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Found 35 results

  1. Kervo™ H-1 2-SEAT SPORTS CAR STOCK (BREAKING GROUNDS EXPANSION) Experience the spirit of sporting in Kervo's first automobile, the H-1. The H-1 is a front engine, rear wheel drive sports car featuring a stock integrated boost system capable of doubling the vehicle's top speed1 The H-1 features a rear wing that provides aggressive down-force for tight2 cornering at high speeds. 0-60: 18.5 seconds3 Length: 7.7 meters Curb Weight: 11.6 tons Part Count: 615 Cost: 142,456 IBS: 1. Recorded increase of %100.2 2. Cornering at high speeds is not encouraged by Kervo Motor Company 3. With boost activated Craft File: WARNINGS: Use of the integrated boost system should be restricted to closed tracks Turning at high speeds may result in rollovers Extended use of the integrated boost system may result in overheating This craft is somewhat resource demanding
  2. Hello! This is my first post on the official Kerbal Space Program Forum, Kerbal Space Program has unlocked a hidden creative side I haven't had in a long time this game has become one of my all time favorite! I want to introduce one of my favorite vehicles I have created. The Valencia GT This beautiful vehicle is a pleasure to drive and very light and stable. This does not flip hard on hard turns in fact I encourage hard turns. It handles them very well. High grip wide wheel base. Traveling over 35 MPH+ (56 KPH) (15.7 m/s) able to be taken into cargo unit and able to haul to other world's. 1k Electric Charge Seats 4 Kerbal's Small probe unit for autonomous driving Flip out Headlights with HID like lights and Brake lights Wheels fold in for better transportation Uses lots of parts from DLC especially the robotic pads to sustain accidental flips and maintain structural integrity. (Will not break apart but watch the front head lights) Download File:
  3. I believe I've worked on it enough to call this a final-ish version of it. 1484 parts as of now. Hope you enjoyed it!
  4. Are your cars boring.. do they keep crashing Well now we have Jeb's magnificent Multicar!!! Now you can crash it even more this car can: Be a car!! Go faster Crash!! Fly!! Fly faster!! Go to your favorite vacation destination! [Rocket not included] Crash at your holiday vacation! Lets see what jeb thinks about his car Download:´s MultiCar.craft?dl=0 (you need the making history expansion) Here are the controls Key Function 1 Toggle hover rockets 2 Retract/Extend Wheels 3 Activate sepratron boosters 4 Activate normal boosters 5 Extend/Retract Landing legs Backspace In case of an emergency Good luck with driving/flying My youtube channel:
  5. Green Rolf Vehicles Development Centre Vehicles list [MOD - Link removed due to inadequate licensing of GTA V assets from Rockstar Games] License: GPLv3
  6. This is a up-to-date collection of wheels that I have worked on previously, namely for the Rollkage and Better Wheels mods (credits: @electronicfox and @angusmcbeth) which are now more or less abandoned. The reason for reviving these is simply because I wanted to use them in my game, and there are very few wheel mods for 1.2. I would have done this earlier if it wasn't so annoying to update wheels from pre 1.1 to the new system, since there is hardly any documentation on how to do it. On the other hand, the new wheel physics system is much better and allows easy tuning so I no longer need to tediously tune the buggy phyx suspension and tire model in unity. I will update this with additional wheels as I convert them. Direct Download: Spacedock: Collection (formerly rollkage %26 better wheels) GitHub: Also available on CKAN Kerchelin Small Rover Wheel: 0.5m wheel for light rovers RollKage Kerchelin Extreme: 1.0 m off-road wheel for 2-5t light vehicles RollKage Kerchelin Sport: 1.0 m off-road wheel for 5-10t medium sized vehicles RollKage Kerchelin Jumbo: 2.0m wheel for 10-50t heavy vehicles
  7. Hey all. I did it again. Went to look at the "Starman" in his car. Drifting away from the Earth. And my right hand reached for the arrows on my keyboard and tried to rotate the car around so I could see the other side and a better view of the Earth. Too much KSP obviously. Anybody else care to admit to it? ME
  8. With a top speed of around 120 m/s, this is one of my fastest cars! On the downside, I wouldn't consider driving that fast for my own safety. Here is my brand new, 2017 FORD GT REPLICA Kerbal's and Kerbal safety not included. Warranty void if driven safely, or by a granny. Oh, and here it is in space, launched by none other than the great SCOTT MANLEY!
  9. Hello I was really hyped for CMS 2018. However, when it released, performance was less than optimal. So terrible, that I asked for a refund. However, they have made FIVE patches in FOUR days! They even made a sincere apology for the game. Now, I believe in PlayWay, that they will make the game better. Moving on, what do YOU think of the game?
  10. -=BLACKBIRD=- Designed for: Sharpness (visible) Speed (140+ m/s) Dark in design & Color DOWNLOAD : COMPLETELY STOCK, NO MODS NEEDED, KSP 1.3 It stands alone among the rest, it flies through the night, and seizes victory! -=BLACKHAWK=- Designed for: Smoothness (visible) Speed (132 m/s) Dark in design & Color DOWNLOAD : COMPLETELY STOCK, NO MODS NEEDED, KSP 1.3 It stands alone among the rest, it flies through the night, and seizes victory!
