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Found 76 results

  1. While playing KSP I realised that I couldn't reload a save after reloading one save previously before. This keeps on happening and is quite frustrating as I have to restart the game each time I want to load save.
  2. First off, hello, names imagine. I'm here because i have had at least 5 contracts flat out break for no apparent reason and ive only had the game for about two days. Current one, after restarting 3 times, several hard resets, redownloads, etc., is the flea booster test. Several times ive had all conditions green, ive tested, ive hit through sequence, i have done everything i can think or find to get this to work, to no avail. Im going crazy here, litterally losing sleep over it. I love this game so much its depressing how bad career mode is breaking. The saddest part is, i know there's nothing that can be done other than a patch, and there are posts just like mine dating months and months back, so what the hell is going on? I'd be satisfied with at least a reason to why the game is broken, and has remained broken for so long. I paid good money to be able to play career mode, so i want it to work properly and it just doesnt seem like anythings being done about it. If i would've known career mode was unplayable, i absolutely would have thought twice about my purchase. Any replies, good or bad, are appreciated. I think its time the developers get with the program and at least explain to the people paying their bills, why our games arent working. Thanks. -Imagine
  3. Hi, I'm trying to play online with this mod. The mod works correctly but when we are inside the atmosphere we cannot see each other (it is not because of the safety bubble). Anyone knows how to solve this? (I host the server). From already thank you very much. Sorry if the text is misspelled, I speak Spanish and wrote it by the google translator
  4. I just purchased both dlc's for ksp on steam, and I tried to make something with the breaking ground robotic parts. First I tried rotors, which didn't work at all. Then I tried the other parts. They worked, but afetr the 3rd time I used them, they just froze. Has anybody encountered the same problem? Does anyone have a solution? Help would be apreciated.
  5. one of my recent craft testing had a engine not throttling down. the booster was attached, and all of controls failed. i let the engine burn out it's fuel. has anybody had this problem, because my crew in my space station are homesick. i do not have pictures. it was a rhino engine The kerbals also need more solar panels, and none of my ssto's can reach the station. jeb is on the station
  6. I have been having some problems with my mods. I would appear that one of the mods I have has broken the parachutes (the parachutes are empty objects, when I put them on my ship I get the warning that I don't have any parachutes, they don't show up in staging, so on, they just don't exist from a function standpoint), some other things, and all of BDArmory. I could go through taking out each one and trying it but my computer is a bit slow and it would take hours. I'm hoping I can get a quicker response on the forums. I'm going to list everything in my GameData folder, so if you know of any clashes, please tell me. BDArmory CommunityCategoryKit CommunityResourcePack FerramAeroSpaceResearch Firespitter JSI KAS KAX KerbalEngineer KIS Klockheed_Martian_Gimbal KWRocketry MagicSmokeIndustries MechJeb2 PlanetaryBaseInc ProbeControlRoom QuizTechAero SmokeScreen Squad (of course) ThunderAerospace Trajectories TriggerTech and a few versions of module manager I feel stupid to ask about this since I have been playing for 4 years, but I don't have time to go through them myself anymore. Thanks in advance!
  7. When I go into the tutorials especially the Mun ones I get to a point where the dialog box freezes and I can’t interact with it and continue the tutorial Im playing on Xbox one ive tried refreshing the tutorials and nothing happened and so I don’t know how to get to the mun and all my 42 attempts have all failed without getting close to the mun Plz fix this.
  8. Recently, @ShadowZone has released a video about the future of KSP, and as I personally agree with the points he has made, so I decided to spread the word. @UomoCapra and other developers, please hear me and him out:
  9. Here is a way to combat the Italian Kraken (spaghettifying) and physics seizures. When a kerbal starts spaghettifying, or a craft starts wobbling for no reason, repeatedly spam the "Flight Events" tab (f3) This eases down the physics, and hopefully scares the Kraken away. Please note that this method does not guarantee success, only highers the chance of it. Feel free to post any other ways which you know might help players fight the bugs in-game
  10. Hello, I am an absolute beginner. I actually need to learn this game fairly quickly to help facilitate a community kids group at our local library. I have to say, I am finding it rather difficult to find a good tutorial that walks you through, step by step, without moving too quickly or trying to do too much. So I have been trying the training contained within the game itself. I like the explanations and pacing, but I keep running into problems. For example: Intermediate construction: I cannot get past the adding some extra functionality" part. It tells me to open the "Science tab" to look at the Mystery Goo. However, no matter what I do, the "next" button stays grayed out. I have tried this scenario 6 times and cannot get past this. So, I decided to skip it, and tried the next training: "Suborbital Flight" However, if I follow the instructions precisely, I run out of fuel. I tried backing off on the thrust--despite being told to start at 2/3, and still run out of fuel. No matter what I do I fail. Is it supposed to be this hard on a beginner tutorial? (Ironically, I had better luck just going blind and building things--but I really need to get a good grip on the whole process). To be honest, this is really frustrating and not exactly making me want to continue. Thoughts?
