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Found 49 results

  1. Hello, I am an absolute beginner. I actually need to learn this game fairly quickly to help facilitate a community kids group at our local library. I have to say, I am finding it rather difficult to find a good tutorial that walks you through, step by step, without moving too quickly or trying to do too much. So I have been trying the training contained within the game itself. I like the explanations and pacing, but I keep running into problems. For example: Intermediate construction: I cannot get past the adding some extra functionality" part. It tells me to open the "Science tab" to look at the Mystery Goo. However, no matter what I do, the "next" button stays grayed out. I have tried this scenario 6 times and cannot get past this. So, I decided to skip it, and tried the next training: "Suborbital Flight" However, if I follow the instructions precisely, I run out of fuel. I tried backing off on the thrust--despite being told to start at 2/3, and still run out of fuel. No matter what I do I fail. Is it supposed to be this hard on a beginner tutorial? (Ironically, I had better luck just going blind and building things--but I really need to get a good grip on the whole process). To be honest, this is really frustrating and not exactly making me want to continue. Thoughts?
  2. I am currently testing my jool 5 rocket (it is 3000 tons). I have a bunch of launch stability enhancers. But, sometimes, my rocket just falls as if the launch stability enhancers were not there (it even tilts to the side). I have only mechjeb and kerbal engineer. If this is fixable, how can it be fixed?
  3. The PS4 release of KSP is notable for its abundance of game-breaking crashes and errors. While playing around trying to launch a big orbital scanner satellite, I went to switch to map mode, only to see... my craft flying on Kerbin, with a white circle in the background. The text said "Focus: Kerbin", and I was able to scroll through all the planets, but my orbit path was not displayed. It's irreversible, and the pause menu is also "frozen" in that none of the buttons do anything except "Revert flight"- that one causes the game to freeze entirely. It appears to be linked to the use of larger fairing sizes... I think. So far, both of my largest rockets do this, and they both have the 3.75m fairing piece installed. Oddly enough, it doesn't happen with any other of my crafts. Is there any fix to this? I have yet to try launching my rockets with the fairings removed to see if that's the issue...
  4. KSP Version: 1.3, 32 bit, Windows 10 What Happens: The game won't even start. It just tells me that the game crashed. Mods / Add-Ons: JSI, BDArmory, KAX, OPT, PlanetaryBaseInc, TweakScale Steps to Replicate: 1. Download Windows 10 2. Download mods stated above 3. Start KSP Result: The game seems to work fine until it's loaded about 10 to 15% (edit: ~53%. The loading stops on rv/rvholder or something like that), then it crashes miserably Fixes/Workarounds: It doesn't exist Other Notes/Pictures/Log Files: Error Log: Output Log: Crash.dmp:
  5. I have been having some problems with my mods. I would appear that one of the mods I have has broken the parachutes (the parachutes are empty objects, when I put them on my ship I get the warning that I don't have any parachutes, they don't show up in staging, so on, they just don't exist from a function standpoint), some other things, and all of BDArmory. I could go through taking out each one and trying it but my computer is a bit slow and it would take hours. I'm hoping I can get a quicker response on the forums. I'm going to list everything in my GameData folder, so if you know of any clashes, please tell me. BDArmory CommunityCategoryKit CommunityResourcePack FerramAeroSpaceResearch Firespitter JSI KAS KAX KerbalEngineer KIS Klockheed_Martian_Gimbal KWRocketry MagicSmokeIndustries MechJeb2 PlanetaryBaseInc ProbeControlRoom QuizTechAero SmokeScreen Squad (of course) ThunderAerospace Trajectories TriggerTech and a few versions of module manager I feel stupid to ask about this since I have been playing for 4 years, but I don't have time to go through them myself anymore. Thanks in advance!
