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Found 7 results

  1. While I was walking through the National Museum of the United States Air Force last Saturday, I was reminded of all the KSP replicas of those same aircraft. Some of them looked like they can be done with pure stock parts and no DLCs, while others (mostly the older ones) need mods that come with more parts. So, I started this thread for everyone to showcase their replicas of the aircraft that the four large hangars (plus the Missile Gallery) have on display. The guidelines for this showcase thread are simple: You are free to use any and all parts necessary, including ones that come in DLCs and mods. Vehicle has to be functional. Which means pictures/video of the craft in action. Similar performance stats are a plus. EXCEPTION: if the craft in question could not move on its own (as in it needed to be attached to a larger assembly to go anywhere) then the functionality requirement may be waived. e.g. the Apollo 15 command module. You'll only need one picture of your best replica (or half-assed; it shouldn't make a difference in that case), since it's useless unless attached to the rest of the spacecraft. If you want to make the rest of the rocket assembly, fine. Only the capsule made it to the museum, and that's what I need. Vehicle has to look as close as possible to whatever real-life craft you're trying to copy. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you have photographs to reference. Build something not yet claimed on the checklist (link below) first. EXCEPTION: for craft that appear more than once in the museum (such as the Superfortress and the Twin Mustang), you may only sign off on one of your craft's variants. Leave the rest of them for others to claim. e.g. I only do one Twin Mustang; the one in the Korean War section in Hangar 2. I'll leave it to someone else to get the other Twin Mustang in Hangar 3 and claim it on the log. If you want to show something that's already been showcased on this thread, fine - but you don't get credit for it. I don't care if you built the craft 7 minutes or 7 years ago, so long as it's yours. If you have an old stash of aircraft replicas that you're willing to showcase (and can work), great. Weaponry (e.g. guns, bombs, missiles) not necessary, although I won't object to them either. If the original aircraft was manned, so is your replica. If the original aircraft was unmanned, so is your replica. I won't object to a probe core for your manned aircraft if it doesn't deviate too much from the aesthetic, so long as you include the appropriate crew module/s. You don't need to match the passenger/crew capacity of your original aircraft, so long as your replica comes close to looking like its real-life counterpart AND it's functional. e.g. if you use one or more Mk. 3 Passenger Modules for an Air Force One variant, as long as your aircraft makes a convincing replica I don't mind you exceeding or falling behind its real-life counterpart's passenger capacity. Those things weren't designed for carrying a lot of people anyway; just provide comfort for the president and his staff. (SIDE NOTE) Whoever builds the Douglas VC-54C "Skymaster," I'm not requiring you to install an elevator in the back to load polio-stricken passengers in and out. If you do and the plane still flies smoothly, even better. The one housed in the museum was designed specifically to transport then-president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who needed a wheelchair. Craft files a plus. Below is the link for the replica checklist: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tA9IGsSCQIuTFjw9eNHYcgv8JboCxKiAy9ep5-nflR0/edit?usp=sharing Here are the instructions on how to use it: Pick an aircraft that has not already been built Like I said earlier, if you want to build something that's already been done here, don't steal credit from the original kerbalnaut. And for duplicates, you can only claim one of the type. Once you're done, write: Column D: Your KSP Forum name Column E: The link to the specific forum post showcasing your replica/s It is acceptable to put more than one craft in the same post. Just leave a link for everyone to find it. Column F: Whatever DLCs you used to make the replica If this doesn't apply to that specific craft, leave it blank Column G: Whatever (parts) mods you used to make the replica If this doesn't apply to that specific craft, leave it blank Column H: (IF YOU WANT TO) Additional notes that other readers may find interesting Please don't modify someone else's notes. If you want to debate/talk to someone about their craft, don't do it on the spreadsheet. Source for my list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_aircraft_at_the_National_Museum_of_the_United_States_Air_Force Click here to see this thread's replicas assembled on KerbalX As a prize, if you make at least one replica from each of the four hangars (not counting the air park or missile silo since they're too small; specific hangar category (e.g. Early Years vs WWII, Experimental vs Space) doesn't matter), you'll earn this sweet badge: I made it myself. It's a representation of all four hangars by using a combination of the following four logos: U.S. Army Air Corps, whose planes dominate Hangar One. Classic U.S. Air Force, which became mainstream at the time period Hangar Two covers. Modern U.S. Air Force, which has a lot of planes in Hangar Three still in service. NASA, since the space gallery is in Hangar Four. Entries from the Missile Gallery can be used as "wild cards." They're ultra-rare, so get them while they last. Depending on what hangars you lack, it can be used as either a Hangar Three or Hangar Four entry. To make things fair for everyone, only one Missile Silo entry per person All Four Hangars Badge Recipients @Mars-Bound Hokie (Me, the OP) @swjr-swis I'll start us off with my favorite, the SR-71 Blackbird. The SR-71 Blackbird on display in the SPH Picture taken February 2020. Ted Kerman enjoying himself flying at high altitudes at a speed higher than the aircraft's real-life counterpart. There you have it, folks. Have fun, and I can't wait to see what you got. Build a plane from each of the four hangars, and you get the badge.
