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  1. Logo Created by Myself and @Asksomoneelse. Plane created by @Maxorin This Challenge is a continuation and modification of this thread by @CrazyJebGuy (which in itself is a continuation of two other threads) PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS CHALLENGE AIMS TO BE A BIT MORE AESTHETICS ORIENTED THAN THE LAST (though performance is always more important) --- WE ARE IN DESPERATE NEED OF EXTRA JUDGES TO ASSIST IN CLEARING THE BACKLOG. CONTACT ME ON DISCORD (Holiday#0321) IF YOU ARE INTERESTED! --- Trans-Kerbin Airways (TKA) is an emerging airline taking the place of the now-defunct Kerbin Express Airlines. TKA is a large client and aircraft ranging from turboprops to jumbo jets are in high demand. Does your aircraft company offer the right kind of aircraft for the job? Trans-Kerbin Airways wants comfortable, profitable aircraft. They're looking for aircraft that meet or exceed their requirements for fuel efficiency, speed, range, passenger load, ease of training, comfort and cost of maintenance, for the right price that gives them the best return on investment. They also want a design that's flexible, offering variations of the same design for a variety of different routes. Trans-Kerbin Airways is also looking for airlines that emphasize passenger comfort for use on their luxury routes. The Rules: Must be compatible with KSP versions 1.8.X and 1.9.X Stock Parts + Both DLC are allowed. CRAFT MUST BE STOCK! Passengers must be enclosed in a cabin. Whether this be a crew cabin part or a custom fuselage is up to you. No rocket engines. Aircraft engines only. Aircraft must stay in atmosphere (no sub-orbital hops) and below 20km. Any kind of engine is allowed for any category. Clipping and CFE is allowed within reason (please negotiate what you are doing first). Engine clipping is allowed within reason. (no more than 3 clipped) You cannot craft file edit engines The aircraft should have a rolling takeoff and landing. Takeoff & Landing speed of no more than 80 m/s on land, or 120 m/s on water. No drop tanks. Your aircraft must stay intact. No afterburning engines unless you are building a supersonic airliner. Variants must still resemble the original aircraft. If it is too different it will be considered a different type. Mach 1 speed limit (343m/s) unless you are building a supersonic airliner. Passenger Cabins: Not all in-game values for how many passengers a cabin can carry will be used for this challenge and certain cabins have a higher level of comfort than most. Here is a list of what each cabin part can carry and their comfort levels according to the challenge: MK-1 Cabin: Carries 4 passengers, standard comfort. Mk-2 Cabin: Carries 8 passengers, improved comfort. Mk-3 Cabin: Carries 24 passengers, increased comfort. PPD-10 Hitchhiker Storage Container: Carries 12 passengers increased comfort. Custom cabins using EVA seats will be judged on how you build it. If it generally looks like a nice cabin, it'll probably be rated higher in terms of comfort. Keep in mind, engine placement (noise levels) can affect the passenger comfort. What is a variant? To improve your design's competitiveness, your company can submit a variant of the same design (See Wants section below). A variant is built on the same model platform with minor changes in design to give it, say, extra range, or extra passenger room. This is most commonly achieved by adding fuel tanks or lengthening the cabin, sometimes with minor changes to wing and fuselage design. To qualify as a variant, it must generally have the same structural layout, meaning engines, gear, and lift surfaces must be in roughly the same location & design. Basically, if you make it too different, it will be considered a separate model/submission. What Trans-Kerbin Airways wants, By Category: The categories are more like guidelines rather than strict rules. An aircraft doesn't need to meet one requirement if it's particularly good at something else. Any category can be made supersonic. For all categories, Range will be calculated by fuel capacity / burn rate * speed / 1000m at the recommended cruising speed & altitude. There are three categories in range and sub-categories for each in capacity. Match up your aircraft to both the appropriate range and capacity requirements. For example, if you have an aircraft that carries 48 passengers and has a range of 2500km, it would be a Medium-Haul, Low-Capacity aircraft. Special categories that do not conform to these requirements will be listed below as 'special categories' ANY CATEGORY CAN BE MADE INTO A SUPERSONIC Range Requirements: Short-Haul Airliner A cruising speed of 110m/s or greater is preferred Must have a range of 1000km Short takeoff and landing is preferred. Must be capable of operating on rough airfields. Medium-Haul Airliner Cruising speed of 230m/s or greater is preferred Must have a range of 2000km - 3000km Should be equipped to operate at smaller airports. Long-Haul Airliner Cruising Speed of 240m/s or greater is preferred Must have a range greater than 3000km Passenger Capacity Requirements: Low Capacity Maximum 100 passengers Medium Capacity Must carry 100 - 300 passengers Standard or greater comfort is preferred High Capacity Must carry more than 300 passengers Must have high levels of passenger comfort SPECIAL CATEGORIES: These categories do not correspond with the ones above Flying Boat Must be capable of taking off and landing from water Range of at least 500km Cruising Speed of at least 100m/s Can be of any size Cargo/Combi Aircraft Must carry cargo. Range of at least 1500km Combi aircraft must carry both passengers and cargo Judging Criteria: Every submission that meets the requirements will be ranked with feedback from TKA Jet test pilots, but how well it ranks depends on: (Note, this is elaborated on later) How well it meets or exceeds the category requirements Cost of Aircraft Fuel Efficiency at recommended cruising speed & altitude Ease of maintenance. Maintenance is judged through the amount of engines and complex parts (landing gear, moving parts, fuel piping, etc) rather than pure part count alone. This is so higher-part count designs can compete. Engine configuration is also important in how easily the aircraft is maintained. Engines low to the ground would allow easy access for ground crew Having the same kind of engines (if you have multiple) can help ease load off maintenance crews. Passenger comfort Distance of engines to passenger cabins will be considered The type of passenger cabins you use will also be considered. Aesthetics We want nice looking aircraft so they're more appealing to our customers and advertising If it looks right, it flies right. Feel free to ask questions about anything you find confusing in the judging process. How to Submit. Your post must include the following: The name of your aircraft company and model names for the designs you're submitting. Please clarify what category you're entering the plane in. At least one screenshot or very large bold text or something in your submissions. This is so we can more easily see it is a submission, we don't want to accidentally skip yours. A link to your craft files in your submission post. No PMing me. PREFERABLY ON KERBALX The price of your aircraft times 1,000. (If $23,555 in-game, submit as $23,555,000. This is just for fun to make prices more realistic.) The recommended cruising speed and altitude for your aircraft. This is the speed and altitude you've fine-tuned your designs for, ensuring the best balance of speed, range, and fuel efficiency. It's also what the test pilots will be testing your aircraft at for judging. (Optional, but will help in review) Pitch your aircraft to the TKA executives, selling them on why it should be purchased for their fleet. Include any notable features (even if fictional). ========================================================================================================================================== The Judges: @HolidayTheLeek @Asksomoneelse @Maxorin (skilled airliner builder - check him out on KX) @HB Stratos @keptin (original creator of the challenge!) @TheGoldenSoldier @NightshineRecorralis (Judge from the previous challenge) @Servo @ScaryTerry @Mathrilord @Rocket_man1234 @mrdanger2007 @EvenFlow Feel free to message me on discord (Holiday#0321) about being a potential judge) Pilot Review template below: Challenge Submissions: @Klapaucius's Squire Submarine Plane (SUPERSONIC FLYING BOAT) Cheap, fast and easy to fly. Very odd design and kind of a maintenance hog. @Rocket_man1234's K-400 (LONG HAUL LOW CAPACITY) Flies well but a bit sensitive and difficult to land. Cheap, effective and with a range rivalling long-haul airliners. @SuicidalInsanity's IA-480 Dyamerang (SHORT HAUL LOW CAPACITY) Odd bird with questionable design. High maintenance, draggy but powerful. Has spectacular passenger views. @keptin's Longboy (MEDIUM HAUL LOW CAPACITY) Simple, rugged and fairly cheap to operate though unfortunately plagued with problems with landing gear. @Klapaucius's Gogol (SUPERSONIC MEDIUM HAUL MEDIUM CAPACITY) A surrealist