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Found 9 results

  1. So I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but seeing as though I have mods installed, I figured it was worth a shot. Some info I'm sure someone will be interested in: KSP Version: 1.7.3 KSP Binary: 64 bit KSP Installed from: Steam Mods Installed: -AirplanePlus -BDArmoury -EasyVesselSwitch -Firespitter -Grounded -KAS -KIS -HyperEdit -KSP Advanced Fly-By-Wire -Physics Range Extender -Taerobee -Texture Replacer -VesselMover -Module Manager The core issue here is that only *some* of the cheats in the debug menu seem to work, namely, the "No Crash Damage" does not work at all, but the "Infinite Fuel" does. Things that have already been tried include reinstalling, and clearing of all mods.
  2. I'm on console and using the set orbit cheat and since we have to use sma what number should I put to get to about 140k km above kerbins surface
  3. I have confirmation for anyone who wants to edit the wiki that the “up up down down left right left right” cheat menu doesn’t work in the original Xbox port of the game.
  4. how to enable cheats ex, infinite fuel or is it a mod?
  5. Guys, how to disable the development console? The fact is that I am a person with weak willpower, and if there is an opportunity to press alt + f12 and enable cheats, I will use them. I would really like to play fair. Maybe there is some modification that removes it or somewhere in the config there is a place to disable this key combination? Thank you in advance! P.S. Translation with Google Transliate. For those who speak Russian: Ребята, как отключить консоль разработки? Дело в том, что я человек со слабой силой воли, и если есть возможность нажать alt + f12 и включить читы, я буду использовать их. Я бы очень хотел поиграть честно. Может быть есть какая-то модификация, которая удаляет её или где-то в конфиге есть место, чтобы отключить эту комбинацию клавиш? Заранее спасибо!
  6. Can someone please test it and see if it works for later versions? *fust = just... sorry... Lol
  7. Hi fellow Kerbonauts, today's question is as simple as it sound in the title: is it possible via config edits (or something a non-modder like me would be able to do) to change the limits on active contracts in Mission Control? Like me a lot of people plays heavy-modded KSP, which gives you A BUNCH of avilable contracts and I'm finding these limits of 15,12,8 very "limiting" even after upgrading MC to lvl 3. I already found that little tweak in Contracts.cfg which boosts the amount of AVAILABLE contracts but not the limit on active ones.. I'm using mission controller extended and contract configurator with many contract packs. Thanks in advance form the Kerbal Harmony Pursuit director!
  8. I'm sure other people are wondering this. Specifically, how do you use the "Set Orbit" tool? What is the "Semi-Major Axis", and what do MNA, OBT, LAN, and LPE do. If you have a question about the cheats yourself, feel free to ask in this thread.
  9. I noticed that the cheats arent available on console and i was wondering if a) theyre going to be added and if they are b) how long approx it would take, thanks!