  6. I'm starting a new question (this isn't really a question but in fact a topic, but it's related to this but you can only ask questions here), and it is about the WORST bugs and glitches. Post your worst bugs and glitches here, and also, if possible and if you know how, a solution to the problem. I have had so many that it's not even funny. I'll provide a little background about the bugs and glitches I experience, and why they are SO ANNOYING for me.I work two jobs, and when I get home at 5pm (Australian time), I usually have until 9pm until I need to get ready for a 10pm night shift until 1 am. Anyway, getting off topic. So I have like four hours and I devote that time to playing KSP. For some reason, when I load the game, it will freeze, and I'll have to restart it. That happens around 3, 4 or even 5 times before a successful load, and that's not all. I am writing this in frustration, as the game froze twice, but then loaded on the third time (third time lucky?), and when I loaded my science mode save file, everything went fine, and I saw that I had some science points left, so I spent them. Also, when I'm in the science tech tree, when I click on a node and press 'Research', the science will be spent, but the node will still be grey, like if I haven't unlocked it yet or something. I found out that if I just exit the science tech tree and go back in, it will be green and I'll own the parts. But that's not the major problem. When I clicked 'Close', to go back to the KSC and build a craft with the new parts, as you usually would, it didn't close. The top menu stayed on the science tech tree, but 3/4 of the way down at my screen, it had the KSC menu where you can timewarp to the next morning or whatever. I suffered through the loading screen freezing twice before I got back in, and this time I steered clear of the RnD building, thinking that it must be a rare bug or glitch with the science tech tree. So when I clicked on the VAB, the same thing happened. I clicked on it, but it wouldn't load. It was then unclickable. I tried the SPH, and it happened again. Trying every single building, but no, once I clicked on a building, it was unclickable again. I then pressed the pause button and tried clicking on 'Exit To Main Menu'. And, when I clicked it, it didn't exit. It was ALSO UNCLICKABLE. I tried every button in the pause menu, and they were unclickable once I clicked them even once. I am VERY frustrated, and I am trying to see if I could fix this by just reloading the game. But, it has now froze twice, and I don't know what to do. I work for eight hours in an office job, and KSP is the only thing that pulls me through, just thinking 'at least after 3 more hours of Excel spreadsheets I can go home and attempt a rover landing on Eeloo, or work on my asteroid base or whatever' keeps me from going insane at my boring workplace. Sorry for this LENGTHY forum post, but yeah, I'm VERY frustrated and I want to just uninstall the game, again.(I had to uninstall it the first time because of a modulemanager glitch where it reloads the database, and it deleted every flag, part, save file, sound, resource, and basically every single item in the Kerbal Space Program folder except for the patcher and actual game). Why does this happen?! Why?!
  7. hi. Just a bug i encountered, when i am in space or launching, if i were to press LB + RB to bring up the system map. The sky turns into space and brings in out the planets to view. Never used to do this. Any help would be great thanks. I cannot load the system map at all now.
  8. PLEASE update the xbox one version of ksp, it's very hard to play with so many bugs. I love the game so much but geeze, guys come on. no navigation button, random freezing of ships, massive fsp drops for no reason, quick save problems and the list goes on and on. So please PLEASE help us out and fix some of this. Thank you
  9. Hi all, When I do the tutorial, To the Mun Part 1, I get to the second screen and it asks to place a maneuver on the orbit. This does not work. The orbit just turns gray, and I cant continue the tutorial. This was also verified by another user on a Steam account. Version (WindowsPlayer)
  10. i update ksp 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 after update i am facing a problem in career mode neither i can make maneuver nodes nor i can select any object such as mun minmus etc in map view, my active vessel orbit is in grey color instead of yellow, but every thing is fine in sandbox any one know how to fix it, i install all mode through ckan
  11. Kraken! Post your "What???" moments here!

    We all have had moments when we botched a mission out of our own stupidity. But I've often wondered how many of us have had our plans thwarted by some strange, and sometimes hilarious bug! Recently I had this happen when I tried to launch a reasonably large hypersonic aircraft with two parasite aircraft. The configuration looked perfectly fine in the SPH. When I launched it however... uhh... just take a look. I took the old version and attached new parasitic fighters, and it came out fine that time, so no harm done. Please post your kraken moments here! btw, if there is a preexisting thread like this somewhere else, feel free to point it out, and close/merge this thread. I thought there would be, but all the kraken threads I found through search (and also by looking through about 5 pages manually) were complaining about bugs. This thread is for the humor!