avante garde aircraft with seemingly Lovecraftian origins. Powerful, fast and surprisingly manueverable but an uncomfortable ride and a maintenance hog. @keptin's Longboy-EX (SHORT HAUL MEDIUM CAPACITY) The Longboy's big brother. A little bit too long to be safe - questionable airworthiness and structural integrity. @Maxorin's Model 727 (SHORT HAUL MEDIUM CAPACITY) Beautifully constructed aeroplane, albeit a bit inefficient and expensive. @Box of Stardust's A-504-1A-ER ( LONG HAUL MEDIUM CAPACITY) Sleek, powerful and efficient with only minor problems. @chargan's Firebird (SUPERSONIC LONG HAUL MEDIUM CAPACITY) Unwieldy to fly, expensive, inefficient, lacking in range but blisteringly fast with good passenger capacity! @keptin's MANTABEAST (LONG HAUL HIGH CAPACITY) Huge, terrifying and demonic. Impressive, though @Box of Stardust's A-301-2A (CARGO) Same reliable airframe as the A-504 but for cargo @antimatterkill's J.220 (COMBI) Jack of all trades, master of none @Juhnu's JA-42 (SHORT HAUL LOW CAPACITY) A gorgeous aircraft - both beautiful and functional. Extremely fuel efficient and comfortable. Unfortunately, a tad expensive. @keptin's Centurion (MEDIUM HAUL LOW CAPACITY) A very good aircraft considering its low cost. Very powerful and also has a high cruising speed for subsonics. @Servo's LA-600 (LONG HAUL MEDIUM CAPACITY) Great looking aircraft with excellent range - but is difficult, dangerous to fly and rather expensive. @Maxorin's S350 (LONG HAUL MEDIUM CAPACITY) Beautiful aircraft but incredibly expensive. Ease of maintenance is deemed adequate owing to engine configuration and type. @keptin's Duck (CARGO) Works extremely well but doesn't have much of a use except for a small niche. @AVeryNiceSpacePenguin's SBD Dauntless (???)'s a war plane... a museum plane... everything but an airliner!!! @Bob_Saget54's Gigant (LONG HAUL HIGH CAPACITY) Premium comfort and excellent safety. Is quite expensive and would only work on luxury routes due to cost. @l0kki's PTSLRA (LONG HAUL LOW CAPACITY) Well rounded aircraft with excellent range. Capable of barely landing on carriers but for some reason has outdated tail dragger landing gear. @rutnam's A917-A Skycutter (LONG HAUL LOW CAPACITY) Has a long range but is loud and fairly maintenance heavy. Aircraft flies well. @mrdanger2007's Model 308 Altoliner (SHORT HAUL LOW CAPACITY) Beautifully retro but unfortunately impractical for regular service. Would work well as a museum plane, though. @espartanlast1's SRJ-10SP/SRJ-15SP (MEDIUM HAUL LOW CAPACITY) Simple, easy to fly with excellent takeoff performance. Works well for low cost! @NightshineRecorralis's Saturn SST (SUPERSONIC LONG RANGE MEDIUM CAPACITY) A sci-fi supersonic with stall speeds rivalling propeller driven airliners. Very fast and easy to fly but a maintenance hog. @MR_somebody's Class 47 Ekranoplan (FLYING BOAT) Expensive, maintenance heavy, loud and slow! Not an aircraft but a ground effect vehicle! @KingDominoIII's C6-168 'TRIAD' JUMBO JET (SUPERSONIC LOW CAPACITY MEDIUM RANGE) Fast but not as fast as a true supersonic. Very strange to look at and very inefficient. @KestrelAerospace's Exmouth Class Flying Boat (FLYING BOAT) A flying boat reminiscent of the 1930s golden age of flight. Excellent to fly and comfortable but limited in range. @antimatterkill's S.126 (SHORT HAUL LOW CAPACITY) A strange aircraft that surprisingly has VTOL capability. Cheap to buy but expensive to maintain with a lot of moving parts. @Nantares' NA-AT 1011A "Tobi-Ume" (LONG HAUL LOW CAPACITY) Futuristic airliner with box-wings and 6 engines. A bit steep but the long range makes it worth it. @Commodoregamer118's DDR ISSRJ1 (MEDIUM HAUL LOW CAPACITY) Small and easy to maintain but with questionable flight characteristics. @Mathrilord's LoRE HST-3-8 Missile (LONG HAUL LOW CAPACITY) Cheap, lightning fast and definitely fitting of the 'missile' title. @TheGoldenSoldier's AirTrain 737 (LONG HAUL MEDIUM CAPACITY) Big and luxurious but expensive to buy and maintain. @Mars-Bound Hokie's B-343 SST (LONG HAUL LOW CAPACITY) Really big, but only carries 24 passengers. Fast but expensive and potentially dangerous to run.
  2. Rational Resources is designed to operate on the Community Resource Pack or the WBI Classic Stock resources and to strip out the entirely random resource distributions and to apply distribution templates (carefully configured groups of resource distributions) according to the logically expected class and composition of a body. Rational Resources is inspired by Realistic Atmospheres made by @OhioBob and is part of the JNSQ (the planet pack) experience. While this mod is installed, un-configured bodies will have no resources at all (except for less Ore than by default). This mod may inflate your ModuleManager cache quite a bit. Notice that the logo image tells the following: Mun has a sizeable portion of MetalOre and Oxygen, but no Water (will be handled by biome specific config) and no Uraninite. Kerbin has a sizeable portion of Rock and Silicates, and there's a display for crust, ocean and atmo. Duna has a sizeable portion of CO2 in crust and atmo (not in legend), MetalOre, RareMetals and Uraninite, but no Minerals or Silicates. This mod enables planet makers to easily assign these distribution templates to their planet packs and skip the headaches of figuring out and writing the individual nodes themselves, and assorting all of their writings into several per-resource config files. Active CRP Resources Surface and Atmosphere Ammonia, CarbonDioxide, ExoticMinerals, Gypsum, LqdHe3, Hydrates, Hydrogen, MetalOre, MetallicOre, Methane, Minerals, Nitrogen, Ore, Oxygen, RareMetals, Rock, Silicates, Substrate, Uraninite, Water. Ocean Carbon, ExoticMinerals, Gypsum, LqdAmmonia, LqdCO2, LqdMethane, LqdNitrogen, LqdOxygen, MetalOre, MetallicOre, Minerals, RareMetals, Rock, Water. Star Ammonia, Antimatter, Carbon Dioxide, LqdHe3, Hydrogen, LqdDeuterium, Methane, Nitrogen, Oxygen, XenonGas. The resources above are preferred and used. are patched to display them all. Ocean resources only show non-zero values when the scanner vehicle is splashed. The Star series templates apply resource bands to a narrow and general classification of stars, automatically making them all viable as mining destinations for interstellar vessels. The expected members of this seres are: Yellow; Red Dwarf; Red Giant; Blue Giant. Due to a very nasty bug in stock, any resource bands around a star can only have a a maximum span of somewhere under 2 Gigameters. WBI Classic Stock system support: Rational Resources shows in the WBI play mode switch UI. (Picture needs to be updated) Assigning a template to a planet is as easy as: Current templates ISRU With omnipotent Ore being stripped of its Godhood, the following ISRU chains are proposed and encouraged for use by seasoned modders. Ore abundance is capped to 5% and its presence chance to 80%. It will be inconvenient for most players... but it will still be around. Ore tanks will be changed, at least, to hold the cryogenic input resources. Players may find themselves forced towards using Hydrolox rocketry since the required resources (Ore or Carbon Dioxide) for LiquidFuel may often be scarce meanwhile the requirements for Hydrolox (Hydrates, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Water) can be quite abundant. Compatibility Due to the listed resources and the nature of Rational Resources, compatibility instantly extends between configured planet packs and the following mods: Kerbalism (consumable resources only) TAC Life Support Near Future Tech suite Hydrolox rocketry mods (including BlueDog Design Bureau, Cryogenic Engines, Kerbal Atomics) Potential Methalox rocketry mods Some resources and their distributions are conditionally spared while the rest are removed. Spared resources include ArgonGas, XenonGas, but not Karbonite and Karborundum. Purged resources include Dirt (used by MKS alone but supplanted with more Rock) and any other mod that adds resources (and especially extremely handwaved ones) such as The Gold Standard. But a provision exists to allow such resources to not be purged. Requires B9 Part Switch for tank options Requires Community Resource Pack for the resources in the tank options DOWNLOAD :: GitHub :: SpaceDock Wiki :: GitHub LICENSE :: MIT
