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Found 14 results

  1. I wasn’t exactly sure where to post this, but since this is technically an addon I am developing, it made the most sense to put it here. Anyhow… Yes, you read that right, a full size Gemini capsule retrofitted to be a “sim-pit” for KSP. The idea has been floating around in my head, basically since I started playing KSP years ago, but it just never really seemed like KSP, or I, was ready for it. Until now… The point of the project is to produce a Gemini sim-pit that anyone can build with supplies from a Home Depot (or similar) and access to general woodworking tools. The goal is not to create a perfect museum-quality replica of Gemini, but rather something which enables the Gemini experience for KSP without breaking the bank. I decided the best way to make the project happen was to crowdfund it with Kickstarter and in return all of the CAD, documentation, schematics, and software will be made open source for anyone to make their own capsule (or any subcomponent thereof). If the Kickstarter succeeds, I hope to bring the completed capsule to various events (MakerFaire, Gaming Cons, etc…) for people to take it for a spin. The design includes over 50 toggle switches, 10 buttons, mechanical panel meters, alphanumeric 14 segment displays, and 3D printed mechanical navballs (see NeoMorph’s work on his own navball here: his work inspired me enough to create my own navballs very similar to his design for this project). All of these will be connected to functions in KSP using kRPC. Knowing the awesome KSP community I thought this would give everyone a chance to get involved in what (at least I think) is a really awesome project, and I’ve also created some super cool rewards for te Kickstarter. I’ve included some graphics and pictures below of the project work so far. If you want to support the project here is the Kickstarter link (Thanks!): I’ll be posting here with updates on the project, but I’ll also be detailing the work on my blog: Ventures in Making Now, here are the pics: ***Disclaimer: I read through the forum rules (specifically about monetization), and I don’t think this violates anything forbidden, but if it does, I will gladly remove the post to comply with rules.***
  2. This tiny part pack adds a few things that I find missing in B9 Aerospace S2 inline Docking Port While B9 does offer a shielded clamp-o-tron designed for S2 system, it is surface-attachable and does not play well with Connected Living Space when attached to other S2 parts. Probably not an all too critical problem, but my inline port offers a solution. Features: Animated shield doors Integrated switchable fuel storage (powered by B9PartSwitch, albeit without texture switch) Real Fuels compatibility Connected Living Space compatibility S2 Alt cockpit with crew capacity of 3 S2 has long been my favourite fuselage system, but it forces me to separate my established crews (such as the original Jeb, Bill and Bob trio); crew cabins help, but increase part count, so I'm making a cockpit with three seats in S2 shape. It somewhat resembles the planned overhauled S3 cockpit, but shorter and without tilting nose. Planned features Custom internal space RCS thrusters Flag plate Emissive texture for lights Better window frame and RCS ports textures "Family photo": Internal space S2 engine mount Remember the stock HL/Mk3 Shuttle-style engine mount? Well, here is an S2 counterpart: It is arranged differently though. Four attachment nodes with mirror symmetry plus a central node for launch stack/booster/fairings/another engine/whatever: S2 engine mount tail Another engine mount, extending farther backward and allowing to attach a tail fin (or a pair in V-shaped configuration): It comes with some tank space, two nodes with mirror symmetry for engines (and can accommodate two Vectors), plus, again, a central node: S2 to MK1 (1.25m) adapter While it is possible to chain together S2 to 2.5m and 2.5m to 1.25m adapters, this results in a noticeable hump, and increased part count. This simple S2 to 1.25m thing attempts to remedy that. It is symmetrical, with no heat tiles on the lower side, and comes with a modest amount of volume for fuel storage. MK1 crew cabin with four seats This was not planned initially, but I always wanted a crew cabin for my small jets, and after seeing KSP v1.1 preview images I decided to roll out my own. (redone in v0.7 because bac9 overhauled Mk1 parts in B9) Complete with IVA; four seat capacity is not a stretch, there is even an isle between seats: Requirements This pack attempts to reuse B9 textures, so at least part of B9 is required for this to work. Textures used: B9PartSwitch is needed for fuel switching ModuleManager is needed to apply DRE/RF patches Legal stuff: Changelog: Imgur albums: one, two. Download from github
