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  1. So i'm having this issue that i am stumped and completely clueless on how to fix. I have this issue where lights turn on and off in the VAB or SPH while building. Cool, ok. Issue is when i click launch and go to flight mode, the lights are on by default, but once i turn them off they are off permanently. Spamming the light button does nothing, right clicking and pressing turn lights on does nothing, EVA and do it with a kerbal, still nothing. I have plenty of electricity, so it's not that. IVA screens still work, lights on cockpits and other modules still work and shine on other things like a space station or whatnot. It's only the lights themselves that have this issue and it has my confused to no end. Any help and i'd love you forever. It's on KSP 1.8.1, i stay on this older version cause alot of the mods i love that are working on here aren't supported/don't work on later versions. My KSP log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jg13ygtp3wuk5q1/KSP.log?dl=0 My Gamedata folder, my dropbox is full and already used up my other emails on it.
  2. My "Burn time" and "Start burn" indicators flicker and change constantly. Say the burn time is 42 seconds. The burn time will double itself to 21 seconds, than back to 42 right away, then keep doing it. The start burn indicator flickers like this too, just without an obvious pattern. Screenshots here: Full modlist is here:
  3. Things likes pressing 'M' opens the man, pressing ',' (comma) and '.' (period) changes warp time. Also, numbers can not be inputted even when pressing on the numpad.
  4. As of April 12 (2:29 PM, EST) - Most importantly (since it was addressed in Patch #2)... One of my ships teleported to underneath the VAB during construction This has only happened one time, but it happened after Ctrl+Z (undo) Speaking of Ctrl+Z - I also had an Assembly disappear completely following an Undo. To be specific, the parts didn't just erase - they appeared to be invisible. Certain VAB part icons still appeared around the invisible craft (i.e. small 4-way direction/compass circle icon) Almost all new bugs tho are related to orbital mechanics the the new Maneuver UI Maneuver Mode - new, predicted orbit line not showing at times (image below) Maneuver Mode - Burn Time Meter stuck (while in mid-burn pointing at target) No screenshot of this, but it happened twice while en route to Eve, specifically, while attempting to circularize within Eve's SOI Switching between Map View and (Auto) Orbit Flight View sometimes causes parts to shift out-of-place No luck saving/loading game. Only resolvable by reverting back to a previous save or deleting/restarting ship May or may not be new: - I noticed that my Kerbal Pilots go into PANIC MODE whenever I time warp in orbit. (i.e. flailing arms around and screaming) - While in VAB, I'm frequently unable to expand Stage Info Menu (on right hand side), and view the estimated effectiveness of stages while in different SOIs. To be clear, before Patch 2, I almost never had an issue being able to expand a Stage View, click on an engine, and view my TWR on various planet (atmos & vac)
  5. Something keeps on happening while Im using my modded space shuttle in ksp, for some reason a and d become the pitch controls for some reason mid-flight, its the same for w and s, q and e is unaffected.
  6. KSP Version Operating System and version: Windows 10 64-bit CPU and GPU models: intel core i7-9750H nvidia geforce rtx 2060 This 3 patrs bug automaticly change camera viev on launchpad to orbital camera mode. Then if decoupled camera won't follow command module, you can control previous stage,next stage don't show up in tracking station. Bug won't ocurr when deleted any of theese 3 parts Parts are: TD-25 (decoupler) 100KN No crossfeed MEM-125 (structual) Lengh: 0,40m Fairing: enabled Deploy type: shroud AE-FF250 (payload fairing) Ejection force: 100KN Fairing: enabled Deploy type: clammshellX2 https://imgur.com/a/CDZChTl
  7. The devs are actively ignoring support for me and many others in the Discord Server who cannot even create or load a save file because of a unity error that the game has. The developers deny responsibility based on specifications and not that it is their own Unity error. The images are Here.
  8. Yeah, this is after the update when I tried to stream myself doing the weekly challenge. I encountered the issue with struts and docking ports after loading a quicksave around the Mun. The attempt before I tried to undock so I can get ready to land, but that ended in the termination of the vehicle. And yes, before anyone asks, the CSM is an EJ_SA design. I copied him while he was building it to try and pick up some new tricks for building craft in KSP2. On that front, I would like to apologize for copying. I just needed to do a bit more to actually learn.
