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Found 50 results

  1. Launch Pad is a CKAN Client written for macOS. It allows you to download and install mods for Kerbal Space Program, including dependencies. If you play KSP on a Mac, and find it hard to use the official CKAN application using monodevelop, give Launch Pad a try! The app is still being developed, so while you can install most mods with it, you can't upgrade them right now. The app uses the original CKAN Metadata Repository, so all mods that are available on CKAN are also available in here. I'd LOVE for some adventurous Mac users to try it out and leave feedback though. More Information on GitHub Download the latest Alpha Version Submit Bugs and Feature Request Before trying out Launch Pad, I'd recommend creating a backup of your KSP directory, simply because it's still alpha software. If you have any question regarding how to install and use the app, please feel free to ask
  2. Alright, for the last few weeks I have attempted to install CKAN on my Mac since I heard it was wonderful for installing add-ons, but it seems that every time I get even remotely close to opening it, something goes wrong. Now, I'm no computer wizard, but I followed the user guide and the install guide to the minute, but just cannot seem to open the GUI. I try opening CKAN.dmg, the icon appears for 1-second before closing. I use the directions for the terminal, nothing happens. At this point, I'm ready to just go back to manual installing even though it's much more tedious. Here are some of my specs (feel free to laugh): MacBook Air (13-inch, 2017), 1.8 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, Macintosh HD, Intel HD Graphics 6000 1536 MB, macOS Mojave, V 10.14.3. My KSP version is 1.6.1. Any tips would be appreciated. Also, I downloaded both the .exe and the .dmg files from here, since I wasn't sure which one to use(I have tried both). Thanks!
  3. This is on an unmodded, new KSP install. That is my only install. Latest CKAN version. Help.
  4. Buenas Noches miembros de la comunidad de KSP españa: Estoy intentando instalar el RSS/RO en la 1.1.3, pero al intentar instalar el Real Chute no deja y sale esto, CKAN.InvalidModuleFileKraken : RealChute v1.4.1.1 C:\Users\mi nombre de usuario\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp6175.tmp has length 2674850, should be 2674814 ¿ que podría hacer para que me descargara? Muchas gracias a toda la comunidad de KSP
  5. I have windows 10 installed and installed ckan to install RSS for ksp but when I open it says
  6. I recently booted up KSP again, and for the most part I have everything working. The one problem I have is that Precise Node (the mod) is not showing up in CKAN. This causes several downstream problems, most notably when trying other mods that conflict with it. CKAN does not let me install Precise Maneuver, for example, because it conflicts with Precise Node. Since Precise Node is not showing in CKAN, I cannot uninstall it through CKAN. I tried manually uninstalling Precise Node (removing the folder from game data), but even after a refresh or full restart, CKAN is still convinced that Precise Node is installed. Manually removing Precise Node and manually putting in Precise Maneuver via file explorer does work in game, but I would like to have CKAN handle everything ideally. Anyone else having this problem or know what might be causing it?
  7. Hi everyone, totally out of the blue (like 1 week ago it still worked) I am getting an error message "CKAN.ModuleNotFoundKraken" when trying to start Ckan. I have version 1.24.0. I tried to google for a problem but did not find a solution. Any help to fix this? Are there newer versions of this program? Regards, Chris
  8. I have been using CKAN on my Mac to manage mods and opening terminal all the time gets kind of annoying, so there it is, the It does one job, it calls the terminal and enters the code you would otherwise need to enter yourself to open ckan.exe Requirements: 1. ckan.exe (obviously) 2. latest/compatible mono install (obviously) 3. Latest macOS Sierra (not tested on other versions) 4.Your ckan.exe needs to be in the system "downloads" file (this can be customised with a bit of computer science knowledge, see GitHub wiki) (new update, new icon and this is no more required) Downloads and codes: GitHub release page GitHub repo Have fun killing kerbals with your potato (apple?) PS: New to contributing, be nice to me License: Do What The love You Want To Public License (WTFPL) DO WHAT THE love YOU WANT TO PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, December 2004 Copyright (C) 2004 Sam Hocevar <> Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim or modified copies of this license document, and changing it is allowed as long as the name is changed. DO WHAT THE love YOU WANT TO PUBLIC LICENSE TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR COPYING, DISTRIBUTION AND MODIFICATION 0. You just DO WHAT THE love YOU WANT TO. Thanks to jwwolff (forum user Qindustries) for his contribution on the new update!! Donation: Haha, just kidding
  9. It says that i have mods, that i dont have installed, so i cannot install them EX: AD - Collision FX I cant install it, so if i click reinstall it says Module Colision FX is not installed
  10. Would be really handy for people who need to distribute really large mod files. I've had reports that CKAN cannot recognize such packages about three months ago, and there seems no mention about this in changelogs. Is this still an issue now?
  11. I am using two monitors, I need to type on one and to play ksp on the other. When I click over to the 2nd screen the game(At full screen) minimizes and then needs to be re maximized. I am needing a command or a mod to allow for a borderless window setting for the game like in other games.
