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Found 200 results

  1. To satisfy their unceasing desire to launch themselves into the void of space on top questionable rockets, the kerbals rushed to form a space program. But in their haste to get started on this great endeavour, they forgot* to give it a name. Thus, it became known only as "the space program". *) I was too lazy to come up with one. =================================================================================================== This is a career I started in KSP 1.3.1 about a month ago, and that I thought I'd share here. I'm using a heap of mods (list in the spoiler below), with MKS and USI-LS being two of the main ones. It's my first time using these in a career playthrough. I'm not sure to what extent I'll use the kolonization parts, but life support will play a big role. Running out of supplies will lead to death, and death is permanent. I'm also sticking somewhat rigidly to the rule of no reloads. The presentation style will most likely be short descriptions of events, accompanied by lots of pictures, 'cause who doesn't like pictures. Hope you enjoy!
  2. After several hours of gameplay on sandbox and testing my creativity, I decided to get more serious and start a new career mode. As an airplane lover I really felt a lack of utility on creating atmospheric aircrafts despite being useful on running short distances to gather surface samples on the very beggining of your career. I really saw no need on building those gigantic and awesome airplanes. It would be even more awesome building those on career mode, where you would to plan and desing a even more efficient and better airplane then your casual "sandbox jumbo". As a simple solution, I came up with the following idea: Main idea: Add "Airports" around the surface of Kerbin capable of picking up or delivering Kerbals. It doesnt have to be too complex, just a runway and a "terminal".Beyond the missons you receive form the Space center, you would have some "passanger kerbals"(as a new type of kerbal, like the Pilots, Engineers and Scientists, and now, Passanger) on standby. Each kerbal would have a unique destination, and taking him to the "airport" that he wants to go, would reward you with money. Further away the airport, more money you get. Purpouse: That would encourage the player to build a better, saffer, more efficient airplane and as a whole, creating an extra purpouse for atmospheric aircrafts. Canon(?): To make the Kerbal passanger transport make sense as a whole, it would be a cool thing if we added something more beyond taking those random kerbals around Kerbin. It would make more sense if those airport were added next to a cluster of KerbNet Antennas in order to, in theory, keep the maintaince of those antennas. Also, there would have some bigger airports, which those, would be larger and contain a science only building in it, so having more kerbals in it, would increase the income of science. Taking scientists to an airport, would increase the amount of science income, and taking engineers, would increase the efficiency of the antennas. Conclusion to "Canon(?)": Beyond transporting Kerbal passangers that would give you money for that, you would have the option to take Scientists and Engineers too. Taking scientists to an airport, would increase the amount of science income, and taking engineers, would increase the efficiency of the antennas near that airport.
  3. Failure is not an option - these words, the most famous quote from Gene Kranz, one of NASA's first Flight Director and probably the most famous Flight Director to ever live... January 31st 1967. "Spaceflight is terribly unforgiving, of perelesness, incapacity for neglect, I don't know what the Thompson committee will find as the cause of this accident. But i know what i find, we were the cause: the simulators weren't ready, our software in mission control didn't function. Procedures weren't complete nothing we did had any shelf life and no one stood up and said stop. Now from this day forward, mission control will be known by two words: tough and competent, tough meaning we will never again shirk from our responsibility because we are forever accountable for what we do or what we fail to do. Competent, we will never take anything for granted - we will never stop learning - when you leave here today you will write these two words on your blackboard, tough and competent and they will never be erased. They will serve as a constant reminder to the sacrificial of Grissom, White and Chaffee. That's all" - Gene Kranz Flight: Plane Crew: Jebediah Result: The plane took flight after Jebediah accidently took the gear down, as it couldnt take off it was recovered RP-0 you may want to fix the first flight objectives! anyways thats it for now, a very humerous start to the program with a switch only not a rocket or an engine, a switch and some wheels!
