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Found 181 results

  1. How many satellites?!?! *reboot*

    This is a simple challenge, get as many satellites into lko as possible in one launch. 2 categories: modded unmodded rules: No cheats Proof All satellites must have regeneratI've power source, the ability to orient itself in a specific angle, and have an external antenna. Please say modded or unmodded, mechjeb counts as mod, but if it doesn't affect the craft itself, like a clouds mod, then it's considered not modded. My attempt, It all exploded in the end, but it usually works.
  2. Fastest to Ocean!!!

    This is a challenge where you go from launch pad to splash down the ocean as fast as possible. Rules. 1: No cheats 2: From time of first spacebar to splash down 3: Stock in game clock. 4: Mods allowed, separate category 5: must be kerballed 6: kerbal must survive the entire time to count. 7: action groups allowed Good luck my attempt is ten seconds, didn't expect him to survive at 50 m/s LeaderBoard: 1: Eidahlil 0s 2: Russax 8s
  3. The Mobile Base Challenge Not open yet, looking for feedback on rules before going live I've always been fascinated by large mobile bases and the even larger rockets needed to launch them. To this end, I've decided to have a go at creating a challenge involving them. The rules are designed to create large, self-sufficient mobile bases. Preliminary Rules 1. Stock parts only. This includes any part editing via ModuleManager or otherwise except for as defined below with adding approved modules to capsules. As much as I love mods, it's much simpler to score and share craft files if everything is stock. If there's enough interest, I might consider adding a modded craft category later since there are some pretty cool wheels/tracks/etc in mods. 2. Information and autopilot mods are allowed. MechJeb, Kerbal Engineer, Throttle Controlled Avionics, and other information/autopilot mods that don't alter the parts are fine. If using MechJeb (or other information mods that require parts to function), please use a module manager config (like MechJeb and Engineer For All) to add it to the command pods instead of using the MechJeb parts. 3. Stock solar system only. There's some cool alternative solar systems out there that provide a lot more challenge, but I don't want to have to come up with planet score multipliers for all of them. If someone else wants to extend this challenge to include modded planets, go for it. 4. Mobile base must be able to drive on the surface of a planet using electric rover wheels. Additional rockets/jet engines/landing gear are fine if you want your base to be capable of higher speeds on appropriate terrain or be amphibious. 5. Mobile base must be self-sufficient and include power generation, ISRU, drills, ore tanks, and at least one of each fuel tank type (for refuelling other craft if the base doesn't make use of the fuel itself). There should be enough energy generation/batteries to allow 24/7 operation (drilling, refining, science research) on the target planet. If you need to use fuel cells to get through the night, that's fine. 6. Mobile base must include the following parts: At least four electric rover wheels At least one science lab At least one ISRU refinery module At least one drill Enough space for at least 8 kerbals At least one of each fuel tank type LOX capacity should be at least equivalent to the 1.25m long tank Monoprop capacity should be equivalent to 1.25m inline tank Ore capacity should be at least equivalent to one 2.5m tank Xenon capacity should be at least equivalent to one 1.25m tank At least one probe core At least one of the largest comm antennas 7. Mobile base must be launched into orbit, flown to the planet, and landed on the planet. No hyperedit/cheat menu shenanigans outside of testing. Orbital and in-situ assembly is acceptable for very large bases. Preliminary Scoring (Please help with this based on relative difficulty) Point multipliers based on target planet: Minmus: 0.5x Mun: 1.0x Eve/Duna/Ike/Dres: 1.5x Laythe/Eeloo/Moho: 2.0x Tylo: 3.0x Bonus points: Base is capable of short range powered hops on target world: Multiplier based on world (help with this) Base is amphibious on Eve/Laythe: Help me determine this Base is capable of launching into orbit from target world and flying to another planet: Lots of bonus points, based on world (if you manage this on Eve, you win). Submission Requirements: Pictures of your craft in a VAB, on the launchpad, after each staging event to orbit, doing the interplanetary transfer, doing the landing deorbit burn, just before landing, and once the rover has landed. Extra pictures and video are always welcome. If your rover is built using multiple launches, have pictures at each of the above stages for each distinct craft up until they're added to the main base. Craft file is also required to validate entry. If you rover requires multiple launches, include all craft files. As you can see, this challenge is still a WIP. Any and all help is appreciated with ironing out these rules. Later this weekend I'll put together my own craft to demonstrate the challenge.
  4. Origami Steel Fleet

    So this an extension of my Origami Steel idea. So you follow that thread's instructions and just build and post HERE. Must fit in a mark 3 cargo bay and be airbreathing, but R.A.P.I.E.R.s, NERVs or CC engines are allowed if you have jets (or with R.A.P.I.E.R.s they can be in jet mode) onboard. Extra points for SSTOs! Please post the version created in as well as the name. Thank you! Mods are allowed provided they don't affect performances of crafts Fleet Planes: Fleet SSTOs P.S. Order isn't Chronological
  5. Origami Steel.

    So, lets build a plane. Stock. That fits in a mk3 cargo bay. A jet, naturally. So the wings MUST fold. Say they tilt forward 90 degrees and then move back flat against the fuselage. Then it moves on powered wheels. I know. It's absurd. But it's a challenge. Get building!!! Any suggestions, @Azimech and @selfish_meme? Because you two are good at building hinges stock. Is it even possible with ksp physics?