  12. today i want to install RP-0 i try it with CKAN but i cant because in CKAN the version of my game is 1.3.1 but in my KSP is 1.2 if anyone want screenshots to help me im in the RO sever in discord my name is SirNoobly
  13. I actually found this out a couple of months ago on accident, and thought nothing major of it until recently when I badly had an urge to play stock again for its simpler plane construction mechanics, greater exploitability, etc. The question I have is this: Is it safe? I'm worried playing stock KSP (of course, not on the same savegames) while still having RSS, RO, and RP-0 installed may crash it, or corrupt my savefiles. Will it?
  14. Greetings, I have a new MacBook Air with an up to date version of OS X on it, and I haven't been able to run CKAN. I installed it through Mono as it says in the read me, but i just get a window that pops up for a split second. Any my help would be truly appreciated, thanks.
  15. I tried following the instructions for installing CKAN on my Mac (using terminal mono), but I can't get it to work. I am using a MacBook pro (Touch-bar) with OS High Sierra. Has anyone solved this issue? My goal is to get RSS up and running.
  16. KSP Mod Analyzer 1.1.1 has been released, with the following new exciting features: Support for SpaceDock, Curse and CKAN repositories Clickable links to mod page, source code repository and forum if available Filter on mod name Many UI improvements 60s cool down period after updating SpaceDock and Curse, to limit network traffic Possiblity to do analysis on mods, e.g. "Mods only available on CKAN", with aggredated metadata CSV export Note! Due to recent changes to the Curse page, "Update Curse" is broken, I'm looking into the problem. In summary, this application gives you a clear overview of all all KSP mods with relevant metadata in one single application. Note that is is not a mod manager like CKAN, but I hope you find it useful anyway :-) Please find download details below the screenshot. Technical details Written in Python 3 using Qt 5 for the UI Source code is available on GitHub Latest release, packaged as a stand-alone application, is available on the release page (Python is not required) Let me know what you think about this application, feedback and improvement ideas are welcome.
  17. In the past i have managed to install mods correctly without using CKAN I recently came back to the game and wanted to make some space planes, upon failing to get the mods to work i install CKAN which took alot of liquiding around to get working. Now i have it installed and when i install my mods, they appear in the "GameData" folder but no sign of them in game. I am running a steam version of the game. The mods im trying to install our: Community Resource pack - RoverDude Firespitter Core - RoverDude OPT Space Plane Parts - Kyeon RasterPropMonitor - MOARdV.Mihara RasterPropMonitor Core - MOARdV.Mihara Ive been struggling with this for 2 days, any help would be useful. Long :
  18. Hello everyone! I have a problem which whenever I check a mod, the "apply changes" button is still greyed out. I tried restarting it, reinstalling, restarting, and deleting cache, yet nothing works. Does anyone have help on this problem? EDIT: Fixed, realized I downgraded KSP, so I updated it again. Now works fine. Another thing was wrong. Steam fixed it again.
  19. I need help! So far I have KSP 1.3 and I want to use CKAN but I have a mac If someone has a version of the CKAN.exe file then please send a link Also the same for the To boldly go mod !
  20. Hello Guys, I have a strange issue with my KSP Data Folder since a few weeks. I use CKAN since i started modding and always installed and uninstalled mods via it. I never had problems at all. Suddenly, when I want to update a mod in ckan, it states that I don't have access-permission to the folder ckan generated and the whole ksp folder, which also means, that KSP does not even have permission to delete it's own savegames in game and I think it would generate further problems. Now to the funny part: I have only one User on my PC and that is my Admin Account. If I startup Windows 10 in normal mode I don't have Access as stated above (CKAN can't delete folders; I can't even manually remove the folder). If I startup Windows 10 in SAFE-Mode, CKAN is working as intended (can delete folders and install new ones; and I can delete folders in ksp install manually). In both cases I ran CKAN as Admin. So I uninstalled everything in SAFE-Mode (uninstalled via steam, plus deleted files manually). Restarted Windows 10 in Normal-Mode. Reinstalled KSP 1.2.1 via Steam. Downloaded CKAN and installed it into KSP Directory. Launched CKAN and installed a mod. CKAN worked fine. To test the access permission I uninstalled a mod via steam and that also worked without a problem. I even could delete it manually. (I have all access permissions) So i felt, finally everything is working again and installed a bunch of mods. (Tested it again, by uninstalling and updating some mods --> worked fine) And now to the real funny part After shutting down my Computer and starting it back up the day after, the problem with access permission returned. What could that be? It's really annoying me that I always have to restart in SAFE-Mode to install/uninstall a mod.
  21. I'm trying to get my Kerbal Konstructs version to work, however I go to CKAN, Compatible versions, and I don't know how to change my mod version. (I'm trying to change it to 1.2.2) Please help, also, I'm not very good with commands, but I can definitely do them.
  22. So, my Problem is that Ksp will start and will begin to load the files needed for the game After 3/4 or so, the game will close and i get a notification i think that has something to Do with the mods because i tried to download the manually After ckan could Not finden the right gamefolder. So I got all mods out of the gamedata Folder and now i get a Black Screen whenever i launch the game dont know what happend and needed help
  23. pyKAN PyKAN is a pure python alternative client for the CKAN utility to manage modules for Kerbal Space Program. It uses the original upstream CKAN data and repos directly and does not fragment the module repositories, it merely provides an alternate client to consume this data to manage, install and update modules. All the logic is kept in libraries - so that writing a new interface is easy. Version 0.1.0 First public stable release Available on github: Source Version 0.1.0 Installation: Clone or Download the repository. Change to the directory where you downloaded Make sure you have python-requests and python-appdirs installed. The program will tell you if it cannot find these modules. ./pyKAN --help python pyKAN --help #On windows Current features: Global settings holding list of known KSP installation directories Per KSPDir settings on top of that Fetch repository data from CKAN Ability to install incompatible mods. Settings contain minKSPversion and maxKSPversion per install. By default these are set to the KSP version. User can override to, for example, allow mods that are maxed at 1.0.0 to install in 1.1.0. List available modules. Module listing comes with numerous optional filters which can be combined in arbitrary combinations. Includes text-search, module version and KSP version compatibility. The same filters will be available for selecting mods to install. Detect manually installed mods Import list of modules installed by CKAN List installed modules, indicating how they were installed. Install modules (optional override support for manual mods) with optional download-retries Uninstall modules Upgrade modules Python3 - in master branch only. Changes 0.1.2 Multiple small bugfixes New commandline syntax with cleaner format and support for multiple modules in a single command. 0.1.0 The installed modules listing is now also sorted alphabetically. Fixed a bug where calling upgrade would reinstall the same version as was there before Disabled strict mode JSON to deal with the bad json in .version files. Handling of 'file' mode install sections now work correctly. Fixed install destination for mods like firespittercore Use appdirs module to place main configuration file in a platform neutral manner 0.0.1-beta2 Python3 support Lots of small bugfixes Improved mod installer, mod upgrades and mod uninstalls List_module now sorts alphabetically 0.0.1-beta1 Initial public release Todo: PyQT GUI for graphical usage Manual install by link. User can copy a download link and have the app download and install from within. User could add/edit mod information. Optimize the O(N) and O(n*x) algorithms. Improve the argument code for the commandline version. Some of it is a bit cumbersome. Import of CKAN installed list should also import filelist. Done Consider using a Linter for your source (I'd recommend flake8) Consider using the logging module rather than a DEBUG flag Consider documenting at all levels (package, module, class, function) using a known doc style (Plain, Epytext, restructuredText, Numpy, Google, etc.) [very optional] Consider using type hints (a.k.a PEP 484) or even the typing module (see also PEP 526) if you switch to python3. Written By A.J. Venter (metalpoetza on reddit). SYZYGY - Python3 support
  24. I can´t install realism overhaul using CKAN. Always fails at some point with several errors of libraries that could not be installed. I am installing it on a fresh 1.2.2 release. Any clues? Thanks for any help UPDATE: I removed most of the recommended mods and it installed. Must be one (or several) of them...
  25. Hi, I'm not new to KSP, but I'm still having troubles. I want my planets to look like in Matt Lowne's videos. But it's obviously not as simple as just enabling EVE, Scatterer, etc on CKAN. The mods I'd like to use are: EVE, SVE, SVT, and Scatterer. I don't really care about any other mods, I simply want my universe to be moar realistic that the lame stock planet graphics. So, when I enable EVE followed by Scatterer, I get the realistic atmosphere look I wanted. But when I go to enable SVE, the "Apply changes" button is grayed out. If I enable SVE first, it says it includes EVE, however when I do this I get SVE but still have the lame atmo-less look to Kerbin, Eve, and Jool. This is just one example. Then we have stuff like: "SVT (for Windows)", and "SVT-High Res". No indication of what the differences are, what dependencies they have, if they are compatible with SVE, etc. I have Windows, and I want High res. But it won't let me pick both! How on earth do I know which to use? And what does it mean when one of the mods in the list turns red for a second? For each mod, it seems there are several secondary "config" and "component" mods with them, and others I have to select from. I have no clue which of them to pick! This is probably part of my problem. This is all very annoying because every time I have to update KSP or build a new install, I have to remember all the same stuff I did last time... before I realize it looks totally different than last time! (Why can't they just make standard things like good visual mods stock?) Now before you suggest it, yes, I know I can just download the individual mods and apply them one by one. Problem is, I can't get the mods to work out correctly seeing as some parts of them override each other. I also don't have the time to be re-doing this all over again for every update. So I use CKAN, for no other reason than that! Can someone help me understand what all these little mods alongside SVE, Scatterer, EVE, etc are, and tell me what I need to do in order to enable all the main mods at the same time? Thanks