  9. When I saved and reloaded my craft in orbit trying to fix an other issue, my crafts shutes would sometimes bug out and would change the center of mass/thrust and make my craft spin uncontrollably. Saving and reloading fixed it to a certain extent.
  10. KSP2 Version: 0.1.1 OS: Windows 11 CPU: 12700H, GPU: 3070ti, RAM: 65GB In low Mun orbit, the sapcecraft still gets a impuls when engine is off. This will cause the PE getting lower and AP getting higher. The lower, the more obvious. Step to replicate: launch any spacecraft to low Mun orbit. NO MODS. vodeo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcl4shtNMEM Pay attention to the bottom left corner. the PE and AP is changing.
  11. Since I've experienced some kraken attacks while playing Kerbal Space Program 2, I thought it would be interesting to start a thread and see what other kinds of krakens players are getting attacked by. I'll start this with a video I created showing what happened when I was trying to do a Mun mission in KSP 2 early access. Share your kraken attacks underneath this! I would like it if you can post screenshots or videos showing what happened as well.
  12. To possibly re-crate this bug/glitch: Land a vessel on the Mun or Minmus then launch off While in a sub-orbital or orbital trajectory: create a maneuver and try to change it (even slightly) - observe that the maneuver node doesn't move no matter the change, but the "Required Delta-V" is displaying tiny requirements on Dela-V with decimals (an extremely small Delta-V required) The vessel's "Situation" in JSON save file now changes from 'Orbital' to 'Landed' Write a topic about the bug on the forums This bug can somehow affect the previous save files of the same quick saved lander vessel but doesn't change their "Situation" but somehow "infects" or "inherits" this bug. A way to fix this bug for the player: Re-load the save when you were still landed Do not leave the game until you are done from that forsaken vessel. You are a prisoner of the Kraken until you leave this to it.
  13. This in turn glitches out the main vessel that was attached on even though the decoupled part has already detached, but feels like the part is still attached to the vessel and its still pulling and acting with drag and weight, therefore slowing down and misguides the rocket even though decoupled part is now registered as a debris and is kilometers away.
  14. Image: Screenshot of the staging
  15. Landed space craft also jumps or spawns several meters above the ground after time warp.
  16. Parts in flight stay highlighted even after reloading a quick save, but disappears after reloading the quick save when loaded from the main menu or after restarting a the game.
  17. Even after several tries, after restarting from main menu and game, it detaches as a separate craft and becomes a debris. I had my engines and landing gears directly under the wings too.
  18. Sometimes ships just don't move in orbit, I don't mean roll/yaw/pitch. They are just completely still not moving at all. While trying to intercept a craft I found that while time warping the intercept node is saying the wrong intercept, it just circles between what intercept 1 and 2 were when you started the time warp. Another is that sometimes in the VAB when you press launch it simply does not launch, no error message or warning, it just doesn't launch, even if you select a different launchpad or clear debris from every other launchpad. Also, I turned on infinite propellant and then later turned it off and the next day when I turned it back off and hit apply settings, it turned back on soon after for no reason. With fairings, if you put something inside one and launch, it sometimes shakes the entire rocket uncontrollably and sometimes stops shaking when you stage, but the payload is often glitched halfway out of the fairing. Manoeuvre nodes give the burn time and everything, however the required deltaV doesn't decrease while burning, it just acts as if the manoeuvre was made at the current trajectory. For example, if I made a manoeuvre that put me from Kerbin orbit to Munar orbit, then performed it, once I completed the manoeuvre , my trajectory would be correct, but the manoeuvre would be showing the trajectory as if I planned it from already being on a Munar trajectory. Beneath the manoeuvre description, where it gives burn time, required dV and time to stop burning, there is a bar that shows you how long you should burn for, but there is a weird '3' that is below this bar that doesn't change or have any relevance as far as I can see. I have no idea how some of these got past any amount of testing, if any testing was done at all.
  19. I usually make planes and fly them in KSP, so I frequently have to deal with a big bug: if you attach landing gears to big wings, like the commercial airplanes wings or a sistem of wings, the plane immediately starts to bounce and never stops, and it makes taking off literally impossible (mainly if you have a big part of your wing going further to the fueselage than the gears), and the only solution is to attach the gear to the fueselage and move it, but I think this is a big bug and deserves some attention.
  20. The Art of Part Design. My modding history began in 2017 were I came across a mod from Tygoo7. I instantly fell in love with the mod and after some time I approached him asking if I could continue his fine work. Back in those days, the modding community was still relatively young and while I had some knowledge in Unity and Photoshop, my art design wasn't the greatest. During the years I have come across a lot of good people who dedicated their free time in making amazing part mods for KSP. They guided me through the appreciation of Porkjet's style and eventually to work in tandem with styles from other authors such as Nertea, Cineboxandrew and Beale, to name a few. To this day I am still critical on what I make and how it is represented in the game. I made the Tundra's Space Center mod to add new and exciting launchpads to launch from. Following the strict rules Bac9 made here: I set out to make one of the best looking pads in KSP. Fast forward to today. I am overwhelmed with how KSP2 looks. The graphics are amazing and the sounds are beautiful! KSP2 will be a good base for a whole new generation of people playing, learning and modding the game. However, things are looking a bit messy regarding the art style of parts. Specifically, the ' errors' . I know KSP2 is in a very Early Access state. I am confident that these parts will get a nice overhaul once the base systems are stable enough. But I have encountered many errors/problems with these new parts. I have made a list with all the things I have noticed. I hope these things will be addressed at some point during EA. Firstly, I'd like to address part quality assurance and standardization. As you can see here, these two parts (FL-T800 and the VL-T30 Engine) doesn't seem to align properly. This problem exists because the 1.25m fuel tank is made of 24 sides and the engine sits at 36. These inconsistencies are a problem. Many of the current 1.25m engine plates are 36 sides were as the fuel tanks are 24 sides. Command pods are at least 48 sides which isn't that big of a deal. 48 does match a little bit with 24. But I don't understand the 36 side choice. I hope this problem will be fixed in future updates. Inconsistency is key to many of the errors we will encounter in this thread. Part clipping occurs when a node is too low regarding the surface of the part. As you can see here, the TVR-1180C clips through the FL-T800 fuel tank. The height of the node from the TVR-1180C should be increased so both seams are matching and we have a flush part! Another problem is that the Bi-coupler version (TVR-200) doesn't match the dimensions of the fuel tank. Resulting in the ring being bigger. These are just some of the findings from the first hour of playing the game. Many of these imperfections are easy to fix and should be addressed. However, there is more! Taking a closer look at the end caps for the adapters, one in particular stands out. The 1.25m to 2.5m adapter's end cap seems to be rotated at an odd angle: There seems to be a gap when attaching a part under the MK1 Explorer: The MK2 Tuna Can top node is not centered: Good textures are key to many parts success. When we take a look at a lot of popular, larger part mods, every single part is carefully crafted with consistent texel density, ranging from 300ppm to 600ppm for really detailed parts. When I take a look at KSP2, many parts are inconsistent regarding texel density. I simply don't understand why some of these are higher quality than others. I have a feeling that there doesn't seem to be a standard in many of these design choices. If I was an art director, I would have had a list with checkboxes that every single part needs to meet in order to be in the game. I know, for example, when ReStock was developed a rigorous testing process was made against each part to ensure that it met a high quality. These areas included: Localization Tags Holes in Mesh Model Mesh Issue (Missing structure etc.) Collider Issue Model Orientation in VAB Node Placement Part attachment to other parts (stack/radial) Texture Issue (Diffuse/Normals/Mirroring etc.) Model/Texture Alignment Issue Emissives Issue Animation Issue FX Issue Sound Issue Thrust Transforms (Torque) Shroud/Fairing Issue Gimbal (Animation and Structure) Variants Working (Resources, Model etc) Specific PartModule Issue Aesthetical Design Issue Generic Improvement Comment IVA Issue Balance Issue (RS+) The texture files can use some optimization too. I noticed a lot of UV maps that could be stacked and reducing the space needed on a sheet. For example, the FL-T800 uses two textures for the top and bottom half of the tank. This is a great example of stacking the UV maps on top of each other so they use 1 texture for both sides. I hope that the community will list more down in this thread. That so we can keep everything neat in one place regarding the aesthetics of parts.