  3. ASET/RPM for Falcon cockpit, -An add-on for Airplane Plus mod I really enjoyed blackheart612's Falcon Cockpit (F16/mk2 non-commercial), so I decided to pimp it up a bit with a fully (95% anyhow) working IVA. The first attempts were mostly done by brute-hacking cfgs, but that soon proved to be extremely time consuming. So I downloaded Unity and started dillydallying a bit there till I got reasonably satisfied. So there we have it, my first add-on. This is not an attempt to re-create the real F16 layout(s) by no means, but to make an resemblance that works in KSP. -All credits go to the talented @blackheart612 for his IVA and of course @alexustas and @MOARdV for their props and RPM Feedback is always welcome. For core issues with dials etc please visit that mod's forum thread. My skills are mostly limited to basic prop placement. History: v0.8 - Release. (0.8 instead of 1.0 because reasons) Installation: Extract the contents of the zip file to your KSP/Gamedata folder Download: OneDrive Dropbox Youtube snippet: Required mods: RasterPropMonitor Airplane Plus ASET Props Pack ModuleManager ASET Avionics Pack *These mods may or may not have their own dependencies. All is listed on the respective forum thread Released under MIT licence
  4. The Ministry of Space (Aeronautics Department) (MAD) proudly presents it's first product: No dependencies, but works well with FAR. Uses stock mk1 IVA. Download Parts: Known bugs: Options: Planned: If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Licence: LGPLv3
  5. V0.6.0 (The Long and Lazy Summer Update) Welcome to the Prakasa Aeroworks Release Thread Freshly imported from an interstellar race with no Prime Directive, Prakasa is a pack aimed at aircraft and spaceplanes, namely with the objective of filling the 2.5 meter void between the diminutive Mk2 and massive Mk3. The parts are themed towards a somewhat more distant future than stock, offering greater interior space and a cleaner, spaceship-er aesthetic. The focus is on pods and associated IVAs, but propulsion, utility, and aerodynamic parts are included/being developed as well. Propulsive balance favors large, heavy parts with a lot of power behind them for the sake of aesthetically pleasing lines/aerodynamic viability/framerate over engine clusters. Since dual-threading seems to be the way of things around here and I've grown confident in my drive to continue this project, I thought it time for a proper release thread. Stick around for releases and comments. For development progress, suggestions, et cetera, please see the breathtakingly similar development thread over here. With a proper place for released material it should be a bit more development-y from here on out. Image Album: (Can't get it to embed properly) Reviews: (A pretty old one, but it'll do) Current Features: -Seven 2.5m pods with IVAs -Three 1.25m pods with IVA -Two Mk3 pods with IVA -1.25m SCRAMjet -1.25m Ion Engine -2.5m Ion Engine -1.25m Fuel Tanks -2.5m Fuel Tanks -1.25m Hybrid Nuclear Turbojet -2.5m Hybrid Nuclear Turbojet -1.25m Intake -2.5m Intake -1.25m Generator -2.5m Generator -2.5m Hybrid SCRAMjet -2.5m Structural engine housing for 1.25m engines -2.5m Passenger Cabin with windows mounted high to allow for center mounted wings. -2.5m Science module THAT DOES SCIENCE! Future Plans: -A set of 2.5m tanks so as not to require the use of standard rocket tanks, which often don't look quite right on aircraft (Done) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -More aerodynamic and structural components -More pods, mostly in the 2.5 range, though if anyone has any preferences in that regard I'd be happy to hear them -A bit more in the propulsion department, mostly large, heavy, multipurpose/multimode engines to save myself/everyone else lots of clustering. -Possibly Wings? -Some kind of price balancing? Input on that would be greatly appreciated; I rarely play Career. I know Sadhak, Kalpan, and to some extent Dekhana are lagging behind the quality of the others. The Asima series represents a great deal of improvement on my part, as well as settling on a particular style. I've been working on bringing those first two up to date, but due to that new experience, a bunch of problems I didn't realize were problems the first time around are keeping me from making it happen as of yet. For those of you who like the first two I will make it happen, though if there's real demand for it I might figure it out sooner. Sadhak is due to be completely overhauled to the Nireksha/Naga standard and Kalpan will probably at least get a redone interior. Changelog: 0.1 - Initial Release (Sadhak, Kalpan) 0.2 - Added Dekhana and Asima S1 0.3 - Added Asima S2 and SCRAMjet, patched Asima. Both versions of Asima now have togglable lighting. Uploaded to Curse following the heat death of Kerbalstuff. 