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Found 16 results

  1. im having a problem where i right click the heat sheild and it only says jettison im trying to do a quest
  2. I am building a space tug that moves its arms out of the way from the object it is towing and re-aims it's main thrusters located on the arms based on direction of travel. I am trying to use weak motors to save cost and weight, but I am finding that the toggle locked actions don't do any good. They dont seem to trigger and toggling requires them to be in the right state to start. I wish there was a way to say at the start of a movement unlock that part, and once moving is complete to lock it again. Also setting the play head to 0 after getting to the end is nice too so I dont have to add those steps into the custom action groups.
  3. Just built a large SSTO with 6 Turbojets, 4 Rapiers, and 4 Aerospikes weighing in at around 132t fully loaded. It managed to escape Kerbin atmosphere on multiple tests with very few Issues. in atmosphere at around 2km above sea level it could easily cruise at 700+m/s with the turbojets thrust capping out somewhere around 250-300. I saved my game and left my computer for an hour to go run some errands and when I got back the SSTO's engine performance for some reason changed drastically. At 2000m above sea level the engines can't even achieve a thrust above 190 and the SSTO struggles to get past 300m/s. I have made no changes to the craft prior to its successful test flights and the weight in the editor has remained unchanged. Is this some sort of bug?
  4. Hi folks, I'm new to the forum but playing for a while now but now I ran into something very weird. After I got Breaking Ground I started a new game and at some point I decided to make a helicopter/drone using the new motors I watched some tutorials and then tried to do my own but I ran into something I find very weird. As I increased the torque the propellers did spin faster but no lift, only a lot of vibration. I then opened the debug tools and enabled display of aero forces. The weird thing I noticed was that as the propellers were spinning the lifting force kept alternating up and down instead of only being up. At some point I got one that worked ok but no clue how to do it again or what's wrong. I tried with Elevon 5, FAT-455 Aeroplane Control Surface and even a few wings with the same thing happening Also how can I add screenshots on this forum? I only found a button to Insert image from URL Any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. If you press the LEFT ARROW key and press the RIGHT ARROW key, the right will react preferentially. Conversely, if you press the RIGHT ARROW key and then press the LEFT ARROW key, the left will not be the priority but the right will still be the priority. Devloper HATE LEFT?(?) (This bug(?) is real) Plz stop the left disgust!
  6. I sent probe to equal orbit, game said, that orbit was equal, probe had required things (solar panels, materials bay, antenna), and it said, that every part of contract is done except: "Build an unmanned probe that has an antenna and can generate power". So, why the contract isn't completed? Everything was ticked except that thing. Why?
  7. I've been playing around with some texture alterations today, as some preparation for a story series I'm planning to work on and I found something odd about the lighting of the kerbal characters. The issue is that the gloves don't appear to be lit correctly, as if ther normals in that part of the mesh are incorrect. Here's an image to show what I mean, which has a character with a pure white colour texure, all detail coming from the normal map. If you look at the character's left hand, which is facing the sun, it appears darker on the sun side (back) than the shadowed side (the palm). in fact it has the same colour value as the shadowed side of the right arm, which recieves no direct light. Most likely it's been there for a long time and I've just got used to it and mentally filtered it out. It was only because I was tinking with the textures that it caught my eye. My first reaction was that I'd screwed up something in making my changes, but I confirmed this wasn't the case, by first removing all the none stock textures. This gave the same result (dark back of the hands), so not an error I'd introduced. I then checked this on different planets (didn't make any sense, but did it just in case) and found the result was the same, the hands were lit wrong. I also had a look at this in v1.2 and the results was again the same, dark back of the hands. I even dug out the oldest build I have around (1.0.4) and still the hands were wrong. After playing the game for so long and doing a lot of art work based on screenshots, I'm a bit shocked that I've not noticed this before.