  4. KSP - PS4 Career

    KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM Also known as how to perfectly crash. Kerbals, the only sapient life in the Kerbol System, have decided that telescopes on Kerbin are not enough, and are launching a space program! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ LOG 1 - SCIENCE HAVE ACHIEVED FLIGHT At 0:00 Kerbin time, Wernher Von Kerman reported that Science 1, a small capsule attached to a booster, with a can of unknown content, and topped of with a parachute, was completely ready to launch. It would wait for two hours before launching at nighttime. Finally, at 2:00 Kerbin time, the craft was rolled out to the launchpad. It was operated by pilot Jebediah Kerman. Jebediah pressed the staging button, and it took off, tilting north due to the drag of the container of unknown content. After the booster ran out of fuel, he proceeded to observe the unknown content in the container, and create a report of his situation. He would then press the staging button again, deploying the orange and white parachute. Finally, he would land off the coast of where the Kerbal Space Center is located. Science 2 is expected to launch next week, packing more power and science.
  5. computer got accidentally turned off during sub-orbital flight above kerbin quicksaved luckily just before my foot rested on the off switch but when my pc restarts and i load up ksp my career save says 'just started' and when i click 'load' nothing happens any way to fix this issue and recover my hard earned space program? thank you so much for any support this is killing me
  6. With the new UI on Xbox Enhanced, I started a new career. Flew some contracts to get funds and science. Used the science to unlock Basic Rocketry tree. My career settings are to require Buying Into parts. Went to buy Swivel Engine with Tree researched (says it is researched). I click Right Stick to go to Parts in Basic Rocketry. I highlight Swivel Engine with 72K funds (engine cost 3.5K)....I get no UI on how to buy the Swivel Engine or any other part in any tree I've researched. What am I doing wrong? Again, new Xbox UI. Thanks.
  7. Anyone seeing the Science Tree not being properly enforced in Career mode for EE Xbox One? I started a career giving myself 3500 science points to start, so I could research some items right off the start. What I am seeing is that Science items that have two pre-requisites are not being enforced. Two examples here: General Construction requires Stability, General Rocketry as prerequisites, and then 45 Science to research and unlock. I have plenty of Science points, I have only unlocked General Rocketry. I have not unlocked Stability, and yet, if I go to General Construction, I have the ability to research it for 45 Science without the prerequisite. Fuel Systems can be researched for 90 Science, and requires General Construction and Advanced Rocketry. I have already researched Advanced Rocketry, but I have not researched General Construction. I was able to research Fuel Systems for 90 Science without first researching the General Construction prerequisite. I also went into the VAB, and confirmed that even without General Construction prerequisite, I was able to add the parts from Fuel systems to my rockets. Anyone else seeing this?
  8. So in a bit on insanity, I've decided to revive my KSP obsession and try some new mods after playing realism overhaul for awhile. For bonus points, I'm going to be playing on the stock hard setting which disables respawning, and quicksave/reload (I'll conditionally re-enable it if something glitches, but if I screw up, I'm rolling with it). There is a loose metaplot going on, starting in Chapter 5.1 Dreaming in Light/Skipper, but it's not the main focus for this thread. Current Achievements of This Space Program Here's a quick reference guide for what we've done thus far. I'm not using the Return Chevron as it makes it hard to see each. For the craft type, I'm going with whatever is the most challenging or what I was most impressed by, hence why Kerbin has a plane ribbon, and not a capsule or station. Guidelines Mistakes will be permament, if I blotch a Duna landing, you're going to get to see it Exception: Atmospheric flight is quicksave/quickloadable as otherwise I won't get the epic photos. Exception: For plot relevant stuff, I'll generally allow quicksave/quickload. This happened during the first lunar mission as I was trying to get a good screenshot of an anomaly for the thread and flew too low. I'll note in each chapter where quicksaves/quickloads were done. I've never played with Kerbalism before, so expect hilarious failures The save is in career mode, stock tech tree. I'll likely be running some missions without posting about it (no one wants to read 300+ part testing contracts) I'm sticking to a 30 day minimum delay between mission launches for the most part. On rare occasions, I'll bend this rule for special/planned events This is primarily to avoid Mun landing in-game day 2, and then fastforward to Duna at the first launch window For missions that don't leave the planet (i.e., launchpad part testing), I won't bother advancing time The mod list will be somewhat fluid, list is at the below Rough goal of at least doing a kerbaled mission to each planet. Will take suggests for mission ideas/craft names/etc. Will also edit the save file if someone wants a kerbal beyond the original four. Current Mod List Kerbalism Kerbal Engineer Alarm Clock Better Burn Time SCANsat Scatterer/EVE Astromauner's Visual Pack + KSPRC was added starting in Chapter 7 DMagic TAC Fuel Balancer KAS/KIS KRASH FAR Gravity Turn Redux NavUtils Chapter 1: K-3 Project (full imgur album:
  9. Hi, I'm playing a career mode game, and upgraded the Mission Control building to Level 3 (maximum) a long time ago. The game says this upgrade should allow "unlimited number of active contracts". Although the upgrade did indeed remove the hard limit on the number of contracts, I found that the game simply didn't offer me any more contracts once I had 14 active. Whenever I'd complete a contract, I'd be offered a new one, one-for-one, but no more than that. One day when I completed a story contract, the game offered me two in its place, which expanded the "rotation" to 15, but a few contracts later, for no apparent reason, I completed one and was not offered a new one, reducing it back to 14. The other day I completed a non-storyline contract and was offered two in its place, so it's now back up to 15. Does anyone know what's going on here? Is this "intended" behavior by the game? An arbitrary technical limitation perhaps (e.g. due to the contracts being stored in a fixed-size array in the game code)? I would really like to be able to have more than 15 active contracts. Right now, more than half of the effective "slots" are tied up with long-term missions that I can't (or don't want to) start yet - e.g. I need to unlock the requisite tech tree nodes to complete ore contracts, and I don't want to skip any of the storyline contracts (thus I can't escape Kerbin until I've finished exploring Minmus, since that would skip that contract). This leaves only a few slots for active turnover of contracts, which makes it difficult to e.g. get enough tourists on the books to fill up a big, efficient craft to take them to the Mun. Is there any way to "fix" this? Perhaps a setting, or a mod? It seems weird for the "size of the market" to be effectively capped like this; one would expect the market to increase as I demonstrate the ability to perform more ambitious missions more efficiently. Thanks!
  10. Revisiting the Cosmos!

    This is a new Let's Play style series with career playthough. It is LiveStreamed on Twitch, and edited for upload to YouTube. Mission Tracking Log: KSP version: 1.3.1 (Win64) - Unity: 5.4.0p4 - OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit Modlist (more or less complete, with minor edits): Cetera's Suits for TRR 000_AT_Utils - 1.5 Filter Extensions - Toolbar - 1.7.15 USI Tools - 0.10.1 AlmostFreeLaunchClamps - 0.2.1 AirlockPlus - 0.0.9 Astrogator - 0.7.8 AtmosphereAutopilot - 1.5.10 B9 Part Switch - 2.1 BetterTimeWarpContinued - 2.3.9 Bluedog Design Bureau - 1.1.6 Chatterer Extended - 0.6.1 Chatterer - CollisionFX - 4.0 Color Coded Canisters - 1.5.1 Community Category Kit - 2.0.2 Community Resource Pack - 0.8 CommunityTechTree - 3.2.1 Community Trait Icons - 0.1.2 Connected Living Space - Contract Configurator - 1.23.3 Contract Pack: Anomaly Surveyor - 1.7 Contract Pack: Clever Sats - 1.4 Contract Pack: Field Research - 1.2.1 Contract Pack: Historical Progression - 1.6 Contract Pack: Kerbal Academy - 1.1.7 Contract Pack: Bases and Stations - Rover Missions - 0.1.7 Contract Pack: Tourism Plus - 1.5.2 Crew Light - 1.10 Crew Portraits - 1.3.1 Crowd Sourced Science - 4.1 CryoEngines - 0.5.10 CryoTanks - 0.4.8 Community Terrain Texture Pack - 1.0.1 CustomBarnKit - 1.1.16 DangIt - 0.7.15 Airline Kuisine - 1.5 DestructionEffects - 1.7 DistantObjectEnhancement - 1.9.1 DMagic Orbital Science - CapCom Mission Control On The Go - Contract Parser - 1.0.7 Contracts Window Plus - Progress Parser - 1.0.8 DynamicBatteryStorage - 1.2 Easy Vessel Switch - 1.5.6471.31118 EditorExtensionsRedux - 3.3.16 EVAEnhancementsContinued - EVA Transfer - Firespitter - 7.6 FlagRotate - 1.1.5 Flexible Docking - 1.0.5 Fuel Tanks Plus - 1.12.1 FuseBoxContinued - GroundConstruction - 1.2.1 Galileo's Sun Flares - 1.8.3 HideEmptyTechTreeNodes - 1.0.1 Historian Extended - 1.3.2 HullcamVDSContinued - 0.1.8 Impact - Interstellar Fuel Switch - 2.10.3 JanitorsCloset - 0.3.3 RasterPropMonitor - 0.29.2 Kerbal Attachment System - 0.6.3 KerbalAtomics - 0.4.10 Kerbal Engineer Redux - 1.1.3 Kerbal Foundries - KerbalHealth - 1.0.2 Kerbal Inventory System - No Fun - 0.1.2 Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - 3.3.3 HyperEdit - 1.5.4 Kerbal Inventory System - 1.8.6557.41950 Kopernicus - KRASH - 0.5.26 KronalVesselViewer - 0.0.8 KSP-AVC Plugin - KSPRescuePodFix - KSPWheel - Lithobrake Exploration Technologies - 0.4 Lights Out - 0.2.2 MagiCore - 1.3 Maeneuver Node Evolved - ManeuverQueue - 0.4.5 Mk1-Cabin-Hatch - 0.2 Modular Rocket Systems - 1.13.1 ModularFlightIntegrator - 1.2.4 NASA_CountDown - 1.3.5 NavBallDockingAlignmentIndicatorCE - 1.0.3 NavBallTextureChanger - 1.6 NavHud - 1.3.4 Docking Port Alignment Indicator - 6.7 NearFutureConstruction - 0.8.4 NearFutureElectrical - 0.9.8 NearFutureLaunchVehicles - 1.1.3 NearFutureProps - 0.2 NearFuturePropulsion - 0.9.5 NearFutureSolar - 0.8.8 NearFutureSpacecraft - 0.7.4 NEBULA_DecalsContinued - Final Frontier - S.A.V.E - One Window - 1.0.2 OuterPlanetsMod-Galileo - 1.2.4 PartCommanderContinued - 1.1.2 PartWizardContinued - 1.3.6 PlanetShine - PoodsOPMVO - 0.3.5 Portrait Stats - Precise Node - 1.2.6 Radio Free Kerbin - 1.2.1 RCS Build Aid - 0.9.3 RCS Sounds - 5.2 RealChute - 1.4.5 ReentryParticleEffect - SafeChute - 2.1.9 SCANsat - Science Relay - SETI-Contracts - 1.3 SETI-Greenhouse - 1.2.2 SETI-ProbeParts - Ship Effects Continued - SpaceY Expanded - 1.3.1 SpaceY Lifters - 1.16 StageRecovery - 1.7.2 StationPartsExpansion - 0.5.2 Stock Visual Enhancements - 1.2.7 Surface Mounted Stock-Alike Lights for Self-Illumination - 1.6.6484.37549 Stock Visual Terrain - 2.0.8 TAC Fuel Balancer - 2.14 TakeCommandContinued - 1.4.11 TextureReplacerReplaced - 0.5.4 TAC Life Support - 0.13.6 ToadicusToolsContinued - 0.22.2 Trajectories - 1.7.1 Kerbal Alarm Clock - 3.8.5 Alternate Resource Panel - 2.9.2 Transfer Window Planner - 1.6.2 TweakableEverything - 0.1.23 TweakScale - 2.3.7 USI Core - 0.5 USI Exploration Pack - 0.9 Konstruction - 0.3 Malemute Rover - 0.4 MKS - 0.53 USI Alcubierre Drive - 0.7 Universal Storage - Unmanned before Manned - UpgradesGUI - 1.5 EVAParachutesAndEjectionSeats - 0.1.15 VesselMover - VesselViewerContinued - 0.8.6 Waypoint Manager - 2.7 IVA Kerbal Identifier - 1.0.4 [x] Science! - 5.11 Hanger Grid
  11. so i got a contract to get an unmanned space probe into an equatorial orbit around the mun, but it wont complete. it says my apoapsis must be 232,000m and periapsis 211,000m and i have met these down to the nearest 100m and my inclination must be 180° which for all i can tell it is, give or take 5°. any help is much appreciated, thanks.
  12. so i got a contract to get an unmanned space probe into an equatorial orbit around the mun, but it wont complete. it says my apoapsis must be 232,000m and periapsis 211,000m and i have met these down to the nearest 100m and my inclination must be 180° which for all i can tell it is, give or take 5°. any help is much appreciated, thanks.
  13. Hello, This is the release section for my latest and most developed to date mod, Kerbin's KSP overhaul. what it adds: a more challenging career mode with less science at the begining new replacement resources more labs and most importantly MOAR SCIENCE! what makes this different: normaly, career tech tree mods require community tech tree however Kerbins KSP overhaul like my other mod 64x overhaul require only Module Manager DOWNLOAD KSP overhaul hope you enjoy!!!!!! coming soon: PARTS! thats all from me, the rest is all down to your imagination (with the career limits of course!)
  14. I've finished my first Eve/Gilly mission in my current career save, and what does the next exploration contract entail? Go back to Gilly, where I've already been, and transfer crew between vessels, which I've already done. I think to myself, "I'll just warp time and hopefully get that Jool or Bop contract". I do that, what do I see? Transfer crew between vessels around Ike, which I did ages ago. Warp again, "Dock around Mun", already done that. It's giving me repeated contracts to do mundane tasks that I've done before and I'm not getting contracts to go any further than Duna, and it's really beginning to annoy me.
  15. Hi, i 've got a problem with asteroid contracts which come with the condition "Have a previously undisturbed Class X asteroid in tow" resetting whenever i save&load. Specifically i'm dealing with a contract to put a Class E into orbit of Minmus which is quite time-consuming with ISRU and low dV changes, but i can not save my progress because whenever i have my vessel "docked"(3 Klaws i rammed into the rock) and saved, the asteroid in question is not registered as previously undisturbed/part of the contract anymore. Meaning i can't solve the contract. The same problem arises with another contract which asks for station building around Duna on a previously undisturbed asteroid (i think, the condition also resets when changing vessels on map mode), making rendezvous with station parts after orbital insertion impossible. Is there a trick to circumvent this? Like savefile hacking to make the asteroid a viable target again or sth?
  16. I read this question but it's from a while ago and I was wondering if there's been any updates: I've been messing with recovering Asparagus stages. I've gotten a workable setup, but it only works as as long as you're watching - however (as mentioned) stages will get deleted if you don't watch them and if you watch too long your main stage can go out of physics range and there seems to be no way to return to it (Tracking Center link is disabled in Atmosphere) The StageRecovery mod may be a reasonable work-around, although I suspect it might be a bit generous with the cash - it's been a fun challenge getting the stages set up just right and it seems to be a bit of a let-down to be able to just stick any old parachute on a stage and get the full value back. (With a Jumbo-64 + RE-I5 based stage I use two Mk12-R plus four Mk2-R to get under 8 m/s, but only barely) Have there been any changes since the last question that would improve this situation?
  17. I want to get more contracts but the game isn't offering any. I have a fully-upgraded Mission Control, so I have unlimited space
  18. Hi there, i am quite new to this game. did not find yet - maybe somebody helps me here: i can not click on the orbs of a vessel to create maneuver plans or align orbits. (pilots Level? Development of a buildin?) i saw a youtube video and bought the game imidiate. The wiki-page for the Career mode is (only english) very lets say "short"... There are many things i figured out the hard way and much more i don't know. 1) Something i missed when i did not read all hints (maybe there was no hint) that i should take a look at mission control to accept missions if i am able to do them. I really run out of money before i randomly found that small building. 2) I would not like to cheat or do stupid things "just because they give most science". Some science-runs on kerbal might be better done with an airplane rather than with a rocket - it is really hard to aquire a stable flight with a rocket but with enough parashutes you can touch down with a small craft and even make the EVA science or any mission with < 10000m targets. (and for groundtargets, you can roll arround between the the 3 objectives)
  19. Is it possible to fly by Kerbin from Duna and get back again without using too much extra fuel? Specifically, I need to go from Duna to Kerbin and back to Duna again (bonus points if you can get me by Eve, Joo, or Dres as well without using too much fuel). The current time is Year 1, day 235, so I can leave at about Y1, D237 to be safe. When do I leave?
  20. I have two rockets. they are orbiting ~ almost same path about kerbin but they are at the opposite ends how to get them together?
  21. Tac life support episode 1

    hope you like it.
  22. KSP Career Vlog

    So I have a youtube channel where I've been creating KSP content and figure I'd share it to the Forums. The point of my career is to make money and colonize the Kerbol system. I am playing with a few mods, but they are honestly negligible. I use MechJeb, Alarm Clock, Outerplanets, and this Landing Leg mod I found. I've documented most of my career in videos, with the exception of busy work like refueling and taking up easy routine contracts. Down below I'll post videos of my missions, testing, and crafts. It should be noted that there is no reverts allowed, except for when the Kraken intervenes. The videos are organized from recent at the top to old at the bottom. The recent ones are where you'll find my best KSP missions probably, not that the old ones don't have some good memories, but they mostly exist as documentation. Duna Science Launch: This video shows the launch of our reusable ship infrastructure. I'm not sure how well I like it. The booster is definitely good, but the ship will probably be changed as time goes on to make cargo easier to deploy. Right now we are just loading up the ship in LKO. There it will be refueled. The ship has the science lab for Duna. Minmus Lab In this video clip we land a second Minmus ship down on the planet, this one having a lab. From here we set up the basis of the colonies, having a refueling station and a lab. As we are starting to max out on science at this point, later bases will be more focused on habitation and refueling. Mun Cargo Vessel Return Here we see a demonstration of the Cargo Variant of our Reusable system returning from deploying a lab in orbit of the Mun. This was during the prototyping of the reusable infrastructure. Minmus Mission In a test of the updated vehicle we did a Minmus landing and return, and learned to change where we put our drag surfaces. Minmus Sat Early episode in our space program where we first unlocked the vector engines and made a nice booster stage. ProtoKais Mission Part 1 of one of our more daring missions when we were young with technology. That was a cheaper version of second stage re usability tests. Satellite Launch Here we can start to see the progression of our career as we launched satellites in the early stages of it. Lion Launch Vehicle One of our earliest rocket designs, good for basic satellites Career do or die Moment It was at this point in our career where this mission was the difference between failure and success. If we failed here we wouldn't have enough money to do another mission. First Ship to Orbit The first time we went to orbit
  23. simultaneous career mode

    I was wondering if there were any mods that allowed for 2 different space centers and two separeated careers at the same time. Me and my little brother are going to play multiplayer by this method: It would be excellent to have 2 different careers running in the same game so we could advance at different rates and have a true space race. Dose anyone have any info on a mod like this? It would be much appreciated if you could share.
  24. Hi, is it possible to activate the "entry cost" function in in retrospect? I was not able to find such an option...
  25. Vanilla Sky

    Hi Y'all, After a short break from KSP I've decided to start a new "challenge" for myself. It's a fairly simple one, I believe, but I haven't done this before, so that makes things more interesting for me. This time I will play a career game on normal without any mods where the main goal is to plant a flag on every celestial body with a solid surface. Here is a small list of the rules I came up with to make things more interesting. Rules: no mods (not even visuals or KER) land a kerbal on every planet, plant a flag and get him/her back home external aids, like excel are allowed using the web based Alex Moon script (or anything similar) for route planning is prohibited. I'm just going to eyeball the trajectories. no cheats Let's start, shall we?