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Found 46 results

  1. Hey, guys! For the last several months i've been working on my new KSP video. It would be action miniseries of 6 episodes, 20-25 minutes each. Here we go!
  2. Cuzican Aerospace celebrates the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 with a tastefully artistic photoshoot on the Mun. Note: It's really hard to get Kerbals to stay still for a photo. They'll see anything shiny and BOOM they're gone. SPOILERS: Easter egg. Main mods: ReStock/ReStock+: Near Future Technologies: Rocket Emporium: Music: "Heroic Age" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
  3. A cautionary tale about not calling up that which you can not put down. Oh, and fun with ejection seats in the latest version of Kerbal Space Program! If you like this or other videos of mine, please consider subscribing! I originally planned to do this video when KSP 1.7.3 dropped, but then I came up with a video idea for #Apollo50 that I just had to do first. And yes, all my videos for new versions of KSP will feature improvements that nobody else cares about. Better silly and willy-nilly than shrilly. Really. In loving memory of the Rotary Rocket Roton SSTO. Oh, and Nagun Kerman, she'll be missed, too, I suppose. #OfficiallyHorriblePerson Kerbal Space Program 1.7.3 with Making History and Breaking Ground DLCs Additional parts and retextures are from Restock/Restock+: Extra KSC buildings are from KSC Extended: What is a Kraken? More fun with glitches: I Accidentally The Entire Planet Munslide! Friction glitch in KSP The Infiniglider In Its Natural Habitat Music from "Sweeter Vermouth", "Le Grand Chase", "Darkness Speaks", "Piano Cue One", "Epic Unease", "Flutey Sting", "Seventh Seal", "Music to Delight", "Der Kleber Sting" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY ( Sound effects from License: Creative Commons 0 (
  4. Last video I mentioned capturing KSP 1.6 animations for good reasons. Then I got snowed in last weekend and those good intentions turned into badS boogaloo. Music: "Enter the Party" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
  5. I did this music video for Kenny Loggins' Danger Zone a while back.
  6. This year I decided to take the KSP YouTuber trope of making a Kerbal Christmas tree and give it my own little twist. Music: Oh, Christmas Tree Up on a Housetop Anxiety Very Low Note Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License No Kerbals were harmed in the making of this holiday special. Not much, anyway.
  7. This is the trailer to Season 1 of Starchaser - A Sci-Fi Kerbal Space Program Cinematic set in the future. Season 1 follows the adventures of members of the Duna Independence Movement. Will they succeed? Enjoy!
  8. The Excursion C deep space exploratory craft is designed with a trip to Duna in mind, but to make sure the design is sound, we sent it around the Mun first. Featured Mods: Stockalike Station Parts Redux by Nertea: (By default the mod matches its greenhouse lighting to the rest of the window lights. To make it purple, follow Nertea's instructions here: Near Future Technologies by Nertea: Music: Unwritten Return Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
  9. I was wondering if there are any camera mods for kerbal space program that currently work with ksp 1.2. (it appears that camera tools by BD doesn't work anymore)
  10. I wrote a script to do a skycrane-style rover landing on Duna, and then decided to make a cinematic instead of my usual script-showcase-style videos. This is the first cinematic I've ever made, and I also intend to make one for my Mun landing soon! Music: The Force Awakens, Trailer #1, John Samuel Hanson The Mole, Dunkirk OST, Hans Zimmer No Place On Earth, The Heart of Man, Tony Anderson All scenes were filmed in KSP 1.3. Mods used: kOS Camera Tools Distant Object EVE FASA Hull Camera VDS Kopernicus KSPRC Planet Shine Reentry Particle Effect Scatterer Texture Replacer Replaced Real Plume ...and many, many config edits in Scatterer, EVE, KSPRC, and Real Plume Hats off to the modders that make this game bearable to look at (and film)! Thanks for watching!
  11. Hi all! After several long, long hours of flying, editing, blueprint preparation and mixing, here is my take on Apollo Kapollo 16. Funnily enough, it took me Kapollo 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 to fine tune the 16th... I've tried to keep true to the actual spaceships as much as I could (well... I did not put any RCS on the LEM... my mistake ). Now I can finally come back to my career game Enjoy Snaky
  12. Hey there, I'm not familiar with this official forum of KSP, but I am well known by the french community and I think my contribution could interrest some of you, so... Here I am ! To briefly introduce myself, I'm a an addict to KSP, fully Stock Player (I even give up Kerbcam to find back the typical static view of the game). Not that I'm anti-mod, I find them really interresting and incredibly well made regarding KSP, but I would spend even more time if I had the possibilty to use hinges, ressources, advanced mechanism... No no, keep them far from me ! Moreover it is for me a challenge to innovate further than even SQUAD could have think about, to create and design things in other way that there were meant to be done. Yeah, innovation should be the best word to describe my goal in KSP I already have a hundred pages full of pics with all my creations, that you can find here : You can navigate through the pages, it is in French so not really interresting but I always use to illustrate my words with clean screenshot Enough blablabla, let's present some of my last creation and I'll start by a few videos : Stock Aerial refuelling : Using TT-70 Decouplers as homemade suspensions : A full single launch modular station (3 épisodes, here is the second) : An aesthetic and modular bomber with advanced nuke rocketry : One of my favourite launcher, fully made to be aesthetic while massive and functionnal : These are a few of them, please consider checking my Youtube Channel to see more. I'm not here just to make an add, but to receive feedback and try to integrate the large english-speaking community ! Hope you'll enjoy, see ya soon
  13. Yo, i am glad that i can show you a my new project. It's a beginning of the... something bigger. Here it is!. Comments are most welcome! (Here is another my thread, with all my projects) Greetings!
