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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to say hi to the Kerbalmunnity, Kerbal Kommunity, Kerbunity...or however I should call it. I've been interested in KSP for more than a year but did not have a proper computer to play it on. I downloaded it on PS4 as soon as it released and played it more than all other games last year, including Dark Souls, which is saying something. Now that I have a PC capable of gaming and streaming I couldn't help but take the double dip. I'm loving the mods (and the lack of save file corruption from the PS4 version) and after a few months away from the game I'm back to playing regularly. My first adventure is checking out Cerillion...or more precisely trying to rescue Jeb, who wound up crashing on the new planet with no way back. I've been lurking for the past months but only now created an account, so I hope to get to know everyone soon. Thanks and cheers!
  2. The planet I am going to is from this mod: The craft is 100% stock.