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Found 4 results

  1. Lowell XT A cheap, light and fast sports car inspired by the Japanese mid-engined 2+2 sports cars of the mid 1980’s. After two years, the XT has been redesigned. You can find the link to the old one at the end of this text. Back in 1984 Lowell wanted to compete with the cheap Japanese sports cars that had flooded the market. Instead of designing one themselves they decided to buy a design from a well known designer. It was cheap to produce with a low part count and had an excellent low drag. The XT showing it's typical wedge shape. The Lowell XT was launched in February 1985 to the global market, only three days after the Subaru XT. Subaru immediately sued Lowell because the shape of the two cars had too much in common, also the name XT was a problem. This was settled out of court but costed Lowell a lot of money, and they also payed the press a lot to keep the case silent. Part of the agreement was that Subaru would name the XT Alcyone for the local market. In return Lowell agreed to redesign the front and drop the hidden headlamps in favor of a more standard design. On the left the 1987 XT, on the right the 1985 XT. It was determined the designer had stolen the design through corporate espionage. When the police came to arrest him, he had commited harakiri. The Lowell XT was an immediate success due to its low cost and excellent performance, it could hit 336 km/h which was unheard of at the time. However there were complaints as well. The ride height was more akin to a sedan and the springs and shocks were too soft, comparable with a sedan as well. To prevent tipping over a set of tires was used with less grip, resulting in relatively poor cornering and stopping power. The complaints were heard and in 1986 the design team started with modifications. The ride height was lowered, also the wheelbase increased. Springs and shocks were set to max. The roof was redesigned using lighter materials, this lowered the center of mass. The hood was replaced with one using less parts. The front was redesigned, making it lighter and giving it a more modern look. The rear lights were replaced with lighter versions. The interior received a lighter floor plate. The fuel tanks, engine and Boost Flap were lowered and drag reduced. Wheels were set at a camber of 3 degrees. Downforce was set to zero. The changes were dramatic. Mass dropped from 6.81t to 5.59t. Part count dropped from 114 to 94. Max speed increased from 336 km/h to 396 km/h. Max sustained G in corners increased from 2.1 to 3.0. Features stayed the same: 2x Juno jet engines. Brake lights. Boost Flap. Stock parts. Lowell XT 1985 Lowell XT 1987
  2. Skills are free. Fuel is not. All craft are stock unless noted otherwise. Subassemblies Exploration Colonisation
  3. Check out my new plane, it can't get out of the atmosphere but can go to the north pole and back (in some hours of flight) It has 55000 DeltaV and 12Tons of mass, it uses only 22570 funds This is the dowload link for the .craft file
  4. The Space Core

    Gilly Scrapwagon

    It is 2018 on Kerbin and space travel is all the rage, but the planet Kerbin has reached a predicament, they have mined out almost all usable resources needed to make space craft. And due to debris exploding, crashing into Jool or being stuck in a ridiculously bizarre Kerboliocentric orbit they can't get much for salvage. They have already scrapped everything in orbit and salvaged the most they could from interplanetary bases. However there is still hope, on the recent mission to Eeloo named "PARTY BUS Mk 50" they met a strange race of creatures whom they invited aboard for drinks. They exchanged phone numbers and departed. Right now on Kerbin Jeb has phoned the aliens and outlined their predicament, they can't get ore back from other planets because they cant reach their interplanetary bases. And the aliens agree to help, on the condition that they land on Gilly and return. Jeb asks them why they can't just help out a friend and the aliens just respond with a vague gurgling sound before hanging up. The KSP has now decided their obvious course of action, build the lightest, cheapest craft to be able go to gilly, land and then return. Or else they'll just have to settle with kerbin. Rules 1 Any form of craft is allowed, space plane, rocket or something that I haven't even heard of. 2. Any method of control is considered fine, except for command seats. 3. Must be a single launch. 4. Mechjeb is allowed All mods except for hyper edit and part mods are allowed Scoring Everyone starts with 10 points, just as in golf the lowest score wins, yes negative scores are possible Score= (10+Weight of craft at launch(in tons)+(Price/1000))-(Bonus points.) Bonus opportunities. Kerbifest destiny: Do the mission manned, conserve that weight to make room for your kerbal! 20 points Nuclear option: Use NERV engines to transit to gilly or to transit back, conserve weight elsewhere. 30 points Prehistoric: Use a mammoth engine to help you escape the atmosphere, slim down everything else. 250 points. Horned beast: Use a Rhino engine to assist your escape from the atmosphere, slim down everything else. 150 points. Aerodynamic: Do not utilize parachutes for reentry, conserve weight to pack room for a slow down stage. 50 points. Techno-phobia: Do not utilize mechjeb. 50 points. Electrophobia: Do not utilize ion engines. 30 points Vertabrate: Do not utilize spider or ant engines. 30 points Huff-Puff: Do not utilize Puff mono propellant engines 30 points. Twitchy: Do not utilize twitch engines. 30 points Sparky: Do not utilize spark engines. 20 points Aerophobia: Do not utilize air breathing engines 100 points. More to come. SCOREBOARD None so far... Will you be the first?