  14. Heyo, today i want to show you my all cinematics with English subtitles. For now, its only 3 projects since 31 Dec. 2014, but im here again, and i back to the creating a cinematics This is the newest cinematic. First time i used so many graphic effects, like color correction. The second video is about one single kerbal who flew to the most distant kerbin's moon. And the oldest I am glad that i made that video First really (for me) emotional film, and for all people from Polish Forum of KSP . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I also have another videos, without subtitles, because they are older than above films. ( That was my beginning ) LADIES AND GENTELMENS . THIS IS THE FIRST VIDEO WHAT GAVE RISE TO MY CINEMATIC CREATOR CARRER Greetings - Polish Cinematic Creator THE NEW VIDEO SOON ^^
  15. I had an idea for a full-length feature film about the history of the space program's most well-known pilot: Jebediah Kerman! Many of you may not know this, but I AM Jebediah, and the film would be based off of true events which happened in my youth. Surprisingly, as a young pilot-in-training, I was actually quite a coward! I could barely sit in a cockpit without screaming my head off. The film would cover the story of how, when I was still in training, an SRB test failed, killing most of the test pilots, and causing the rest to leave. I was the only one left, because I'd never heard about the disaster. At the same time, VAB workers had forgotten to put gyros onto the 50-million-fund Kerbal XXVI Mun mission, requiring a probe send them up after launch to add them to the spacecraft, piloted by Bill and Bob. However, with the munar intercept burn rapidly approaching, the VAB had no probe cores, and required a pilot to perform the few simple tasks that pod-mounted autopilots could not do. I, being the only pilot left, was reluctantly selected to pilot the ship. I was tricked into thinking I was testing a simulator, then beaten unconscious and put into the capsule. When I woke up I was launched kicking and screaming into space. The docking went well, but I mistakenly jettisoned my own capsule, and therefore had to go to the Mun with Bill and Bob, and out-of-control adventure that, upon landing back at Kerbin, turned me into the cold-blooded badass I am today. Let me know what you think about the idea for a movie that tells the true story of my life!
  16. Hi all, This really is a trial, a first cinematic - hence no music (a silent film?), even a dream of mine to tell a particular story. Roree Kerman is practising entering the capsule. He seems to have forgotten something... I would appreciate any pointers. There is a plan for this to be part of a longer cinematic progression. Peace.
  17. I spent so much work on this - from building the crafts, to finding recording locations, to sorting out an selecting sound effects to actually getting the footage needed. AND to top it off, between every other scene the rotorblades would come off. I hope it was worth it and that you enjoy it!
  18. Hi guys, I've finally finished part II of Singularity. I hope that you'll enjoy
  19. AC/DC - Thunderstruck [KSP Edition] This is a cinematic I made during the summer because, well I got inspierd by the ''real life'' music video and thought to myself ''hey I can make that in Kerbal Space Program'' so I did. This is also the first Cinematic I've personaly managed get 100% done, I've tried to make one in the past but I lacked crativety at the time and it ended up never getting done. The video was a pain to make because of the 50+ mods i had installed at the time and recording on my laptop made the game frequently crash all the time, but hey it was woth it in the end I guess. Hope you enjoy(ed) the video. Craft Downloads I personaly made all the crafts in the video and they are all downloadable here (some of the crafts may not actually worke properly read README in the download for more info) Mods used: BDArmory Camera Tools Firespitter Kerbin Side Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics Raster Prop Monitor Scatterer TweakScale Vessle Mover North Kerbin Weaponry Hull Camera VDS SXT - Lack's Stock Extension Procedural Wings
  20. My goal was to capture a few brief but important moments in what could potentially be within the technological boundaries of a type 2 civilization.
  21. Does anybody have any idea if there are any cinematic camera mods out there? I'm trying to make a fanmade trailer for KSP 1.1 and the ones I have don't work anymore. I used KerbCam and Camera Tools(BahamutoD), but those don't work.