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Found 3 results

  1. so I got this mission on a reentry course with 3 units of fuel left. just wanted to share
  2. I finally decided to ask a question that was annoying me since ~0.18: If I have multiple science reports in 1 part, then I click "review" in right-click menu and then I must do something about each of them (i.e. keep/discard/transmit). Say, I found and transmitted the only report I wanted, how to quickly close that window without clicking "keep" for each report (vessel switching/EVA doesn't count)?
  3. Ok so I don't have an entry yet but I'm working on one already so maybe it's okay to make this challenge. Also I searched a little but couldn't find anything just like this. So briefly: Send one or more kerbal(s) as close to kerbol as you can and bring them back to kerbin alive. Rules: 1. No cheat menu or other stupid cheating attempts 2. No mods that alter physics. Visual and informative mods are ok 3. Hyperedit is allowed for testing purposes but not on the actual mission 4. Must be manned and able to return to kerbin safely obviously 5. This is a little weirder BUT STILL VERY IMPORTANT!! Absolutely no timewarping 1min prior to and 1min after your kerbol periapsis since that seems to alter how heat works. So at least 1min before your kerbol periapsis set time warp to x1 and don't accelerate it before you are at least 1min past your pe (not even x2 x3 or x4 warp). Otherwise you are free to timewarp as much as you like. 6. Take screenshots or video. On case of screenshots the rule number 5 must be based on honor code. I trust you are all honest anyway 7. That's all I can think of Oh yeah, use either 1.05 or 1.1 I'll make seperate leaderboards if necessary. Score is your closest distance to kerbol. Simple. And lastly to give you some benchmark to try and beat. My ship that is still WIP is able to clear a kerbol pe of about 80Mm but I still need a way to send it there and back (I play 1.1 so new inflatable heatshield is a thing. I vaguely remember that when I tried 1.1 I got something like 140Mm but that might be just me remembering wrong.) Oh and have fun and fly safe.