  8. I am being offered a contract to ferry 3 tourists to 'Isamund's Wreckage' and have them 'tour the station' there for 18 days. The 'Isamund's Wreckage' is a Mk.I command pod, left over from a rescue mission. It has a capacity of 1. Is it possible to complete this mission by using a 'Claw' Advanced Grabbing Unit and locking a larger vessel to the Mk.I command pod, or would I need to play musical chairs in space for 54 hours? Also, I have never seen this type of contract before. Is it new in 1.3.1?
  9. I constructed a large 362 part heavy SSTO. It was able to land on Mun, Duna...all sorts of places. But upon loading the craft from any landed environment, the craft will bounce upwards and often destroy itself due to flipping over. With closer inspection I noticed that when the game is loaded, for the very first few frames, the wheels will clip into the ground and thus create the bounce. This also happens when exiting time acceleration. What is causing this and how can I stop it!!!??? FYI I'm using five LY-99 landing gears. Are they the problem? Please Help Forum...For you guys are my only hope...
  10. I've been designing this SSTO to go to Minmus for the past few days, and I've encountered a problem that I just can't seem to solve. Even with the center of lift behind the center of mass, the plane flips over upon liftoff like the COm is in front of the COL. Does anyone know what's going on? I've tried everything and it doesn't seem to work. Craft File: Aircraft Mrk_ 2.craft?dl=0 Mods needed: OPT Space Plane Parts
  11. I don't know if anybody else has been experiencing this issue, but my green comm lines to show connections between the craft and the groundstations or any relays are not showing up on the map view. The comm network works fine and the little tab on the flight screen still shows if I have a kerbal on board, how good my connection is ETC. Thanks Hope this pic helps.
  12. You know these contracts. They require you to mine a lot of ore somewhere you don't need any ore and lift it to orbit of another celestial body (or even land it there). While I always wondered, why I should ship ore from Ike to the Orbit of Duna, given the fact that I had a complete ISRU station on the surface of Duna, I accepted the contract anyways as I had mining equipment on Ike as well. And 400k for flying from Ike to Duna is a pretty good payment. Now once I reached the required amount of ore on Ike, I realised I had too little fuel to get to Duna. No problem. In that case I simply transferred the interplanetary transfer vehicle from Duna orbit to Ike orbit... But upon switching to the vessel in Duna orbit the contract was paid out as it was completed. Turned out the vessel I switched to had ore onboard which exceeded the requirements of the contract. To make a long story short - these kind of contracts are miswritten. They only require "mine x units of ore here" and "have x units of ore in orbit there". Knowing that, I exploited the bug more often. I don't know. But at least three times I got paid for mining on Ike and having totally unrelated ore in orbit of Duna.
  13. Hi all, Does anyone know if it is known that fairings in fairings are not occluded? Drag indicators show that they still see the atmosphere when in another fairing..
  14. Hello, it's me again. I am playing the same playthrough as Scott Manley's "Kerbal Spaceships are Serious Business", and i've downloaded all the mods (i think) but when i start playing, i have way more parts than Scott did have available to start off with (eg many crew cabins and control wheels instead of the two control wheels and one crew cabin that Scott had). also, my runway to start off with is fully upgraded, but it still says level one on it. any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks!
  15. So I just built and shipped a large tanker in my career game. Unfortunately, when I try steering, the wheels will not turn or rotate or anything. It doesn't roll down hills either. This is on windows in 64x KSP.
  16. So I accepted a contract to build a base on Duna. One of the requirements is to have a resource converter on the base. Yet in testing (and previous experience) the 1.25 meter ISRU doesn't count for some reason. This is a problem because 1. The 2.5 meter ISRU is bigger than I want. 2. I have a nice setup in which the 1.25m fits inside of a cargo bay for the planetary base mod so aesthetics would be bad (this is going to go on YouTube) 3. The 2.5m is bigger. 4. The contract doesn't specify which converter it wants anywhere. So this raises a question. If I fulfill all of the requirements, except the ISRU one, then should I just complete the contract via alt + f12 or would that be wrong? I just want to see some other peoples opinions and ideas on the subject.