  2. Ill be updating the roster as i make more note worthy stuff Decided to compile a little pack of my slightly more note worthy builds. Its got both commercial and military craft. Sadly i cant fully realize some of them yet due to bugs, but there at least visually where i want them to be, more or less :p Commercial 1. Draken falcon 1x LKO delta.v: 1000m/s Parts: 21 Weight: 9.5 / 4.3t Dimensions: 1.6 / 9.4 / 7.1m Rapier count: 1 Objective: Small single seater private plane with ample delta.v reserves Notes: Takeoff is a bit hairy since i didnt want it to have a horizontal stabilizer for reasons. 2. Draken skipper 4x LKO Delta.v: 500m/s Parts: 28 Weight: 12 / 6.5t Dimensions: 2.4 / 11.7 / 11.3m Rapier count: 1 Objective: Compact commercial ssto capable of ferrying 4 passengers in to lko or a mother ship/station Notes: Re-entry is kinda sketch as you got very little elevator authority, probably want to enable ailerons to work as elevators. 3.Draken minotaur 35 LKO Delta.v: 1000-200 (depending on payload) Parts: 44 Weight: 48.5 / 18.8t Dimensions: 3.9 / 20.1 / 18.15m Engines: Rapiers-4 / Poodle - 1 maximum payload - 35t Objective: ability to lift medium mass payloads in to lko. In theory it should be able to lift the classic orange tank, but the cargo bay is literally the exact same size as the tank so it cant realistically fit it. Notes: If you want to lift anything in to orbit, you have to make sure both ends of the cargo bay, and your payload are capped off with aerodynamic cones, the cargobay is bugged. Once lifted off the ground, reduce elevator authority to 5o or the ship will rip it self apart if you try to pitch up at speed. This craft 100% requires either strutting or increased joint rigidity in config files. Ship could probably use some rcs which i was to lazy to add, as it barely has any authority in a vacume. 4. Ark royal LKO Delta.v: 1200m/s Parts: 43 Weight: 26.4 / 11.2t Dimensions: 2.25 / 12.6 / 15.2m Rapier count: 2 Objective: Luxury private jet capable of lifting up to 4 fancy kerbals and 2 pilots in to lko with ample delta.v for small tours. Military 1.HMS Daring LKO delta.v: 500m/s Parts: 71 Weight: 29 / 12.5t Dimensions: 3.25 / 14.7 / 14m Engines: rapiers - 2 / whiplash - 2 armament: 2 nrb30s medium range hybrid atmospheric / interplanetary missiles. Objective: Heavy fighter/interceptor/ssto. This ship is meant to be a single craft solution for any first response mission. In the atmosphere, this ship posessis high speed and good maneuverability with high twr (1.65 fully loaded) which allows it to intercept targets quickly as well as engage them in a dogfight. It can also achieve lko to fire off its interplanetary armament. Notes: Due to its ability to pull high aoa (or have good maneuverability at low speeds) , frontal canards should be disabled, and aileron authority should be reduced when attempting to reach lko. Nrb30s firing sequence: 1.Disable main engines 2.Open the bomb bays 3.throttle up and engage rocket engines 4.decouple the missiles. 2.HMS Vulture LKO delta.v: 2000m/s Parts: 51 Weight: 37 / 11.4t Dimensions: 2.8 / 11.3 / 13.35m Rapier count: 2 Objective: Medium torpedo destroyer, capable of lifting 2 medium torpedoes in to lko and intercept capital ships. Notes: Due to cargo bay bug, i wasnt able to add torpedo bays or torpedoes them selves. Just imagine that the side board fuel tanks are torpedo tubes xD 3.HMS Lightning LKO Delta.v: 3000m/s Parts: 40 Weight: 74 / 18.4t Dimensions: 4.1 / 17.8 / 19.6m Rapier count: 4 Objective: Patrol frigate capable of intercepting crafts within the near solar system. Notes: Very low thrust-to weight makes it difficult to get off the runway. Once at speed, reduce elevator authority. Additional notes for all ships: 1. Ive modified my game files to reduce the noodle effect by increasing joint rigidity. If you run stock noodle mode, you may need to add struts (or just change the config, stock rigidity is not right). 