  12. Hi all, Loving, LOVING this game, which I purchased for Steam/Linux just a few days ago. Very happy that this is something of a work in progress, but I confess that it seems the Linux platform might be getting a little less love? Hey - there's a growing number of us out there ;0) Anyhow, that being the case or not, I've run into a *real* issue now (beyond the earlier reported graphics issue of flickering/corrupt pixels while inside the hangars, and the general great difficulty in click-selecting objects). I'm on my third restart in career mode. I've just taken on a contract to Test Heat Shield (0.625m) and the game won't recognise when I achieve the necessary requirements. In this challenge, I have to make between 1550.0m/s to 2,000m/s. Twice now I've managed to re-enter from a high orbit, and all checks except speed are green. As the craft speeds up on re-entry, I'm traveling at over 1600m/s and STILL the green tick won't appear. So I'm stuck on two contracts, unable to clear this one. I could re-start again :0/ but would like to know if there's a way I could help by maybe submitting stats or data, just in case these are things that can be ironed out? As I say, happy to accept it's under active development, but this game ain't free... ;0)
  13. Go grab some cheese puffs and a drink, this might be a long one... So, I've been enjoying the 1.2 update quite a lot, but have come across a few things that make the game much less enjoyable. Let's start off with the one that will cause the most destruction Runway gap: Near the beginning of the runway, there's a gap (actually more of a tiny cliff) in the terrain, somewhat like that one on Minmus a while back, except this one is somewhere you'd go for an actual reason, not just to fall through the floor or goof around. I've tested it with a small rover and can confirm that the gap is, in fact a physical error, not just graphical. Bouncy wheels: In some tests, wheels are extremely bouncy and make driving hard. A prototype for a submarine I built has a heavy payload spread out over a bunch of wheels, but when it spawns in, it bounces from side to side until the wheels shatter and have to be repaired by an engineer and begin the cycle all over again. This isn't just with heavy payloads, I haven't observed the phenomenon in a light craft directly, but there are some GIFs on the KSP subreddit of it happening. Strange lines: This is the weirdest glitch I've discovered in the day or so that 1.2 has been out: On most things in the game, faint lines can be observed, similar to those on the science lab, but more frequent. It occurs on parts, particle effects, the main menu, and even planets sometimes! They run across the screen vertically no matter what position the craft or camera is in. If it matters, I'm on Mac and KSP is the only thing this issue has occurred in, with and without mods. Slow framerate and response editor response times: Even though I have relatively few mods installed, the game seems to be moving slowly - at most 23 frames a second, probably closer to 19 or 20 (the slowest framerate the human eye can perceive as motion is 24). Though it may not seem like a big deal, it is. It lowers the enjoyment factor of the game drastically and I don't even want to see what happens if I try to record it. When switching between tools or opening menus in the VAB/SPH, the UIs take a while to appear and often require a second, third, and sometimes even fourth click to open. I'm not entirely sure, as I haven't done it much, but I haven't seen this happen outside of a building building. Static-ey screenshots: What the hell is going on? My screenshots are just rainbow static - COMPLETELY unrecognizable as anything. I wanted a new wallpaper for my desktop (this postcard-style wallpaper is getting old), but I can't get any screenshots that actually look like anything. I might be wrong, but they're not even the right shape! This also makes it impossible to get thumbnails for videos, and might also affect recording, although I haven't tested it yet. Annoying fairings: While not so much a bug as an annoying feature, the new fairing system tends to get in the way a lot more than it should. This is probably just my current building style, but it's worth mentioning. Is there a way to turn off the extra nodes?
  14. If I have a vanilla game - which I do - and have a bug problem - which I don't (So it's all hypothetical) then Squad will look into the problem. If I also have a modded game - which I do - and have a bug problem - which I don't (So it's still all hypothetical) then squad will say "Not with a barge-pole mate!" and will not look into the problem. What if I have a modded game - which I do (in case you forgot) - and have a bug problem - which I don't (So even now we are still being hypothetical) and what if I ripped out all the mods from this modded game and then presented the still present (hypothetical) bug to squad, would this be touched with a barge-pole? Would the save game itself, having been tainted by mods still make it untouchable regardless of barge-pole length? Just wondering.. you know.. hypothetically.. can I de-taint a save game enough that squad will hug it and welcome it home and forgive it for getting tainted in the first place? Thoughts of the masses?