  6. Build A Grounded base on every planet and moon (Except jool and Kerbin) in career mode! each base has to have at least 5 kerbals on it at all times, and it has to be a permanent base. they have to be at least 50 meters long and 10 meters high, and a width of 20 meters Cairojack, If you're reading this, This is NOT a single launch Challenge NO CHEATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Big Kerbal Rocket, to the Mun!

    Hello everyone! Here I am with my second challenge. My first one didn't do so well, so it's time to add another seed to the plot! The Challenge: Get a stock BFR-based rocket to the Mun, and back. Points: Hey, it worked! | Get off the launchpad = 100 points It's getting hard to breathe... | Get into thin air = 500 points Spaaaaaaace!!! | Get out of the atmosphere = 1,000 points A huge gray ball in the sky... | Encounter the Mun = 2,000 points I'm running circles around you! | Orbit the Mun = 3,000 points That's one small step for a kerbal... | Land on the Mun = 5,000 Home sweet home! | Return to Kerbin from the Mun = 5,000 points The booster has landed, where? | Land the booster on Kerbin = 500 points Hey, there it is! | Land the booster near the KSC = 750 points The booster has landed. | Land the booster back on the pad = 1,000 points Hey, we're back! | Land the main ship on Kerbin = 1,000 points I can see my house from here! | Land the main ship near the KSC = 1,500 We're back! | Land the main ship on the pad = 2,000 points Good thing the booster is coated with Power Musk... | Land the main ship on the booster = 5,000 points One step closer to a multi-planetary species. | Re-use the entire thing = 10,000 points Just in case! | Refueling capability using ISRU = 1,500 points Let the professionals do this. | Refueling capability using other crafts = 1,000 Bonus! A huge ball of snacks! | Encounter Minmus = 3,000 points Let's land, this is making me hungry! | Orbit Minmus = 3,500 points Let's feast! | Land on Minmus = 4,000 points Reddy or not, here we come! | Encounter Duna = 5,000 points Duna if we should land or not. | Orbit Duna = 7,500 points Hopefully this tastes like the bars. | Land on Duna = 10,000 points There's a starman, waiting in the sky... | Do a Grand Tour = 100,000 points Why use the ground and air, when you can use space!? | Use the BKR as a Kerbin-Kerbin transport system as well. = 2,500 points It's 2017, why didn't we have a Mun base before? | Make a Mun base = 20,000 points Shake hands! | Dock with another craft = 1,000 points Back to the roots. | Release some cargo into it's destination as well = 1,000 points Of Course I Still Love You | Land the booster on a barge = 2,000 points Just Read The Instructions | Land the main ship on a barge. = 2,000 points Rules: Don't go any farther than Minmus. That messes with my head. Unless you're doing the bonuses. Then that's okay. The rocket must resemble the BFR somehow. The mission must be fully possible in stock, so no part or part-changing mods. Notes: Unlike my previous challenge, altitudes do not stack.. Let me know if anything seems out of proportion. The brave kerbals taking upon this challenge: Mukita12 = somebody (once told me) do the math for me
