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Found 224 results

  1. Original challenge by @keptin First thread of this challenge by @Mjp1050 Kerbal Express Airlines is in need of updating its aging fleet of regional jets and turboprops. It's a big client, operating at hundreds of airports around Kerbin, and that means big fleet sales. Does your aircraft company offer the right kind of aircraft for the job? Kerbal Express wants profitable aircraft. They're looking for aircraft that meet or exceed their requirements for fuel efficiency, speed, range, passenger load, ease of training, and cost of maintenance, for the right price that gives them the best return on investment. They also want a design that's flexible, offering variations of the same design for a variety of different routes. The Rules: KSP version 1.3/1.4 compatible Stock parts + Airplane Plus + Kerbal Aircraft Expansion (optional - and no, we can't include some other mod you suggest, sorry. If we did that it would be hideously complicated) Making History Expansion is NOT allowed, due to it not being freely available to everyone. TweakScale is allowed, just please don't ruin the spirit of the challenge with it. The Mk1 and Mk2 Crew Cabins count as 8 Passengers Mk3 Passenger Module and Size 2 Crew Cabin count as 24 Passengers Small aircraft must have at least 1 pilot in a cockpit, and medium-large at least 2 pilots. Command seats can be used, but you must build a cabin around them. No rocket engines. Aircraft engines only. You don't have to use propeller engines in the Turboprop category, nor do you have to use jets for the Jet categories. Electric propellers are allowed providing the power comes from fuel cells. Minor clipping is allowed, within reason. A rolling runway takeoff is required. Takeoff & Landing speed of no more than 80 m/s on land , or 120 m/s on water. Your aircraft must stay intact. [No drop tanks, etc.] Model variants may only have minor differences between them to be considered. 15,000m altitude limit, unless in the Supersonic category Aircraft must stay in the atmosphere Mach 1 speed limit (343 m/s), unless in the Supersonic or Jumbo Jet category What is a variant? To improve your design's competitiveness, your company can submit a variant of the same design (See Wants section below). A variant is built on the same model platform with minor changes in design to give it, say, extra range, or extra passenger room. This is most commonly achieved by adding fuel tanks or lengthening the cabin, sometimes with minor changes to wing and emmpanage design. To qualify as a variant, it must generally have the same structural layout, meaning engines, gear, and lift surfaces must be in roughly the same location & design. Basically, if you make it too different, it will be considered a separate model/submission. What Kerbal Express Air Wants, By Category: For all categories, Range will be calculated by fuel capacity / burn rate * speed / 1000m at the recommended cruising speed & altitude. Seaplane Must be able to land on and take off from water and land Range of at least 600km Cruising Speed of at least 110 m/s 16+ Passengers Turboprop Range of at least 800km Cruising Speed of at least 130 m/s 24+ Passengers Small Regional Jet Range of at least 1000km Cruising Speed of at least 220 m/s 40+ Passengers Small Hopper Range of at least 400km Cruising Speed of at least 180 m/s 56+ Passengers See 'Hopper Information' below. Medium Regional Jet Range of at least 1500km Cruising Speed of at least 240 m/s 72+ Passengers Supersonic Jet Range of at least 1500km Cruising Speed of at least 330 m/s 40+ Passengers Hopper Range of at least 400km Cruising Speed of at least 210 m/s 104+ Passengers Jumbo Jet Range of at least 4000km 152+ Passengers Takeoff speed can be higher that 80 m/s Super Jumbo Range of at least 4000km 800+ Passengers Takeoff speed can be higher that 80 m/s Hopper information: Hoppers are a class added more recently than other classes, a hopper is judged very differently. A hopper is an aircraft designed to be very compact to save space in big inner cities, where land can be absurdly expensive, while ferrying passengers out of the city. (hence a short range is okay, range above 400km is largely unnecessary for hoppers.) Climb rate should also be maximized, to clear skyscrapers. Judging Criteria: Every submission that meets the requirements will be ranked with feedback from Kerbal Express Jet test pilots, but how well it ranks depends on: (Note, this is elaborated on later) How well it meets or exceeds the category requirements Cost of Aircraft Fuel Efficiency at recommended cruising speed & altitude Ease of maintenance; fewer parts and fewer engines are preferred Passenger comfort How to Submit. Your post must include the following: The name of your aircraft company and model names for the designs you're submitting. Please clarify what category you're entering the plane in. At least one screenshot or very large bold text or something in your submissions. This is so we can more easily see it is a submission, we don't want to accidentally skip yours. A link to your craft files in your submission post. No PMing me. The price of your aircraft times 1,000. (If $23,555 in-game, submit as $23,555,000. This is just for fun to make prices more realistic.) The recommended cruising speed and altitude for your aircraft. This is the speed and altitude you've fine-tuned your designs for, ensuring the best balance of speed, range, and fuel efficiency. It's also what the test pilots will be testing your aircraft at for judging. (Optional, but will help in review) Pitch your aircraft to the Kerbal Express Airlines executives, selling them on why it should be purchased for their fleet. Include any notable features (even if fictional). ========================================================================== The Judges: @panzerknoef @neistridlar @CrazyJebGuy @NightshineRecorralis @no_intelligence (Judge of last thread) @1Revenger1 (Judge of last thread) @Mjp1050 (OP of last thread) Challenge Submissions Seaplane @ImmaStegosaurus!'s Ka-24 - A very high performing, albeit pricey, seaplane. @Samwise Potato's SF-A232 "Lupin" - Deceptively powerful and high-performing, and can take off and land from just about anywhere. The Lupin has all the qualities we're looking for in a seaplane. NEW THREAD ADDITIONS TO LEADER BOARD: @Wanderfound's Kerbski - It's a fast, and fairly good flying boat, but it costs a fair bit. @TaRebelSheep's Kessna T-170 - It's very small, but safe and very easy to fly, and it's cheap. The cockpit seats two, so it's an ideal training aircraft. @CrazyJebGuy's GAI K-38\52 - A safe, fast float-plane that flies well, is comfortable and cheap, and it has a very long range. @CrazyJebGuy's K-61\a - A cheaper version of the K-38\52, carries more passengers, but the new passengers have an unpleasant ride. @Haruspex's K57D Tern - The seaplane variant of the successful land Tern, but it's a bit of a let down, being much more expensive, slower and now with a short range. It sacrificed all the things we liked about previous Tern planes, so that it could take off and land on water. @Andetch's ADX Type G - It needs a huge runway to take off, and on landing it can easily kill half the passengers, so it's limited to sea only, where it is average, which is not good enough to justify only being able to land on water. @NightshineRecorralis's Sea Dragon Series - Very large seaplanes, the small ones fly fairly well but when they expanded it they didn't add engines, so the larger ones perform badly. It's a prime example of expanding a plane done wrong. @NightshineRecorralis's Sea Newt Series - It's high maintenance and uncomfortable, ruling it out for economy and luxury routes, and the pontoons fall off, but once they do it makes a great land plane, and so we bought some of the cargo variant. @hoioh's Skikull - It looks very old, and it's very slow.But it is very comfortable, and it makes a good short range island hopper. @Blasty McBlastblast's BS-16 Splashy - It's really pretty average, excepting the range and price. It's quite cheap, but the range does not meet the 600km requirement. @Samwise Potato's SF-A116 Tulip - It's tiny and very cute, it looks almost silly, but trust us - it is not a silly choice for a seaplane to buy. @no_intelligence's Kerijew K-100 - Looks 80 years old. None the less, lives up to our standards well, except it costs a small fortune. Turboprop @Eidahlil's Dusty Turboprop - A dirt cheap but surprisingly fast design, and it gets the job done. @ImmaStegosaurus!'s Ka-12 series - Inefficient and insanely unreliable. Not recommended unless the engines are replaced. @no_intelligence's Kombarder 300 series - Very hardy, and can take off and land on just about any surface. @GDJ's AVRO Prop-Star - Very solidly built, comfortable, with a surprisingly long range. @AeroGav's "Fulmar" Turboprop - An aircraft with some puzzling design choices, but ultimately a wonderful turboprop with a long range and easy takeoffs and landings. @CrazyJebGuy's GAI Turbo-XL Classic - Offers good performance and a very appealing exterior. This plane is also quite large for a turboprop. @panzerknoef's Bx-1/2 "Shoebox" series - Very inexpensive and they do get the job done, but you'd better be a good pilot because the Shoebox lacks functional windows in the cockpit. NEW THREAD ADDITIONS TO LEADER BOARD: @Blasty McBlastblast's BS-32 (and 24) Regional - Well rounded aircraft, in almost every way. @panzerknoef's CL-2-RRE - A fairly standard turboprop. Slow, but climbs and accelerated very fast. Perfect for short haul smaller routes. @CrazyJebGuy's PAT Postman and Stubs - Very cheap, very fast, and uncomfortable. @TheFlyingKerman's Kerbus K-220 - A dirt cheap but very capable turboprop, can even take off from water. It would make a solid fleet workhorse. Improved off of K-210. @Spudmeist3r's SSRJ-1001 - Engineer one: "Hey, you know how they buy good planes?" Engineer 2: "Yeah?" Engineer 1: "What if we made it not like that?" @Joseph Kerman's WCT IH-1 - A tiny plane, performs like heaven, climbs and flies and turns like a dream. Unfortunately has an abominable range of just 250km! @JosephKerman's WCT BJ-1 - Very small, very fast and with a very, very long range. A bit uncomfortable though. @CrazyJebGuy's GAI TurboXL Classic C - A cheaper Turbo-XL Classic, a bit slower but it has fixed a few issues and has a range of just 760km. @HamnavoePer's CNRE-458 - The drop-tanks are a novel idea, but it doesn't seem like the tech is quite there yet, and it's too slow. @TheFlyingKerman's Kerbus K-210 - At only $10 mill it is very cheap, it is very versatile and can act as a flying boat, while cruising at 300m/s. Unfortunately it has very poor cockpit visibilty. @HamnavoePer's Isometric I (+ Bush) - It's meant to operate off of bad airfields and rural areas in the wilderness, and would be really good for this, if it didn't tail strike so often. @NightshineRecorralis's Canberra P - A cheap, speedy plane. Unfortunately it is a bit tough to fly, and it has a short range. @Andetch's Chalduro - It's got an insanely long range, but it is very difficult to fly. Would recommend if your pilots are very skilled. @TaRebelSheep's AEG-5s Asymmetrical Flyer - Utterly bizarre, and has odd handling, but it's actually a decent turboprop. @TheEpicSquared's ISRJ-32b - A really good plane, fast maneuverable comfortable with no faults we could see! Even a bit cheap. @MiffedStarfish's F-Tech CAL- 4 - It's really not very good.... Except for comfort, which will provide good advertising material. Small Regional Jet @AeroGav's Screechcraft Starcraft - A very fast plane with exceptional range, but features sub-par maneuverability. Also pulls double duty as a supersonic jet. @tsgaerospace's SP-32-1 "Arrow" - An absolute delight to fly, and quite reasonably priced. The Arrow has all the qualities we're looking for in a small regional jet. @dundun92's URJ-101 - A well-priced, 4-dimensional aircraft that defies all known laws of physics. @TheEpicSquared's ISRJ-32 - Offers wonderful performance, but at the expense of Kerbal comfort. @aerodis's AerLeeker 3.6 - Offers a comfortable and smooth ride, but is quite expensive. @Cabbink's Alice - We're