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Found 2 results

  1. Your objective: Build the smallest rocket possible that can get into orbit. There are 2 categories, each with 2 sub-categories. I will judge each rocket in 2 separate ways, cost and mass. Each one will have its own leader board. The rules are simple. No cheating with Hyperedit, debug menu, ect. The rocket must be completely stock. No mods that alter physics and no clipping parts to exploit physics. The rocket can be manned or unmanned, each will have their own leader board. Make sure to post pictures showing your rocket in flight and showing it's mass and cost. ALSO: The rocket must be a rocket, not a cross between a rocket and a plane. It must take off from the launch pad ,and have other rocket qualities. This is my entry LOWEST MASS ROCKETS Unmanned: 1. Pds314- 0.855 tonnes 2. Pds314- 1.091 tonnes 3. mystified- 1.491 tonnes 4. Johnster_Space_Program- 3.420 tonnes 5. DRAG0Nmon- 4.460 tonnes Manned: 1. Aetharan- 1.990 tonnes 2. Aetharan- 2.053 tonnes 3. Aetharan- 2.085 tonnes 4. Aetharan-2.159 tonnes 5. Ironbars- 2.175 tonnes LOWEST COST ROCKETS Unmanned: 1. Pds314- 640 kerbucks 2. Pds314- 2110 kerbucks 3. mystified- 4580 kerbucks 4. Johnster_Space_Program- 5250 kerbucks 5. DRAG0Nmon- 7,154 kerbucks Manned: 1. TheFlyingKerman- 2603 kerbucks 2. Aetharan- 3907 kerbucks 3. farmerben- 3982 kerbucks 4. Aetharan- 4276 kerbucks 5. Ironbars- 4423 kerbucks Notes- zolotiyeruki, if you can find some screenshots of that old craft, I will gladly accept it! Pds314 maintains the top 2 spots for lightest and cheapest unmanned crafts. TheFlyingKerman holds the cheapest manned rocket. Artharan has almost stolen every spot for the lightest manned rocket, taking 1, 2, 3, and 4! Will he be able to take 5? Keep up the amazing work everyone!
  2. this was quite a challenge, i forot that in order to get 100% recovery on parts they need to be at KSC, i had to get creative.