  8. Main Goal: Land on Minmus with using a Level 1 VAB with the Kerbals living.
  9. This is a Mission Thread to contain my submission to the Shuttle Challenge v5 being caretaken, stewarded, custodian'd, and otherwise presently managed by @michal.don, to avoid going pic-heavy in the main Challenge thread, because way too many pictures to drop in the challenge forum. This is a snippet of what's been going on as I try to pick up back where I left off with the Sunshooter Program two years ago and finally finish some unfinished business... except in 1.3, from Year One Day One Minute One Second One Square One Mobius One Fox One Splash One, and disqualifying myself from the Apollo Challenge by using my own architecture. Here I'm revisiting one of the last things I did there, creating a Shuttle-derived heavy crew vehicle. Pics behind spoilers because be kind to smart phones. Oh, as per mandate of the challenge, the mod list for the craft involved lies behind the spoiler: Back in the wilderness of 1.0.2 when I was doing the Apollo 1.0 challenge (and before I hit pause on KSP due to school demands), I made a Dream Chaser-style Mk3 profile reusable crew shuttle for my Apollo program analogue called the Cadenza, capable of transporting up to 18-19 kerbals to a Munbase or station because launching multiples of 3-kerbal Apollo CSM equivalents would be quite the drag. It was a craft I was quite happy with, but I was not sure it would have qualified for the STS challenge at the time, as it had zero cargo capacity (and I think the crew-only rule was only very recently?). Come KSP 1.3 and a whole metric ton of modding thanks to 64 bit later, and in the sequel to Sunshooter, I wanted to revisit the Cadenza, but she needed a serious upgrade to provide crew support for a Deep Space Gateway and ship construction facility on Minmus, the Minmus Orbital/Surface Shiyard Complex (MOSS). Meet KSP-Project EVANNA's Cadance ADCAP (Advanced Capability) crew shuttle, its first model the OV/CDN-01 Astoria Greengrass pictured arriving at the Minmus DSG station Gabi Diamond. Yeah, she's already operational in my playthrough, having already delivered station crew to LKO and now to Minmus. And it wasn't until I recently paid a visit to the Challenge thread to see what's up before I realized she might qualify for STS-1a. (Might. I must defer to the judge @michal.donfor the authoritative answer.) A closer look at the orbiter and launch system: Cadance + SA-IF Manual Launch Profile: But wait, what about Shiny? [AUTHOR'S NOTE: As I don't have the FMRS mod installed, I actually capped the flyback booster portion of the mission by flying the mission twice: first, to follow Shining Armor back to KSC and drop him there, before reverting back to zero and doing that ascent all over again to follow the Cadance to LKO.] SA-IF Flyback Operations: Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled LKO program. Cadance LKO operations and Reentry: Cadance initial approach, final approach, and landing: And that's that. Two more pilots are certified to fly the Cadance, and a flyback booster's now been operationally proven and equally certified. And all that remains is michal's verdict, if this meets STS-1a. But this is all the Cadance can get; being designed purely as a crew transport, she cannot qualify for missions above that. There is on the drawing board a Cadena-derived cargo bay-based transport design to carry assorted payloads (KIS containers, CxAerospace/Habtech modules, even a munar lander), which could be used for future STS attempts if CoM issues could be surmounted, but for now, this is where I leave the Challlenge. Bonus pic:
  10. So I see there are challenges posted by players as well as by Squad personnel, and that some challenges restrict the mods allowed, and have specific requirements. Would it be feasible to make a challenge parameter setting for KSP that would set the goals and allow or disallow specific mods? The challenger would effectively create a pseudo save game file with x amounts of Kerbal bucks, Science, Reputation, techs unlocked, buildings upgraded, goals, and planetary locations, then uploads that file (Dropbox or where ever) for other players to download. The challenge save could be career, sandbox, or science. Re: Planetary locations Put up a top down view of the system and let the player drag the planets into whatever configuration they want. Have the game adjust the date accordingly.
  11. Rest in Peace Cassini-Huygens Probe As many know, today (at the time of writing) the Cassini Saturn Probe will be completing its mission to the ringed planet in a spectacular grand finale. After spending nearly 20 years in space, Cassini will be plunging into Saturn in an effort to protect potential lifeforms on its moons. It has given us much insight as well as fascinating pictures of Saturn and its moons, and is a scientific marvel. This challenge is to remember and memorialize the Cassini-Huygens Probe. (So its not meant to be super hard, but that's what bonus points are for! ) CHALLENGE INFO Send a probe weighing at least 4 tons to Jool, visit (flyby) at least 1 moon. Then destroy your probe in Jool. *Substitute Jool for Saturn (RSS/RO) or another Saturn alike planet with at least 1 moon for other planet packs *Parts from any publically available mod allowed, as long as they are balanced. (I.E. No 10,000 thrust, 1,000,000 isp engines) Bonus Points Realism - realistic looking probe (screenshot required) Real Scale Solar System - Mission is done with RSS/RO, challenge is exactly the same, but going to Saturn Huygens Lander - send a battery powered lander to Laythe (or Titan for RSS players) That means no solar panels, RTGs or fuel cells! Maneuverer - use a gravity assist to get there Realistic Maneuverer - use 2 Eve gravity assists, followed by a Kerbin one Explorer - Flyby at least 2 of Jool's moons Explorer plus - Flyby every Jool moon Minimalist - entire rocket masses less than 60 tons Maximalist - Largest probe by mass and/or size Direct route - Fastest mission time Badge available! (Thanks CraterCraker for the artwork) GOOD LUCK KERBONAUTS! Don't forget to post your attempts, as well any bonus points in this thread Craft files & screenshots welcome too! -Rev