  3. "The future of Kerbality is going to bifurcate in two directions: Either it's going to become multi-planetary, or it's going to remain confined to one planet and eventually there's going to be an extinction event." - Elon Kerman Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge Those baleful words spoken by Elon Kerman at a recent event featuring his latest rocket design inspired the Kerbal Federation to fully support an effort to establish a continuously Kerballed outpost on Duna. In order to accomplish this goal, Elon Kerman has offered an unlimited supply of his company's latest heavy lifter, with some restrictions and requirements. The basic requirement is to land a minimum of 4 kerbals on Duna before Year 5, Day 1, and then to develop and implement the mission architecture for a permanently Kerballed outpost on Duna before Year 10, Day 1. There is already one prototype of the heavy lifter on its way to the VAB and will be ready with payload for launch pad roll-out on Day 40. New lifters will be delivered on a regular, fixed schedule. Excitement is high for this endeavor but in order to keep hardware contractors satisfied, achieving certain mission objectives will benefit the campaign's public opinion and ensure the rocket supplier will continue to provide new lifters beyond Year 10 Day 1. Rules Launch Vehicle The lifter is of your design and must not vary throughout the challenge. This lifter is referred to as the Standard Launch Vehicle (SLV). All mission hardware and all fuel used for interplanetary transfers must be launched using the SLV. The only exception to this rule is for ferrying crew to Low Kerbin Orbit (LKO), which is defined as Apoapsis between 75km - 180km. Ready to launch lifters with installed payloads are prepared based on design and determined by Nominal Payload Mass (NPM). The NPM is the maximum payload that the SLV can deliver to LKO, without using any fuel of the payload itself. A payload may be used to perform final orbital insertion, but payloads cannot be deployed or activated until above 70km. Launch pad SLV roll-out rate is calculated as: NPM * 8 for non-reusable or NPM * 6 for reusable designs. For example, a reusable SLV with a NMP of 30t will have a 180 day delivery cycle. A non-reusable SLV with the same NMP will have a 240 day delivery cycle. In order to qualify as "reusable", recovered launch stages must have comprised of at least 50% of the vehicles original lift-off mass (including payload). Recovery of spent stages can be passive or active but must be demonstrated successfully at least once. There are no fuel transfers from the SLV to payload. Payload fairing is not part of payload mass, unless it leaves LKO. Any part that leaves LKO is NPM. Any type of shuttle can be used to deliver crew to LKO and there is no limit on how many crew shuttle missions can be launched, however only crew may be launched on these missions; no fuel or any other supplies may be transferred on crew launches. Habitation/Life Support Habitation: Any crewed mission exceeding 10 days will require extra habitation space for the crew to work and maintain their senses. This means short trips like launches to LKO, trips between Duna's orbit and surface and brief excursions on Duna's surface do not require any extra space. However, trips between Kerbin and Duna and long-term stays on Duna's surface will require extra habitation space for each crew member. Crewed mining, rescue/contingency missions in Kerbin/Duna/Sol orbit also need habitation space if their missions exceed 10 days. Habitation space is modeled by providing one extra kerbal seat for each kerbal. For example, a long term mission with a crew of four will require a vessel with seats for eight Kerbals. Life Support: Any mission exceeding 10 days will also require life support supplies. Life support supplies can be modeled with stock parts by using the Ore resource. If life support is modeled in this way, supplies (Ore) will need to be included in the SLV launches. None of the Ore that is designated as life support can be utilized for ISRU production and any Ore harvested for ISRU cannot be used as life support. Ore (life support mass) should be jettisoned as it is "consumed". Life support mass for each kerbal is calculated as: 0.04 Ore / day / kerbal. This means for a typical transfer from Kerbin to Duna with four crew will require 45 units of Ore as life support for the journey. Life support includes electrical needs. For stock, any module that lands on Duna or Ike require three days of power to survive the night if using solar power. This is modeled in stock by having a minimum of 2400 EC units on board or using fuel cell/PK-NUK generators with minimum output of 2.2 EC/minute. EVA limitation: The EVA suit has a maximum of one Kerbal day (6 hours) of life support. A Kerbal exceeding that is counted as a fatality. Alternately, any mainstream life support mod can be used to manage life support/EVA limits and electrical needs. For reference, the mass value for Ore equivalence and EC needs are based on "TAC Life Support" values. Mods that render Kerbals "inert" (i.e. "DeepFreeze) as an alternative way to move crew around effectively turn Kerbals into cargo: Crew in this state do not accumulate "Mission Value" points. Crew in this state do not count towards requirements for the "Interplanetary expertise" achievement. Freezer pods (parts that store the Kerbals) do not count towards any Achievement or as Habitation space. Mission end rules All SLV missions that are launched before Year 10 Day 1 count towards achievement points. As long as the SLV/payload is launched before Year 10, Day 1, it is part of the 'implement' step of the primary goal, but that mission must be successful in order to earn the achievement. (Note, there is a handy Duna transfer window on Year 10, Day 20). All Kerbals on the surface of Duna on Year 10, Day 1 must be returned to Kerbin (or be returnable) safely in order to earn their Mission Value points. ('Over-stressed crew' 4 year rule applies) You may "play it out" so that all kerbals are safely recovered, or demonstrate that they can be returned safely, but either way no kerbal may be stranded. Document your 'mission architecture' in a post describing the launch schedule beyond Year 10, Day 1 which will keep the outpost active. Other rules Any nuclear/NERVA engine that is launched cannot enter either Kerbin's or Duna's atmosphere at any time once it has been activated. This means that any vessel with a nuclear engine that has been activated cannot aerobrake or land/disposed of at either Duna or Kerbin. Nuclear propulsion modules are required to use propulsive or gravity assist captures at Duna and Kerbin. (Kerbals are already green enough.) The continuously Kerballed outpost requires a minimum of two kerbals on Duna at all times after the initial landing of four Kerbals. If a Kerbal is left at the outpost alone (for any reason) for more than 10 days, they suffer 'Over-stressed crew' penalty. A Kerbal may be left alone at the Outpost without suffering from "Over-stressed crew" penalty, as long as there is another Kerbal within driving distance. This rule can be ignored once "Contingency Plans" is achieved, permitting the outpost to be remain 'crewed' by one Kerbal. The outpost may be comprised of one or more modules and may be located anywhere on Duna's surface. Not all modules need to be occupied, but there must always be at least one kerbal on Duna after the initial landing. ISRU can be used on Minmus, Duna or Ike or with asteroids. All ISRU missions must be part of the SLV launch schedule. Any balanced mod is acceptable. Please list all part/gameplay mods used. Game difficulty settings: 'Enable Comm Network' ON, 'Re-entry heating' 100%. Advanced settings: 'Part pressure limits' ON, 'Part g-force limits' ON, 'Kerbal g-force limits' ON. External Command Seats do not count towards habitation space and cannot be used for landing or launching on Duna/Ike or for interplanetary transfers. Rescue/contingency missions may ignore this rule, but any crew utilizing a command seat to land on or launch from Duna/Ike will void their score for Mission Value. Over-stressed crew penalty: Crew member resigned from KSC due to stress. Any crew receiving this will suffer a 50% Mission Value penalty. If you look carefully on the EVA suit label, it has the warning "Must be not be used for atmospheric flight!". If a Kerbal is subjected to atmospheric flight (excluding EVA thrusters, jumps, etc.), they suffer 'Over-stressed crew' penalty. Vacuum-only use is fine. Any kerbal fatality for any reason will void that kerbal's Mission Value score. Extraplanetary Launchpad and other extra-Kerbin / orbital construction mods are prohibited. All parts and spacecraft must be launched from Kerbin. Stock alternate launch sites are permitted. "Basic rover": A rover that utilizes external command seat(s). "Pressurized rover": A rover that uses crewed module parts for crew quarters. "Contingency Plans": Complete achievements "Backup plan", "Duna Space Station", "Duna Space Bus", and "Positive uplink". Note that the spacecraft for each achievement must be unique, or for modular designs must remain viable, at all times. Primary Scoring Mission Value: Based on how many Kerbal-days spent on Duna before Year 10 Day 1 (eg. two kerbals on Duna for 100 days equals 200 kerbal days on Duna). Calculated as: ("Kerbal days on Duna before Year 5 Day 1" * 2 ) + "Kerbal Days on Duna from Year 5 Day 1 until Year 10 Day 1". Four-year rule: Crew members need to be recovered on Kerbin within 4 years of being launched or receive the 'Over-stressed crew' penalty. This rule can be ignored once "Contingency Plans" is achieved. Mission Efficiency: Based on how much Mission Value can be earned per launch. Calculated as: Mission Value / total NMP value of all launches. Note, this is not the accumulated payload mass of all launches but simply the NMP of the SLV * number of launches before Year 10 Day 1. Achievement