  15. Hi Everyone, just a quick update for bug reporting. We've now updated the Bug Tracker to include the console platforms to align support and issues for all platforms. I'll be updating the information page on the tracker next to make sure we give you all the right info for how to best report any issues you might have and not ask for things like logs, etc if the platform doesn't support it: The best place to discuss questions/advice and issues is, as always the forum, but when you have a bug to report please do head over to the tracker. And of course if you have any questions yell out
  16. so i bought the game and installed it, and when i started the game, it would start and then it would stop. It even got to the point where my PC kept crashing. so i tried everything. i tried verifying game cache, i tried reinstalling the game, i even tried deleting all the files so the game is installed like new. I didnt know what to do anymore, so i checked the ENTIRE log, and at the very bottom, i got this: [LOG 13:08:57.403] Loading Systems: Elapsed time is 48.30033s [WRN 13:08:57.723] The referenced script on this Behaviour is missing! [WRN 13:08:57.724] The referenced script on this Behaviour is missing! [LOG 13:08:58.744] UIMasterController: HideUI [LOG 13:08:59.066] Agent: Found 18 agent mentality types [LOG 13:08:59.070] AgentList: 27 agents parsed and loaded. [LOG 13:08:59.072] UIMasterController: HideUI [LOG 13:08:59.917] [CelestialBody]: Kerbin's solar day length is 1d, 0h, 0m long. sidereal day length is 5h, 59m, 9s long [LOG 13:09:00.046] UIMasterController: HideUI [WRN 13:09:00.051] [HighLogic]: =========================== Scene Change : From LOADING to MAINMENU ===================== [LOG 13:09:03.050] UIMasterController: ShowUI [WRN 13:09:05.536] [ApplicationLauncher] Awake False [LOG 13:09:05.539] [ApplicationLauncher] SpawnSimpleLayout: VerticalTopDown [WRN 13:09:05.559] [UiApp] Awake: MessageSystem [LOG 13:09:05.616] [UIApp] Adding MessageSystem to Application Launcher [LOG 13:09:05.711] [ApplicationLauncher] SetHidden: [LOG 13:09:05.719] [MessageSystem] OnAppInitialized [LOG 13:09:05.720] [MessageSystem] Reposition 0.104451 15760 [EXC 13:10:21.920] DllNotFoundException: CSteamworks Steamworks.InteropHelp.TestIfAvailableClient () Steamworks.SteamController.Shutdown () SteamController.KSPSteamController.OnDestroy () SteamController.KSPSteamController.OnApplicationQuit () [EXC 13:10:22.084] DllNotFoundException: CSteamworks Steamworks.InteropHelp.TestIfAvailableClient () Steamworks.SteamController.Shutdown () SteamController.KSPSteamController.OnDestroy () [ERR 13:10:22.133] Coroutine couldn't be started because the the game object 'HighLogic' is inactive! [LOG 13:10:22.165] Launcher here(in write): False Ps im on steam i even tried discussing it with another steam user to see if they know what is going on, but i still dont know
  17. I have encountered an issue with either LBP or the game itself, when I have a vessel in the water and I exit to space center, or I leave physics load distance, and re-enter, the ship will either spontaneously explode, disintegrate, launch itself hundreds of meters above the water or if i'm lucky, it will only lose all probe cores and cockpits rendering the vessel useless. I have found this to be an issue, not being able to properly set up fleets, or battles, having to build all of the ships I want ahead of time, and then spawning them in one by one with vessel mover, which still the craft has a good chance of not spawning over the water in one piece. I am running the game through KSP_x64.exe. Even when constructing a vanilla water vessel, if i am to leave it, then return, it too will not load properly, and will deconstruct and fly into the air, what is going on?