  11. Hi Everyone, just a quick update for bug reporting. We've now updated the Bug Tracker to include the console platforms to align support and issues for all platforms. I'll be updating the information page on the tracker next to make sure we give you all the right info for how to best report any issues you might have and not ask for things like logs, etc if the platform doesn't support it: The best place to discuss questions/advice and issues is, as always the forum, but when you have a bug to report please do head over to the tracker. And of course if you have any questions yell out
  12. Ugh. In flight part clipping is so annoying. Post your struggles here
  13. Hello Forums! I was in the research and development in career mode, dreaming of science upgrades, only to realise that hovering above Making History parts shows a non-making history part that I previously hovered on. However, unhovered and sitting in its icon in the technology part list, its looking fine. Anyone else having this as of 1.4? Just in case, i play on a mac book pro, if that helps, and I am running the Steam install. Even if i double check file integrity, nothing seems to help Mods Kerbal Eng Redux Docking alignment indicator Thanks in advance
  14. Is anyone else having this issue with the xboxone version? Once I reach space and shut down my engines they will not restart (if I use time acceleration). It seems to happen if I throttle them down to zero as well, if I use time acceleration. Like for example if I am headed to the Mun and throttle down my engine, once I try to start a retro burn to enter orbit of Mun, my engine will not restart if I had shut them down earlier, or throttle back up if I use time acceleration. Is this a bug or am I doing something incorrectly? They seem to restart or throttle back up just fine, if I avoid using time acceleration.
  15. I just made a ring station with the Kerbalism mod parts. I assembled it in orbit using the Cormorant Aeronology Space shuttle. I attatched the final part with the Canadarm 2 and undocked. The shuttle moved like 5 metres away from the station but it wouldn't move,, except roll. Same with the station. So even though it was seperated from the station, it was stuck in that place next to the station. I tried everything to move away from it but it won't move an inch. Then i loaded a quicksave from 10 mins before but then almost everything, including kerbin "disappeared and you could see everything like a ghost, because they were transparent. I got really annoyed and went back to the space center. Then i found out the center was like a ghost as well, everything was transparent. I clicked on the VAB and the game crashed. Any ideas of what is going on? I did a lot of stuff in that world and i don't really want to do a re-install or anything... thanks
  16. First problem so far: @AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures You know how to make Coronas, and I even used your Valentine corona as a template for Kerbolus', so why is this not working?
  17. Hello fellow kerbaliers! Thank you for taking a moment to help this poor kerbonaut So here comes the topic itself, i was playing 1.3.1 with a set of mods (all about BD armory and army stuff) and i was doing a test with my new stealth plane, to see what distance the AESA radar takes to detect me; I made an anti-aircraft s-400 based vehicle with some interceptor missiles, the AESA radar and other stuff, i moved it to the island next to kerbin main base (the one that has a dirty runway), I moved my stealth plane to like 15 km behind kerbin, that's when the weird things started happening... Literrally set up the autoengage on the ground-air went back to my craft using the ''['' and '']'' keys as always, i aproached the s-400 and i noticed that in the ''vs'' window of bd armory the s-400 was gone, it went to another dimension?!?! I tried again and the same, so i realised than when i get more far away from the ground vessel than over 10km it dissapears without any reason My face when i realised was like :roto2: EDIT: I forgot :roto2: was a spanish meme, here you have a pic of him so you can imagine my face
  18. In the new Add-On I have the enoying bug, that the bigest fairing, the new 5m size one, is too big. It is larger than the bigest fuel tanks in diameter, and the fairing peaces are separated from an other. I have no mods installed, deinstalled it fom my original C:-harddrive, deleted all remains of KSP and I have reinstalled it on my other D:-harddrive as well. The bug is still there and I want to know if other people have this as well and if so, how to fix it, or that the KSP-Team fixes this bug, please.