Scoring Note that the spacecraft for each achievement must be unique, or for modular designs must remain viable, at all times. Crew safety (add all that apply): Interplanetary expertise: All crewed interplanetary missions have at least two crew on board. (+1) Backup plan: Duna outpost has a backup ascent system to return all kerbals to Duna orbit separate from the primary Duna ascent module. (+2) Emergency Evac: if the 'Backup plan' ascent system is utilized with any kerbal on board. (+3) *Note any kerbal(s) on board during the Emergency Evac will suffer the 'Over-stressed crew penalty'. Mission robustness (add all that apply): Duna Space Station: Place a space station in orbit around Duna. The space station must have room for minimum of 3 kerbals (Habitation rule applies). (+1) Duna space bus: Deliver a fully reusable shuttle service to Duna that can ferry at least four crew between Duna's surface and Ike's surface (refueling permitted). (+2) *Provided missions do not exceed 10 days, 'Habitation space' rule does not apply. Deep space transit: Implement a fully reusable crew transfer vehicle that can complete a Kerbin <-> Duna round trip without refueling (either direction). Must be capable of carrying a minimum of 4 crew. (+3) Science value (add all that apply): Deep space laboratory: Duna outpost must include at least one Science Lab module. If 'Duna Space Station' is scored, it must also include a Science Lab module. (+1) Early mission prestige: Safely return at least two kerbals to Kerbin's surface from a Duna mission before Year 5 Day 1. At least one of the crew members must have walked on either Ike or Duna and return a surface sample with them. (+2) Biome diversity: Return surface samples from at least five of Duna's biomes. (+3) *This can be done all at once or separate. If scored, "Early Mission Prestige" sample does not counts toward the five. Advanced mission objectives (add all that apply): Kerbin space station: Using SLV launch(es), place a space station in orbit around Kerbin. The station must support at least 4 kerbals and may be used as a staging platform for crew to and from Duna, although not required. (+1) Positive uplink: Place a minimum of three relay satellites in orbit around Duna and one around Ike. One of the Duna satellites must be in polar orbit. This also requires Advanced game setting 'Require Signal for Control' ON. (+2) Advanced deep space transit: If 'Deep space transit' is scored, it must support a minimum of 5 kerbals and refuel only in Duna SOI (travels from Duna -> Kerbin -> Duna without refueling) (+3) Surface Mobility (add all that apply): At least 50% of the Duna crew have access to a seat in a Basic Rover during their outpost surface mission. (+1) Every crew member has access to a Pressurized Rover seat. (+2) The outpost is land-mobile/Pressurized Rover (Habitation rule applies). (+3) Negative Publicity (add all that apply): "Can we do this?" Less than four crew land on Duna before Year 5 Day 1. (-1) "We will never forget them.." For every kerbal fatality for any reason (-1) each to max of (-5) "Perhaps we should make cookware instead" More than 5 kerbals are lost (deduct ALL but 1 Achievement point) Outpost Success Rating You have taken on a mammoth undertaking and have earned your retirement on the Duna outpost! Adding all Achievement points: 29-30: The outpost delighted the Federation with your exceptional achievement. Your retirement will be luxurious! 26-28: The outpost succeeded...extremely well. You can now retire in elegant estates! 24-27: The outpost succeeded. The Federation is pleased by your efforts. You will live comfortably! 19-23: The outpost was a success. You have met the minimum standards set by the Federation, but your life will not be easy! 14-18: The outpost survived...barely. You will be living in tents. Few supply ships will come your way! 8-13: The outpost failed...The Federation will no longer send supply ships. You are on your own! 1-7: The outpost failed...dismally. The Federation debtors' prison is your new home! "You need to live in a dome initially, but over time you could kerraform Duna ... So it's a fixer-upper of a planet." - Elon Kerman Helpful info and links: Thanks to @Mad Rocket Scientist for this planning spreadsheet. Plug in your SLV's NPM and watch the magic! Thanks to @michal.don for developing these great timelines (.PDF) which present easy to read launch window and transit information. The Alex Moon Launch Window Planner which uses an advanced model of the solar system to produce pork-chop plots. (Mmmm.. pork chops). There are 4 Hohmann transfer windows before Year 10 Day 1. Some notes on this challenge.. This is inspired by and is largely based on this challenge, now long retired. Similar success can be achieved by using larger or smaller NPM lifter designs. It's all about mission execution.. In order to earn maximum Achievement points, sacrifices to Mission Value will be made. Overall leaderboard ranking based on: Achievement score * Mission Efficiency or something similar (may include a balance modifier). "But my SLV is 100% reusable with rapid turn around." It still takes time to build the payload and install it. A reusable SLV with NMP of 65t will have 9 launches. A reusable SLV with NMP of 30t will have 21 launches. There are benefits to using a life support mod over simulating with Ore. For example, they include build aids in the VAB/SPH for determining LS needs. Many also include recyclers, purifiers and greenhouses. If used carefully, these may provide an edge in Mission Value. Mission Report Threads: @michal.don : My take on the "Duna Outpost Mission Architecture" challenge @Kerbolitto : Duna Outpost Mission Architecture, Kerbolitto's stuff @dire : DOMA Arigato, Duna! Completed Entries: Here lists the esteemed, brave and dedicated adventurers who have brought Elon Kerman's dreams to reality... @jinnantonix Mission Value: 157380 NPM: 31 tons (21 launches) Efficiency: 157380 / (31*21) = 249.8 Achievements: 29 Mission Plan: Video Video Video Video Video Using stock parts plus TAC Life Support, this mission highlights high capacity crew modules with awesome aesthetics. Some of the scenes from the videos and images make my computer's fan kick in just thinking about the part-counts! This appears to be a pretty high bar for the first completed entry and was obviously a big effort not only in playing but designing and even producing videos, which I highly recommend checking out. Death Engineering Mission Value: 62464 NPM: 40 tons (16 launches) Efficiency: 62464 / (40*16) = 97.6 Achievements: 26 Images Images Images Images Images TAC-LS entry using some Near Future modules for outpost parts and all-nuclear interplanetary transfer mechanics.
  4. How far can you go on monopropelent? Well lets see. To gain pionts you ahve to land on the planet or moon and return to kerbin. You may use propellers but no jet engines. You can only use electric and monopropellent (no ion engines). Maned 20p Robotic 10p Mun 1p Minmus 2p Duna and Eve 10p each Moho, Jool- 20p each Laythe-25p Tylo-30p Pol and Bob- 15p each Gilly and Ike- 15p each Eeloo- 35p Asteroid or Comet (Docked)- 40p Once your done please post a picture of you rocket or pictures of it landed. thanks and have fun! P equals point and post number of pionts
  5. Welcome to my Elcano Challenge thread! Sit back, grab a few snacks, and enjoy. Circumnavigation 1 - Kerbin, equatorial Part 0: Designing a rover that can actually rove Part 1: The journey begins Part 2: The first land crossing Part 3: Spontaneously exploding Kerbals and flags Part 3.5: More and bigger spontaneous explosions Part 4: No more explosions! Part 5: A quick sea crossing Part 6: Unimpeded progress Part 7: "Anti-lock braking failure" or "How to do cartwheels in a 32 ton vehicle" Part 8: Pushing on to Not-So-Unlucky Checkpoint 13 Part 9: Is this the end for the Centipede Rider? Part 10: The recovery team is on their way Part 11: Take the long way home Part 12: Take the long way home cont. - AKA Random parachute deployment Part 13: Jeb takes a drive Part 14: Great balls of fire Part 15: Tedmore takes a tumble Original introductory post, last edited July 14th, 2016 Hello everyone, This thread is going to chronicle my hopefully not too hilarious attempt to complete one (or more) circumnavigations of Kerbin. A little about myself: I'm still very new to Kerbal Space Program (16 days + about 2 months with the demo) and this will be my first long distance ground journey, so please enjoy the comedy of errors that will surely follow! I'm in my Junior year (6th semester) earning a Baccalaureate in Aerospace Engineering. Between that and my passion for aircraft, I've gotten reasonably good at designing aircraft and spacecraft in KSP. However I find my rover designs to be very... lacking. Especially my amphibious rovers. I'm hoping to complete an equatorial circumnavigation with as little deviation as possible, and then complete a polar circumnavigation. Originally I was just hoping to just complete one circumnavigation, but my 6th rover design was a real winner. Without further ado, I will get on with the narrative of my journey.