  18. I don't know about anyone else, but I've been having real issues with the stock fairings lately. For one thing, they don't stage with action groups. If I have a pod (or something I want to save in case of emergency) under a fairing, and my action groups look like this Abort> LES activate, Decoupler decouples, fairing jettisons. What will happen in case of emergency is this: I hit backspace Everything but the fairing jettison occurs My crew pod gets smashed against the inside of the fairing and they die. Which brings up my next point (kinda). After that, everything inside my fairing has been obliterated; my rocket is falling back down onto the space center; it lands on the grass; and... Everything but the fairing breaks and explodes. Fairings are needlessly strong. Don't you think that my launch escape system (homemade, it packs 300 Kn of thrust) should be able to crack that fairing open and carry my crew to safety? We like explosions don't we? Don't we want to see the fairing explode and crack into little pieces? This last thing is much less urgent than the first two. It'd be really cool if we had multiple textures for fairings. Stock, solid white, grey, some kind of ability to upload your own (maybe?) be able to add a flag and such. While still maintaining the ability to customize the shapes of your fairings, I'd also like to see Procedural Fairings become stock.
  19. This is NOT listed as a bug as of yet. I absolutely love this game and this bug breaks my heart because of the fact that I absolutely can't play until it's fixed. This is what happens: I spend literally 8 hours straight (I have no life) building, launching and I eventually manage to get 3 Mobile Prossesing Labs producing copious amounts of data (One in Kerbin orbit, One in Muner orbit and one on the surface of Minmus). On my return to the space center the game crashes. I then open KSP again and load the game and it loads the game with around a 8 hour rollback. I've lost all of my vessels, not just the ones already launched but the some of the save files of the actual vessels. I find that I don't even have the parts I used to build them unlocked yet. Obviously I was quite upset, so guess what? I persevered and DID IT ALL again, only this time, I managed to also land a probe on Eve. I go back to the space center and CRASH! I'm thinking "I'm all good, there's no way I just completely wasted all of that time again." I load the game up and was right back where I was before, with a half built ship and without some of the parts unlocked. My friend just reported he had the same issue. (Also on Xbox and we both have been playing on Science Mode.)
  20. NOTE: All the existing issues in the public tracker have been classified and recent ones checked. Here is the information about the process and plans. Hopefully you’re aware of our plans to clean up the KSP bug tracker that were announced a little while ago (if not you can catch up with the Help us clean up the Bug Tracker devblog). In short the goal is to clean out the old and infirm bug reports in the tracker so we can give the developers a better picture of whats current and important for their planning. Happily, the time for that Spring Clean is upon us -- here is what is happening, and how you can help highlight the bugs that still exist by testing them in 1.1.3: All of the Bug and Feedback reports from before 1.1.3 are having their status set to “Needs Clarification”; Any bug that still exists in 1.1.3 that you want to update needs to have information the developers need, so they will need to be updated with new logs, save files and updated reproduction steps in case anything has changed since they were first reported; Once you’ve done that make sure to set the Status to “Updated” to help us kick into the next steps; If you are looking at a bug that is already Updated and can reproduce it please add your own notes and update the Status to “Confirmed” We’ll be checking over the updated reports, and will be using your new reproductions and logs to help generate the list of backlog bugs for the developers to plan from; After a couple of weeks we’ll take the reports for items that haven’t been able to be reproduced or updated for 1.1.3 and archive them away; This does mean that updates need to be done properly and not simply be requests that we fix a report, so check out the Wiki for what makes a good bug report, as any issue that we cannot reproduce and which doesn’t have updated logs will be filed with the untouched issues, archived safely away. For a visual representation of this workflow the below should help - where Blue is the status, green is what we are doing for the next couple of weeks and orange is what happens afterwards (things that are confirmed and in 1.1.3 will go into this process). To give you some way of finding these more easily we’ve set up a pre-configured view of “Issues Needing Clarification” for reports that are in need of attention, once they are confirmed they will disappear from that view. Other items of Note: We’ll skip over the “Feature” report type for now and come back to it; If I’ve messed up anything too terribly then please do reply to this thread and I’ll update the process and information in this post as we proceed. Thanks for your support, and do know that any time people are able to help with is greatly appreciated.