  12. The goal of this challenge is to land a kerbal on the mun before the other team. A user may only launch 2 missions. Each user selects whether to launch for the US or USSR. They must join whatever team is currently behind on missions. If they are tied the players can choose. The missions must be newly launched and in this order: 1. Orbital Satellite Done by both teams, USSR first 2. Suborbital Manned Spaceflight Done by both teams, USSR first 3. Orbital Manned Spaceflight Done by both teams, USSR first 4. Munar flyby probe Done by both teams, USSR first 5. Orbital Manned Spaceflight and EVA Done by US first 6. Munar impact 7: Launch a docking port into orbit and then launch a kerbal to dock with it(like agena target vehicle) 8. Munar orbit probe 9. Munar landing probe 10. Manned 3 person capsule 11. Manned lunar orbit 12. Test 2-stage Munar lander in LKO 13. Manned Munar orbit with Munar lander test. Fall down to 5 kilometers and then ascend again. 14. Manned Munar Landing The catch? Total cost per team must be less than 250,000. 150,000 However, the team which completes each step first gets 2,000 * step number of bonus money. (So a Munar orbit probe would give you 16,000 bonus money). Before posting about your mission, you must post that you are going to do it in advance. You have one week of real time to do the mission. If the mission fails, than your team lost that money. No quicksaves/reverts please. If your mission fails, you can launch another mission if you want. A failed mission will not count as one of your two missions. This is possible. Remember, a rockomax 3200 tank is only 3,000. Get to the Mun first! Each poster must post in this format please: Team: Mission: Put pics and desciption Initial funds: Funds used: Funds remaining: Rules: Mechjeb allowed Tweakscale banned Procedural tanks banned Other procedural things allowed No asparagus or caterpillar staging. No ions or nukes No other mods
  13. This is similar to the Jool 5 Challenge, but for OPM. You may not use mining. You can assemble/refuel in LKO. You can refuel your craft in LKO from an asteroid, Mun, or Minimus, if you want, however. The whole craft must travel to the destination together. Type 1: Sarnus 5 Challenge Start with 200 points. Land on Tekto, Slate, Ovok, Hale, and Eeloo. Type 2: Urlum 4 Challenge Start with 150 points. Land on Priax, Wal, Tal, and Polta Type 3: Neidon/Plock Challenge Start With 300 points. Land on Nissee, Thatmo, Plock, and Karen. If you are doing this type in RSS, you'll need RSS extended. Rules: No tweakscale. No non-stock engines. Minus one point for every three parts(reusable launchers will help you). Do it in science mode, and cheat yourself enough science to unlock all the nodes. This way, you can know how much science you earned. +1 point for every 20 science. No labs. Bonuses: Use any life support mod: X2 Use any autopilot: /2 Do an unmanned mission: /4 Bring a rover: 10 points per rover. You can reuse rovers, but you can't count multiple rovers per planet. Use a plane on Tekto: +50. Use a plane on Thatmo: +100 Fly a plane/blimp in the lower atmosphere of a gas giant: +100. Kill a kerbal:-100 per kerbal Couldn't climb down to surface: -10 per failure to plant a flag Assembled using space planes: X2 Refueled via Mun/Minimus/Asteroid: X2 Used RO: X2 Used RSS or rescaled kerbin: X2 Kept the kerbals without adequate habitation volume on the mothership: /4 Impress me: X4 Good luck! Example: I didn't really launched a Neidon- Plock mission. I used RSS, so I had to land on Triton, Neried, Pluto, and Charon. I kept the kerbals in the 3 person pod the entire trip. I launched a blimp to Neptune. The ladder wouldn't deploy on triton. I used Mecjeb. Score: 390*2/4 is 195 points. Leader board 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  14. Today I fly an Eve lander that only uses Oscar B tanks! Here is my video:
  15. Hello everyone! Today I decided to make a challenge myself, because I couldn't get my mind out of it. The challenge is currently open, but suggestions are also open as well. The challenge: Get to space only using SRBs. Points: Expendable = 100 points: qzgy, swjr-swis, Roboslacker, Semi re-usable = 500 points: Fully re-usable = 1000 points: sevenperforce, Each parachute landing = 100 points: sevenperforce x 3, Each runway landing = 300 points: Each vertical landing within the KSC = 300 points Each landing within visible range of the KSC = 200 points Each powered landing = 500 points: Roboslacker, sevenperforce x 2 Functional Launch Escape System (Single Stage to Space allows LES) = 200 points: sevenperforce, Manned = 500: sevenperforce, Unmanned = 500: qzgy, roboslacker, sevenperforce, swjr-swis, Single booster = 300 points: swjr-swis, sevenperforce, Single stage to Space (LES doesn't count as stage) = 300 points: swjr-swis Reach an altitude of 0-69 kilometers = 100 points: qzgy, swjr-swis, Roboslacker, sevenperforce, Reach an altitude of 70-100 kilometers = 200 points: qzgy, swjr-swis, Roboslacker, sevenperforce, Reach an altitude of higher than 100 kilometers = 300 points: qzgy, swjr-swis, Roboslacker, sevenperforce, Get to the Mun = 500 points: Roboslacker, Mun landing = 300 additional points: Roboslacker, Mun return = 200 additional points: Get to Minmus = 600 points: Minmus landing = 150 additional points: Minmus return = 200 additional points: Get to Duna = 1000 points: Land on Duna = 500 additional points: Duna return = 500 additional points: Jool Fly-by = 3000 points: qzgy Jool orbit = 3500 points: Jool return = 3000 additional points: More later. You can suggest how many points for a suggested unlisted achievement, or request to change one. NOTES ARE IMPORTANT, READ THEM! Notes: Pretty much everything stacks. Getting to a place simply means getting a little closer than visible range from it. I have a really bad habit of changing how much points each milestone is worth. I also have a really bad habit of changing the suggested amount of points by a lot. You should list your estimated amount of milestones reached and overall score at the end of your post. Videos are allowed. Mods are allowed now, different class as usual. I love craft files. Sometimes I want your designs for myself, so share them if you want! The brave kerbals taking apart this challenge: sevenperforce = 4600 points qzgy = 4200 points Roboslacker = 2000 points swjr-swis = 1300 points Natokerbal = 0 points, nothing yet. The modded kerbals taking apart this challenge: Nobody, = yet. I don't know how to make a badge, let alone give someone one.