  11. Don't stop me now! A ksp music video! Ignore the editing skills, it's my first time using Resolve! Car:
  12. It all started with one to many challanges for auto racing. I looked long and hard for some good car parts. I found MuscleCarPartsMod, Very nice set but needed a better motor. So I set out to learn to make my qwn and here is the outcome. The Khevrolet motor is design 01 and I am up to my 6th design now the MHtt 501. Idle and power sound still needs some work. Nodes are off on some parts. To be adjusted as updated. Motors, Full bar frame and Drag frame are Orginal MHG Designs. Other parts " rusty car bodys and go-kart frame" are from free to use junk parts off the Interweb. Thanks to : eugene T. Off road Frame MAX GRUETER F-1 Driver And SpannerMonkey for all the TECH support. MIT License Down load link:'s Car parts Back to Bustin knuckes and building cars See you soon,
  13. Welcome to the DX Motor Co. Car catalog! here you can find vehicles from a truck, to a car. (Prices not included) My KerbalX profile: 1983 SWR "Sprinter" 8600 Eastern Star KX-1 "Backlash" "Kerbo" IS-90
  14. Hello all. Here I will post up all my latest vehicle mods for Kerbal Space Program. Hope you enjoy. License: GPL 3 Spacedock: Website:
  15. This is an experiment in folding wings without multi-part hinges. Switch the deploy direction of the Big-S Elevons to toggle them up and down. The craft will take off at 40 m/s and land safely at 100 m/s on level terrain. Also includes a radioisotope generator for infinite roving range. Craft file on KerbalX
  16. Hello dear community, im struggling to find TT s Modular wheels mod. I have 1.2 installed. I need that mod for the following reasons: It has combustion engines of different several types, found in real cars, it has nice, adjustable real life weels. I remember back then, I made various kinds of nice cars, from scratch with this mod. Please help.
  17. Hi guys, just starting a new thread to display all the upcoming projects before them rolling out of our "factory" Here is our website: Drive safe! Kesla Auto Team To kick things started, say hi to our 2nd vehicle - Kesla Boxville, a van designed by Rockstar, but it should be safe enough to drive on any planet.
  18. Name: Kesla Rebel Lux Rover Class: Compact pickup truck Body style: 2-door truck Price: 220 Funds Weight: 2.54T Electricity Charge: 23800 License: GPL V3 Download link:
  19. Name: Panto Rover Class: Microcar Body style: 3-door hatchback Please visit our official website for more information and support: Download link: Rover License: GPL 3
  20. COMPETITION CLOSED Welcome to the official 2017 G.K.R! In this challenge, you have one goal: to drive a rover to the exact north pole and return back to the KSC as quickly as possible. Rules: There can be one kerbal on board. The only non-stock parts that may be used are FAR, mechjeb, or KIS(or any other autopilot systems) The only propulsion systems that may be used are rover wheels, jets, and mono prop engines. It must not (intentionally) leave ground level. You must post pictures showing MET at start and finish. It ends on 3/25/17 Have fun!
  21. The Kerbin Cross-Continental Rally (KCCR) This is part of the Official Kerbal Racing Season rover race event, organized by myself and @Oliverm001x The KCCR is an off-road cross-continental rally consisting of 8 stages. The race starts off at the Stage 1 flag (next to the KSC runway), and heads north along the continent towards the finish flag. The 8 stages offer every type of terrain, from smooth ground to rocky mountains and sheer cliffs for the racer to navigate on and around. Each stage is roughly 60km, not too short and not too long. THE DURATION OF THIS CHALLENGE IS FROM 1ST JANUARY TO 28TH FEBRUARY. AFTER THAT A NEW RALLY/RACE WILL BE HELD. Save file for the rally: Screenshots (behold my amazing MS Paint skills! ) : Full track Stages 1-3 (Stage 1 starts at the KSC runway) Stages 3-4 Stages 4-5 Stages 5-6 Stages 6-8 Rules: Main categories are Modded and Stock, subcategories are Electric only (E), Fuel/Electric (F/E), Fuel only (F) and Hovercraft (H). Only one vehicle is allowed for the entire rally, the vehicle cannot be replaced. However, fixing the vehicle (things like repairing wheels) is allowed. Using KIS/KAS to replace parts of the vehicle is allowed, but will put you in the modded section. Chutes are allowed. Flying is not allowed. Jumping, however, is allowed. A jump is classified as a jump if the craft is in the air but is not being propelled by anything. It should follow a (rough) arc and hit the ground again. If the throttle is active while the craft is in the air (resulting in the engines, if any, producing thrust), this is considered flying. Boost flaps are allowed. These block the thrust of engines instantly, avoiding the dreaded spool-up and spool-down times of jet engines. Junos are the only jet engines this method can be used on effectively. If boost flaps are not being used, then cutting throttle (using the X key) when the craft is in the air is sufficient. Even though the jet engines will still be producing thrust due to their long spool-down time, this can be disregarded as there is really no way to get around this. The method for submitting an entry is as follows: A screenshot of the vehicle inside the SPH/VAB. A screenshot of the vehicle no more than 10 meters from the stage start flag, with a speed of 0.0 m/s. A