  6. Hello ! Vous connaissez Kerbal Space Challenge ? ^^ Cette association que je préside vous propose de nombreuses activités sur le jeu KSP, notamment les Challenges qui ont lieu deux fois par an qui constituent une occasion unique de partage et d'émulation communautaire. Nous disposons de deux sites complets incluant pas mal d'articles et des forums, et qui disposent notamment du meilleur tuto francophone que vous puissiez trouver aujourd'hui Nous avons bien sur une présence sur les réseaux au travers d'un Twitter et d'un Discord super actif et bonne ambiance, rejoignez-nous vite ! Quelques liens pratique pour tout savoir et nous retrouver : - La FAQ de la bonne humeur pour TOUT comprendre à KSC ! - Les tutos KSP Suivez l'Guide pour tout maitriser du jeu ! - Le Discord pour bavarder avec plus de 300 autres passionnés ! - Le Twitter de presque 2000 followers qui n'attend que vous pour les atteindre ! - Tu veux voir à quoi ça ressemble un Challenge ? Assieds toi bien Voila voila ! Au plaisir de te retrouver parmi nous, n'hésite pas si tu as des questions :p
  7. Your mission: Launch a ship to Kerbin orbit, completely unguided (i.e. the only interaction you have is to hit the spacebar once to launch off the pad), using nothing but SRBs. Note: Challenge allows use of timers from Smart Parts Continued (see rules below). It's doable in pure stock without the timers, but there's no separate category for pure-stock entries. Background: This challenge is inspired by Ōsumi-5, the first successful Japanese satellite, launched in 1970. It was put into orbit aboard the Lambda 4S launch vehicle: a four-stage rocket entirely powered by solid fuel, that had no guidance or control systems at all. As described here, Lots of additional discussion (with plenty of numbers) here. This immediately struck me as one of the most Kerbal things I ever heard, so naturally this challenge was the first thing to spring to mind. The rules: You must put a craft into orbit around Kerbin. It must be powered solely by solid fuel. No engines that are supplied by liquid fuel or any other propellant. So, basically, just SRBs, plus Sepratrons and/or LES if you like. It must have no control input whatsoever, other than the initial stage action to launch it off the pad. In other words: you launch it, then completely hands-off. You just sit there and watch it complete its mission. No interacting with the ship in any way. This includes not just control input like WASD, but also adjusting tweakables, etc. No SAS turned on. No active reaction wheels at all (not that this matters, with SAS turned off and no player input...) No aerodynamic control surfaces (fixed surfaces only). (again, not that this matters, with SAS turned off and no player input...) With the exception of two specific mod parts (see below), it must be pure stock only. No modded parts at all, other than specified below. No mods that affect game physics at all. No mods that affect ship control at all (such as MechJeb, or the flight computer in RemoteTech). No modification (e.g. via ModuleManager) any of the characteristics of stock parts. You can use the stock game's built-in editor tweakables, that's it. Mods that have no physical effect on the ship at all are fine (e.g. visual F/X like PlanetShine or Scatterer, or info displays) There are two specific mod parts that you ARE allowed to use. These are from Smart Parts Continued. The two specific parts are: The AGT-Timer (full name: AGT-Timer Timed Action Group Trigger). This is a timer which, when activated by a staging action, will wait a set time limit before activating the next stage. The Drainex-1 (full name: Drainex 1 - Fuel Sensor and Action Group Trigger). When you stick this to an SRB, it will activate the next stage when the SRB burns out. To be clear, none of the other SmartParts parts are allowed. Just the above two. No time warp allowed. This one's a bit subtle... it's to avoid a sneaky back-door way for the player to get some control of the ship. Turning on time warp will instantly stop all ship rotation, which is an unfair magical "stabilization" of the ship. So, don't. Physics warp is allowed as a timesaver, if you like, as long as you're not exploiting it to cause some sort of kraken effect. Some gotchas and warnings: When launching your ship: after it goes to the pad, wait a few seconds before taking off, so that the initial physics oscillations have a chance to die down. Very tiny perturbations to the initial angle of the ship can have a big impact on its eventual orbit! Don't run RealPlume. Turns out it's not just a visual F/X mod; it affects engine performance. (Thanks to @tg626 for tracking this down.) Submission guidelines: Just post in this thread, with the following items included. Please share your .craft file somewhere public (e.g. dropbox, Google Drive, whatever) so people can download and try it out. (The fun part here is that the .craft file is all that's needed, since no piloting is involved. Anyone can just hit spacebar on the launch pad and see how it flies!) Include either a screenshot or a brief description of your craft on the launchpad. Provide the following information (which, of course, can be checked by anyone who downloads your .craft file): Mass on launchpad Mass after achieving orbit Periapsis altitude Apoapsis altitude Orbital eccentricity. This is calculated as: (Ap - Pe) / (Ap + Pe + 2RKerbin), where RKerbin is Kerbin's planetary radius of 600 km (or 600,000 m... be sure that all three numbers are in the same units!) Payload fraction. This is defined as orbital mass divided by launchpad mass. A working example Here's an example that I put together as proof of concept, just to get the ball rolling. It's not trying to be "the best" at anything, it's just the first thing I built that actually gets to orbit by the rules above. The winners: A few categories here. I'll update as people post results. The "Just Do It" Award: Just get to orbit, by the above rules. Any orbit is fine. There's no "rank" or "top" here, it's just a complete list of people who have done the challenge and posted their results, in the order received. I'll include myself at the top of the list, due to my example above. @Snark @ManEatingApe (entry) @HydraZineSoda (entry) @tg626 (entry) @Starman4308 (entry) The "Precision" Award: Get into the most circular orbit, defined as having the lowest eccentricity. Top 10: 0.0208, @HydraZineSoda (entry) 0.0699, @tg626 (entry) 0.101, @ManEatingApe (entry) 0.213, @Starman4308 (entry) The "Efficiency" Award: Get into orbit with the highest payload fraction. Top 10: 20.5%, @ManEatingApe (entry) 6.52%, @HydraZineSoda (entry) 5.47%, @Starman4308 (entry) 0.36%, @tg626 (entry) The "Pee Wee" Award: Get into orbit with the smallest possible launchpad mass. Top 10: 11.65t, @HydraZineSoda (entry) 22.265t, @tg626 (entry) 30.6t, @ManEatingApe (entry) 165.728t, @Starman4308 (entry) The "Totally Kerbal" Award: This is a completely subjective category, based on my personal opinion. It's for listing people who go above and beyond the call of duty by achieving insanely ingenious things using only the above rules. Landed on the Mun? Orbited Kerbin and then landed on the runway? Got to orbit without using any of the allowed SmartParts mentioned above? Something else that makes people go, "holy heck, how did they do that?" Here's your chance to show off! Items presented here in chronological order of submission. Not gonna try to "rank" these. @ManEatingApe (entry), for submitting the first completely stock entry. No timers at all, it's pure stock! (I also like how his design manages to put no probe core at all on the launched ship.) @tg626 (entry), for a beautiful replica of the actual IRL Ōsumi satellite, including aerodynamic spin stabilization. (With style points for deorbiting the last booster stage.) @Starman4308 (entry), for an ingenious Rube Goldberg contraption. (Multi-stage... in pure stock!)
  8. http:// Welcome everyone to another 'Quest for Hypersonic' challenge. This is a reboot of a challenge I did in September while already planning to try to make it bigger and better. Well now that challenge is pretty much dead and after some thought I decided to start a new one with some major changes. The original thread can be found HERE. Like in the previous challenge the goal is to build the fastest possible stock aircraft in either one of the two classes. Waverider, and Hermes. There are separate rules for both classes. (Details below.) If your design goes fast enough, you will receive a badge for either going faster than 3000 m/s, 3500 m/s or 4000 m/s. You will be able to put it in your signature. After you have submitted your entry, your result will be added to the top 5 leaderboard if you have beaten the record! So first, a bit of background on hypersonic travel. The term 'hypersonic' means anything traveling faster than Mach 5, or 5 times the speed of sound. Note: The speed of an aircraft is only counted as hypersonic if it is in the atmosphere and under 90 km. The first hypersonic aircraft was built by the US and was a two-stage completaly kerbal rocket that reached the speed of mach 6.7. Nothing but ash and dust remained of the rocket when it 'landed'. The first human to exceed the hypersonic barrier was Yuri Gagarin, (I am looking at you, Jebediah), and after that came Alan Shepard from the US. After that a series of developments led to the X-15 aircraft, which, to date is the fastest manned airplane capable of flight. CLASSES: Note: The rules apply only to the seperate classes WAVERIDER HERMES BADGES: These are the badges you get for building a craft that goes especially fast. You can either get one for flying faster than 3000 m/s, one for flying faster than 3500 m/s and one for flying faster than 4000 m/s http:// This is the badge you will receive if you build a craft capable of over 3000 m/s. http:// You will receive this badge if you build a craft capable of over 3500 m/s http:// Easily the hardest badge to get! This is the grand prize of this challenge! The 4000 m/s badge. WAVERIDER CLASS LEADERBOARD 1. @QuarkyGirl 5653M/S 2. @Pds314 5035M/S 3.@I troll children online. 4482M/S 4. @JorgeCS 4408M/S 5. @Vinhero100 4045M/S HERMES CLASS LEADERBOARD: 1. @QuarkyGirl:4806 M/S 2.@ralanboyle 4067M/S 3.@*MajorTom* 3107M/S 4. 5. HOW TO SUBMIT: To submit a craft, first take a pic of your craft and another picture of your record as proof. Then you can post it in this thread with the name of your craft and you record speed under 50 km. If you have passed the 3000 m/s barrier, then you will get a badge! GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN EVERYONE! AND REMEMBER, DON'T OBEY THE LAWS OF PHYSICS!