  16. After tons of researching, Kerbal scientists finally invented some powerful nuclear bombs, but somehow they came up with an idea that is using them to go to space. Basically this challenge is just blasting yourself to the air. I accidentally got 2500m/s while playing with these bombs. So here is the rules: Challenge--> Go to space with a nuclear blast RULES 1. No cheating of course. Please submit at least an pic to imgur with descriptions below, or you can record an video if possible. 2. BDA is needed to complete the challenge. All the add-ons is allowed. (North Kerbin Weaponries etc.) 3. You must carry a bomb on your ship. You can do anything else to improve it. 4. Get to space (above 70000). You can have engines on the ship, but you need to detonate a bomb and ride on the shockwave first. 5. Carry at least 1 Kerbal. Send them back to home happy and alive. ADVANCE CHALLENGES 10 mach (3400m/s) - (blank) Get to orbit - (blank) Get to mun - (blank) Get to other planets - (blank) LEADERBOARD Highest speed - (blank) Highest attitude - (blank) Highest G force - (blank) Sorry for bad English. Not native.
  17. Torchship Speedrun

    Kerbals have unlocked the secret to the Infinity Torch -- a special module which taps energy from an alternate dimension and allows any engine to perform at 100% thrust with no propellant at all. (This module can be enabled by selecting Alt+F12 and checking "Infinite Fuel"). With this came the rise of torchships -- vehicles capable of performing Brachistochrone trajectories, accelerating constantly from Kerbin's SOI toward their destination and then turning around and accelerating in the opposite direction until they arrive. Space travel has grown exponentially, and it's time for you to make your entry into the interplanetary transport market. The challenge: Build an Executive Torchship transport suitable for Brachistochrone transfers. Fastest possible round-trip time wins. Rules: SSTO, obviously. No need to stage when the rocket equation is broken. Your vehicle must not take damage at any point during the mission. All stock. You need to be able to take off and land in style, on any surface, so it must have separate VTOL landing engines. You need crossrange capability, so your craft must be aerodynamic enough to fly to your landing site using aerodynamic control surfaces before engaging its VTOL engines. This also will allow for a survivable crash-landing if you suffer engine failure. Torch drives can be finicky, so you need to carry at least enough propellant to make your final landing without Infinite Fuel turned on, just in case. Kerbin doesn't yet have inertial dampening technology, so for your executive passengers' comfort you must keep your total gees below 8 at all times. You must carry at least four passengers and at least one pilot; command seats are not allowed. Round-trip mission time is any amount of time during which the vehicle is moving. So you can land at your destination and wait as long as you want for an opportune launch window; it won't count against your mission time. Entry levels (will have separate leaderboards): Torchship Jockey. Take off from Kerbin, land on both the Mun and Minmus, and return to any place on Kerbin (no splashdowns). Torchship Navigator. Take off from Kerbin, land on Duna, and return to Kerbin within sight of the KSC. Torchship Pilot. Take off from Kerbin, land on Eve, and return to a landing on the runway at KSC. Torchship Commander. Take off from Kerbin, land on Laythe, and return to a landing on the helipad on top of the VAB. Torchship Master. Use your torchship for a Grand Tour, landing on every body in KSP other than Jool. I'll put together some cool badges once we have entries and can award them. Good luck!
  18. The Reusability Challenge! My first challenge! After watching a lot of KSP reusable rocket videos. I realized that the rockets were not reused other than hitting "recover" and launching again from the VAB. So I thought: Is that really reusable if it is recovered and launched from the editor again? So I came up with this challenge. Wimp mode: Make a rocket where at least the first stage is reusable and demonstrate its reusability. (Falcon 9, anyone?) Easy Mode: Previous rules apply, but the payload must reach an orbit of at least 100KM. Hard Mode: Previous rules apply, but the entire rocket must be reusable. Harder Mode: Previous rules apply, but after the parts have landed. They must be reassembled outside of the editor and relaunched. No recover button. If any piece lands in the ocean. Recover with a boat or seaplane. Insane Mode: Impress me. Mod rules: The ship must be stock, but mods such as KAS and KIS may be used in order to reassemble the spacecraft. FMRS may also be used. Other mods must be announced. Also please launch your spacecraft from the launchpad. SSTOs are way too common. Proof of your completion must be posted in this thread. This can be in the form of pictures showing relevant stages of your attempt, a gif, or video. Awards include bragging rights, and a badge that can be used in your signature. Good luck! Preview of the badge Badge made by @cubinator
  19. The X-Mas Station Challenge: The Christmas Station is a challenge in which, you will need to launch a 1.25m orbital mini-station in the shape of a Christmas tree. The spacecraft has to have at least 2 Gigantor-X solar arrays, 1 Communitron 16, 1 Stayputnik (as star and main control) and capacity for 4 crew. It has to be in an 80,000km-200,000km orbit around Kerbin. The cost restriction will be 55,000. Only stock parts allowed. Remember to show me your images! Example: P.S: Doing this challenge made me build my best orbital cargo ship.