not entirely sure what this is supposed to be, but it does make for a very versatile, if expensive small regional jet. @AeroGav's Screechcraft Starcraft NEO - Unique in looks and above average in all other categories. The Starcraft NEO has all the qualities we're looking for in a small regional jet. @no_intelligence's Kombarder 400 series - Offers a neo-futuristic aesthetic and wonderful performance all around. Except on landings: it bounces. NEW THREAD ADDITIONS TO LEADER BOARD: @Thor Wotansen's Nomad - This aircraft is a decent regional jet, but it can also land and take off near enough anywhere, even the sea. @kerbinorbiter's Kerbair K-32-200 - It is uncomfortable and expensive, but it has a range that would put most Jumbo jets to shame! @valens's EK-4e Teal - A fairly long ranged, inexpensive machine, it's a solid choice for a small regional jet. @HolidayTheLeek's AC-H1 Island Hopper - Very very expensive, very slow, and it is powered with a nuclear reactor. But it has a practically unlimited range. @Haruspex's K57A Tern - " A fast, fuel efficient, and reasonably priced design. What's not to like? The comfort, a bit." @TaRebelSheep's B3 Lance - High capacity, long range, very comfortable aircraft for an average price. It's a strong contender certainly. @CrazyJebGuy's Skots Small - Jack of all trades, master of none, and it's expensive. Also looks like it was built 80 years ago. @NightshineRecorralis's Dash Series - They maneuver very nicely and are comfortable, just really good planes; unfortunately they are a bit pricey. @kerbinorbiter's Kerbair K-32 - Really good range and comfort, bit above average price, but let down by poor handling. @sdj64's Bluejay 32 - A pretty typical, but very practical design, for a fair price. Would recommend. @1Revenger1's SPP-1a/b Phoenix - A really odd plane. Two cockpits, both mounted on top in a weird way, and wings that are normal until they extend all the way back. Very poor maneuverability, but it has a crazy long range. @alric8's Cathiogac 2.- A classy, yet ordinary and cheap aircraft. Bit slow. Medium Regional Jet @SuicidalInsanity's IA-720 - Offers an innovative design at a reasonable price. The IA-720 has all the qualities that we're looking for in a medium regional jet. @logman's Kerman Dove - Unreliable and very unsafe: it's not uncommon for the rear cabins to be destroyed on landing. Avoid this plane. @logman's Kerman Stingray - Very solidly built, reliable, and handles wonderfully. Hampered only by its large price tag. @ImmaStegosaurus!'s Ka-62 - Sturdy and reliable, but suffers from a large price tag and low fuel efficiency. Its exterior is reminiscent of designs from 50 years ago, too. @Bombstar10's Universal Transport Mark One Civilian (UT-1B) - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA NEW THREAD ADDITIONS TO LEADER BOARD: @Blasty McBlastblast's BS-72 Medium - A bit expensive, but powerful fast and comfortable. @Gaarst's Kerbalespace C-1K - An expensive, but reliable and luxurious passenger liner. @kerbinorbiter's Kerbair K-20 - It's comfortable, but it's slow, and it's quite cheap. Would recommend. @CrazyJebGuy's Skots Medium - Uncomfortable, but turns well and has a long range. Expensive though. @FleshJeb's Klonkorde - It's a pretty good plane, very long and sleek, but it's not extremely cheap. It is though, very pleasant to fly in. @panzerknoef's Lassen - A pretty standard medium regional, it can take off from small runways and flies pretty well. @NightshineRecorralis's Olympus 100 Series - Nice looking, well built aircraft, but it comes at a steep price. @sdj64's Goosewing 80 - A modern looking design, a dream to fly, but it's not so good at passenger comfort. Supersonic Jet @AeroGav's Screechcraft Starcraft - A fast plane with exceptional range, but features sub-par maneuverability. Also pulls double duty as a small regional jet. @Bob_Saget54's SAI Concorde Mark II - Very fast with a long range, but suffers from an inferior airframe and high maintenance costs. @TheEpicSquared's ISSJ-40 - Blindingly fast, inexpensive, and high-performing, but sacrifices some Kerbal comfort. @shdwlrd's Hope series - Very fun to fly, and is just plain cool to look at, but suffers from a high fuel consumption. @reachmac's Karvo 370 - Handles well, but requires a larger runway than most airports currently have. Not recommended unless the buyer is absolutely sure the airports can support it. @Laie's Sonic - This thing can basically fly itself, it's that stable in the air. Maintenance costs are high, though. @sevenperforce's Transcendent Spirit - Insanely difficult to control, and the landing gear is insufficient for such a large aircraft. Not recommended. @Eidahlil's Potato - Understandably difficult to fly, but offers good Kerbal comfort at a low price and enough range to circumnavigate the planet. NEW THREAD ADDITIONS TO LEADER BOARD: @HamnavoePer's Zoomer - It deserves the name. A compact, fast and reliable jet, done on the cheap. And it can circumnavigate Kerbin twice on one tank of fuel. @panzerknoef's Dotsero - A very cheap Supersonic, it's competent, and very cheap. Many seaplanes cost over double the price of a Dotsero. @MostExcellent's 2707 - A well rounded versatile supersonic jet, we like this. You couldn't go far wrong with these. @CrazyJebGuy's Skots Speedmaster - A fast, long ranged, but very uncomfortable, expensive, over-engineered, and very inefficient design. @HamnavoePer's Delta II - It's a great plane, but it's absurdly expensive, and not the best at passenger comfort. @SpacePigeon's Rapid 1-100 and 1-200 - Flies very low, by supersonic standards, even floatplane standards! Would not recommend for flying over populated areas. @NightshineRecorralis's Pegasus - A decent supersonic, but it climbs very slowly. Although when up there, it's a long ranged luxurious liner. @panzerknoef's Lassen B - It was a decent medium regional jet, but then they made it into a high capacity, long range fuel efficient SST and we like it! @53miner53's 18537 Tech SupersonicJet1 - BOOM, WHIZZZ, AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! THUNK! @Jimbimbibble's Daxworks Lightning Cruiser - A well made plane, exactly what a luxury supersonic jet should be. Fast, and reasonably comfortable. @Im The One's TOHC SST-1 - A flying pancake, it's very uncomfortable but it's a nice airshow plane. @TheFlyingKerman's Kerbus K-350 - A very cheap, very fast and comfortable plane, it's a solid workhorse. We would absolutely recommend it. @Samwise Potato's SF-S240 Marigold - It's got a crazy long range, and is pretty well rounded. Would recommend. Good workhorse. @notsodeadjeb's PBY Katalina - It's a supersonic, INCREDIBLY long ranged float plane. Unfortunately costs a few pretty pennies. @qzgy's Kramer - SSTP-34 Benirshke - Long ranged, really good plane, sadly very expensive. Also they somehow managed to create a randomly powerful pitch control. @AtomicSnails's FF-Shockcone - A decent SST, it's very versatile and can fill a fair few different roles. @Samwise Potato's SF-J240 - A supersonic powered by wheeslies? What magic is this? Good magic, that's what. @panzerknoef's Arenal - A practical well balanced aircraft. But what does it look like? The only picture has it covered in sight obscuring flames. Jumbo Jet @Andetch's Day Fury - It's very fast an maneuverable, but with a range that is easily exceeded by seaplanes, and it takes off at very high speed. @NightshineRecorralis's Challenger Seaplane - A bit lacking at everything except being a HUGE FLYING BOAT. @CrazyJebGuy's GAI Skots Mouse - Somebody added wings and a few jet engines to a ship, and it's cheap. @NildimensionalString's Winter Tech Humpback Superheavy Passenger Airliner - It's expensive, slow, short ranged, will probably explode and it's obvious why the original company who designed it went bankrupt. @sh1pman's Keladi Corporation Albatross II - It has very long range, and is generally pretty good, but it comes with a steep price tag. @Cols's A797 - It's slow, handles poorly, it climbs slowly and has a very short range, but it's dirt cheap, so we bought 3. @AeroGav's Screehcraft Grande Dumbo - A wonderful plane, it's luxurious, flies like a dream, but it's expensive. @CrazyJebGuy's GAI GP-1a - This jumbo carries cargo too - apart from that it just looks odd and is otherwise fairly normal. @Andetch's X Series Night Fury - It's a really big fighter jet with passenger cabins, and a short range by Jumbo standards. @no_intelligence's Koeing 747-100 Super - Hard to fly, very short range and expensive, but with comfort and luxury straight out of the golden age of air travel. @Not sure's B-1337 Swift Moon - A very unpleasant, loud airplane. It costs a lot of money. @NightshineRecorralis's Olympus 250 - A fat version of the 100, carries more passengers but with a shorter range and it can tail-strike if you aren't careful. @macktruck6666's L-1011 Jumbo Jet - It's very expensive and doesn't perform well, but it does have luxury seating! @Kneves's WH-04 - A short ranged, very hard to fly thing, it needs a tremendously big runway too and we will not buy any. @Bombstar10's Grizzly ST - 3 Civilian - It costs an arm, leg 4 fingers and a left toe, for a plane that is guaranteed to explode, it is slow and uncomfortable and is absolutely, undoubtedly THE WORST SINGLE PLANE we have EVER TESTED. Super Jumbo @NightshineRecorralis's Colossus - It's flipping massive, 1152 passengers, gets off the runway like a turbo-prop, flies like a cruise ship. @CrazyJebGuy's Sky Titanic - A wonderful idea on paper, but in turns the wings fall off and everybody dies. Any and all suggestions to improve this challenge are welcome. A new thread was started because OP of previous thread went away, and we needed to update this. We also get to allow KAX. How your Plane will be judged This information is only accurate for my reviews, it is however pretty close likely to other reviewers. We will not modify your plane in any way, except action groups sometimes and in flight controls. (Such as changing the braking slider on a landing gear) To get a good review from me, your plane should have most of these qualities: -Be cheap, at least per passenger -Fly well -Be reasonably fast -Have a long range -Be a comfortable plane to fly in (I explain this in detail later) -Be reasonably fuel efficient -Not hit the tail on the ground during takeoff/landing -Be safe (important), doesn't need to be overly good at it, just needs to not spin itself out of the sky or have the wings fall off or something With comfort, three things are taken into account, noise, vibrations and views. Noise is essentially how close an engine is to the cabins. Vibrations is affected by structure a bit more, but distance is important too. An engine mounted directly to the back of a cabin is very bad for vibrations, or if it is mounted on side. If there is a lot of parts in between them, vibrations are probably not an issue. Views are less important, we don't deduct marks for them, but if it's good it will help a craft's review. Pro tip: If your plane does this, we won't buy it: (I was trying to develop a 1300 passenger super-jumbo)