  9. When a certain world event caused a stock market crash, the landing engine companies and parachute companies took the biggest hits and are on the brink of bankruptcy. While these companies recover, the Kerbal Space Program dreams of landing systems forged with the other parts they have lying around, powerful enough to land 250 tons of liquid fuel, on Tylo. Perhaps these dreams aren't so nonsensical after all. This brings us to the challenge at hand: creating a unique landing system to provide alternatives to parachutes or powered landings. The goal is to invent a new system for landing safely, scored based on its capabilities, unique-ness, and specifications. Rules: READ ALL THE RULES BEFORE SUBMITTING, as well as the score system. This way you know what you need to make and what you're aiming not to do. The system must let your craft land intact on the target planet (excluding any parts you let intentionally fall off or break in the descent system). Meaning your payload must survive, but if your landing system is one time use, then so be it. The return must be from 70km or higher. This is so you don't make a flat panel on the bottom of a huge payload, make it jump a meter, and call it a day. This is for all planets to provide equal descent times (to an extent). It must be the only significant method of slowing down. Meaning if there were fins for stabilization that happened to minorly affect the return, this is allowed, but not adding huge wings that slow it down almost all the way, then saying an entirely different system did it all. It must stay landed eventually and must not take off again. Fairly straightforwards: it must land for good, eventually. it can bounce and stuff, but to count it must eventually stop bouncing. You can only use these four celestial bodies: Kerbin, Duna, Mun, and Tylo. Each have different score based on their difficulty, with Kerbin being the easiest and Tylo being the hardest. The system should be easy to remove and replace back on another craft and must attach from one part. Meaning if I were to have the craft file then it should be relatively easy to pull that one part off (and consequentially remove the entire thing), and tape it to something else entirely (with similar size and stuff, of course). This includes all propellants or expendable resources used in the landing system. No stock parachutes, or powered engine descents. You can however make homemade parachutes (somehow) or use engines in creative ways that aren't just direct descents. I will determine whether it is good or no good. No parts mods. In addition, no cheats or other unfair mods. QOL, autopilot, and visual mods are all allowed. Infernal Robotics is allowed to allow players who don't have Breaking Ground to have advanced robotics systems. You can use the cheat mods or alt-f12 to hack yourself 70km above the planet if you want. Please provide evidence. Imgur albums with sufficient enough images are allowed, but videos are preferred. In addition, craft files also work, but it's recommended to have both a video and a craft file. Provide payload specifications as well as descent time. Only I can score. While you can technically legally follow the scoring stuff, there are a few things that need to be based on unbiased opinion and ergo I must do myself. When i score your design, I will put you on the leaderboard. Scoring: Start with 1000 points, then follow the following steps IN ORDER. Subtract the descent time (from 70km to final touchdown) in seconds from the current score, with a maximum of 300 seconds (any more will only subtract 300). Add 250 if it is fully reusable and requires no refueling or resetting of any kind. Add 250 if it breaks no parts included in the descent system. Add the weight of the payload in tons, with a max of 250 (if any more, just add 250). Subtract the weight of the landing system in tons, multiplied by 10, with a maximum penalty of 250. Multiply by 2 if on Duna, multiply by 3 if on the Mun, and multiply by 5 if on Tylo. Only the largest multiplier will be used. I will look over your design and provide a number somewhere between 1 and 10 based on how interesting your craft looks to me. Divide the interestingness score by 4, and multiply your score by that. For clarification: (Interest/4)*score. I will do my very best to be as unbiased as possible. Some ideas and tips: This section is just for some good places to start if you want an idea, and additional tips for maximizing score. Plane wings will generally get you low creativity scores, which will severely impact your final score. The descent timer starts at 70km and ends at the instant you land on the ground and do not take off again. Use this to your advantage and maximize your speed before hitting 70km. Nobody said directly vertical trajectories were required, but they are faster. If your timer is longer than 5 minutes, don't bother trying to make it fast (unless you want to beat 5 minutes, that is), because any time over 5 minutes will have the same penalty as 5 minutes. If your landing system is heavier than 25 tons, then don't worry about making it light unless you want it lighter than 25 tons, for similar reasons as listed above. If you have more payload than 250 tons, just shave some off until you just barely make it. At that point you aren't gaining extra points for payload anyways. If you know what you're doing, Tylo has amazing point values. Mountains mean closer landing zones. Use this to shorten your timer. Leaderboards Disqualified Entires (If a design breaks a rule, it is put here. This way these designs are not forgotten, but also not included in the leaderboards.) If you have any questions, complaints, or suggestions about the challenge, please tell me so i can refine this challenge further. On a similar topic, the challenge is subject to rule/scoring changes and early designs may be disqualified or rescored.
  10. GOAL: Build an asymmetrical aircraft that can take off and land horizontally. Use at least 10 parts and do not use any parts more than once. RULES: 1. You may not use any part more than once. This means no symmetry--no matched pairs of wings or any other item that has a right and left version. A right and a left lifting surface count as the same part (clarification: wings, rudders, elevators, ailerons etc). That goes for landing gear as well. 2. No reaction wheels or fly-by-wire. Internal SAS only, and bonus kudos if you can fly it with SAS off. 3. The plane must takeoff and land horizontally. No VTOL. 4. Anything else goes. All mods that do not alter physics are fine. 5. Keep in mind the spirit of the challenge. I cannot foresee every loophole. Be clever and innovative, but remember, this is about creating something unique using your building skill to achieve it. 6. Post photos, or if you can, video. 7. Impress your friends with this collector's item badge. The plane below does not technically follow the rules, since it uses some of the same parts more than once, but you get the idea of what is possible... It's on KerbalX if you are interested. Also, check out @ZobrAz's FrankenPlane, which inspired me in my ventures into asymmetry in the first place. The video below that is some old footage of the Blohm & Voss BV 141, a German asymmetrical plane from WWII.
  11. A simple challenge! I looked around the forum and asked Google-sensei and incredibly, nobody seems to have codified this into a proper challenge. If someone does find the "original" thread, please notify me and excuse me for missing it (I bet it's on like page two and I'm blind...). Anyway: The challenge is simple to describe and judge, perhaps less simple to execute: Complete the stock technology tree without undertaking any interplanetary voyages! To submit an entry, simply share your save file (e.g. persistent.sfs or any quicksave SFS file). If it loads a full technology tree and has no records of interplanetary voyages (i.e. no experimental results or points for recovery of a vessel from any destination outside Kerbin's SOI), it wins and you get a cool badge. Tiers: Lax version: Do not enter the SOI of any planet other than Kerbin. Feel free to visit any place on the surface of Kerbin, the Mun, and Minmus, any orbit of these, or any part of Kerbin's atmosphere as many times as you like, but not the surface, atmosphere, or space in the SOI of any of the other planets or their moons. Breaching into orbit of The Sun is permitted, though experience tells me this doesn't help as much as one might hope. Science from mobile labs is permitted. Any and all mods are permitted, but use of HyperEdit or a similar mod to set orbits, manually alter Science points, etc. is not permitted. Using debug cheats to set orbits or edit Science points or similar progress is not permitted. The technology tree can contain mod parts or additional nodes, but all of the stock nodes must be where they are by default. Science rewards must be at a maximum of 100%, starting Science must be at a maximum of zero, etc. The game mode must be either Science or Career. Standard version: All above rules, but "gameplay mods" are restricted: mods that alter the technology tree so as to provide additional Science parts or otherwise provide additional ways of gathering Science points are permitted to be present, but your save file must not contain results from any such parts or activities. Strict version: All above rules, but the game mode must be Career, difficulty settings must not be made easier than those in Normal difficulty mode, and no craft is permitted to leave, nor can Science data be obtained in any way, from outside of Kerbin's SOI. This includes asteroid and comet visits and use of the SENTINEL infrared telescope. Mods that alter the technology tree are permitted, but only on the condition that no part from any such mod is unlocked before the entire stock technology tree is unlocked (though not all of the stock parts need be purchased). Extra strict version: All above rules, but no gameplay mods are permitted (i.e. only visual mods, performance mods, input mods, and similar are allowed). Science from mobile labs is not permitted. Extra extra strict version: All above rules, but no DLC is permitted for use, i.e. no DLC parts may be used and no Science points from Breaking Ground surface features may be obtained, though having the DLC installed is allowed. Please let me know if you find a cool exploit or other flaw in these rules. As I cannot commit to staying active in this thread and devoting time to judging submissions indefinitely, I encourage people to examine one another's save files for violations and courteously point them out. Honest attempts that fall short in some minor way still have a chance of qualifying, perhaps at a lower level or as honorable mentions, but egregious cheating is discouraged unless for the purpose of humor rather than as an official entry. Lastly, to prove that this challenge isn't bonkers or an expression of sadism, here is my own entry, which satisfies the requirements of the Standard version and some, but not all, of the requirements for all stricter versions: save file
  12. this is the thread for submissions and entries of the cargo lander challenge link is here
  13. you have lander a lander on the mun and return it kerbin it has to deploy a big mobile base or 100 tones. it can be built in 1.10 and later has to be 100% stock dlcs can be used. it has to also be able recover the mobile base.
  14. You have up until year 20 to send a colony (Or multiple) with minimum 50 kerbals out to laythe, RULES 1. MUST send at least 1 probe to every celestial body (You can have one probe tour the joolian system, it just needs to encounter every moon) 2. MUST be career or science mode 3.NO warpdrive mods, other mods (That dont include extremely fast propulsion) can be used 4. EL launchpads HIGHLY recommended (See rule 1) 5. If you cant make it to laythe, a duna colony is fine And thats the apocalypse challenge!
  15. This report describes the mission to send 3 kerbals to the Mun as an entry to the Apollo Style Redux v3 challenge. Liftoff in the warm morning sun went without a hitch. Putting this thing into a 200km orbit also went according to plan. With the fairing dumped overboard it's time to take a look at this fine craft. Svelt, sleek, elegant... it's none of those things. Ok... time to head for the Mun, so 4 nukes burst into life pushing it hopefully in the right direction. Yup, right direction it was and now Unpollo 11 is on it's way to a 20km orbit of Kerbin's biggest neighbour. Val and Bob have a great view from the lander can that's jammed in underneath Jeb's Cupola module. Jeb's view is strangely obscurred. That would be the launch escape tower blocking the main window. Dragged all the way here from the KSC, it was time to dump the thing to give Jeb a better view. Ah, that's much better. Final orbit was a shade under 22km, due to some late dropping from warp resulting in an insertion burn that began a few seconds too late. With orbit safely established, it was time to grab some points, er... I mean launch a pair of scientific satellites. Fare well brave little sat. Hmmm... the landing site is at the Southern edge of that big crater on the right and the sun's getting pretty low there, so time to hit the warp button. That's better. Next step was to detach the lander. Named not the Eagle, in the spirit of exploration, of the Beagle, in the spirit of scientific enquiry, but The Bungle... in the spirit of something else entirely. Well, there she goes, floating free, ready to head for the surfa... What's that you say... crew's still aboard the CSM. No problem, just need to go get bit of EVA time with Val and Bob. With the crew actually aboard now, it was time for the crew of the Bungle to prepare for the descent. Seeing the memorial (the target for the challenge) down below, it was time to start manouvering for a nice close landing. That should do, won't get the points for sub 5m, but definitely sub 50m. "OK... Engine stop. KSC... The Bungle has landed". For the first kerching of surface based challenge points, the pair raised the flag. Then took a moment to take in the sights. Time for the crew to take to the rover for some... well... rovering. But what rover I hear you say, why this one, that also happens to be the ascent stage of course. Val pulled away from their landing site, before taking a last closeup view of it, before heading off to their first of 5 stops. She has a fine view through the expansive glass dome. Bob's view is... limited. Off the set, for to carefully place the first of four scientific packages (MunSEP) at a minimum distance of 1km from their landing site, as well as each other. That's over the 1km mark so lets make this Station 1and deploy the MunSEP. Earlier, when I said "carefully place" what I really meant was just pinging them off the back of the rover, like a loose bit of rust flying off an old truck. But MunSEP was built for this kind of punishment though, and all is well. So where to dump, er... I mean deploy the next high tech Munar scientific thingamabob. Val has an idea. Val carefully backed up to the edge of the crater that would be Station 2. While at college Val had a summer job driving a garbage truck, so she has all the experience she needs for this. The MunSEP bounced and rolled a few times as it descended the steep wall of the crater before the inevitable flash of an explosion. Well... it's still has a probe core and a thermometer. Time to quickly set it to hibernate while no-one is looking, to make sure the 5 unit battery has a chance of lasting 6 hours (rule of the challenge). Well it's still operating, just in hibernation mode. For the first time since the rover was deployed Bob has a view of more than 50cm from the glass of the window. "Back it up a bit more Val, so I can get a nice photo." "That would be a no Bob." With the 2nd MunSEP "safely" deployed at more than 1km from the others and the landing site, it was time to head off to Station 3. Ok... where to drop this one. Ah... a rock. Scientist love rocks, we'll drop it here. Another carefully placed scientific package. The crew then headed across the surface once more until arriving at another large crater. Val wanted to back up and dump again, but Bob is concerned that a vigilant Challenge setter might notice another damaged MunSEP and deduct points. So the package was dropped at the top of the crate rim instead. Bob got out to check its operation as well as it's distance from it's 3 siblings. This is looking like a good spot for Station 4, over 1km from the landing site and Stations 1 and 2, just need to check distance to station 3. Argh... 852m, you've gotta be kidding me Bob cursed. Well, he said something a little more colourful than that. What to do, what to do. Well... it's a little know fact but Bob is quite the footballer (the proper kind, not the kind with body armour and players the size of SUV's). So he started to deftly dribble the ball across the surface. On the left foot, then the right. At the edge of the crater the thing was still about 50m short of the minimum distance from Station 3. Bob knew what must be done. So he lined himself up, close his eyes and imagined that he was about the take a penelty at the World Cup. Punt. What... that's like 10m at best. Some striker you are. Bob was not pleased. Headbutting the thing was all he could doing and in some strange quirk of physics, the MunSEP was momentarily stuck to his head, before being thrown into the distance, down into the crate. Maradona Kerman may have had the "Hand of the Kraken", but Bob seems to have the head of it too, as the thing finally starts rolling down into the crater. As this happened there was the sound of an explosion somewhere in the distance. Aparently in space, you can here physics screw up. Ok... lets go check the numbers. 1097m from Station 3, we'll take that won't we. After showing off his fine footy skills Bob returned to the rover. Val decided to take another look at the landing site and found (well, the lack of really) the source of the explosion, as the descent stage has disappeared, presumably in a fireball. Ok... one last task on the Mun. Drive to a distance of over 10km from the landing site. Almost half way, keep going. 10.1km from the flag which should count as the landing site, even if all remains of the lander there are now gone. With all tasks accomplished on the surface, it was time to leave it, so the pair of rocket motors on the ascent stage/rover were ignited. Pitching the vehicle up and hitting a slight bump in the ground, the ascent stage... ascended. There's the landing site down there, the massive memorial now just a bright dot on the surface. Finally it was time to cut the engines and coast to the point where the circularisation burn would be made. A nice view from up here. And a nice view of Kerbin too. Val decides she wan't to get out and grab a quick shot of herself and their ride. A little while (ok... many hours) the ascent stage rendezvoused with the CSM. Docking was a pretty straight forward afair and soon Val was tanking off some of the remaining fuel to the CSM. Not all of it though, as the ascent stage had one last points earning job to do. First it had to be detached. Then instructed remotely to make a descent burn to bury it in the regolith. Yep... in this challenge you actually get points for crashing something. With the ascent stage returned to the surface, it was time to jetison the docking port that has attached it to the CSM for more points. Then... time to turn our eyes towards the next stop. Kerbin. That should do I think. Off they went, with the power of 4 nukes blasting them away from the Mun and towards home. That home. On the return journey it was discovered that their entry into the atmosphere would be on the dark side of the planet. Bad for taking screen shots (Boooo!) and also possibly for points, as there were 5 up for grabs for a splashdown, as opposed to landing on solid ground. So their entry altitude was adjusted to put them into an orbit, rather than straight into re-entry. The nukes were lit up to burn the orbit in, as well as to reduce speed to a level that the solar panels had a chance of surviving. That looks like a nice brightly lit splashdown site up ahead. Coming in it was decided t burn the remaing fuel because... well, why not. Finally the SM was detached and the CM scortched through the atmosphere alone. Hot, hot, hot. With the fiery part over with it was time to deply the two drogues. Then the three main chutes. Val sat and waited... and waited... and waited. Then there was a jolt. "Jeb... do you see chute deployment?" "Oh yeah!" The CM drifted slowly down to the ocean until finally... ... splashdown (and 5 points). The three brave kerbals, having returned from where many, many, many have been before have only one thing on their minds. A proper meal.