  20. Hey guys! I thought of a challenge for you guys; if I could draw a design or an artwork/paintings of anything (KSP related), See if you be able to make it and build it in ksp and post your pictures here. (sorry if there are similar challenges like this before in this forum, I did not have time to do a bit of searching) ok let me upload some drawings!!
  21. What is the Kopernicus Creativity Marathon? An open competition for those who want to build planets. Every three weeks, a new challenge, describing what sort of planet or celestial body we are looking for. After the closing date for each challenge, the planets shall be judged and the winner shall be put in the Community Planet Pack. Judging: Planets shall be judged by thee following characteristics: Beauty: How attractive they are to view, and the level of detail and apparent effort was put into the world. Accuracy: How closely they match the challenge guidelines. Creativity: How unique and original is the planet, its features, and its use of procedural generation and/or textures. General Entry Rules: Planets must be made using an up-to-date version of Kopernicus and Kerbal Space Program. Any planets that are not updated to the current version will be disqualified. Planets must be created for this contest. No planets released in other planet packs may be entered. Any planets must be entered for the competition before the completion of each challenge. After the final day, submissions will be ignored. All planets must be released to myself under an MIT license, such that the worlds can be polished and made more consistent with each other so they can be released as a community planet pack. We can discuss alternate licenses in the private messenger. All credit will be given to the creators of the planets. Any entry containing a generic Space Engine export will be disqualified, however those which use the in-game editor may not be if it looks good in KSP. One planet per person per challenge round. Co-operation with other people is fine, but must be restricted to one planet per team. The above two rules may be loosened if a challenge calls for a specific number of bodies together. No plans, ideas, screenshots/images, or files regarding your planet may be shared until the completion of the challenge round for which it was designed. -CURRENT CHALLENGE ROUND- Post Date: July 18th, 2017 Closing Date: August 8th, 2017 Time: 3 Weeks The terrestrial space agency NASA has just released topographical data of one of their solar system's dwarf planets, Pluto. As such, the gods of the Solar System are gloating at us. We must one-up them. Your task is to design an icy dwarf planet oribiting the sun outside Eeloo. GUIDELINES/RULES: -Take inspiration from the known dwarf planet terrains: Pluto, Charon, and Triton. -Its orbit must be apparently stable, and not particularly ridiculous. -Try to strike a balance between realism and beauty. -Planetary radius should be between 70km and 180km, with a density between 1.5 g/cm^3 and 2.5 g/cm^3. --Radius, Mass, Density, and Gravity are related, in Earth-relative units, as G = M/(R^2) = R*D. --Earth density = 5.51 g/cm^3. Earth radius = 6370 km. --If your values for geeASL don't fit within the radius and density, then it will be lowered in the polishing phase. -You may add a small minor moon if you wish, but it will be judged separately from the dwarf planet. If it is not satisfactory it will be removed.
  22. In the age of reuse, space agencies have a decision to make: TSTO rocket or SSTO spaceplane? Of course, until Skylon flies (if it ever does), TSTO rockets are the only game in town. But in Kerbal Space Program, spaceplanes fly with ease...which brings us to this challenge. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to build either an SSTO spaceplane or a TSTO rocket to carry commercial payloads into orbit over Kerbin. Every stage of your launch vehicle must be reusable, and you must use the exact same vehicle to launch each of the following three payloads: A 15-tonne survey satellite to polar orbit (150x150 km or higher). The survey sat must be fully functional. (ADDED OPTION: 15-tonne sat constellation in the same orbit) A 6-tonne relay comsat to Kerbostationary Transfer Orbit (75x2863.33 km or higher). The relay must be able to self-circularize into an equatorial KSO; the relay must be fully functional. A crew vehicle containing at least 7 kerbals to rendezvous with an equatorial space station (200x200 km or higher). The crew vehicle must have independent maneuvering capability and power generation, and must be recoverable. You do not actually have to have an equatorial space station, though if you do, awesome! The challenge is to build a launch vehicle with the lowest possible dry weight. Rules: General: All entries must use 100% stock parts. No piloting mods, though other mods are fine. Obviously, no infinite fuel or similar cheats. TSTO rocket: Both stages must be recovered and must land propulsively. The crew vehicle must have abort capabilities and must also land propulsively (chutes okay for backup; e.g., on abort). Payload fairings, assorted decouplers, and engine shrouds may be jettisoned without recovery. First-stage recovery must be reasonably close to KSC; second stage (and crew capsule) can be recovered wherever you want, as long as it comes down on land. Chemical fuel only (other than on payload). Vertical takeoff from the launch pad. SSTO spaceplane: Takeoff and landing must take place on the runway. Must launch and land with probe only; no crew (except for the crew-vehicle launch). No nukes, ions, or solids. Other than RAPIERs, the only rocket engines permitted are low-thrust OMS engines. All payloads must launch and deploy from inside a payload bay. The crew vehicle must be able to dock back inside the payload bay for re-entry. It does not need to have 0/0 abort or independent re-entry. An expendable solid kick stage is permitted for KTO injection of the relay comsat. To reflect that Skylon will need to carry liquid hydrogen for its precooler to work, LF tanks may not be more than 50% full at launch. Oxidizer tanks may be filled completely. This is a community challenge, so here's how it works. You can submit either a TSTO rocket, an SSTO spaceplane, or both. There will be a leaderboard for lowest-dry-weight rocket and lowest-dry-weight spaceplane, but the overall competition will be between rockets and spaceplanes. The winning leaderboard will have the lowest total mass from the three leading entries. Good luck!
