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Found 5 results

  1. A plugin for Kerbal Space Program which adds some SSTV, beeps, and nonsensical radio chatter between your crewed command pods and Mission Control. There is also some environmental sounds as : wind in atmosphere, breathing on EVA and background noises inside spacecrafts. *** Reviews *** (Thanks to maxrsp, nice review - (Chatterer v0.9.6 / 22 Aug. 2015)) (Featured in TinyPirate "2 Minute Mods" series - (Chatterer v0.9.6 / 20 Aug. 2015)) Different tabs : KSP Application Launcher buttons and RemoteTech2 integration : Integration with Blizzy78's Toolbar Mod (optional) : Advanced filter settings : Installation : Unzip '' file anywhere you see fit, Copy only the 'Chatterer' folder (and its content) you will find under 'Chatterer_x.x.x\GameData' Then paste this 'Chatterer' folder in your KSP 'GameData' folder. Usage : Chattering/background noises should start automatically upon flight start, you will see the Chatterer button on your application toolbar on the upper right of the screen, Click on it to access Chatterer settings (watch for tooltips). (optional when using Blizzy78's Toolbar Mod) if you have Blizzy78's Toolbar Mod installed, you can also find a Chatterer Icon available (must be enabled on first load), you can also choose to use Blizzy78's Toolbar only and hide KSP stock applauncher button (check Chatterer settings). This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin. Download from Spacedock - RIP Kerbal Stuff :'(( - : Download from Curse thingy : ___________________________________________________________________________________ Additional sound packs : Chatterer+ Soundpack by Nick233 Chatterer Extended - more kerbalized chatter for "Chatterer" by hoover2701 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Purely optional and by request here is a donate button, but again don't feel obliged : (Also please leave me a PM if you do so, just want to check this button actually work) __________________________________________________ Source code : Changelog : v0.9.96 [18 Oct 2018] - Recompiled for KSP v1.5.0.2332 v0.9.95 [12 Apr 2018] - Recompiled for KSP v1.4.2.2110 - Switched chatter exchange code to a coroutine method (this didn't fix chatter hang since KSP 1.4.0 issue tho) - Moved quindar clips to chatter's Audiosource instead of quindar Audiosource (this actually fixed hanging issue) - Added chatter exchange trigger on SOI change Events - Added chatter exchange trigger on vessel situation change Events(all but Flight and Landed to avoid the notorious spam on bumps issue) - Added chatter exchange trigger when CommNet link goes online - Added a new sound "void noise" which kicks when CommNet link goes offline - Trigger an exchange on crewed vessel load (just to say hello) - Some code cleanup v0.9.94 [12 Mar 2018] - Recompiled for KSP v1.4.0.2077 - Fixed reverb_filter deprecated function roomRolloff preventing plugin execution in KSP v1.4 v0.9.93 [27 May 2017] - Recompiled for KSP v1.3.0.1804 - Fix for chatter spam on jumps (avoid exchange to trigger every time vessel leaves the ground) - Automatically mute all sounds when game is paused Older changes : Credits Original idea and work : ***Iannic-ann-od*** Thanks a lot to him for his awesome work and to allow me to continue it since version 0.5.9 at the end of december 2013. I promised him I will do my best to keep Chatterer chattering things high in Kerbal space and beyond. Audio : Apollo 11 and STS-1 chatter created from audio found at the NASA Audio Archive. [usage Information] Russian chatter created from audio recorded by Sven Grahn. [usage Information] Sound effects by acclivity, adneonlux, AGFX, AMPUL, Argitoth, be-steele, blaukreuz, bubaproducer, carbilicon, ch0cchi, Corsica_S, datwilightz, DJ Chronos, DodoDuck, DrNI, ERH, FreqMan, HerbertBoland, junggle, klankbeeld, laiskvorst, Leady, mario1298, m-o-m, NUpton, pera, plagasul, REC242, Setuniman, suonho, UdoPohlmann, yewbic, Zozzy Chatterer logo : modified from :
  2. Real Chatterer Real Chatterer is an add-on for the mod Chatterer that replaces the kerbal gibberish with real recordings of real astronauts, cosmonauts, and even satellites. Real Chatterer is chiefly meant for Realism Overhaul and Real Solar System players to give them a more immersive experience while using Chatterer. UPDATE (04/14/2019): V0.3 is released! V0.3 includes 48 new Mercury clips, 4 new Apollo clips and some new beeps. Happy listening! UPDATE (03/28/2019): V0.2 is released! V0.2 includes 19 new Soyuz and 10 new Vostok clips by cutting down many of the very long clips. Happy listening comrade! Real Chatterer includes: 85 Apollo clips from Apollo 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15. 25 Apollo EVA clips from Apollo 11, 12, 14 and 15. 74 clips from the Mercury program. 49 Soyuz clips. 19 Vostok and Voskhod clips. Several new beeps including authentic sounds from Sputnik 1, Sputnik 3, Vanguard, Explorer 1, Explorer 7, Polyot 1, Proton 1, Proton 4, and Cosmos 177. Dependencies: Chatterer Recommendations: Realism Overhaul and it's dependencies Real Solar System DOWNLOAD: Download for Real Chatterer How to Install: 1. Install Chatterer, if your a Realism Overhaul player, install the chatterer version appropriate for your version of RO and KSP. 2. Unzip 'Real Chatterer' 3. Open folder 'Real Chatterer 0.3' 4. Open Gamedata inside of 'Real Chatterer 0.3' 5. Place Chatterer folder in your gamedata, override when asked. 6. Open Chatterer in-game by clicking on the grey microphone in the toolbar. 7. In the settings tab of Chatterer, enable 'Show Advanced Options.' 8. In the 'Chatter' tab, click on the directory name box and remove the text. Input "real apollo" without the quotation marks and hit load. Repeat for "real vostok" "real soyuz" "real apollo eva" and "real mercury" If Chatterer is not working, or does not appear, you've probably installed the wrong version of Chatterer or messed up the installation. If Chatterer is too quiet, try turning up Chatter volume or increasing the Ambience volume in your settings menu. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License Audio is sourced from Sven's Space Place, NASA Audio Collection and Matthias Bopp's Sounds from Space
  3. mr. engino