  16. Complete challenge: Orbit around Kerbin. Extra challenging: Land on the Mun (or Minmus) + Extra: Return Super duper hard: Land on Duna + Extra: Return Jebediah: Jool 5 and back ??????: Do something somehow harder than that and succeed at it and send proof pls
  17. In another universe... Kerbin has a gravity of 19.62 m/s^2. Its inhabitants dream of space. Will you, space program manager, achieve that goal, or will your rockets crash even more spectacularly in the crushing gravity of 2g Kerbin? Important Note! Hack gravity resets on game launch, but the craft orbits remain the same. Enter another save, hack gravity, then enter the 2g career save. RULES AND GOALS: Hack gravity must ALWAYS be at 2.00. Primary goal is to finish STOCK tech tree. Apart from setting the hacked gravity, debug screen must be left alone. Mods rules No tech tree modifications no mods that decrease tech costs in any way no extra science instruments life support mods are OK no warp drive mods/parts no LFO engines with ISP > 400s no nuclear engines with ISP > 850s no engines with ISP > 4200s (excluding jet engines) Funds rewards can be increased by up to 50% to account for the pressing need for pad/runway upgrades. Science rewards can be increased by up to 30% to account for slow earlygame and travel problems. Reputation rewards cannot be increased. Decline penalty can be turned off or increased. Suggested Plasma blackout and g-force limits CommNet on Reentry heating on Otherwise, do whatever with your settings SCORING CHALLENGES These can all be done before or after completing the main goal. Submit proof and your score and medal(s) will be updated accordingly. 1000 points: Complete the challenge 300 points: Build an ssto 50 extra points for no RAPIERS 1250 points: Land on Tylo 100 points: Complete the challenge in under 25 launches 50 extra points for every uneeded launch (i.e. 100 points for 24 launches, 300 points for 20 launches) This does not count launches after finishing the tech tree 750 points: fly by all of Jool's moons in one launch 1000 points: accumulate 10000 science points at any one time 600 points: accumulate 6000 science (transmitted and/or recovered) in one mission, plus 150 for no science lab 850 points: accumulate 10000000 funds at any one time Do a grand flyby tour: 850 points, plus 100 for every landing Create a massive exploit with the messed up orbits and gravity: 500 points, special badge (WIP) Eve surface return: 4k points, special badge (WIP) ~~HALL OF FAME~~ @dvader: 2,250 points - Osmium Medal - 22/6/2020 Notable Achievement: First Winner, creative Eve mission. @ralanboyle: 2,500 points - Osmium Medal 25/6/2020 Notable Achievements: very good documentation of endeavor. First SSTO @bayesian_acolyte: 4,600 points - Osmium Medal 30/5/2020 Notable Achievements: 3 launches to complete, which is probably the fewest possible, first tylo landing. Current highscore For proof Image album or video/video album Badges: Lead: 1000-1300 points Wolfram: 1301-1550 points Osmium: >1550 points
  18. As above. The rules are simple: you must destroy as many of the KSC buildings as possible with a single stock vehicle. It can be a rocket, a plane, a rover, etc. Your vessel can drop bombs, break into pieces, or whatever it takes to cause as much chaos as possible in the shortest possible time. I'll make badges for the winners of the challenge. Here are the different levels: Class 1: Destroy three Space Center buildings with a single vessel. Class 2: Destroy five Space Center buildings with a single vessel. Class 2.5: Destroy seven or more Space Center buildings with a single vessel. Class 3: Destroy every Space Center building with a single vessel. Class π: Destroy every single building, water tower, flagpole, gas tank, command pod memorial, etc. with a single vessel. Class ???: Destroy at least three buildings using a projectile dropped from orbit. Good luck!
  19. There are 2 parts to this challenge. Part 1 is to build a space hotel in Kerbin orbit, and part 2 is to build something that transfers tourists to and from your space hotel. PART 1- SPACE HOTEL Requirements: Must have room for at least 8 tourists, and must have 1 pilot, engineer or scientist per 8 tourists (so a hotel with 40 tourists must have 5 other kerbals). Must have at least 4 docking ports for transport ships. Must have antenna and be able to store at least 10k units of electricity (and be able to produce electricity). Must be in Kerbin orbit between 150km and 450km. Rules: No debug cheats, Hyper Edit cheats, or Vessel Mover cheats. No autopilot mods or mods that alter physics. Mods that add information on the screen are ok (this part of MechJeb is allowed, not the autopilots). Part mods are only allowed for the craft istelf, not the rockets that launch it. It can be one module or multiple modules. For entry to count: Show picture of it on the launchpad, and it in orbit. PART 2- TRANSPORT SHIP Requirements: Must have room for at least 1/3 of the capacity of the hotel (if the hotel holds 30, the ship must hold 10+) and room for 4 other kerbals. Must be able to dock with the hotel (RCS recommended, but not required). Must be able to safely re-enter and land without any explosions. Must have antenna and be able to store at least 2k units of electric charge (and be able to produce electricity). - Can be an SSTO, but does not have to be an SSTO. Rules: No debug cheats, Hyper Edit cheats, or Vessel Mover cheats. No autopilot mods, part mods or mods that alter physics. Mods that add information on the screen are ok (this part of MechJeb is allowed, not the autopilots). For entry to count: Show picture of it on the launchpad or runway, in space, and docked to the hotel. WINNERS @QF9E with a large Ring design and capacity for 384 tourists and 402 kerbals all together. @Scarecrow building a large spire-like hotel holding 36 tourists and escape pods for all of them, as well as a 12 capacity transport shuttle. @ralanboyle with a sleek design holding a maximum 48 tourists, excursion ships, escape pods and a reusable ferry holding 22. @Mars-Bound Hokie constructing the 53 kerbal capacity "Bedsheetz", along with the P-5 Olympian carrying a whole lot of air-breaks. @Klapaucius Building a 90+ capacity hotel with an observation deck and an outdoor bar and band, completed with a transport ship holding 32. @purpleivan Constructing a large propeller like hotel and a transport ship that can fly in or out of atmosphere. @Dirkidirk With a large beautiful golden baguette, holding 19 kerbals.
  20. CHALLENGE Can you give me a challenge Idea? If you want a challenge, land 50 kerbals on the Dres Canyon. Send me a video if you want my challenge.
  21. WW2 Defence Contract/ Warbird Build Challenge Is anyone interested in a WW2 aircraft build challenge using BDarmoury and airplane plus? I was thinking maybe in the style of companies battling for the defence contracts after an invasion similar to the WW2 arms race. We could build aircraft for classes such as Fighters, Attackers and Bombers and score them based on performance for its class and look/realism (I love warbirds made using command seats and custom made cockpits for realism) I don't know how to make one of these fancy looking pages with nice pictures and everything but if anyone is interested and wants to help me set it up let me know.
  22. Valentina's mission to rescue Jeb from orbit. My first shot at retouching a KSP screenshot, since my computer is a potato and scatterer kills my fps. Please go easy on me Image contains the following mods: ReStock ReStock+ Universal Storage II Near Future Electrical USI Life Support Surface Mounted Lights Environment Visual Enhancement (EVE) Craft file: Background: I started playing KSP since the pre-release days. I didn't know what kept me lurking all those years, but here's my first contribution to the community. However I'm still ashamed now that KSP 2 is announced, I still haven't gone any further than the Mun, Minmus and Duna. During that time I've developed quite an "expertise" in designing Apollo-style spacecrafts. This is my latest iteration, creatively named the "Mk1-3" (Believe me I went through every name possible ). As a way to encourage myself to fly further than my previous destinations, I've decided to dedicate some my free time to take and enhance screenshots of my future missions with my Mk1-3 and its derivatives. My goal is to do a grand tour and visit every celestial bodies in the Kerbol system before KSP 2 releases. My current rules: Sandbox mode with USI Life Support Keep cost down to a minimum Feedback from everyone is greatly appreciated. Let me know what I should do next! Thank you! - Your fellow Kerbal
  23. Was curious how fast others can complete the docking tutorial. I found it a great practice for when I ever get anything large into orbit lol. Currently takes me 27 minutes. I made some mistakes today though so I have to try some more. Streamed the entire tutorial if interested. Here is the hightlight of my final approach. Check out this video "Highlight: Kerbal Docking Tutorial Speedrun"
  24. Kerbals always want to go to space. But some Kerbalnoughts come from the Kerbal military. Now the Kerbal military needs new vehicles, and they called you! Build a contraption for the Kerbal Navy, Air Force or Army! Requirements: Navy: Must float in water, must have a defense or offense system ( doesn’t have to work, but is encouraged to work), and must carry a crew of 8+ kerbals. Air Force: Plane must carry at least 1 pilot, needs a offense system( doesn’t have to work, but is encouraged to work), must have range of 500+ km. Army: Must carry 1+ Kerbals, must have defense or offense system( doesn’t have to work, but is encouraged to work), must work on land only. Sharing: Share your machine below. Your description must include a name for the vehicle, as well as a description of it’s defense/offense system. ( you can also pitch the idea in description of you like.)
  25. Low Altitude Speed Challenge This challenge is pretty simple. Your goal is to attain the fastest possible speed at the low altitude Body: Kerbin Max Height: 1000 meters Things to note: There will be scoreboards for each part size 0.625, 1.25, 1.875, 2.5, 3.75, 5. The largest part on your vessel determines your class. Your craft need not fully survive the ordeal. If you choose to execute a dive some form of evidence will need to be provided that you did not hit a max speed above 1000 meters. Rules: Don't cheat, part clipping is discouraged but allowed for aesthetics and radiators. Part mods are not allowed. Game difficulty should have normal difficulty or higher level heating. These rules are subject to change as I may have missed something Scoreboard 0.625 1. Pds314 1680 m/s 2. 3. 1.25 1. UndefeatedOrca 1755 m/s 2. 3. 1.875 1. 2. 3. 2.5 1. Klapaucius 1760.2 2. 3. 3.75 1. UndefeatedOrca 1964 m/s 2. 3. 5.0 1. 2. 3. My two submissions in the spoiler below Good Luck and have fun!