  23. After the squad introduced us 1.2 with its new communication and relay system, we discovered many new possibilities. It was interesting to revive old probes, connecting kerbals that are separated by billions of kilometers from each other and making every meter on any planet or moon, a place, with great connection. But we often forget about relay, sometimes people don't even launch it, they simply use antennae attached to their craft. But what if we took the opportunity, and made a challenge out of it? I present you the “Butterflies and Hurricanes” challenge! Despite that you might think that it is an easy and boring challenge, you may face a lot of interesting situations, and discover something you didn't know about relay. I will start from rules because they will affect the whole challenge. 1.You have only 80 500 funds and If you will spend more, you basically fail the challenge (reusable rockets are allowed) 2.Using mechjeb and other calculative mods is allowed, though no cheat mod can be used in this challenge (Alt+f12 counts as a cheat). And if mod adds some kind of infinite propulsion it is also considered cheating. 3. If you made the whole challenge with some money left it means you are a cheater it means that you have completed the challenge, quite well. Back to the challenge itself. You have to put 6 satellites in 170 000 m orbit (a bit lower or higher also counts). Into orbits with different inclination of 30,-30,0,50,-50 and 90. They need to have the RA-2 antenna The final step is to put 2 satellites into a very high orbit of 7 000 000 m orbit (higher or lower also counts) You have to design these 2 satellites to have powerful antennae like RA-15. After you've set up all the satellites you have to perform a first task of your relay system- you need mark all anomalies and space centres (like baikenbanour and etc.) You will end up with a relay covering the whole kerbin surface. In case that you've already made a relay around kerbin try to do so with other planets/moons. In such case orbital altitudes may be random, but inclinations must be done according to the challenge. Send your screenshots! Have fun! Invent cool relay designs! Now to the scoring system: I made it different from many other challenges. Here is it: There is factors that will make up your challenge: Launcher design (reusable, SSTO, launch from water, launched via plane, lifted with air balloon) Relay design (more than 10 parts on the satellite, decorative use of other parts for looking good, a copy or an analog to the real relay) Perfectionism (ideal orbits, ideal inclination, ideal landmarks) Fund economy (lower than the certain amount given in the challenge, reusablilty) Perfect funding (the given fund amount is spent perfectly with 0 funds left) Other planets/moons ( add 2 to your score if you visited other planets, add 1 if it is Kerbin's in moons) Visited at least one landmark that you've made during the challenge (each visited location is a factor point) The more factor points you have, the better you did the challenge. Leaderboard itself 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. ... This thread may be necroposted, but I think I edited enough of it to be clearly different to the previous one. If this is out of forum rules,I ask moderators such as @Vanamonde, messenge me, so I could edit it enough. Please don't lock this.