  21. Been doing multiple weird things on Xbox One and I noticed some bugs that aren't reported yet. Parts in space hangar reset to the center of the root part when using offset tool to move them. Also, it only allows one direction modification. If you try to move it a different direction, it resets back to the center of the root part again. Example: Fixed landing gear - when attaching fixed landing gear (the non-steerable ones) to the side of the fuselage, they will reset to the center of the fuselage if you try to move them with the offset tool. You can move it in X,Y, or Z but only once. If you attempt to move it again in any direction, it resets to the center of the fuselage. Dead stick: Multiple times I have been dead in space or flying unable to do anything though the game continues to function (ie: it didn't freeze but I can't control the craft). Exiting the game and coming back will either lose progress and start me before launch or start me where I was with fully control restored. Unable to select parts: This was a new problem I saw yesterday and was really annoying. I was trying to perform an experiment in a limited window of opportunity and was having an extremely hard time selecting objects to interact with them. Tapped 'B' multiple times just to get the interaction menu to open. Sequence was open my storage, take a pressure measurement, and close the storage. Took multiple 'B' presses to open the storage, multiple 'B' presses to measure pressure, and some time and multiple 'B' presses to close storage. Different than dead stick issue since this will actually select parts eventually, just significant delay sometimes. Speeding time up yields different results than regular speed: I tried different experiments with this and found that increasing time causes unstable flight in the atmosphere. I was able to successfully get my aircraft to a happy place that will stay within a small altitude window (As speed increases, plane eventually gains altitude until speed drops to a specific speed in which it loses altitude. Cycle repeats) and fly that way for 20-30 minutes without touching the controller (fuel loss eventually upsets the balance). Repeated the flight and observed the same behavior for 5 minutes before hitting time warp. Within a few minutes "game time", the plane was nose diving towards the earth. Went to normal time and was able to successfully bring the plane back to its happy place and observed again for 5 minutes. It is possible to get the plane in a happy place with time speed increases; however, its different than normal speed. That is all for now. So far, the game has a much different feel with a controller than with a keyboard. For the most part, I like it
  22. Recently an annoying white spot appeared near my vessel. LIKE THIS: It causes fps drop (from ~30 to <10) The fps will back to normal when I choose not to watch it like this How to fix it
  23. I'm returning after well over a year of a pause. I quit somewhere around 1.0.3, and only recently began playing anew. I like the new features, and I'm adapting to the changes (like the A.I.R.B.R.A.K.E.S. are no longer totally OP; no longer possible to land on Kerbin directly from return trajectory from Minmus). I saw some old bugs unfixed though, and I wonder what I must be cautious about, and where can I go wild. I know: - the large decoupler is still bugged to hell. Had a launch stage fly right through the orbital stage, leaving through the front.) - the random overheating bug. Not sure where it comes from. Came to a craft mid-flight, and saw just empty space. Log showed "[everything] exploded due to overheating" - markers (craft, target position) on the rendezvous planning are still wonky as hell, vanishing at random. Possibly more so than they used to be. - VAB editor still sometimes thinks radial symmetry placement of tanks attached to hydraulic detachment mainfolds means "place all tanks around the current mainfold" instead of "attach tanks to remaining mainfolds" but... - is the Klaw still a Kraken-bait? - Do I still need to fear the large service bay? - do engines throttle to near zilch while ISRU is running? - does mining+ISRU still deplete asteroids at staggering pace while all fuel tanks are full and a little fuel is drawn (e.g. by fuel cell) - do jet engines still have that funny center of mass placement? How is it with the new engines? - when docking, does the target appear in the navball in the docking port direction from the root part, and not from the "control from here" docking port? Also: the lab used to return the experiment after processing it into data. Is that still the case, or does lab-processed experiments vanish permanently?
  24. When I load up a Craft, the camera glitches out, it gets stuck and I can't leave the craft or switch craft, I have to Alt+Tab out of KSP and close the game, please help I am planning to do a new series on Youtube and I cant do it with this glitch
  25. I'm trying to make a HUGE Nuke on Xbox One and I'm attaching a bunch of rockets onto the base rocket in the middle, but everytime I try to go to the launch pad to try to take off all the parts start flying EVERYWHERE while staying attached, and they're basically no clipping through my ship and I can't take off because when I start the engine all of the parts That are flying everywhere start and my ship spontaneously combusts into a huge explosion. Please help!