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Found 2 results

  1. so rather than doing the smart thing and asking around the forums, I thought I'd make my own cannon experiment with explosive primers. My original capital ship is an ion powered/conventional booster hybrid with PB-NUKs producing all the power needed. I replaced it with the single huge engine for this video because all those PB-NUKs slowed my PC to a crawl. P.S.: this is a shameless plug to get featured on spacecraft Fridays
  2. Working on a little something called a spacecraft carrier and have what I think is a nice solution for carrying a Mk2 spaceplane internally. Asking for some help from the mod community for how to make deploying the doors a little more easily. Here's the carrier with the "space doors" for the internal hangar midway through the 'opening' operation... The doors are six stock CRG-25 short Mk3 cargo bays. To "close" them I set the Deploy Limit to 50, and to open them I set it to 100. In the picture, all the doors are "closed" except for the center lower one which has been set to 100 and is "open" And here they are opened, (deploy limit = 100) with my spaceplane backing into the hangar deck: ...and a portion of the config file for that door: MODULE { name = ModuleCargoBay DeployModuleIndex = 0 closedPosition = 1 lookupRadius = 1.5 nodeOuterForeID = top nodeOuterAftID = bottom nodeInnerForeID = top2 nodeInnerAftID = bottom2 So what I'm wondering is this: can I change closedPostion or one of the other parameters such that when I trigger the "Close Door" action it goes to the 50% deployed position? This would allow me to use Action Groups to toggle the doors to the open and "closed" positions as i have defined them. I already tried setting closedPosition = 0 and that didn't seem to do anything. Will be grateful for any help, thanks!