  24. Daredevil Satellite Launcher While work on crew capsules for spaceflight is progressing slowly and cost overruns are common, the recent probes prompted a debate on whether it is cheaper to simply stick to an unmanned spaceprogram for now. Fearing for their future opportunities, a few daredevil pilots brought about the idea of reusable planes as a means to launch small satellites. The idea is, that a manned plane launches one or two mini satellites, and then safely lands back in the vicinity of the KSC. While more economically thinking kerbals call the concept a wasteful publicity stunt without any benefit, some politicians recognized it as an opportunity to shift public scrutiny away from their own performances. So the idea was quickly approved. The challenge Your challenge, should you accept it, is to launch at least one mini satellite (essentially just a probe core) from a manned plane into an orbit around kerbin (periapsis above 70km). The plane must be over 5km altitude above sea level when you launch the satellite. Thus you can use an air breathing plane and launch the sat at 5km altitude above sea level, or a rocket plane and launch the sat at 75km altitude. The plane must then land back around KSC. Note that the FMRS mod is now part of the mod recommendations and should be used to switch between the plane and the satellite. Ranking is done by non-recovered mass per satellite. For example in my entry below, I started with 8455kg mass (8555kg minus launch clamp 100kg), had a mass of 3312kg when landed and launched 2 mini satellites into orbits around kerbin. This results in a mass expenditure of 2571.5kg per mini satellite. Minimum picture requirements for a ranking are 1. Design showing KER readouts in SPH/VAB, especially total vessel mass. 2. In flight, showing KER readouts roughly when launching the satellite(s). Must be over 5km altitude above sea level. 3. The satellite in flight, showing KER readouts with periapsis above 70km. 4. The plane, landed back on kerbin with KSC visible in the background, showing KER readouts, espcially the vehicle mass when landed. HINT : The Small Hardpoint functions as a separator. If you adjust the ejection force to 0, it does not mess up the vector of the launched object. Of course additional pictures, videos, etc are very welcome. As is a link if you stream it. The restrictions 1. No R&D, SPH/VAB, Runway/Launchpad facility upgrades! (=> 30part / 9ton mass limit, other facility upgrades are allowed) 2. Tweakscale is only allowed for wings/control surfaces/landing gear/adapters. 3. No mods except the ones specified below. Visual and similar mods are exempt from this rule. 4. No cheating. 5. Science/parts restrictions as shown here (thus no parachutes, reaction wheels, etc.) basicRocketry node provides a basic liquid fuel engine The mods 1. Install CKAN for a separate, clean KSP install. 2. Only select the "SETI-MetaModPack". Click "ApplyChanges". 3. Leave all recommendations selected. Click "Continue". 4. From the suggestions, only SETIprobeControlEnabler is allowed, so that you dont have to worry about a RemoteTech connection. Click "Continue" and wait for the the mods to be installed. 5. RCS Build Aid is among the recommendations, but is currently not available via ckan. You may (highly recommended) install that manually from here: 6. Visual mods are allowed at your own discretion. The ranking By spent mass per mini satellite: 1. @Yemo with a spent mass of 2571.5kg per mini satellite to kerbin orbit (8455kg launch mass, 8555kg minus launch clamp 100kg, 3312kg mass when landed, 2 mini satellites launched into orbits around kerbin. Thus a mass expenditure of (8455kg - 3312kg) / 2 =2571.5kg per mini satellite. I went for the rocket plane / high launch concept. Ejection force on Small Hardpoints set to 0 for a clean launch:
  25. Mun Flyby After the spectacular success of the Daredevil Pilot who went to space in his plane cockpit using nothing else than solid boosters, there has been increasing pressure on the KSC to be less hesitant and more daring. The work on a liquid fuel engine had numerous setbacks and the public is growing impatient. So a special group has been tasked with the design of a Mun flyby probe using current technologies. The lower to the mun we can get, the better for appeasing the public. The challenge Your challenge, should you accept it, is to reach an periabsis as low as possible above the mun, under the facility upgrade and technological limits described below. Ranking is done by periapsis. For those who reach a periapsis below 10km, a second ranking is done by vehicle mass (KER readouts in SPH/VAB). Minimum picture requirements for a ranking are 1. Design showing KER readouts in SPH/VAB, especially total vessel mass. 2. In flight, at or very close to periapsis. Periapsis displayed by KER or mechjeb (switch KER to partless instead of career in KER settings available in SPH/VAB). Note that the altimeter shows altitude over terrain when in surface mode. Of course additional pictures, videos, etc are very welcome. As is a link if you stream it. The restrictions 1. No R&D, SPH/VAB, Runway/Launchpad facility upgrades! (=> 30part / 9ton mass limit, other facility upgrades are allowed) 2. Tweakscale is only allowed for wings/control surfaces/landing gear/adapters. 3. No mods except the ones specified below. Visual and similar mods are exempt from this rule. 4. No cheating. 5. Science/parts restrictions as shown here (thus no liquid fuel engines, reaction wheels, etc.) Engineering101 node, use the "Alkaline Fuel Cell Mini" to provide EC when lower than 10% capacity Structural Parts node Stability Node, the "Place-Anywhere 1 Linear RCS Port" can be used as an engine The mods 1. Install CKAN for a separate, clean KSP install. 2. Only select the "SETI-MetaModPack". Click "ApplyChanges". 3. Leave all recommendations selected. Click "Continue". 4. From the suggestions, only SETIprobeControlEnabler is allowed, so that you dont have to worry about a RemoteTech connection. Click "Continue" and wait for the the mods to be installed. 5. RCS Build Aid is among the recommendations, but is currently not available via ckan. You may (highly recommended) install that manually from here: 6. Visual mods are allowed at your own discretion. The ranking By periapsis above the mun: 1. @Yemo with a periapsis of ~11,667m above the mun My entry for the challenge: