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Found 9 results

  1. Jim123


    I would like to see a buran mod for ksp that can work for rss 1.1.3 and 1.2.2 please i would like it to not be stocklike more realistic i might consider making it myself but i got a lot of learning to do in modding.
  2. After a rousing discussion of side-slung launch vehicle balancing at the following thread... ...I built a full-size Energia-Buran stack and started experimenting with Mun missions. However, the complexities of balancing thrust (even if it's a touch easier than an STS-style shuttle) made me think...just how small an Energia-Buran clone could I manage to make? Meet...the Baby Buran. At a scant 10.3 tonnes, it's hard to imagine anything much smaller. But it does what it's designed to do! No room for solar panels and no mass budget for an RTG, so it's all-battery-powered, with a probe core to allow it to do unmanned missions just like its much, much bigger brother. By default, the battery packs on the orbiter are locked so that only the one on the core booster is drained during ascent. It boasts a tiny heat shield on the underside, just in the right place to protect the cockpit, which also allows it to have a lightweight radial decoupler. "Lemwig" sounded like a vaguely Russian name, I thought! Just like the real Energia-Buran, the core has four engines and each of the Zenit-clone strap-on boosters has 4 locked nozzles and four gimbaling control nozzles. Of course, here they are all the same size, but no one is looking THAT closely. Liftoff! Two of the Oscar-Bs on each side booster are drained to allow a liftoff TWR>1. And Lemwig careens off toward the heavens. The engines are angled to provide roughly consistent thrust as the fuel tanks drain, but it's still a bit of a fight. There is a planned roll-over about halfway through ascent, both to take the pilot out of the airstream and to help maintain a good heading. Glamour shot! Here comes the roll-over. Approaching booster burnout. By this point, I've already used an action group to cut two of the four booster engines to maintain thrust symmetry. Boosters jettison together, just like Energia-Buran. They do not, however, separate and land independently on chutes, landing legs, and retrothrusters. I am not a god. Good trajectory at separation. Throttling down to reduce asymmetric torque below what my reaction wheel can handle. Booster burnout! Turning my battery pack back on and preparing for booster separation. Good separation. My two linear thrusters kick on to push me into orbit. The burn shouldn't actually be too terribly long. Ignore the maneuver node; the apoapse is way higher than I'll actually be going to. Just wanted a good maneuver vector. Isn't it cute? And we've got a good orbit! Granted, that's not a LOT of dV for stuff to do in space, but with a good intercept you could rendezvous with a space station. Or it could be sent up unmanned to rescue a stranded Kerbal, thanks to that probe core. Anyway, with no further ado, here's the deorbit burn! I ended up quickloading because my first attempt didn't get me anywhere near the KSC, and for some reason my landing gear glitched into an odd position. Oh well; can't be helped! Coming in hot, but it's nothing this kool Kerbal can't handle. Honestly was more worried about that landing gear. Hey, lookee there! We just might make it! Nosing forward to get a better glide ratio. Trying to inclination was a bit off. Burning off remaining monoprop to extend my range and lighten my load. Besides, who wants that nasty hydrazine still in the tanks with an open-cockpit deadstick landing? Looks like a good descent. Lining up for landing. Last-moment corrections. Will I make it? Why, I do believe I will. Here we go! Let's hope that wonky landing gear holds up. Touchdown! And, done. He's happy to be back!
