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Found 2 results

  1. The Adventures of the JSA is a multi-part series about the more interesting and cool missions in a mission report/story telling style (with occasional dialog) of my modded career, called Johnster Space Agency (AKA JSA). From unlocking new and futuristic technology like Solar Sails and even FTL Drives to exploring new and unique planets and moons, I hope you will enjoy: The Adventures of the Johnster Space Agency. Table of Contents Modlist (For Those Interested) JSA's Achievements So Far But anyways, I hope you enjoy, and have a good day!
  2. My second JOOL-5 Challenge with KADES IRV+ (Inside my ongoing careersave, first try with another spacecraft assembly failed on Tylo sometime ago...) Mods: KER, KJR, Stock Bugfix modules (plus), Transfer Window Planner Imguralbum(s) from KADES IRV+ Jool-5 challenge, careerplay 1.0.5.(1028), career started in 0.9 BETA Todo: Missionstart, ISRU start, fuelup, orbital assembly, Kerbin escape, Jool encounter, Challenge (Pol, Tylo, Bop, Vall, Laythe), transfer to Kerbin, back to KSC Missionstart: http://imgur.cfuelup,om/a/NgX8l 26 pictures, UI ISRU start: 14 pictures, UI Fuelup: 23 pictures, UI Orbital assembly: 18 pictures, UI Kerbin escape: 19 pictures, UI Jool encounter: 23 pictures, UI Pol landing, ISRU: 26 pictures, UI Valentina lands on Pol Pol ISRU, Tylo encounter: 22 pictures, UI Tylo landing: 57 pictures, UI Valentina lands on Tylo Transfer to Bop: 64 pictures, UI Bop ISRU: 23 pictures, UI Valentina lands on Bop Vall iSRU: 57 pictures, UI Valentina lands on Vall Laythe transfer: 19 pictures, UI Laythe landing: 45 pictures, UI Valentina lands on Laythe Transfer to Pol, ISRU: 36 pictures, UI Transfer to Kerbin orbit: 22 pictures, UI Crew return to KSC: 11 pictures, UI DONE! give a comment if you like