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Found 6 results

  1. Hi and welcome to this thread! I am a big fan of the current progress LinkSpace is doing. Their NewLine-1 rocket is paving the way for reusable launch vehicles on Chinese ground. That's why I am inspired to make this mod. This mod will include the following parts: First stage engine (has 2 engine modes) Legs based on the design of NewLine-1 S1 fuel tank S1 guidance interstage S2 vac engine with 4 smaller engines that gimbal S2 fuel tank Payload deployer Fairing half Known issues: Legs clip inside the ground. Doesn't harm the rocket but looks weird. Trying to fix this. Required mods: Kerbal Reusability Expansion For the fins Recommended mods: Community Category Kit For an extra icon in the VAB to see all the parts SmokeScreen To see the mighty plumes Download here: Massive thanks to @Nessus_, @JadeOfMaar and @neistridlar for helping me with the balance and plumes! And a special thanks to @EmbersArc for helping me with getting the legs working (Kind of). Any of the configs will be distributed under CC-NC-SA-4.0 License. All Textures/models will be distributed under CC BY_NC-ND 4.0 License. SootyShaderLoader is based on the custom shader importer by shadowmage and modified with permission by DMagic & Blowfish with custom modules and settings. All Rights Reserved License. CKAN support is coming.
  2. The Chinese have dropped a hypergolic booster on someone's house as part of their latest bediou launch.
  3. Not sure if you guys have seen this already, but I just saw the KSP store-page on Steam, and they've been getting review-bombed the last few days. Had to look it up to see it was Chinese players angry over the change to that whole "your not a real hero/male" line. PC crap like that would just get a shrug and a head shake here, but it looks like more and more the review-bomb is getting used as the go-to weapon for angry players in China. Glad to see that Steam has a response to it now. They show the overwhelming number of excellent reviews over the past few years, and point out that the overwhelming number of negative reviews have come in the past few days; with an option to exclude those reviews from your page. Hope people thinking about joining the KSP universe can see this tactic for what it is: collective foot-stomping to try to get your way. Unfortunately, they keep using this technique because it's been producing results. Steam reviews are powerful and important. I hate to see them getting used dishonestly like this.
  4. I must admit I was unaware that China has had a rover on the moon, going strong way past its expiration date. 31 months when the schedule was 3. Quite the feat! Rest well, rabbit.
  5. This story uses both fictional and Real History! ------------------------------------- Chapter 1: A New Player Joins The Race? Its the Year 1956 when 1 kerbal created the Khinese Rocket and Defense Program Which would later be named The CNKA (Khinese Space Program), under the heavy pressure of the Koviet Union and the United Kerbal States the Kerbal's Party of Khina decided they could not be left behind so they assigned Khua Kerman to Set up the Khinese Rocket and Defense Program or KRDP shortend. Khua decided he needed and highly ranked party to develop Rockets, so het travelled to Kermania where he met doctor W.v. Kerman who joined him in the Mission of Creating Rockets and not soon later Werner and Kua started on their first Project called Project K66 which would involve secret rocket Testing and developing Spy Sat's. a Year later when the Kerbal's Party of Khina decided to put more funds in the program the propaganda started and they began to build an copy of the Kerbal Space Center located in UKS but it would be obvious to see so they builded it near the water and forests so they thought it could not be found. Project K66 made big steps and they almost had their designs ready... but then.. what to launch? the KPOK leader's asked, Well Khua said we are planning on Launching up Spy Sat's to look on Koviet Union and UKS! The Leader's of the KPOK were pleased by their plans and gave them even more funds! and soon the first Engine Test of the rocket KhangKzeng 1, but in that time period the would just launch a whole rocket to test it... it failed.. the rocket exploded at +t-50 seconds due to an guidance malfunction. 3 months later the CNKA had finished the second Test Rocket Which they Launched With success it reached orbit but because it had no payload it fell back to earth after 10 orbits. So!!!... the Creation began of the First CNKA Sat which would be getting the name Khang Foo Poo I which would be like the Stayputnik. After the Success of the Second rocket launch the CNKA decided to create more variants to the KZ1 which would get KZ1 A and KZ1 B, but the Development of KZ1 A came in danger because the Rocket Exploded while being assembled killing 76 Khinese Kerbals which stopped Production and Funding Eventually... Could the Khinese Space Program Be saved?