0.4 - Added Bhatak Naga, Nireksha, 2.5m Passenger Cabin, 2.5m SCRAMjet, 2.5m engine housing. Patched Asima S2 to match texture styling on other added parts. Fixed a few flavor text spelling errors. 0.4.5 - Added Ankhen, Fuel Tanks, Ion Engines, Generator 0.5.0 - Added Akashe, Sabhee Viaktar, Sashakt and Dohan Kshay hybrid nuclear turbojets, Vatavar + Vaayu Intakes, Science module THAT DOES NOTHING 0.6.0 - Added Dhyana, Raksha, Made the science module do stuff Notes: RPM required for full IVA functionality This mod is primarily wish-fulfillment on my end (having sprung from a Laythe flying boat project for which I couldn't find a suitable pod) but if you've recommendations, I'm happy to hear them. Download (Things are cooperating in 1.1): Curse (0.4) (it works if you really want the .4 version from curse for some reason) Github (Coming Soon) SpaceDock (0.6.0) Special Thanks: Squad for texture references K.Yeon for pointing me in the right directions Lots of people in my horrifying normals thread, and various others for helping me build some semblance of non-cluelessness. Your aid is much appreciated. EDIT: I've heard that downloading via CKAN can result in receiving the 0.2 version, which was the last one released on Kerbalstuff. Since Kerbalstuff is dead I'm not sure how to get to it to fix it. Barring that, the direct downloads from curse and spacedock are fine. License: This work is Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  6. So, I know this may seem a little silly, but I would deeply thank someone if they could be able to create a glider cockpit? Or like a parts mod for gliders, since the stock/modded cockpits are either for Space Shuttles, or jet fighters. By the way, here's a picture for reference.
  7. This is a parts pack of 2.5m spaceplane parts with a flat bottom, possessing a bit of aerodynamic lift. I am going to be updating this mod sporadically, and I would appreciate any comments, critiques, etc. I would especially like to know people's thoughts on the balance of the mass and lift. As of 5/12/17, I have changed the license for this mod to MIT Download: Note: updating to 1.3 renames/replaces many of the parts. Spacedock: Curse: Part List: Check out this video from Kottabos! If you're interested in using the Mk2.5 Specification, you can use this drawing: Changelog:
  8. Anyone aware of a mk2-compliant rover cockpit? Trying to make a rover around a mk2 passenger cabin, and piecing one together from flaps and external seats is a little wonky. Heres a doodle of what I'm talking about: Or something like that.
  9. I have a rover with a mk1 cockpit on it. To go inside the rover, you have to exit the cockpit, and walk in. On the pod texture, it looks like it has a hatch on the back, but when I checked it, a "crew hatch" message diddn't pop up. Any ideas?
  10. Are there any mods which include decent two-seater cockpits suitable for training/reconaissance craft? I'd love to have something that looks decent and has a shared IVA, as I'm getting a little tired of makeshifting it with cubic struts and offset.
  12. I was flying around one of my planes recently and wanted to know if there was a mod that would let you look further backwards in the cockpit, to see behind the cockpit instead of just ahead and to the sides.
  13. Tail adapter placed on the contact point of the cockpit, rotated 180 and tuned, then placed a fueltank under the cockpit and tuned it to make a contact point. no glitching File:
  14. I am optimising a spaceplane that I successfully got to orbit, docked and de-orbited. It flies really nicely, has great manoeuvrability, can land really gently but could do with a bit of work getting it to dock nicely. It has 2 Mk1 Inline Cockpits, and I think that I want to change it for a Mk1 Crew Cabin. I am going to use it for crew rotations - no cargo. Detailed analysis if you really want it: The advantages that I see are that it does not require a pilot to be one of the crew that is rotating, as well as being marginally lighter and cheaper (20Kerbucks saved - woo) and the other specs are about the same. I could also use it for tourists too. Having a cargo bay has the small advantage that I can put other radially attached parts in there too to avoid drag (mechjeb is the main one). The big disadvantage is that if I loose power then I am completely dead in the water space, whereas if I had a command module I could at least manoeuvre using RCS or control surfaces, or fire the engine when I am pointing in approximately in the right direction. Another small disadvantage is that there are 3 things in the plane instead of 2, this makes it slightly longer and has more places for it going spaghetti on me (it does have enough lift to tear itself apart at mach3 under 10km altitude). I guess that I have a few more options in placing components wrt getting the CoM in the right place, but equally more complexity. Any more advantages or disadvantages that I have missed?