  21. This is admittedly a little non-standard but hopefully it proves fruitful to some degree; I've moved this post from https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/212549-problemeciums-bug-reports-hopefully-im-not-making-a-mistake-posting-this-here and updated it with some corrections and additional details. I played for the first time for about four hours on Friday, including taking all of the tutorials. During that time I jotted down every significant bug I found (i.e. excluding little stutters, inexplicable crashes, and things I just personally didn't like). There were way too many for me to make a thread for every one of them, so here's the whole list. The ones I think are most important to address are in bold: part selection highlight all over the VAB and around Kerbin can't remap any non-keyboard inputs (e.g. mouse buttons) or adjust sensitivity of any inputs mouse wheel sensitivity very low UI too big tutorial blocking some parts of UI UI appears to be designed for pixel perfection at 1080p and scales itself, badly, on other resolutions such as 1440p, resulting in uneven jagged blocky outlines etc. UI can't be rescaled or repositioned atmospheres too bright near horizon: as used to be the case in KSP1, atmospheres are nearly white near the horizon, much brighter than the terrain at the same point, which should only occur when within the atmosphere looking out at a sun, not while in space looking down cannot pause dialogue during tutorials tutorial progress not saved persistently (automatically) and thus is lost in crashes cannot use F for momentary SAS toggle Navball heading marker still not precise, covers actual heading with dot the Mun is a "terrestrial planet" (further analysis suggests that the "terrestrial planet" text is a placeholder so this is probably known already) cannot persist vehicle popup in Map (only visible while hovering) marker popups such as the Apoapsis do not remain open when leaving and re-entering the Map skybox needs revision, e.g. a lot more stars tutorials do not define or explain delta-V before referring to it KSC LOD pop in/out is too close and thus looks horrible PQS LOD pop ins/outs look bad cannot change focus using Tab in Tracking Station or Map yellow alert popups are annoying, are too large, and can't be disabled end/replay/continue buttons are too similar and not in consistent places leading to confusion workspace thumbnails are too low resolution and thus blurry thermal part category popup description truncated ("Disperse and protect against") several part descriptions truncated or with formatting errors can't place parts while holding Alt absolute translate/rotate does not snap to an absolute grid/orientation cannot deselect parts in translate/rotate mode undo does not undo colors Procedural wings in symmetry appear with the first one being a big pink rectangle while the rest are normal sometimes when adjusting the parameters of a procedural wing in a symmetry group and then detaching and reattaching the group, the wing parameters get reset Laythe's atmosphere looks like a solid plastic shell docking ports cannot decouple from preattached state (hopefully not intentional) cannot view current fuel level in specific tanks or transfer fuel EDIT apparently this is a thing but I couldn't find it so my "bug report" is that maybe we need a hint about how to access this cannot aim camera at a particular part in flight cannot adjust camera aim using MMB in flight default zoom in VAB and flight is too close for large craft no auto-saved craft on launch (intentional?) no TWR readout anywhere I can find in the VAB or in flight EDIT apparently this is also a thing that I just couldn't find so same as above undocking marks the mission as a failure and causes the vessel to stop in place and free fall saving seems to break randomly!I was not able to find a clear pattern or trigger for this. Supplemental information: KSP version: KSP 2 version Operating system: Windows 10 Hardware: Intel Core i9-10900k, NVidia RTX 3080 Founder's Edition No mods. I'm happy to explain any of these in more detail. I hope my calling attention to these helps at least a little, in some way. Obviously Intercept Games has a lot of known issues through which to work and I have no idea how many of these already exist in the bug tracker. Please let me know if there is a more effective way for me to report these.
  22. Basically the orbit path after loading into a save is just kinda gone so im not sure what to do also the camera is automatically and constantly switching. Lastly the final picture is just a simple spelling error in the settings menu of what should be VAB but instead is OAB gone
  23. Early Access - 25.02.2023 (Feedback has also been sent through the Game Launcher) - BUG?: [VAB] when using left click to exit the Bluepring Mode the transition is not smooth (it jumps to the regular view instead of zooming out the perspective) - BUG: [VAB] grouping by mass is not correct (5 ton part appears in the 0.1 - 0.5 category) - BUG: [Trip Planner] The round trip estimations are not correct (surface deltaV is doubled). - BUG: [VAB] after reloading the first tutorial for building a vehicle in the VAB the SHIFT key did not work to view more part details - BUG: [Map View] the points of SOI interception indicators in map view are very large sometimes - BUG: [Map View] trajectory line between points of SOI interception is missing - BUG: [Map View] the maneuver plan burn-timer does not slow down or stop if I lower or stop thrust. - BUG: [Map View] the KSC icon is cropped (see image) - BUG: [Map View] I can zoom into a celestial body and its surface disappears. Maybe zooming should stop very close to the surface. - BUG: [Tracking Station / Map View] the right-click hit box over a planet does not have the correct size - BUG: [Tracking Station] focusing button for Kerbol does not work. - BUG: [Tracking Station] focusing on Kerbol by double clicking the name places the camera inside it. - BUG: [Tracking Station] Kerbol density is not correct - BUG: [Tracking Station] temperature range is wrong for all celestial bodies - BUG: [Tracking Station] The order of the celestial bodies in the list is wrong. - BUG: [Tracking Station] Scrolling in the celestial bodies list also zooms in and out. - BUG: [Tracking Station] Laythe's atmosphere is not displayed correctly. - BUG: [Tracking Station] Kerbin and Tylo have the exact same circumference. - BUG: [Tracking Station] Geothermal activity is low for all celestial bodies (even Pol). - BUG: [Tracking Station] In the upper right of the screen there is a F / 0 button (green / red). I don't know what that is. - BUG: [Flight View] the camera clips underground; it should not go under the terrain - BUG: [Sound] A random high-volume button click sound is sometimes heard randomly in the right speaker. - BUG: [Text] the v-sync setting description text has a typo: "if you are experience screen tears" - BUG: [Text] environment prop settings lacks a text description - BUG: [Text] in the main start menu there is a typo: "singleplayer" is missing a space character - BUG: [Text] in certain text snippets I've seen "x, y, and z" used. I think there should not be a comma before "and". - BUG: [Settings Menu] sometimes more than one option is highlighted (it looks like 2 options are selected) - BUG: [Settings Menu] in the graphics menu, selecting a PC quality preset does not change the other settings - BUG: [ESC Menu] After doing the tutorials, when in the VAB, if press ESC and select "Revert to VAB", the game switches from my agency name to the default Kerbal Space Agency. - BUG: [ESC Menu] Should "Revert to VAB" and "Revert to Launch" options be available in the ESC menu when we're already in the VAB? - BUG: [ESC Menu] "Recover vessel" option is still available after I recover a vessel. - BUG: [KSC View] Changing time warp speed using ',' and '.' keys is buggy (you have to press '.' 3-4 times to unpause). - BUG: [Flight / Map Views] When pausing / unpausing the game using ',' and '.' keys there are a lot of stacked yellow notifications that appear on the screen. This does not happen when pausing / unpausing using the UI button. - BUG: [Settings Menu accessed from KSC view] Cannot change the General/Difficulty setting. - BUG: [VAB] the UNDO mouse-over pop-up appears too high, it cannot be read - BUG: [VAB] the current vehicle indicator is on top of the text in the part details (see image) - BUG: [Training Center] The 'Location' text is underneeth the '/////' line. - BUG: [Parts Manager and other windows] The red outline for the x (close button) does not appear. - BUG: [VAB] In the Save Vehicle window clicking on the 'x' in the text boxes does not delete the text inside. - BUG: [Staging List] Right clicking a part does not open the Part Manager. - BUG: [Flight Mode] The Kerbal-K2 has issues when staging (the upper stage does not separate). - BUG: [VAB] Merging another craft in the current workspace spawns the vessel on top of the previous assembly. There should be a check so a craft only spawns where there's empty space (no intersections of parts). - BUG: [VAB] When saving I cannot easily overwrite a workspace because workspaces do not appear in the list. I have to write the full workspace name in order to overwrite. Or do I always save the main vehicle and the workspace is saved inside that file? I don't really understand how it works. - BUG: [VAB] When using assembly anchor tool, if I click the current anchor, the message path appears: "VAB/Messages/InvalidAnchor" - BUG: [Map View] When in orbit close to the Mun, the AP and PE values are not stable. - BUG: [Map View] After loading a previously saved game the orbital trajectory lines disappeared. - BUG: [Flight Mode] When orbiting close to the Mun (~10km) one of the cameras keeps switching from Orbital to Ground (with a lot of yellow notifications. When the game is paused there is no yellow notification bug.
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