    (Chatterer) Morse Kode

    Do you like using chatterer, but have grown tired of the sstv sounds whenever you transmit science? If so, this is the addon for you! Introducing Morse Kode, the chatterer addon guaranteed to make your experience a little more interesting! -How does it work? Well, it replaces the sstv sounds you normally get when you transmit science with CW (continuous wave [morse code]) sounds to provide you with a low-tech experience, making your science transmissions sound a lot more simple and a lot less significant! -How do I install? It's easy! go to the chatterer folder in gamedata, then to sounds, finally swapping the sstv folder already there with the one you downloaded, and thats it! For all you easter-egg aficionados: each sound file is a message written in morse code, containing messages both historical AND hysterical! Good luck on decoding the messages! Download Here!
  4. Nick233

    Chatterer+ 0.4 [1.2.2]

    Chatterer+ This add-on adds additional chatter for your game! Current version: 0.4 Requres Chatterer to work! So currently it adds: Apollo 15 chatter(still in work) Apollo 8 chatter (in work too) Mercury 6 chatter (in work...) Installation: Paste GameData in your game folder(overwrite if new version); In chatter menu(settings tab) enable show additional stettings; In chatter menu press ChatterSets and type apollo15, apollo8 and mercury6; Press Load; Check it. Picture: To do list: Known issues: Mercury 6 chatter is a litle bit loud. I`l fix it. Changelog: 0.4 Added Mercury 6 chatter Licensed under: CC-BY Attribution 4.0 International Download: Spacedock Dropbox
  5. This just occurred to me, but wouldn't be nice to have in-game chatter between the crew and KSC? Chatterer does a great job with this, I was just wondering if it was possible to make it stock. That would personally enhance my overall experience, not to mention add some realism. Also, for those who like to play bare bones stock games, this would be a tremendous addition. Flying inter-planetary missions with next to no sounds at all? Doesn't sound very exciting to me. This is more of a side-note, but one thing that I don't really think would fit in is EVA breathing, true, it's neat, but listening to kerbals breathing down you're neck would get old. Fast. What do you guy's think? Should this be in the game?