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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Kerbonauts, My name is SLAMOVNIK989 and I am declaring Long-Range SSTO Championship, where best of the best SSTOs will compete, which can fly the biggest distance possible. Rules: Only Stock parts allowed, to be fair. No Cheats or Mods (Delta-V calculation and flight status mods allowed only) are allowed. Video of entire flight of vessel must be published on YouTube with public access to viewers. There are 3 categories: NRF (No Refuel), OPRF (Outpost Refuel), MRF (Mining Refuel). Spaceplane must takeoff horizontally, cannot use engines larger than 2.5 meters in diameter and must return back to Kerbin. Interplanetary transfers allowed. Rating System: Transfer to Mun/Minmus from Kerbin: 80 points; Transfer to Eve/Moho and/or their satellites from Kerbin: 150 points; Transfer to Duna from Kerbin: 300 points; Transfer to Jool and/or its satellites: 800 points; any other Transfer: 300 points; Landing on any surface of Planet or its satellites, that is not Kerbin: 250 points; Taking Surface Sample/ Performing any science experiment at orbit/surface of any planet or its satellite that is not Kerbin: 100 points; Crew Report/Transfer of experiments/Reports to Kerbin: 50 points; Returning to Kerbin with plane weight higher than during takeoff: 150 points; Orbital Transfer from Jool to Moho or opposite: 1200 points Obtainable awards: Lightest spaceplane - 300 points bonus; Heaviest airplane - 200 points bonus; 1 engine type only spaceplane - 500 points bonus; 1 circle around planet with atmosphere - 250 points bonus (this award can stack); Cargo/Fuel supplier - 300 points (this award can stack); Cargo/Fuel dropper - 500 points (this award can stack); Expert of Failure Flight/Landing - Fly or Land an airplane while damaged or any of system failed - 600 points; Orbital Cargo Deployer: 400 points (this award can stack) Note to awards: Cargo or Fuel must be transfered to Space Station, or land at distance of 300 meters max from Surface Outpost/Base. Good luck during building and flying and all the best, Admiral SLAMOVNIK989.
  2. This racing series, the KSCRC, is held over 10 races (2 of them are non-points races), and 5 cars are involved. The races are based solely on time. The races are held over a certain number of laps. The time is on the TOTAL time to complete the number of laps (not the fastest lap). The race cars must have 4 wheels, and no cheats are allowed. A maximum of 12 RCS ports are allowed, but they must be the one-way ports that are powered by monopropellant (None of the OX and LF mix). DRS is allowed, and some cars like the AS-1A can have Double DRS (where the front and the rear wing slide down.), to increase speed. This can only be used on the Super-cup and All-star cars. Any setup is allowed (in fact encouraged), but Please share your design tweaks with me to let me know what is up (I'm going up against my friends and I could use the help). Make sure to follow the racing line! Any corner cutting or track extension could make you time disqualified! Make sure to state which type of car it is! That way you can get onto the leaderboard. Here's the cars: Endurance: These cars are meant for ANY type of race (Day, night, whatever), and are used for the first and last race of the season. However, they are MASSIVE and slower than a hippo. Rally: These cars, which look more like a dune buggy than a race car, have a wide wheelbase and great cornering, allowing them to take jumps and corners well. Sports car: These cars are somewhat large, but are good for most everything. The rear is prone to roll, though, and so make sure to be careful on the turns. Supercup: OHMYGODTHISISSOFAST!!!!!!!!! Basically imagine the child of an Indycar, F1, and a hummingbird. And last, but MOST CERTAINLY not least, All-Star: Oh my goodness this beauty... I made this with 2 ideas in mind: Unbelievable speed, and god-like cornering grip. With a maximum (tested) speed of 52 m/s (I was just halfway down the straight with RCS Blazing as well,) this thing has incredible speed and more. Note: YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN CARS!!! Just make sure to include what class it is, and setup info. I'll have pics up soon. Pre-season Testing (AS-1A)/ 1 Lap, Day: Race 1 (Endurance) 2 Laps, Night or Day: Race 2 (Rally) 2 Laps, Day: Race 3 (Sports car) 2 Laps, Day: Race 4 (Supercup) 5 Laps, Day: Race 5 (Supercup) 4 Laps, Day: Race 6 (Sports car) 2 Laps, Day: Race 7 (Rally) 2 Laps, Day: Race 8 (Endurance) 2 Laps, Night or Day: All-Star Race (AS-1A) 1 Lap, Day: LEADERBOARD AS-1A 1. DarkOwl57 using the KSCRC AS-1A (Time: 10:21.68) 2. 3. 4. 5. Endurance 1. DarkOwl57 using the KSCRC Endurance Car (Time: 13:11.91)* 2. 3. 4. 5. Rally 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Sports car 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Supercup 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. *-Flat tire on Lap 2 Good luck!
  3. Welcome to the 7th Gen Fighter Championship There is 12 places left!!!! Rules: -Mods : BDArmory NO MORE -Maximum of three engines Phanthers only!! -Must have future look -maximum of 6 missiles -no guns ( turrets, canon, and stuff lioke those) -Must have a good speed -Need to be controlled by an AI but also need a Kerbal -Must be as light weight as possible but still able to reach the island's runway To Win, you need to : -Destroy the enemy -Be able to land back -The Kerbal must be alive and able to get out of the plane! To be in the championship you need to defeat my F-22 Raptor To Post your plane! : The Name Special Features ( optionnal ) Picture Download Link And a picture showing your plane destroying the f-22 Good Luck!!