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Found 2 results

  1. I am build a large space station with mostly 2.5m parts and I need a SSTO to carry this parts to orbit and dock them in to postition. Please if an SSTO that meets the criteria in the title please provide a Kerbalx link below
  2. LC Cruiser IV Ok so it has been a while since my last cargo SSTO, but that has changed. This craft is very capable of bringing a 20 ton payload to the surface of duna and then fly back. Since it uses the same principle of most SSTA's it can also SSTA after the cargo is delivered. It weighs about 230 tons with full cargo (thats about double what my old ones weighed). It has parachutes to make landing on duna or anywhere with atmosphere easier. It has landing gear on its wingtips so that when the plane tilts to the side, it doesn't break the wings and it only bounces back the other way. In my mission video I brought a mining rig with a compact solar array that was expanded to get more energy (although it doesn't really need that much). Heres the download, video, and more screenshots. The video should show you the ascent on how to get to orbit.