  19. Here's a list of bugs I've discovered so far, while messing around in the Mission Builder, in no particular order. [BUG] Copied "Spawn Vessel" nodes fail to spawn crafts If "Spawn Vessel" node is copied, it will not spawn the desired vessel. For example, if you need two vessels in orbit, relatively close to each other, setting the orbit settings in one node, then copying it and change which vessel to spawn would be easiest. However, copied nodes will not spawn any vessels. You must create each node from scratch atm. [BUG] "Time Since Node" node shows nodes docked to the start node Nodes docked to the start node do not activate, thus it makes little sense to be able to select them for "Time Since Node" nodes, since it will never test true. [BUG] "Spawn Vessel" spawned automatically with "Start" node has no "Focus on Vessel" option The "Spawn Vessel" node has a "Focus on Vessel" option to focus on the vessel after it has been spawned. This option lacks entirely from the one spawned by default in new missions. While this option is implied for nodes docked to the start node, the option does not appear when undocking the default node, nor does it appear for "Spawn Vessel" nodes spawned explicitly and docked to the start node. Either the option should be shown always, or appear/disappear when docking/undocking. [BUG] Menu becoming inaccessible I'm not sure when or why it happens, but sometimes when testing a mission, escape will not open the menu, and the only way to quit or get back to build your mission is to Alt+F4 and restart the game. [BUG] Drop down for which vessel to spawn in the "Spawn Vessel" node does not render correctly until scrolled with the mouse wheel [BUG] Activate Once Only should not be true by default It is far easier to tick Activate Once Only on a single node, when you actually need it, than having to untick it on every single node, you create ever, when you don't. [BUG] Activate Once Only is not preserved during copy When you copy a node, Activate Once Only is re-ticked in the copied node. I'll update this as I discover more bugs.
  20. Okay, So speaking to a few people on the facebook group (Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition (Console)). Some people have experienced very minor bugs on console (no game breaking bugs). We got into discussion, and these people hadn't turned on advanced tweakables. when i asked them to turn them on they both started experiencing game breaking bugs. I'm curious if there is anyone here experiencing major bugs with advanced tweakables turned off? If that is the base cause of most of the major issues it could: a) be an easy work around b) easy to patch possibly i'm going to try it out tonight but i would like other peoples input too...i promised myself i wouldn't go through all this again and start looking for work arounds and causes but here i am again. I'm such a mug
  21. Playing on a standard ps4 Career mode Cursor controller preset The time warp bug seems to be compiling in severity the further along I go in the game. I am on a mission to put a satellite in to a polar orbit around Duna and I am flying by Ike. The problem started as per usual with time warping towards Duna after the intercept burn. I had to reload a few times on the trip to Duna as I could not save, return to SC or main menu. Now I am putting the probe into a polar orbit and any time warping causes the game to disallow saving, return to SC or main menu. The game is now unplayable for me. There have been other bugs that have occurred but nothing that actually stops your game.
  22. I found this bug when i tried to run my KSP this morning when ever it loads up and gets to updating parts it just crashes and says to report any bugs. Please respond and help me with this.
  23. Had to restart the game from the previously mentioned Mission Control bug. Loaded in and all quicksaves and saved ships from both VAB and SPH have disappeared. Reset the game again and they still not there. Did the game delete them? Turns out that I can no longer save ships I've built or even launch a ship from either the VAB or SPH. I can build ships but as soon as I click launch or save ship, the "Return to space" "Launch" "Open craft" "new craft" "Save craft" buttons are all greyed out. The other buttons work but can't back out only reset. But resetting the game doesn't fix it. Can I get a refund? Don't really wanna start again to bug test a broken game I payed full price for.
  24. i can't find a way to use phiscal warp (1x,2x,3x,4x,) after i escaped the atmosveer. this on the xbox one (X)
  25. Here is a list of bug I encountered (PS4, default control scheme): 1) I can recover ships even from space (getting parts, crew and science back) 2) When getting from tracking station to space center the enviromentns is loading slowly part by part, object by object. It is not game breaking but adding longer loading screen to hide this may look better. 3) Sometimes windows (at least the notification about new achievements) can not be closed. Once you open it, and switch off the cursor mode (L3) the "continue" and "exit" buttons does not appear and window can not be closed. It is drawing the focus, so the game becomes unplayable. 3) I still have a problem that from time to time my ship is not responding to any commands (rotations, staging). This happens both in ships and EVA (can not move the Kerbal). Switching to tracking station and back helps. Here are some potentional problems I alraedy excluded: - I have electricity (so the rotation is not stopped because of this) - I dont have locked staging mode - Im not in the time warp mode - I dont have RCS enabled As far as I know all these can also "lock you our from controls" (and as noob it took me while to fiure them out when I had these problems by mistake). But when the problem occurs it has to be even something else. 4) Sometimes progress is not saved when switching between buildings or recovering vessels. For example you accept the mission, go back to the space center and the mission is not accepted and you have to do it again. Similar problem leads to loose of mission progress. I have mission to test chute. I completed the mission (all green in the mission log, I got the notifications about obejctives and contract completed. I could see the money on my account). But as soon as I recovered the vessel, the mission was again active and no money on my account. Recovery behaved like loading the state before mission. I tried this several times with same result. What helped is to save the game during the mission (when objectives are completed). Then they remained completed even after ship recovery. Apart from this, the game is running fine for me.