  3. updated version of my Energia - Buran Space Shuttle since months almost ready with old versions of KSP i had some propulsion problems. is now fixed with excess of power and part clipping how to fly: ~45% thrust for the first stage may be enough separation w.o. throttle otherwise easy to fly with impressive glider capabilities... !! open cargo once for front gear deployment bugfixing !! craft file: Old: working on version for KSP 1.0 (1.02) shuttle seems to be OK, energia lacks on power at least a few pictures are ready .. preview Energia - Buran 1.02 Space Shuttle [Kerbal 1.0] old verion for KSP 0.9 "beta than ever" buran 1.07 craft more cargohold (inspired by vitekc45c`s buran) 501 parts - somehow laggy on my pc howto launch (version 1.06 with ~20t cargo): full throttle till booster strap-off afterwards slightly throttle down till ~40%@35km followed by full throttle orbital-burn with buran main engine`s. ~60% shuttle fuel left for a de-orbit burn and landing (RCS help`s a lot for a soft touchdown) version 1.04 old versions: buran 1.06 craft slightly better wing geometry and some other small changes ... buran 1.05 craft buran 1.04 craft buran 1.03 craft buran 1.02 craft buran 1.01 hermes ariane 5 mk3 hermes craft
  4. Discussion of Russian vs US launch vehicles and Buran vs Shuttle vs Soyuz got me thinking. I'm sure all of us here are well aware that the Shuttle program was based on some ill-conceived notions, both with respect to the demand for flights as well as the capability of NASA to execute rapid Shuttle turnaround. The Shuttle had some neat capabilities (launching payload along with service crew, e.g. Hubble) and promised abilities (sat recovery), but it was never really used like it could have been. And the flight rate was so low that reuse cost more than it saved. But what if they had been right about the demand for the Shuttle's abilities? What if the market demanded a launch vehicle that could sent up large payloads along with crew, as well as occasionally retrieving sensitive cargo from orbit? What if the market was so saturated with demand that economies of scale were in full swing? It's clear that even under those circumstances, the Shuttle's high refurbishment cost and lengthy turnaround time wouldn't have been the best fit (even ignoring its safety record). But what might have been better? If you were designing a launch vehicle with these sorts of target capabilities, how would you go about it?
  5. A little replica of two Space shuttles: Celt( Columbia) and Berkut( Buran). Mk1 sized Screenshots: Celt: Berkut: Files: (Celt) Celt v2.craft?dl=0 . (Berkut) Columbia and Celt Buran and Berkut
  6. I just stumbled on this film of Buran's (only) launch. My question is how does this thing balance itself? How does a rocket fly straight when up to 105 ton tumor is strapped on it's side? Buran-Energia's boosters are bit offset in wrong direction making it lean even more "on it's back". Did they have mad reaction wheels on board?
  7. Hello everyone ! This the first time I post something on this forum and it's the first I try to do Space Shuttle/ a replica in KSP and I think I did pretty well ! So here it is, the abandonned Russia space shuttle with her lifter, Buran and Energia ! NOTE : The plane from the first image is this one from this post of @Scientia1423 WARNING: - Don't fly it with MecJeb Smart A.S.S, ascent guidance or any sort of autopilots ! Some flight advices/instructions : - Enable soft control at launch ( CapsLock ) and disable it when jettisoning the first boosters - After the jettison of the 4 boosters, set the vector's glimbal limits to 100 and DON'T go full thrust - If you lose control at this point ( the ship try to go upward ) : Cut all engines and/or TimeWarp Craft File Hope you'll enjoy
  8. Буран Buran Энергия - Буран Energia - Buran Craft download link Functional full-stock replica Soviet answer to Space Shuttle Asymmetric heavy launch vehicle Reusable winged orbiter Nominal payload: 42 t (Energia-Buran) / 80 t (Energia) ОК-ГЛИ OK-GLI Орбитальный корабль для горизонтальных лётных испытаний Orbital craft for horizontal flight tests Craft download link Functional full-stock replica Buran airframe test prototype ЛЭК / Звезда LEK / Zvezda Энергия - ЛЭК Energia - LEK Лунный экспедиционный комплекс Lunar expeditionary complex Craft download links: Orbital craft Lander LZhM - base module Functional full-stock replicas Multi-launch lunar mission. Total crew: 5 Landing crew: 3-4 Launches: 2-3 Duration: 2 weeks (2-launch), 4-5 weeks (3-launch) Лунная база "Звезда" Zvezda moonbase Также известна как Барминград Also known as Barmingrad Craft download links: LZhM - laboratory and habitation module LZM - laboratory and manufacturing module rover Functional full-stock replicas Multi-modular long-term surface outpost.
  9. In the event someone wants to ask, yes I plan to release this to KerbalX once I'm satisfied it's ready. For now, I'm still working out transitioning from Orbital to Atmospheric flight without going into a spin. I use Kramax Auopilot and MechJeb because flying with a keyboard is like shooting pool with a rope. First orbital flight, pretty much the same as Buran's - IE no crew, up to orbit and down to land at KSC. KTS-1 Guidance MODS: (Thanks to LinuxGuruGamer, the mod below has an unofficial 1.1.2 release): Other MODS seen in these shots: