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Found 1 result

  1. Micro-Challenges For All! Hello, and welcome to the micro-challenges for all thread! This is a continuation of the Newbie Central thread. Some of you know me from the Newbie Central thread, some of you just stumbled upon this thread in the challenges section. Here’s a quick Q&A to tell you what this is all about! Q1: What are micro-challenges? A: Micro-challenges are challenges that can be done in a few hours, not a few days. They don’t have to involve 5 launches, LKO assembly, replica craft, and specific maneuvers to build a base on Duna, with TAC-LS, that is self-sufficient for 360 days, with a space shuttle replica. That’s not to say that for a Duna base challenge, you can’t do that, just that you don’t have to. Essentially these are challenges that only take up a few hours of your KSP time. Q2: What was “Newbie Central” and what happened to it? A: Newbie Central was a thread created by @Alpha 360, @VelocityPolaris, @obney kerman, and me. Its purpose was to give newbies some challenges to introduce them to the more challenging aspects of KSP, such as interplanetary travel, bases, stations and SSTO’s. This thread had a poster rep limit of 750. Things went pretty good there for a while, we got lots of participation in the challenges, gave out lots of medals, and even gained 2 new team members, @doggonemess, and @Lucast0909. Then traffic on the thread started to slow down a little. A few weeks after we noticed the slowdown, @Alpha 360 reached the rep limit and handed control of the thread over to me. I and the team decided that it was time to close the thread and move on to new things. That’s how we got this thread, which will have no rep limit and be open to suggestions for challenges. Q3: How do I suggest a challenge? A: It’s actually fairly easy for you. All you have to do is come up with a cool idea and post it on the thread, saying something like: “Challenge suggestion: Hey, I think that a cool idea for a challenge would be a Duna Space Station with a detachable rover that can land and take off again multiple times and a base that can land once.” Note: To prevent confusion, when you make a challenge suggestion, you MUST include the words "Challenge suggestion" in your post. This is to help prevent confusion, especially when we get really well thought out suggestions, with lots of pictures and rules. We like those type of suggestions, it makes the work easier for us, just sometimes people get confused as to which challenge is the right one, the current challenge or a very well thought out suggestion. When we one of us sees a suggestion that we like, we’ll share it with the team, and if enough people say, “Oh yeah, that’s a cool idea,” we’ll work on making it a challenge. Here’s how that works: Once we decide that we like an idea, we’ll review it, to turn it into a challenge. In that process, we might say, “Will, 2 rovers that can land and take off multiple times, plus a base sounds pretty hard.” “What if we just cut the base?” “Sounds good, but that still sounds like a little more than a micro-challenge with all the rover design and testing that you need to do.” ”Fair point, how about just one rover, and it doesn’t have have to take off again?” ”Yeah, that sounds good.” Then one of our team will do it, and make it into a challenge post, with credit to the original suggester. Q4: How do I join the team? A: Me and the team have decided that the team is pretty big already and have decided that to join the team, you need to have something exceptional to offer in an area except challenge suggesting and medal making, as the thread is open to suggestions, and we have enough medal makers(both @Lucast0909 and @doggonemess got on the team for having great medals). All applications to join the team must be sent to me through PM, please don’t clutter the thread with useless posts that will get no answers, or PM another team member, who will just tell you to go to me. If another team member can vouch for you in some way, please tell me. Q5: Who’s on the team? A: Me, @doggonemess, @Lucast0909, and @obney kerman are currently on the team. Q6: What do I get for completing a challenge? A: You get a medal, sort of like this one(without the newbie winner, obviously). Our medal people are working on one right now. Q7: Anything else I should know? A: Well, the Moon isn’t made out of Swiss cheese, Africa is a continent,... All joking aside, you should probably know that dad challenge has a time limit of one week from posting before closing. After a challenge is closed, you can still do it, but you won’t get a medal for it. This is to prevent the thread from getting cluttered up with applications for a challenge from 10 weeks ago. Due to the low volume of entries, you can now enter and receive a medal for every challenge! Have fun! Q8: If you guys do like, 20 challenges, how am I supposed to find them? A: I’ll keep an index of all of them with poster and, if applicable, the challenge suggesters names. Q9: I see 2 challenges in the thread, one posted by @doggonemess, and one by @SomeRandomGuy, but the one by @doggonemess hasn't closed yet. Which challenge is the right one? Only challenges posted by people on the team(see Q5), are actual challenges, all other ones are simply suggestions. Only actual challenges are eligible for challenges. Q10: What about mods? Can I use (my favorite mod)? If your favorite mod is Hyperedit, then no. Sorry. Unless a challenge says to use Hyperedit, then you can't use it. You: Why would a challenge say to use Hyperedit? Hey, don't interrupt my answer, I was getting to that! (Joking.) A challenge might say to use Hyperedit if say, you're supposed to rendezvous with something in orbit, and putting it there isn't part of the challenge (unlikely, but maybe), it might say just Hyperedit it up there. Anyway, non-cheaty or OP mods or fine. I.e., KER, MJ, VOID, EVE, SVE, KIS/KAS, KJR, etc., are fine. Feel free to ask about your favorite mod! Q11: Can I use this craft I found in the Spacecraft Exchange? No. Unless a challenge says so, only craft that you build are allowed. Q12: Are you going to do a bases thing like that @Alpha 360 guy? A: Yes, glad you asked! Here they are! Planes: (@Lucast0909's screenshot.) Space Stations: (@doggonemess's screenshot.) (@VelocityPolaris's screenshot.) Interplanetary travel: (@Lucast0909's screenshot.) Land travel: (My screenshot.) Spaceplanes: (@obney kerman's screenshot). Bases: Challenge 1: Challenge 2: Challenge 3: Challenge 4: Challenge 5: Challenge 6: Challenge 7: Challenge 8: Challenge 9: Challenge 10: Challenge 11: Challenge 12: Challenge 13: Challenge 14: Challenge 15: Challenge 16: Thank you all for reading, Kerbalstar