screenshot of the vehicle no more than 10 meters from the stage finish flag, with a speed of 0.0 m/s. Screenshots while driving the stage are welcome. Videos are highly encouraged, but the screenshots listed above are the bare minimum. A suggested way of keeping track of your time for each stage: When you start the stage, make a note of the mission clock (at the top-left of the screen), for example 01 mins 00 secs. When you finish the stage, make a note of the mission clock again, for example 15 mins 57 secs. And then do the maths: the start time subtracted from the finish time. In this example, the stage was started at 01 mins 00 secs, and finished at 15 mins 57 secs. 15:57 - 01:00 = 14 mins 57 secs, and that’s your time. You will be placed on the leaderboards according to your total time from each stage. Obviously, a lower time is better. Leaderboards: Stock Electric Only (E) Fuel/Electric (F/E) Fuel Only (F) Hovercraft (H) Modded Electric Only (E) Fuel/Electric (F/E) Fuel Only (F) Hovercraft (H) This is part of the Official KSP Racing Season, so any participants will get points, contributing to their season finish position (kind of how the F1 driver championship works). It's a WIP, check out that thread for more info. Good luck! Please tell me if I missed anything, I'm sure I did.
  22. Greetings all. I know there are a few car mods that have been made but, wanted to do my own. Currently, It's only four parts: Two passenger 'pod', wheel module, nose adapter and, a dual car to .625 adapter. The resembalance to a old Caddilac was completely accidental. lol. Pictures: Jet engines are definitely not required. My textures mapping is a bit lazy, and i need to fix shading. I'll probably add a truck box part, and i might even expand this to stock-textured boat parts. Smaller ones. Since there's at least three packs of boat parts... Comments welcome!
  23. Hello admirers of technology and Welcome! To the majestic world of: Oliverm001x's Pinnacle of Construction The first question: What is this? From the discovery of combustion, the invention of the wheel, the iconic moon landing with the impeccable Apollo 11 landing module, to the planned manned missions to Mars by 2024, our human civilisation has progressed at a monumentally rapid rate. Engineering pinnacles have cast a conspicuous shadow onto the people doubting the ability of modern day man, and his ability to progress within the realm of engineering. On this Spacecraft Exchange we will display some of the pinnacles of engineering, all constructed in the majestic and fun, world of KSP. Here (regular uploading not guaranteed) vehicles of all sorts will be uploaded and described, with a background, statistics, and plain scientific fun! Hope you enjoy! The Different Categories: Aircraft: The K340-100 The K325- More Aircraft Coming Soon! Rockets: Maritime Vessels: Land Vehicles: UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle): Space Stations: Satellites: And More!
  24. I already made a car, but I wanted to make a smaller one I guess. This one ended up bigger than planned but after many days and many revisions I had to button it up. Now that 1.2 let's me float parts (offset w/shift button) more things are possible in stock. Everything on this car is shift-offset or offset then rotated. The front end is lowered a bit for looks, but ground clearance is poo now. Car is so long that turning radius ain't good. But on the plus side- this motorcar has a full steering rack! I laugh to myself that the steering column is an actual column :-) I used linear RCS ports (take note engineers, these are nice and smooth and round) surrounded by 6 thermometers for the bushings. 3, 4, and 8 thermometers also work. Angling them slightly too can help hold the balls in place, although I didn't do that here. gears on solid axle - after multiple days of trying different gear combinations and bearing sets I settled on this single step final similar to the piston car. The engine isn't torquey so I needed the largest stepdown I could make. Obviously you can't make the final gear larger than the wheel, and a large wheel negates the stepdown :/ The axle shafts are little antennas surrounded by the smallest solar panels that just make the right sized hole. custom wheels - a morgan type wire wheel up front and solid wheels in back. RCS ports have high tolerance and the friction was good enough. and a working hybrid turboshaft-crankshaft engine with pulsing exhaust. 8 junos tuned down to blow on 4 batteries that are offset from the center to appear like a crankshaft. Let's just say this did not help with balance or high rpm performance. Bearings are my old standard, the avionics cone pds314 showed me, stuck in a hole made by 4 octo struts. the exhaust is thrust limited to 2.5, the minimal setting where they still set off a puff of flame (6.5 is the next faster puff btw for you aesthetic enthusiasts). If you stage them all separately they puff at off times and it makes it look like cylinders are firing! I am very proud to be presenting this and hope you enjoy seeing it. Cheers to all the engineers I "borrowed" ideas from. KerbalX
  25. Alright, this is the last Takumi EVA evolution. I call it the Wasp EVA. It's a performance supercar that can apparently fly. It is recommended you stay on the ground, though. Oh yeah, and they finally got their car show. Craft file for anyone who wants it: EVA.craft?dl=0