  2. "The future of Kerbality is going to bifurcate in two directions: Either it's going to become multi-planetary, or it's going to remain confined to one planet and eventually there's going to be an extinction event." - Elon Kerman Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge Those baleful words spoken by Elon Kerman at a recent event featuring his latest rocket design inspired the Kerbal Federation to fully support an effort to establish a continuously Kerballed outpost on Duna. In order to accomplish this goal, Elon Kerman has offered an unlimited supply of his company's latest heavy lifter, with some restrictions and requirements. The basic requirement is to land a minimum of 4 kerbals on Duna before Year 5, Day 1, and then to develop and implement the mission architecture for a permanently kerballed outpost on Duna before Year 10, Day 1. There is already one prototype of the heavy lifter on its way to the VAB and will be ready with payload for launch pad roll-out on Day 40. New lifters will be delivered on a regular, fixed schedule. Excitement is high for this endeavor but in order to keep hardware contractors satisfied, achieving certain mission objectives will benefit the campaign's public opinion and ensure the rocket supplier will continue to provide new lifters beyond Year 10 Day 1. Rules Launch Vehicle The lifter is of your design and must not vary throughout the challenge. This lifter is referred to as the Standard Launch Vehicle (SLV). All mission hardware and all fuel used for interplanetary transfers must be launched using the SLV. The only exception to this rule is for ferrying crew to Low Kerbin Orbit (LKO), which is defined as Apoapsis between 75km - 180km. Ready to launch lifters with installed payloads are prepared based on design and determined by Nominal Payload Mass (NPM). The NPM is the maximum payload that the SLV can deliver to LKO, without using any fuel of the payload itself. A payload may be used to perform final orbital insertion, but payloads cannot be deployed or activated until above 70km. Launch pad SLV roll-out rate is calculated as: NPM * 8 for non-reusable or NPM * 6 for reusable designs. For example, a reusable SLV with a NMP of 30t will have a 180 day delivery cycle. A non-reusable SLV with the same NMP will have a 240 day delivery cycle. In order to qualify as "reusable", recovered launch stages must have comprised of at least 50% of the vehicles original lift-off mass (including payload). Recovery of spent stages can be passive or active but must be demonstrated successfully at least once. There are no fuel transfers from the SLV to payload. Payload fairing is not part of payload mass, unless it leaves LKO. Any part that leaves LKO is NPM. Any type of shuttle can be used to deliver crew to LKO and there is no limit on how many crew shuttle missions can be launched, however only crew may be launched on these missions; no fuel or any other supplies may be transferred on crew launches. Habitation/Life Support Habitation: Any mission exceeding 10 days will require extra habitation space for the crew to work and maintain their senses. This means short trips like launches to LKO, trips between Duna's orbit and surface and brief excursions on Duna's surface do not require any extra space. However, trips between Kerbin and Duna will require extra habitation space for each crew member. Habitation space is modeled by providing one extra kerbal seat for each kerbal. For example, a long term mission with a crew of four will require a vessel with seats for eight kerbals. Life Support: Any mission exceeding 10 days will also require life support supplies. Life support supplies can be modeled with stock parts by using the Ore resource. If life support is modeled in this way, supplies (Ore) will need to be included in the SLV launches. None of the Ore that is designated as life support can be utilized for ISRU production and any Ore harvested for ISRU cannot be used as life support. Ore (life support mass) should be jettisoned as it is "consumed". Life support mass for each kerbal is calculated as: 0.04 Ore / day / kerbal. This means for a typical transfer from Kerbin to Duna with four crew will require 45 units of Ore as life support for the journey. Life support includes electrical needs. For stock, any module that lands on Duna or Ike require three days of power to survive the night if using solar power. This is modeled in stock by having a minimum of 2400 EC units on board or using fuel cell/PK-NUK generators with minimum output of 2.2 EC/minute. EVA limitation: The EVA suit has a maximum of one Kerbal day (6 hours) of life support. A Kerbal exceeding that is counted as a fatality. Alternately, any mainstream life support mod can be used to manage life support/EVA limits and electrical needs. For reference, the mass value for Ore equivalence and EC needs are based on "TAC Life Support" values. Mission end rules All SLV missions that are launched before Year 10 Day 1 count towards achievement points. As long as the SLV/payload is launched before Year 10, Day 1, it is part of the 'implement' step of the primary goal, but that mission must be successful in order to earn the achievement. (Note, there is a handy Duna transfer window on Year 10, Day 20). All Kerbals on the surface of Duna on Year 10, Day 1 must be returned to Kerbin (or be returnable) safely in order to earn their Mission Value points. ('Over-stressed crew' 4 year rule applies) You may "play it out" so that all kerbals are safely recovered, or demonstrate that they can be returned safely, but either way no kerbal may be stranded. Document your 'mission architecture' in a post describing the launch schedule beyond Year 10, Day 1 which will keep the outpost active. Other rules Any nuclear/NERVA engine that is launched cannot enter either Kerbin's or Duna's atmosphere at any time once it has been activated. This means that any vessel with a nuclear engine that has been activated cannot aerobrake or land/disposed of at either Duna or Kerbin. Nuclear propulsion modules are required to use propulsive or gravity assist captures at Duna and Kerbin. (Kerbals are already green enough.) The continuously Kerballed outpost requires a minimum of two kerbals on Duna at all times after the initial landing of four kerbals. If a Kerbal is left at the outpost alone (for any reason) for more than 10 days, they suffer 'Over-stressed crew' penalty. A Kerbal may be left alone at the Outpost without suffering from "Over-stressed crew" penalty, as long as there is another Kerbal within driving distance. This rule can be ignored once "Contingency Plans" is achieved. The outpost may be comprised of one or more modules and may be located anywhere on Duna's surface. Not all modules need to be occupied, but there must always be at least one kerbal on Duna after the initial landing. ISRU can be used on Minmus, Duna or Ike or with asteroids. All ISRU missions must be part of the SLV launch schedule. Any balanced mod is acceptable. Please list all part/gameplay mods used. Game difficulty settings: 'Enable Comm Network' ON, 'Re-entry heating' 100%. Advanced settings: 'Part pressure limits' ON, 'Part g-force limits' ON, 'Kerbal g-force limits' ON. External Command Seats do not count towards habitation space and cannot be used for landing or launching on Duna/Ike or for interplanetary transfers. Rescue/contingency missions may ignore this rule, but any crew utilizing a command seat to land on or launch from Duna/Ike will void their score for Mission Value. Over-stressed crew penalty: Crew member resigned from KSC due to stress. Any crew receiving this will suffer a 50% Mission Value penalty. If you look carefully on the EVA suit label, it has the warning "Must be not be used for atmospheric flight!". If a Kerbal is subjected to atmospheric flight (excluding EVA thrusters, jumps, etc.), they suffer 'Over-stressed crew' penalty. Vacuum-only use is fine. Any kerbal fatality for any reason will void that kerbal's Mission Value score. Extraplanetary Launchpad and other extra-Kerbin / orbital construction mods are prohibited. All parts and spacecraft must be launched from Kerbin. Stock alternate launch sites are permitted. "Basic rover": A rover that utilizes external command seat(s). "Pressurized rover": A rover that uses crewed module parts for crew quarters. "Contingency Plans": Complete achievements "Backup plan", "Duna Space Station", "Duna Space Bus", and "Positive uplink". Note that the spacecraft for each achievement must be unique, or for modular designs must remain viable, at all times. Primary Scoring Mission Value: Based on how many Kerbal-days spent on Duna before Year 10 Day 1 (eg. two kerbals on Duna for 100 days equals 200 kerbal days on Duna). Calculated as: ("Kerbal days on Duna before Year 5 Day 1" * 2 ) + "Kerbal Days on Duna from Year 5 Day 1 until Year 10 Day 1". Four-year rule: Crew members need to be recovered on Kerbin within 4 years of being launched or receive the 'Over-stressed crew' penalty. This rule can be ignored once "Contingency Plans" is achieved. Mission Efficiency: Based on how much Mission Value can be earned per launch. Calculated as: Mission Value / total NMP value of all launches. Note, this is not the accumulated payload mass of all launches but simply the NMP of the SLV * number of launches before Year 10 Day 1. Achievement Scoring Note that the spacecraft for each achievement must be unique, or for modular designs must remain viable, at all times. Crew safety (add all that apply): Interplanetary expertise: All crewed interplanetary missions have at least two crew on board. (+1) Backup plan: Duna outpost has a backup ascent system to return all kerbals to Duna orbit separate from the primary Duna ascent module. (+2) Emergency Evac: if the 'Backup plan' ascent system is utilized with any kerbal on board. (+3) *Note any kerbal(s) on board during the Emergency Evac will suffer the 'Over-stressed crew penalty'. Mission robustness (add all that apply): Duna Space Station: Place a space station in orbit around Duna. The space station must have room for minimum of 3 kerbals (Habitation rule applies). (+1) Duna space bus: Deliver a fully reusable shuttle service to Duna that can ferry at least four crew between Duna's surface and Ike's surface (refueling permitted). (+2) *Provided missions do not exceed 10 days, 'Habitation space' rule does not apply. Deep space transit: Implement a fully reusable crew transfer vehicle that can complete a Kerbin <-> Duna round trip without refueling (either direction). Must be capable of carrying a minimum of 4 crew. (+3) Science value (add all that apply): Deep space laboratory: Duna outpost must include at least one Science Lab module. If 'Duna Space Station' is scored, it must also include a Science Lab module. (+1) Early mission prestige: Safely return at least two kerbals to Kerbin's surface from a Duna mission before Year 5 Day 1. At least one of the crew members must have walked on either Ike or Duna and return a surface sample with them. (+2) Biome diversity: Return surface samples from at least five of Duna's biomes. (+3) *This can be done all at once or separate. If scored, "Early Mission Prestige" sample does not counts toward the five. Advanced mission objectives (add all that apply): Kerbin space station: Using SLV launch(es), place a space station in orbit around Kerbin. The station must support at least 4 kerbals and may be used as a staging platform for crew to and from Duna, although not required. (+1) Positive uplink: Place a minimum of three relay satellites in orbit around Duna and one around Ike. One of the Duna satellites must be in polar orbit. This also requires Advanced game setting 'Require Signal for Control' ON. (+2) Advanced deep space transit: If 'Deep space transit' is scored, it must support a minimum of 5 kerbals and refuel only in Duna SOI (travels from Duna -> Kerbin -> Duna without refueling) (+3) Surface Mobility (add all that apply): At least 50% of the Duna crew have access to a seat in a Basic Rover during their outpost surface mission. (+1) Every crew member has access to a Pressurized Rover seat. (+2) The outpost is land-mobile/Pressurized Rover (Habitation rule applies). (+3) Negative Publicity (add all that apply): "Can we do this?" Less than four crew land on Duna before Year 5 Day 1. (-1) "We will never forget them.." For every kerbal fatality for any reason (-1) each to max of (-5) "Perhaps we should make cookware instead" More than 5 kerbals are lost (deduct ALL but 1 Achievement point) Outpost Success Rating You have taken on a mammoth undertaking and have earned your retirement on the Duna outpost! Adding all Achievement points: 29-30: The outpost delighted the Federation with your exceptional achievement. Your retirement will be luxurious! 26-28: The outpost succeeded...extremely well. You can now retire in elegant estates! 24-27: The outpost succeeded. The Federation is pleased by your efforts. You will live comfortably! 19-23: The outpost was a success. You have met the minimum standards set by the Federation, but your life will not be easy! 14-18: The outpost survived...barely. You will be living in tents. Few supply ships will come your way! 8-13: The outpost failed...The Federation will no longer send supply ships. You are on your own! 1-7: The outpost failed...dismally. The Federation debtors' prison is your new home! "You need to live in a dome initially, but over time you could kerraform Duna ... So it's a fixer-upper of a planet." - Elon Kerman Helpful info and links: Thanks to @Mad Rocket Scientist for this planning spreadsheet. Plug in your SLV's NPM and watch the magic! Thanks to @michal.don for developing these great timelines (.PDF) which present easy to read launch window and transit information. The Alex Moon Launch Window Planner which uses an advanced model of the solar system to produce pork-chop plots. (Mmmm.. pork chops). There are 4 Hohmann transfer windows before Year 10 Day 1. Some notes on this challenge.. This is inspired by and is largely based on this challenge, now long retired. Similar success can be achieved by using larger or smaller NPM lifter designs. It's all about mission execution.. In order to earn maximum Achievement points, sacrifices to Mission Value will be made. Overall leaderboard ranking based on: Achievement score * Mission Efficiency or something similar (may include a balance modifier). "But my SLV is 100% reusable with rapid turn around." It still takes time to build the payload and install it. A reusable SLV with NMP of 65t will have 9 launches. A reusable SLV with NMP of 30t will have 21 launches. There are benefits to using a life support mod over simulating with Ore. For example, they include build aids in the VAB/SPH for determining LS needs. Many also include recyclers, purifiers and greenhouses. If used carefully, these may provide an edge in Mission Value. Mission Report Threads: @michal.don : My take on the "Duna Outpost Mission Architecture" challenge @Kerbolitto : Duna Outpost Mission Architecture, Kerbolitto's stuff @dire : DOMA Arigato, Duna! Completed Entries:
  3. Tis Christmas eve and Santa AKA Nicholas Kerman has Crashed his sleigh into the Northern Ice shelf after his elf's forgot to feed the reindeers. Out of desperation Santa has requested the help of the KSC to save Christmas! Your mission, If you choose to accept, is as follows: Rescue Santa and his reindeers and return them to the north pole for 'regeneration', then complete his Christmas deliveries. Santa Rescue: Due to his robust size Santa cannot fly on non magical craft so you must deliver a rover to collect Santa and his 8 reindeers and drop them at the north pole. Santa requires the space of 6 kerbals (too many mince pies) and cannot fit inside parts less than 2.5m in diameter, his reindeers require the space of 2 Kerbals each and cannot share a part with Santa. Christmas Delivery: Santa cannot complete his Christmas deliveries due to the crash and has requested the help of the KSC! Unfortunately, as a result of the impact, all the presents are buried deep in the ice shelf, to recover them you must drill into the ice and collect all 750 presents (ore) once recovered the gifts must be delivered to each runway (island, dessert and KSC runway, 250 ore each) Santa's failure must not be made public therefore this part of the mission is to be carried out covertly, to avoid radar detectors a maximum altitude of 1500m above sea level is permissible, you must avoid any land mass that will force you above this height. Sonic booms will alert the media therefore a maximum speed of 300m/s over land is allowed during the deliveries. There is no speed limit over water. You have six hours to collect the presents and make all deliveries. Rules: 1) Mods are allowed unless they give an unfair advantage. 2) The presents must be delivered using one craft, refuelling is allowed but the 'present' ore cannot be used for this. 3)Santa and all reindeer must be recovered to the north pole using one rover. 4) Santa can be collected anywhere within the northern ice shelf biome and the rover can be delivered with any craft you wish, plant a flag as close to the centre of the ice cap as (exact coordinate are not necessary. 5)Mission reports including screenshots or video's of important milestones shown. 6) Extra Kudos for using 'christmasy' craft! *This is a WIP at the moment as I need to test all aspects out over the next few days, but I think it's doable. It is my first attempt at creating a challenge so if anybody can foresee any issues, has any suggestions or just wants to tell me its a dumb idea feel free! IF its popular I may ask someone to design a pretty badge for the winners
  4. Hi all, this is my first challenge, so hope it works out... To celebrate the success of the Carbart Lithobraker, the engineers at the VAB have cooked up a prize, the Pizza. There's just one small issue: for "structural integrity", the engineers used aerodynamic fins. Of course, this was fine until the manager of the KSC revealed that they wanted the pizza to be sliced live. So now, they need something to 'cut' it. Basically, destroy all of the gray/yellow aero fins. Rules: You must destroy all of the yellow fins. This can be done by pointing an engine at it, hitting it with something, etc. By no means are these the only methods, though. Do not destroy any other parts on the 'pizza' No HyperEdit or debug cheats No Whack-a-Kerbal No two-capsule rollers or the like (ex. two mk1 capsules attached together and spun around) VesselMover is recommended to move the 'pizza' to any location; however, VesselMover can't be used to move your craft that will complete the challenge; if the pizza cutter is connected to the pizza, then VesselMover can't be used; VesselMover is only allowed for just the pizza (eg placing it on the VAB helipad or off the runway). Modded crafts are allowed but will be put on their own leaderboard Parts can be detached (such as bombs), the scoring will count for both the detached part and the craft that carries it to the target The craft can be unmanned Provide video evidence or a screenshots, including one of your craft and the cut-up pizza. Get the pizza here: Just load it and place it wherever you want. *note: the part count is relatively high (104 parts) Scoring: Leaderboard: Example entry: Badge: For completing the challenge (regardless of score,) here's the badge: (here's what it was from)
  5. GOAL: Build an asymmetrical aircraft that can take off and land horizontally. Use at least 10 parts and do not use any parts more than once. RULES: 1. You may not use any part more than once. This means no symmetry--no matched pairs of wings. A right and a left lifting surface count as the same part. That goes for landing gear as well. 2. No reaction wheels or fly-by-wire. Internal SAS only, and bonus kudos if you can fly it with SAS off. 3. The plane must takeoff and land horizontally. No VTOL. 4. Anything else goes. All mods that do not alter physics are fine. 5. Keep in mind the spirit of the challenge. I cannot foresee every loophole. Be clever and innovative, but remember, this is about creating something unique using your building skill to achieve it. 6. Post photos, or if you can, video. 7. Impress your friends with this collector's item badge. The plane below does not technically follow the rules, since it uses some of the same parts more than once, but you get the idea of what is possible... It's on KerbalX if you are interested. Also, check out @ZobrAz's FrankenPlane, which inspired me in my ventures into asymmetry in the first place. The video below that is some old footage of the Blohm & Voss BV 141, a German asymmetrical plane from WWII.
  6. In case you haven't heard yet, NASA recently landed its InSight probe on Mars to study its interior. Tagging along behind are two CubeSats intended to record InSight during its landing sequence, and to act as a relay while the already-in-place Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is out of position. So, onto the challenge! This is my first time running one, so please let me know if anything seems unclear or whatever. Leaderboard Stock Parts Modded Rank 1 @Xurkitree 57 points (bonuses: +20 for lowest mass [2345 kg], +20 for lowest cost [24,775], +7 for science) @PrvDancer85 10 points (console) Rank 2 @Ultimate Steve 30 points @sturmhauke 30 points Rank 3 @Will-ferret 106 points (console) (bonuses: +1 for Ike flyby, +45 for full mission recovery) @The Aziz 60 points Rank 4 Allowed Mods And Other Rules Your submission should include screenshots or video demonstrating each important phase (launch, transfers, landing, science transmission, flybys, etc.). For Rank 2 and up, you must use CommNet at the default settings. Part of the challenge at higher ranks is to demonstrate the ability to build a network. Note that at Rank 1, you still need an antenna capable of transmitting science data back to Kerbin, even if CommNet is disabled. Please note whether your entry uses stock or modded parts. No FTL or other super advanced or exploit-based propulsion (kraken drives etc.). No HyperEdit or other cheats for anything related to scoring (ok for testing or additional infrastructure unrelated to mission objectives). Autopilot and other flight assistant mods (MechJeb, Throttle Controlled Avionics, etc.) are ok, but it must be possible to fly all craft manually. The intentionally terrible VTOL craft in the TCA intro video would not be allowed, for instance. Planet packs should not alter the stock planets' parameters, for scoring purposes. If you are really enthusiastic about GPP or whatever, maybe we can work something out, but I'm not really familiar with those. Other mods allowed, as long as it's not too outlandish. No refueling. ISRU is allowed if you are attempting some sort of Jeb madness (see below). If you are playing for bonus science points, you may not use labs, contracts, difficulty settings, or other means to multiply the science gathered. Only default points from experiment + body + situation count. Primary Objective (Rank 1) Build an unmanned lander capable of reaching Duna's surface. The lander must include a thermometer, seismic accelerometer, and negative gravioli detector. It must also include sufficient solar panels and antennas to transmit its data back to Kerbin. The lander must be launched into LKO with a rocket, and then use a transfer stage to get to Duna. Secondary Objective (Rank 2) As above, with the following changes. The lander only needs enough antenna power to reach Duna orbit. Build two identical mini-satellites, with sufficient relay antennas and solar power to extend the comm network to the landing site. These mini-sats must be launched together with the lander, as a single payload. Once reaching LKO, the lander and mini-sats must all travel independently to Duna. The mini-sats' trajectories should be arranged such that they perform a flyby of Duna at the correct time and place for the lander to transmit its initial data to one or both satellites. Bonus Objectives (Rank 3) Ahead of the main mission, launch a Duna Reconnaissance Orbiter satellite. It must be launched via rocket and reach Duna orbit ahead of the lander, and have sufficient solar power and relay antennas to extend the comm network to the landing site. It must also carry one or more experiments suitable for unmanned orbital science (your choice). Extend the mission of the two mini-sats. Put experiments on them and collect more science, and/or flyby additional bodies. Jeb's Objectives (Rank 4) Do something insane. Build a Duna colony, send 100 kerbals, use an SSTA, I dunno. Impress me. But whatever you do, you may not use any additional launches; you have to piggyback on the main mission launch or the DRO launch. Additional Objectives (Unranked) Retrieve the lander and/or mini-sats at the end of the mission. They can return under their own power, or you can launch a recovery mission, at your discretion. Compete on science, mass, cost, and dV usage. See the scoring list for details. Scoring Most scores are based solely on the entry's individual performance. Some are competitive scores, and can only be earned by one entry per category. These will be marked. +10 points for Primary Objective +20 points for Secondary Objective +30 points for DRO objective +40 points for each feat of awesome insanity successfully completed (involvement of Jeb optional but recommended) +10 points for tiebreakers in case of similar feats from separate entries (competitive, granted up to one entry per similar feat) For additional flybys of mini-sats, after reaching Duna (scores loosely based on flyby dV as calculated by Alex Moon's Launch Window Planner) +1 point for Ike +7 points for Mun or Minmus (+8 for both) +9 points for Dres +11 points for Eve +1 point for Gilly +14 points for Jool +5 points per each Joolian moon +15 points for Eeloo +20 points for Moho Additional Bonus Scoring +15 points for safe retrieval of lander on Kerbin +15 points for safe retrieval of mini-sat on Kerbin (+30 for both) +(total science gathered / 20) points (please include a screenshot of starting and ending science points) +(20 * highest rank attained) points for lowest total launch mass (competitive, granted to one entry per category) +(20 * highest rank attained) points for lowest total mission cost (competitive, granted to one entry per category) +(20 * highest rank attained) points for lowest total mission dV used (please include screenshots of KER, MechJeb, or similar to demonstrate dV used) (competitive, granted to one entry per category) Badges full size:
  7. Welcome to the first annual KSC Car and Air show. This is a special contest for builders of cars, trucks, planes, and other wacky stuff. It is a community driven air show where KSP players can upload their craft here to be a part of this event. After all the slots are full, I will set up all the stuff in a save file, and then I will announce the winners of each category. I will also share the save file with everyone else, so they can find all the craft in one place. Have fun! Uploading guidlines: PLEASE INCLUDE A CRAFT FILE!! Also, please include screenshots, a good description, and the category of entry. (Cars/trucks/small aircraft/large aircraft/crazy wacky stuff) No more than 1 entry per category per user. STOCK ONLY! (Ven's stock revamp and BDarmory are allowed, as well as Airplane plus, KAX, Tweakscale, SXT.) DEADLINE: THERE IS NO DEADLINE! HA HA HAHA!! Open slots: Light Aircraft: 0 SLOTS OPEN. SUBMISSION IS CLOSED. Heavy aircraft: 0 SLOTS OPEN. SUBMISSION IS CLOSED. Cars: 3 slots open. Trucks: 4 slots open. Wacky stuff: 5 slots open. Sponsors: Thanks to our sponsors, Forests Inc., And Bullseye LLC. ALL RIGHTS GO TO SQUAD for the images. Current entries: "Heavy Aircraft:" Haruspex. (Condor) Thor_Wotansen. (Borr) drtricky. (ABH-17 Rapture) ShadowWolf56. (Boeing 737) Skylon. (SB-1 Dragonfly) EpicSpaceTroll139. (Airbus A380) DarkLion. (Batwing-SSTO) Draconiator. (KTR-10NP) DunDun92. (KC-1 Transport) ImmaStegosaurus. (AN-12E) "Light Aircraft:" Triop. (F-20 TigerShark) NotAnAimbot. (F-2F) LazySoUseHyperedit. (Cessna) TheEpicSquared. (AF-1) GDJ (Kraken-MK1-Disarmed) DunDun92. (F-10 Striker) Mumbro Kerman. (F-16C-50 Fighting Falcon) Draconiator. (Kerbtrolite-K-1) PaperAviator. (MIG-21) Draconiator. (IHNCWTNT) (I have no clue what to name this) "Cars:" Azimech. (Charger RT-31) tgaerospace. (TSG Zelion) qzgy. (BAC-Mono type 5) 53Miner53. (Formula-Solar-Stock) GDJ. (Avro-G-Prix Special) Dark Lion. (Kustom-Krazer) doggonemess. "Trucks/tanks/trains:" KenjiKrafts. (10-15-Hllensturm-HDMT---32) Qzgy. (Mallard V3) NotAnAimbot. (Wolverine-2A1) EpicSpaceTroll139. (Oskar-Mayer-Wiener-Mobile) 53Miner53. (Deora-II) Ozelui. (Cargo-mate tractor) (Exo-Trailer) "Wacky stuff:" PaperAviator. (Canada Goose) EpicSpaceTroll139. (E-50A - Triton) DarkLion. (Bo) HB Stratos (BAC-Concorde) Andetech. (ADX-FJC Flying Car)
  8. Dear potential business partners Our company is looking to expand our efforts and the sky is not the limit. We want you to create a safe reusable spacecraft that can deliver our customers in style to orbit and beyond. Requirements: *= for side mounted spacecraft 1. Complete safety and redundancy: This means a proper abort system with no dead zones during the acent. A backup parachute system. At least 200 m/s left in orbit. Plenty of battery power and if used plenty of rcs fuel. Must also be aerodynamicly stable on reentry in case the power does go out. *on side mounted spacecraft the abort system is allowed to turn off the engine on the booster. 2. Craft must be piloted. 3. The spacecraft itself must me completely reusable. The booster may be expendable but points are gained for recovery. 4. The craft must carry AT LEAST 10 kerbals (excluding the pilot(s) ) in relative comfort. So no command seats. 5. Make it an aestetically pleasing spacecraft. You will be awarded style points. RULES: 1. A stock game. Although kerbal engineer is allowed. 2. No excessive part clipping. 3. It must be a two (or more) stage design. We already have a thread for ssto's. 4. Must take of from the launchpad. Horizontal landing, however is allowed. But don't forget the two parachute systems in case something does go wrong. 5. MH is allowed but it has to be noted in your entry. SCORING: +1000 points for every kerbal ex pilots -1 point for every unit of propellant used. If the booster and spacecraft are both reusable -1% (credits=points) of the cost of the craft If the booster is not reusable the cost of the entire booster in points will be subtracted from your total score. Up to 10,000 points for a stable and easy to handle spacecraft. I will test this myself. Up to 5000 points for style. Our paying frogs customers want a ride to space in style. Capability: 150x150 lko 500 points Mun orbit 2000 points Minmus orbit 2200 points We will be glad to hear from you! Please post some pictures and a craft file and we will judge your craft and give you a score!
  9. Hello everyone, This thread is going to chronicle my hopefully not too hilarious attempt to complete one (or more) circumnavigations of Kerbin. A little about myself: I'm still very new to Kerbal Space Program (16 days + about 2 months with the demo) and this will be my first long distance ground journey, so please enjoy the comedy of errors that will surely follow! I'm in my Junior year (6th semester) earning a Baccalaureate in Aerospace Engineering. Between that and my passion for aircraft, I've gotten reasonably good at designing aircraft and spacecraft in KSP. However I find my rover designs to be very... lacking. Especially my amphibious rovers. I'm hoping to complete an equatorial circumnavigation with as little deviation as possible, and then complete a polar circumnavigation. Originally I was just hoping to just complete one circumnavigation, but my 6th rover design was a real winner. Without further ado, I will get on with the narrative of my journey.
  10. Rover 6428


    AIM: Make a stock ship that would be able to deliver cargo of ore to Laythe from Kerbin. RULES: The ship must be fully stock, no cheating, the cargo must survive, no abusing of the game engine, if manned: it must have some living space and crew must survive, the whole cargo must be carried by one ship PS: (empty fuel tanks may be removed, but apart from them and the cargo containers, all of the ship must survive (fuel tanks cannot make up the whole of the ship.) PPS: ("ship" starts only after it is in LKO, the lifting stage can be dumped) Challenge modes: Participation award: just get to Laythe Noob mode: take your time, land safely 10 tons of ore to Laythe. Easy mode: maximum time 5 yrs, land safely 20 tons of ore to Laythe Hard mode: max time 4 yrs, land safely 30 tons of ore to Laythe, land on land, ship must survive, must be manned Super hard mode: max time 3 yrs, land safely 60 tons of ore, land on land, ship must survive and return safely, must be manned Matt Lowne mode: impress me
  11. Hello All, New to this forum and would like to suggest a challenge. So, I looked for videos of anyone that has landed on the Mun on the default "To the Mun" training/mission and couldn't find any! (share link if you know one)This one guy tried it and successfully got to the Mun but exploded on landing,... as have I multiple times now. Now, the mission may seem like quite a simple one to the more advanced players,... and it might well be. But i think maneuvering with limited fuel for the landing might present an added challenge. It could also be a great contribution for novices like me to learn from, and for the person who does it, to flaunt their awesome skills and be hailed as a hero by the community for their awesome accomplishment So without further ado, I challenge anyone to: Land the Landing Module on the default "To the Mun - Part 1" training/mission, and post a link to the video on this thread God speed and good luck!
  12. This challenge is pretty simple. Build a plane powered only by J-20 Juno Basic Jet Engines, and try and get it to the fastest speed possible. There is a manned (or kerballed) leaderboard-- I'll put you on the applicable one depending on your craft. Rules: 1. No cheats, e.g infinite fuel or hacking gravity. 2. Only Juno engines are allowed, e.g no rocket engines. 3. Stock parts only, however I'll allow a KER chip if you're playing in career. 4. Have fun!!! There's no real scoring system for this, just submit a screenshot of your aircraft at maximum speed and I'll put you on the leaderboard---make sure I can see the velocity readout though!!! Here's my entry-- the 'Junissile' to kick things off: On the runway---it has no landing gear to save weight. I reached 330 m/s, so almost mach 1. But I'm sure you guys can do much better--good luck Probe: 1. @TheFlyingKerman 820 m/s 2. @qzgy 814 m/s 3. @neistridlar 813 m/s 4. @ZLM-Master 811 m/s 5. @panzerknoef 811 m/s 6. @Vanamonde 745 m/s 7. @Dark Lion 711 m/s 8. @Gman_builder 519 m/s Manned: 1. @swjr-swis 820 m/s 2. @neistridlar 818 m/s 3. @Servo 813 m/s 4. @Andetch 801 m/s 5. @Lisias 797 m/s 6. @Val 777 m/s 7. @GDJ 765 m/s 8. @ZLM-Master 762 m/s 9. @GDJ 743 m/s 10. @FunThomas 719 m/s 11. @Aetharan 630 m/s 12. @Klapaucius 570 m/s 13. @tonimark 340 m/s 14. @RealKerbal3x 330 m/s
  13. Rover 6428


    AIM: make half of the Statue of Liberty and land it on Eve Rules: must be stock, must be delivered safely. Modes: Easy mode: land a 10 meter high half a statue of liberty on Eve Medium mode: land a 25 meter high half a statue of liberty on Eve, must be on the shore Hard mode: land a 50 meter high half a statue of liberty on Eve, must be on the shore, must look old, have Jeb reenact the last scene from "Planet of The Apes" ("")
  14. Try using this as your system to start off with in Career mode. Every planet in a highly elliptical, inclined orbit Have them all be on different sides of Kerbol Change moons around and planetary settings for lower gravities Make them far enough apart that you really need to be planning if you want to properly intercept a world Only use the first few tech tree levels (5-ish tiers) If it's too hard or easy let me know because I want a reasonable challenge. Thanks! -Noah
  15. Note: This isn't being played as part of a campaign, so there pretty much isn't any RP. I'm coming at it as an engineering exercise, since that's pretty much my play style. So there's going to be a lot of dry reporting on engineering, testing, and development. Comments and questions are welcome! A week or so back, I came across a mention of the Jool 5 Challenge. I've played KSP since 0.19, so it's not like I haven't heard of it before - but for some reason, this time the bug bit. I decided to take on the Challenge, even though I've never attempted anything nearly so big before. Since the Challenge requires some form of log or report, I'm starting this thread to first keep track of my design decisions (in case someone is ever interested) and then to eventually serve as the required report. My current plan is that even if I don't fly it as a Challenge, I'm going to fly it as flotilla mission. I'm going to start with a series of posts detailing how I got to where I stand today, then I'll follow with updates daily or as warranted. Next up: The Tylo lander.
  16. So, the idea is to get the longest communication path from vessel to KSC. You can send the signal through as many antennas as you want. The challenge can have different difficulties: Normal - Get the path from vessel to KSC throug TWO OTHER planet systems, vessel cannot be in these two systems. Example: vessel is on Eeloo, singal path goes Eeloo(vessel) - Jool - Duna - Kerbin(KSC) Impossible mode - make the signal go through all the SEVEN planets.
  17. Everyone knows that 42 is a nice number: the sort that you can take home and introduce to your family. What is less well known is that it can represent a perfect level of "simplistic complexity" in a Kerbal craft. It has been hypothesised that a 42-piece craft is a "get anywhere, do anything"-sort of thing. To test and/or prove this point, a series of challenges have been created: (updated following feedback) The "Douglas Adams" Bronze: Showcase a 42-piece craft reaching any of Laythe (land), Moho, Dres, Eeloo, or Vall surface and returning at least one kerbal safely to Kerbin The "Douglas Adams" Silver: Showcase a 42-piece craft reaching Eve (3000m+), Tylo or Laythe (non-land) surface and returning at least one kerbal safely to Kerbin The "Douglas Adams" Gold: Showcase a 42-piece craft either reaching Eve or Laythe (to 300m 3000m above sea level or lower) or an ISRU Jool5 capable craft, in each case returning at least one kerbal safely to Kerbin The "Douglas Adams" Platinum: Showcase a 42-piece craft either reaching Eve (to lower than 300m above sea level) or a non-ISRU Jool5 capable craft, in each case returning at least one kerbal safely to Kerbin, or a 42-piece craft that otherwise impresses the judges. Rules: Stock craft only. Wolfhound (for DLC-users) is not permitted due to ludicrous OP Min KSP version 1.2 (because I can't recall how much changed before that) The craft must consist of a single launch, made up of 42 pieces exactly (excluding launch clamps) on the landing pad or runway, and at least one kerbal to pilot it. It must include a capsule for the kerbal (i.e. no launching from EVA) to reach LKO at least - we like to pretend to the rest of Kerbin that they will travel in comfort No assistance from other pre-existing craft is permitted (refuelling etc.) The craft is required to reach only one of the named locations, though more are permitted Only the kerbal is required to land safely back on Kerbin to complete the challenge No outright exploits (ladder/kraken drives etc.). Minimum of "standard" difficulty settings (100% heat etc.), though more difficult settings are permitted. No cheat codes/mods (Alt-F12, Hyperedit etc.) Comms network may be disabled There are no restrictions requiring keeping the kerbal in a pod/capsule after LKO, nor on tech used (ion, nuclear etc.), nor even (if the mood so takes you) having all 42 pieces actually take off from the landing pad (subject to meeting all other rule requirements) Design- and Flight-assist mods permitted within reason (KES, Mechjeb, Trajectory etc.) Part offset (overlap or wide separation) permitted within reason provided that the end result looks realistic (i.e. no "neutron density" fuel tanks, or "magic levitating" wings please) ISRU is permitted, but not required, and must be declared Submission craft files are requested to be made available to "take home and introduce to the family" Leaderboard: Vessel name KSP version Launch mass Launch cost Award category Mission description Craft file link The Dougie by dnbattley 1.4.5 139T 53k Gold Silver Laythe sea level feasibility mission, Non-ISRU here Tylenol by mystifeid 1.4.5 MH 933T 376k Silver Tylo, ISRU (via Pol x2) here Mohawk by mystifeid 1.4.5 MH 976T 311k Bronze Moho, Non-ISRU here E42 by Laie 1.4.4(?) 349T 141k Platinum Eve, ISRU (with capsule) here The Impossible42 by dnbattley 1.4.5 215T 154k Platinum Eve, IRSU (without capsule) here 42 - Tylo by 5thHorseman n/k 576T 220k Silver Tylo, Non-ISRU (** INC. FANTASTIC TRANSFER TUTORIAL VIDEO **) n/a Life, The Universe, And Eve-Returning by ManEatingApe 1.4.5 313T 143k Platinum Eve, Non-ISRU (with capsule/EVA circularisation) here Eventually by mystifeid 1.4.5 290T 186k Platinum Eve, ISRU (with capsule) here Amalthea by IncongruousGoat TBC 154T 162k Platinum Jool5, Non-ISRU (chemical+ion) here Ark B by ManEatingApe 1.4.5 547T 209k Platinum Jool5, Non-ISRU (chemical) here
  18. Low Altitude Mountain Race. The challenge: Go to: 8 degrees, 9’ 12” S, 179 degrees, 6’ 14” W Fly the route outlined on the map below (and demonstrated in the video) at the altitudes indicated as fast as you possibly can. Scroll down for the rules and details. This is almost due west of the Desert Runway. Start anywhere behind the ridge shown in the video. The course runs in a sort of loop inwards into the mountains. You begin with an altitude restriction of 2700 meters. That gives you a bit of leeway at the start. That restriction continues until the 3600 marker on the map (shown on the video as well) where you have a ridge to cross. Keep at 3600 until you make a 90 degree right turn and then you can ascend to 3800. Stay at 3800 until you after you cross the penultimate ridge and need to make a nearly 180 degree turn. Fly over the last ridgeline and then fly back to your starting point by whatever route you wish. The altitude restriction changes all occur in level areas between ridgelines, so you can adjust anywhere between the ridgelines. I threw together this video which I hope clarifies the route. It is a combination of flights since I did not have the best camera perspective all the way through one flight. I also had a few crashes. If anything is not clear, please ask in the comments below and I will try to clarify anything you are unsure of. The Rules: Run this route in as fast as you possibly can, keeping below the altitude restrictions. 1. There will be two classes: Modded, and Stock Craft . Kerbal Engineer is fine for either class as of course are any mods that do not affect flight (environmental, etc.). 2. No VTOL, angled engines, reverse placed engines, reaction wheels or inline stabilizers (aside from what is already contained in the cockpits). Reverse thrust is fine (eg Wheesleys) as are any quantity of airbrakes. Drag chutes may be used for landing, as long as you are not actually landing vertically with a chute. The spirit of this is about good flying and good aerodynamic design. 3. Style points for flying the whole thing with stability off. 4. Even more style points for flying this whole route as low as you possible can. Except for the last ridge in the 2700 section, every ridge can be crossed at least 100 meters lower than the stated restrictions. 4. If you break an altitude restriction, add 15 seconds to your time. (this might need changing, it is an arbitrary number I came up with. I am open to suggestions). If you do break it, you must get down below as soon as possible. If you are above the restriction for more than 5 seconds, you are disqualified. There is no way to police this. Really, just do this in good faith. No taking a 15 second penalty and then just flying at 5000 meters the whole way. 5. You must begin the race landed at a complete stop, takeoff horizontally, and must land horizontally and come to a complete stop. 6. Time will be determined by subtracting your start time from your end time. Therefore, take a screenshot just before you power up and just after you have landed and come to a complete stop. 7. You may make as many attempts as you like. If you have the Mission Builder, you may launch from that and save yourself having to fly all the way. It is also not too far from the Desert Runway (due west). Once you have arrived, save the game, so you can quickly reset if need be. 8. If you do not have the Mission Builder and have to fly, you can bring drop tanks, carry your plane under a larger craft to save fuel, edit scripts or do any other background cheats to shorten the trip, whatever. This is about the race, not about how you got there. Infinite fuel is fine for either class as well. 9. If you can, post a video of your run. It would be fun to see some good flying. 10. This race works on the honor system. Fly fast and fair. 11. No prizes. Just do it for the glory. MORE PHOTOS under the hidden tab.
  19. adsii1970's sandbox micro-challenges A couple of days ago I was asked on one of the Facebook groups if I would post some micro-challenge/mission ideas for those who are looking for some sort of objective in playing a sandbox game. I asked around as a profile status post to see what everyone's thoughts were. And after careful consideration, I've decided to create an entire thread of micro-challenges for those interested. I play with mods and expect that many of you do, too. Here are the mods which will make the micro-challenges easier for you: Kerbal Engineer Redux Mechjeb for all Kerbal Planetary Base Systems Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux Buffalo: NASA Inspired Modular Space Exploration Vehicle Mark One Laboratory Extensions (M.O.L.E.) By no means do you have to complete the challenges with mods, you can complete them without mods.* And you can use other mods besides these. For many of us "older" KSP players, these challenges are pretty easy but still fun. For a newbie who is just getting the hang of the game, they can be challenging and rewarding. For now, the sandbox micro-challenges will only include the stock system. If there's interest in more development of the challenges, I will add missions which will incorporate the Outer Planets Mod. Each micro-challenge will fall into one or more categories. Each micro-challenge will come with it's own leader board and signature image. And each week, I will release a new micro-challenge. You do not have to do all the micro-challenges posted; simply choose the ones which interest you. Once you've completed the micro-challenge, simply post to this thread and share images or video which shows your progress and completion of the challenge. On that challenge's post, I'll add your name to the leader board and a link to your post for others to easily find what was done to complete the micro-challenge. Sandbox micro-challenges within Kerbin's sphere of influence: Kerbin Mun Minmus Mün Arch Settlement micro-challenge Minmus space station micro-challenge
  20. This is similar to the Jool 5 Challenge, but for OPM. You may not use mining. You can assemble/refuel in LKO. You can refuel your craft in LKO from an asteroid, Mun, or Minimus, if you want, however. The whole craft must travel to the destination together. Type 1: Sarnus 5 Challenge Start with 200 points. Land on Tekto, Slate, Ovok, Hale, and Eeloo. Type 2: Urlum 4 Challenge Start with 150 points. Land on Priax, Wal, Tal, and Polta Type 3: Neidon/Plock Challenge Start With 300 points. Land on Nissee, Thatmo, Plock, and Karen. If you are doing this type in RSS, you'll need RSS extended. Rules: No tweakscale. No non-stock engines. Minus one point for every three parts(reusable launchers will help you). Do it in science mode, and cheat yourself enough science to unlock all the nodes. This way, you can know how much science you earned. +1 point for every 20 science. No labs. Bonuses: Use any life support mod: X2 Use any autopilot: /2 Do an unmanned mission: /4 Bring a rover: 10 points per rover. You can reuse rovers, but you can't count multiple rovers per planet. Use a plane on Tekto: +50. Use a plane on Thatmo: +100 Fly a plane/blimp in the lower atmosphere of a gas giant: +100. Kill a kerbal:-100 per kerbal Couldn't climb down to surface: -10 per failure to plant a flag Assembled using space planes: X2 Refueled via Mun/Minimus/Asteroid: X2 Used RO: X2 Used RSS or rescaled kerbin: X2 Kept the kerbals without adequate habitation volume on the mothership: /4 Impress me: X4 Good luck! Example: I didn't really launched a Neidon- Plock mission. I used RSS, so I had to land on Triton, Neried, Pluto, and Charon. I kept the kerbals in the 3 person pod the entire trip. I launched a blimp to Neptune. The ladder wouldn't deploy on triton. I used Mecjeb. Score: 390*2/4 is 195 points. Leader board 1. @JacobJHC -1037.5 2. 3. 4. 5.
  21. The challenge: build an aircraft that can take-off, land and fly in either direction. * Extra credit: Try to build an aircraft that can successfully change directions mid flight. RULES: 1. You must have a pilot. 2. The craft must take off horizontally. No VTOL. 3. No additional reaction wheels (and bonus style points if you can fly yours with SAS off and all internal reaction wheels turned off) 4. It can be a palindrome aircraft, meaning it is symmetrical front and back, but that is not a requirement. Otherwise, anything goes. However, this challenge is about design, not about getting around rules. I'm sure I forgot some detail, so just bear that aforementioned in mind. I built this one a while ago and had a play with it today, as well as took this footage. (I still have not figured out what I am doing for @Triop's Temple rally, so this was a fun distraction). It is certainly not my most fun plane to fly, but it more or less works. I created the challenge because I am keen to see how others solve the problem.
  22. Klapaucius

    Pimp your Stearwing

    The stock Stearwing A300. The first plane I successfully landed, so I have a soft spot for it. But let's be honest, it is not the most exciting aircraft out there. So, in the spirit of innovation, here is the challenge: Take the stock Stearwing and customize it. Make it faster, slicker, sillier, spaceworthy, submersible...The finished product does not need to be an aircraft. Rules: 1. You may change and/or remove engines and landing gear if you wish. 2. You must not remove any other parts, however, you can move parts around, and add as many additional parts as you like. 3. No restrictions on Mods (though please indicate what you have used). Of course, all stock creativity is greatly appreciated and wins kudos. 4. Anything not explicitly forbidden by the above rules is not only allowed, but encouraged. 5. Please include photos and/or video and brag unashamedly about why your modification is simply the best, fastest, coolest, weirdest. I've got to learn Adobe Illustrator for work (last used it years ago and have forgotten everything), so I will use that as an excuse to make some badges. Categories TBD based on what people come up with, though probably one in each category for stock and modded. The example below is just a basic three-minute alteration. I'm working on something better and much farther outside the box. But you get the idea... Or this, which I created on the fly when the Mission Builder came out. Again, this is still pretty basic. You can tell by the engine placement that quality control was pretty lax on the assembly line that day. or this awesome video I found:
  23. Jool 500: The Ultimate Kolonization Program Most KSP players have heard of the Jool 5 challenge, which involved landing on each of Jool's moons with a single launch and with a different kerbal on each moon. Well, with the release of version 1.1 and the incredible performance improvements that are coming with this new update, I feel like it's time for something bigger. So I present to you the Jool 500 Kolonization Challenge. The idea of this challenge is to take five hundred kerbals to colonise all 5 of Jool's moons, in the most complete way possible. Although there is a way of scoring points (I will get to that later), the main challenge of this mission is the scale of it. It is not enough to simply launch 5 massive crew transports and land each of them on a moon. It is not even enough to bring a base and a rover along too. No, the goal of this challenge is to create a self-sustaining civilization in the Jool system. There are a number of different aspects of any colonisation program (satellite networks, resource gathering/transport, etc), and those wishing to undertake this challenge must consider them all. I am developing a guide for the challenge in sync with my own attempt at it. That guide can be found here. Rules Mods are highly encouraged, and some are required for certain difficulty levels, but some (of course) are banned for balance reasons. No cheating (e.g. the f12 menu, hyperedit, any other similar cheats). Re-entry heating and resource abundance must be at 100%. If a mod is removed from the list of allowed mods (which is unlikely), you may keep any craft that use it that were created before the mod's removal, but you may not launch any new craft with parts from that mod. Calculate your score according to the system outlined near to the end of this post. There is no cost limit, but cost of missions does affect score so keep track of it. Money spent acquiring kerbals is not counted for this challenge, but if you need to get some of your kerbals through recovery contracts you may not use any part of the recovery spacecraft as part of this challenge. You are allowed (and encouraged) to mine resources from Jool's moons for use in the colony. You can send fuel back to Kerbin to generate money, but this profit is not deducted from your total expenditure. Part clipping is allowed, but don't do things like hiding 12 fuel tanks inside 1 fuel tank (or other similarly cheaty things). This rule is rather lenient, just don't do stuff that seems super cheaty. Kerbals can't respawn, and there is a penalty for them dying. You must end up with 500 kerbals inhabiting the Jool system. If any die, you must send more to complete this goal. Reverting flights and quickloading is only allowed on test flights, or if a bug causes your ship to crash. Any times you crash or break something due to your own mistakes (or being too trusting in MechJeb's autopilot) that damage is permanent (so redundancy is recommended). Kerbals can't be sent to Jool in bases, rovers, or other vehicles that would not initially be crewed in a real mission. Instead, you must make specific interplanetary transports for your kerbals. Methods of minimizing costs without cheating (such as sending some of the vehicles in the cargo space of crew transports) are entirely acceptable and are the reasons behind some of the vehicle specifications. You should check the rules fairly frequently (at least in the early stages of this challenge) because rules, mod lists, and (less likely but still possible) methods of gaining points are all subject to change in accordance with what I feel is adequate for the challenge. Use of strategies in the admin building that make launches cheaper is not allowed. FOR ANYONE USING THE ATOMIC AGE MOD: The turbojet is banned due to the fact that it doesn't consume any resources other than intake atmosphere. This may change if this engine gets a depletable fuel source, but for now it is banned in this challenge. FOR REMOTETECH USERS: Disabling the time delay is allowed in Normal difficulty, but is not allowed in Hard difficulty. If you are playing in Hard then I recommend installing a mod with an autopilot function for maneuver nodes (MechJeb or kOS are what's currently allowed). If you find a way of exploiting some of the rules to generate almost unlimited points for minimal funds (I don't think it's possible but I could be wrong) please inform me of it so that I can make corrections, and don't use this exploit as it would ruin the entire scoring system. The Challenge You are probably wondering how to complete this challenge. The method is fairly simple: follow the guidelines for the Jool program according to the categorized contracts below, document all important aspects of your missions (use Imgur or make videos), and try to complete as much of it as you can. You don't need to complete the CHALLENGES in every difficulty, but doing them will get you more points. Also, please try to make your spacecraft look nice. You won't be scored on it, but I feel that a good aesthetic makes people more interested in what you're doing in the game. It's not absolutely required to complete every contract listed below (except for completing certain CHALLENGES), but the more you do the more functional your colony will be and the more points you will get for completing them. Now for the categories: Satellite Network and Probes Each moon, as well as Jool itself, should be explored by machines in advance of sending kerbals. Also, the colony will need a satellite network for communication. Send a resource scanner to a polar orbit of each moon and scan for ore. Each moon needs a separate resource probe. (+1 point per moon) Send at least 1 lander probe (max. mass: 3 tonnes, or 5 tonnes for Tylo) to each moon and transmit some science data back to Kerbin. (+1 point per moon; science from every biome gives an extra +2 points per moon (rovers are permitted)) Send at least 5 communication satellites (max. mass: 2.5 tonnes) to each moon as well as in orbit of Jool, to provide a communication network for your kerbals. Each satellite requires at least 4 antennas (with RemoteTech, at least one of these must be capable of transmitting data back to Kerbin, or to a satellite in Jool orbit that can transmit back to Kerbin). At least 3 for each moon must have orbital inclinations greater than 30 degrees, and/or eccentricities greater than 0.4. (+1 point per complete satellite network, +3 additional points for completing all 6 satellite networks) CHALLENGE: GROUND COVERAGE. Ensure that the entire surface of the moon is accessible by satellites. This requires 4 satellites equally spaced in equatorial orbit with line of sight to each other, and 4 satellites equally spaced in polar orbit with line of sight to each other. (+9 points per moon) Bases and Outposts For a colony to be a colony, it must have permanent residents. You must have space for a minimum of 50 kerbals on each moon (rovers do not count, these living spaces must be stationary), and a minimum of 10 kerbals at any one outpost. (There's no real difference between outposts and bases, 'outpost' just suggests a smaller base than usual). Launch and land your bases in advance of sending your kerbals. Send at least 1 base to each moon (though more are recommended). It's best to send your bases as modules rather than assembling them on the surface. (+10 points for every base with at least 8 different and useful modules; +3 points for each biome; +3 additional points if every biome has a base (including the Sagen Sea on Laythe); +1 point for every 10 kerbals your base can support (not necessarily all at once, not including the 10 that are required in each base); +1 additional point if the base has at least 1 science lab; (points are awarded per base)) Life support replenishment is not required at each base, but can be useful where the biome's resources allow it. (+1 point for partial replenishment of life support; +3 points for full replenishment of life support; (points are awarded per base)) Transport between bases and moons can be a hassle, so it helps to have a place to refuel. (+1 point for ability to replenish fuel, +3 points for ability to replenish uranium and xenon; (points are awarded per base)) CHALLENGE: COLONIAL PLANNING.Have a base or outpost in every biome on every moon, have fuel and/or life support replenishment on every moon at at least one base, and have space for at least 100 kerbals in bases on every moon. (+50 points) Rovers and planes The ability to transport kerbals and equipment between your various bases is important for a colony. You should send a number of transports to each moon so that kerbals can move around the surface without having to use rockets. All vehicles should be specialized to handle the terrain of the moon (amphibious vehicles and/or seaplanes are recommended for Laythe). Short-range scouting rovers (or boats) (max. mass: 10t) are a must-have. Send at least two to every base. They must be small and lightweight, and must be able to generate power, carry at least one and at most six kerbals, and be equipped with a few science experiments. (+3 points for each base that gets a pair of small rovers/boats (you can send any combination of rovers and boats to your Laythe bases, as long as each base has at least two)) Resource transportation vehicles are going to be needed to keep your colony running. Each should be able to carry a resource container at least the size of the Rockomax X200-32 Fuel Tank. It would be convenient to make these vehicles modular. Send at least 1 container for all relevant resources (life support, fuels, etc) to every base, and at least 2 resource transports to move them around. (resources not generated/consumed at a base do not need containers; +7 points for each fully implemented resource transport system at a base; (points are awarded per base)) Long-range transports (rovers, boats, or planes) are required for your colony to be a success. Send at least 3 to both Bop and Pol, and at least 5 to Laythe, Vall, and Tylo. Each should be able to transport at least 10 kerbals, and should be able to transport two short-range scouting vehicles and one resource transport (with resource container). Ideally they should also be able to generate power. (+4 points for each long-range transport; +1 additional point if it can carry two resource transports; +3 additional points for any fuel-using transports that can replenish that fuel; +1 additional point for transports that have a science lab). CHALLENGE: REDUNDANCY.All of the above, completed for every base on every moon, and with twice as many of every type of transport. (+35 points) Space Transport Building this colony is great, but useless if your kerbals can't get between the moons, or from Kerbin to the Jool system. Construct a fleet of spacecraft to take kerbals from Kerbin to the Jool system. Each interplanetary vessel should carry up to 100 crew members, and ideally should have a significant cargo capacity (at least the size of the largest MK3 cargo bay). Maximum of 5 large transports. (+5 points per transport; +1 point per 10 tonnes of cargo mass; crew do not all need to be sent to Jool at once, as the transports can make any number of trips between Kerbin and Jool (but please don't get ridiculous)) Large freight transports are going to be important for your colony. Each should be a highly specialized vehicle able to lift or drop at least 50 tonnes of cargo from the surface of the moon it is sent to (or 25 tonnes for Laythe and Tylo), and have the crew capacity for at least 3 kerbals. Each freighter should be able to get into a stable orbit of that moon with a full load of cargo (50 tonnes), to transfer to rendezvous with other freighters in Joolian orbit, and return to their moon with another full load (50 tonnes) of cargo. Send at least 1 to every moon. (+10 points for every transport; +1 point for every 10 tonnes of cargo capacity to/from the surface of that moon; +4 points for ability to replenish fuel; (points are awarded per transport)) You will need transport for colonists between the moons as well. You can integrate this into the freight transport system (+2 points per freighter-compatible module that can transport 10 kerbals) or you can make rockets specifically for this purpose. Each rocket should be able to transport at least 10 kerbals to/from any of the moons without being refuelled until it lands. Send at least 2 to each moon. (+8 points for each crew transport rocket; +4 additional points for each rocket with the ability to replenish fuel). CHALLENGE: ADVANCED TRANSPORT. Rather than docking freighters from different moons to transfer their cargo in space, every freighter (still a minimum of 5 overall) must be able to transport cargo between any two moons without refuelling in space (the most difficult journey is probably Laythe to Tylo, but it depends how you build the freighters). (+45 points) CHALLENGE: ORBITAL HABITATION. To enhance your crew transfer, make a station in orbit of each moon (that can support at least 20 kerbals) and replace your every-moon-capable rockets with a lander specific to each individual moon (must be able to take at least 20 kerbals to/from the station in moon orbit), and 5 inter-Joolian transports (each must be able to take at least 50 kerbals between the space stations without needing to land anywhere). (35 points) Other Things to Consider You're probably playing with a life support mod, so be careful to include enough supplies in all of your vehicles and bases. Safety is important. Make as many systems redundant as you can within a reasonable price range. Launch escape systems on crewed, escape pods, etc. (USI has some good stuff for safety and redundancy). -20 points for every kerbal that dies. Be careful, rockets are expensive. You're allowed to re-send vessels, but if a vessel crashes you lose the points that you gained from that specific vessel and cannot regain them by sending another (this does not affect points gained by completing multi-vessel contracts). Launches from Kerbin are unlimited, but keep an eye on prices. There is no time limit, but be wary of running out of life support supplies. When playing with USI Life Support, any kerbals who run out of life support are counted as dead and suffer the same points loss, despite the fact that USI Life Support doesn't actually kill them. If you think some of the specifications for some of the vehicles are unusual or arbitrary (like cargo bays in the interplanetary crew transports), try looking closer at what the intended vehicle would enable you to do and how it might be used to make things cheaper. CHALLENGE: COMPLETIONIST. Fulfil all contracts and all CHALLENGES. (+500 points) Scoring and Difficulty The way you judge how well you do on this behemoth of a challenge is fairly simple, and takes into account how many points you score overall, as well as the funds you spent on the colonisation program. I'll go over difficulty first, as it influences your score with points multipliers. I will also go over game modes, since you can start in either Career or Sandbox modes. Difficulty Level Easy (points multiplier x0.75): Play in sandbox or career (sandbox recommended); RemoteTech, Community Tech Tree, and any Life Support mods are not recommended; CHALLENGES are not required. This is the difficulty level to play at if you want to use stock parts. Normal (points multiplier x1 in sandbox, x1.4 in career): Play in career or sandbox; must use life support (USI, TAC, or Kerbalism); RemoteTech and Community Tech Tree are optional; do at least 3 CHALLENGES. If you want to, you may disable the time delay on RemoteTech if you are using it. Hard (points multiplier x1.75): Play in career; you must use RemoteTech, and Community Tech Tree; must use life support (USI, TAC, or Kerbalism); complete all CHALLENGES for your Hard mode entry to count. You may not disable the time delay on RemoteTech; mods with autopilot functionality are recommended for dealing with maneuver nodes. Game Mode Depending on your difficulty level, you may start in Career mode or Sandbox mode. Starting in Sandbox allows you to proceed with the Jool 500 challenge immediately. You must set re-entry heating and resource abundance to 100%, allow quicksaves and reloading (only for use in case of bugs), and disallow respawning of dead crew members. Starting in Career is the more challenging option, as you will have to earn funds through contracts until you can start the Jool 500 challenge. You start in normal mode, but the maximum starting science and science rewards are allowed (since science doesn't count towards score), and otherwise the same settings as a Sandbox playthrough. Funds spent on missions to anywhere other than Jool are not counted, but if you plan on using any parts of those spacecraft to facilitate the Jool 500 challenge then you must count the funds spent on that spacecraft (the same is true for using gravity assists). Score Calculation To calculate your score, keep track of the total cost of everything you launch from Kerbin (and subtract any funds you get back by recovering parts of launches). Add up the total number of points you get by completing my contracts and CHALLENGES, and multiply this by the multiplier given by your difficulty level, and then by one million (1000000) to get your Score Magnitude (e.g. if you had a total of 512 points at the Easy difficulty level, your total is 0.75x512x1000000=384000000). Divide that Score Magnitude by the amount of funds you spent to get your overall score for the Jool 500 Colonisation Challenge (e.g. if you had 384000000 Score Magnitude and you spent 1000000 funds then your overall score is 384000000÷1000000=384). The larger your overall score, the better you did. Keep in mind that spending more funds is not always a bad thing, so long as those funds get you additional points that you would not have gotten previously. Mods If you want to know about a particular mod, use ctrl+f to search for it on this page before making a reply asking about it. Required Kerbal Alarm Clock (I only say required because of the amount of vessels you'll be dealing with at once) USI Life Support, TAC Life Support, OR Kerbalism (except in Easy difficulty) Optional All other USI mods (except Alcubierre Warp Drive) (these are highly recommended as they will enhance your colony immensely) Any visual enhancement mods Atomic Age Behemoth Aerospace Engineering Buffalo MSEV B9 Aerospace CactEye Telescopes Color Coded Cannisters Colorful Fuel Lines Community Tech Tree Connected Living Space Cormorant Aeronology Shuttle Lifting Body DarkSideTechnology Deadly Reentry DeepFreeze Continued Deep Space Exploration Vessels DMagic Orbital Science Editor Extensions Redux EvaFuel Ferram Aerospace Research Final Frontier Fuel Tanks Plus HabTech Infernal Robotics KeepFit Kerbal Historical Institute Kerbal Joint Reinforcement (highly recommended) Kerbal Planetary Base Systems Kerbal Stock Part eXpansion KIS/KAS (highly recommended) KSI (useful for hiring kerbals) Lithobrake Exploration Technologies Mark IV Spaceplane System MechJeb, KER, or similar mods that are purely informative Mk2 Expansion Mk3 Hypersonic Systems Moar Mk1 Modular Rocket Systems Near Future Technologies NRAP Orbital Utility Vehicle Pathfinder RemoteTech RLA Stockalike SCANsat Science Revisited SpaceY and SpaceY Expanded Stockalike Mining Extension Surface Experiment Pack (requires KIS/KAS) Tantares and Contares Tarsier Space Technology Taurus HCV Universal Storage VX Series II Engine Pack (Vanguard Astrodynamics) Any dependencies these mods have (e.g. Firespitter, ModuleManager, Community Resource Pack) If there is a mod that you think should be added or removed from this list, please bring it to my attention along with your reasoning as to why it should be added or removed. Please also notify me if any links are incorrect or outdated. Banned Any mods that are not on the above list (unless I add them after being asked about them) Alcubierre Warp Drive (and other warp drive mods) KSP Interstellar Extended Extraplanetary Launch Pads (and other mods that allow you to build spacecraft off of Kerbin) Hyperedit (you are allowed to use it for testing your spacecraft, but not for any craft that are going to be used as part of the challenge) Kopernicus Any other mods that are unbalanced or cheaty in some way Again, please bring to my attention any mods that you feel should be added or removed from this list along with your reasoning for the requested change. Notes If you are starting out with stock parts but planning on modding (with life support) later, I highly recommend sending as many probes, bases, and vehicles as you can before the mods are updated, without sending any crew. Then, when you do send the crew to Jool (which should be done as late as possible to reduce consumption of life support) use KIS/KAS to attach life support containers to your bases and vehicles. This way you don't need to wait for life support mods to update before you can send your transports or bases. Alternatively, in the case of bases, you can plan for the presence of life support storage modules and transport them once you install the life support mod. Submission Submit your entry to the challenge on this thread in the form of an Imgur gallery (or multiple galleries) or a video (or more likely a series of videos). That should be everything for this challenge. If some aspects seem unclear please let me know and I will attempt to explain in a more effective manner. If I have missed anything important, please also let me know and I will edit this post to amend the lack of clarity. I hope everyone who chooses to attempt the Jool 500 Kolonization Challenge will enjoy it, and I wish you all luck in what is possibly one of the most extensive kolonization programs some of you have ever tried to undertake.
  24. No Space Junk/Debris Challenge Prepare for grand update! leaked duna one! guess which update it will, and what it will inlude! This challenge is multi-challenge, every level is harder. "every step is clean, it's nice to you and me" . Me. Hello fella space flighters! I see you are not thowing the Kerbodyne S3-7200 to the trashcan. Well. i guess you are just an newbie (don't get ofended k?). you are building an SSTO ? well thats impressive but seriously. Are you weak? na na na na. GET CREATIVE YOU FLIGHTERS! so here have it. le challenge. But before. RULES! No cheats or anything like this. (debug menu, hyperedit, etc.) Only KER And any camera mod + visual mod is ok. NO DIRTY SSTO! cmon i hate em'. No kraken drives. Lader drives. SA kirrim drives. intake drives and Something other drives. Docking is acceptable but only apollo styled (thats will be hard cuz of the challenge not to leave debris) and rover docking. Sub and leave a like on my page ))))))00)0) Respect Moho and eeloo plz. drone cores parts, or any other command modules that is on deatachale stage (5 or 4th stage for example) will count as debris. On apollo styled missions, decoplers that left alone in space doesn't count as a debris (if the decople is by himself) bring jebediah or bill or valentina (no body needs bob lol) if the debris deatached and it is turn to steak in atmosphere, it isn't count as a debrie (if no pieces left of it). every challenge is a challenge, you can't complete sub orbital and orbital challenges at the same mission no Making History expansion usage! no tracking station debrie cleaning Screenshot of every thing that happen required challenge number one. Sub Orbital sanitor! The goal. : Don't leave any debris While doing the mission in Sub orbital tragectory and back. Rules For sanitors juniors. Heatshields doesn't count as debris if deatached. that mean if you have a heatshield. it woudn't coudn as a debris. Rules For sanitors seniors. Every part that got deatached count as a debris (even that sandwich that you made for breakfast) that mean that every part ( like an a heatshield) woud count as a debris. AWARDS for sanitor juniors of sub orbital challenge. challenge number 2 AWARD For sanitors juniors and senior of the Sattelite challenge. Build a space station with at least 2 crafts while both crafts haven't leaved any debris if it isn't a heatshield. that mean you need to send both space craft screenshots so i (or we) woud see that you haven't cheated. Rules For sanitors senior Build a space station with at least 5 crafts while all of the space craft haven't leaved any debris. that mean you need to send both space craft screenshots so i (or we) woud see that you haven't cheated. AWARDS The Mun dust sanitor! The goal. : go to moon and ___ while don't leave any debrie. For sanitors seniors of the Mun challenge CONGRATULATIONS! For sanitors senior of the Duna challenge. For sanitors seniors of the Eve challenge. AWARDS For sanitors Senior of the Eeloo And Moho challenge.
  25. Due to a major financial scandal, Kerbin's main supplier of prop engines can no longer deliver. The timing could not be worse as KSP is launching a new Duna programme, with a focus on exploratory aircraft that can deliver good science. Plans are afoot for serious fuel mining and processing infrastructure, but this is still costly in time and resources. Creating multiple fuel stations around the planet is not viable at this time. They need an aircraft with range. The challenge: Build an aircraft for Duna, and fly it as far as you can with the fuel you are carrying. The winner is the one who flies the farthest. The only rules are: 1. It must be rocket powered. No props or Kethane-powered mod jets . 2. It must carry a Mobile Processing Lab. 3. It must not go into orbit. Ceiling is 16,000 meters. 4. No drop tanks. Too expensive to replace and/or recover. 5. It must be a real plane, meaning it has lift and could take off and land multiple times. 6. Mods are fine, but the engines must be stock. Details: Cheat or Mission Builder yourself to any location on Duna. Fly your plane as far as you can, and when you land, hit F3 to show your total distance traveled. Any mods (other than mod engines) are fine except infinite fuel or anything that breaks the spirit of the challenge. Mods and stock parts will be two different categories. A plane is considered stock if it has no modded parts. Non-parts mods have no bearing on that. Your plane can be as big or small as you want it. It can have tons of stability enhancements or none at all. It can be piloted or probe cored, but you must have a full science crew in the lab. I suppose a really keen person could build a flying fuel processor and go forever (and serious kudos if they do), but the spirit of the challenge is single flight range and that is what you will be judged on. This idea came about while I was tooling around in Mission Builder, modifying a plane I built for Kerbin to see what I could do. I got a fair distance (well, for me, anyway) and I thought it would be cool to see how others solve this problem. Partly this is selfish; I want to learn from you all :-) On my to-do list for work is to get upskilled in Adobe Illustrator. It may take a bit, but I will create a badge for this challenge. My first attempt with the lab. Okay, but needs a lot of R&D.