the engines are turned off, and SAS and RCS are turned off... there should be no movement of the craft. additionally the craft is sometimes out of power when this happens, which means the craft should not be capable of moving anywhere, much less hopping into the air, or forcing it self into the terrain. I have verified my files, and that's not the issue. I have no mods installed. only the two DLC. I know its the legs because when I raise them leaving the lander resting on the rocket nozzles, and perform a FF, there is no jumping when you return to normal speed.