2. Since there is no re-entry heating, i didnt really feel like testing re-entry or dry performance of these ships, so some of them may be a bit jank on re-entry. Since half of these are basically not finished due to bugs, ill likely revisit them at a later date and finish up additional features along with re-entry balancing. Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/96629klfuix2s55/ssto_pack.7z/file Hope you guys enjoy
  3. http://imgur.com/a/5Ha1H http://imgur.com/a/5Ha1H Imgur albums are broken on this forum, sorry! Aircraft click on the spoilers
  4. Keeping my US craft replicas in this topic I will only use Stock/DLC parts, no mods when building these _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Boeing AH-64A/D Apache Length: 13.2m Weight: 23.7t Parts: 351 Main throttle: Main rotor and tail rotor torque (set to slightly below 1/3, and use SAS) Translate U/D: Main Rotor pitch collective _________________________________________ McDonnell Douglas F-4B/C/E Phantom II on KerbalX Length: 15.6m Weight: 25.36t Parts: 220 (w/drop tanks) AG1: Toggle afterburners Stage: Drop external fuel tank As a side note, I'd highly recommend you only drop the tanks when not exerting any G's on the craft, since the landing gear on the drop tanks are autostrut-locked to the rest of the plane, it appears to screw up the wing part positioning and somewhat ruins the aerodynamics. _________________________________________ F-15C Eagle on KerbalX Length: 14.9m Weight: 23.7t Parts: 217 AG1: Toggle afterburners _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II on KerbalX Length: 12.2m Weight: 22.07t Parts: 290 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor on KerbalX Length: 15.4m Weight: 33.43t Parts: 233 AG1: Toggle afterburners _________________________________________ F-35A Lightning II on KerbalX Length: 12.73m Weight: 29.21t Parts: 394 AG1: Toggle afterburners Requirements: Making History DLC, Breaking Ground DLC _________________________________________ F-35B Lightning II STOVL on KerbalX Length: 12.75m Weight: 31.93t Parts: 340 Requirements: Making History DLC, Breaking Ground DLC _________________________________________ F-16C Viper Length: 12.5m Weight: 22.5t Parts: 270 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Grumman/Northrop Grumman F-14B Tomcat on KerbalX Length: 14.2m Weight: 29.9t Parts: 277 AG1: Toggle afterburners AG2: Toggle swing wings U/D: Manual swing-wing angle Requirements: Breaking Ground DLC _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bell AH-1Z Viper on Kerbal X Length: 12.6m Weight: 20t Parts: 239 Main throttle: Main rotor and tail rotor torque (set to ~50%) AG1: Toggle Fuel Cell Translate U/D: Main Rotor pitch collective _________________________________________________________ Upcoming crafts: F-18 Hornet / F/A-18 Super Hornet ???
  5. Hello Everybody! Welcome to my collection of welded Parts! I did this collection of parts because when i was going to do some replicas, and the number of parts exceeds 100 or maybe 300 parts! And my PC isnt powerful to support so many parts, and or the KSP Crash or the FPS Reduce a lot. Now with this, the rocket cannot exceed 100 parts! Guys, some notes: -YOU DONT NEED RADIAL ATTACHMENT! (i put some attachment points to you just put a small {0.625 m} decoupler and the nose cones also have attachments points!) -The Nose cones that have sepatrons is staged and the symbol is an engine! Check all the stages before launch! -Compatible with Tweakscale! Link to the Screen Shot: http://imgur.com/a/PMh7G Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/osq9rr84dbqk0uo/AAAC5z-rLbQguPq-jyjqCm-wa?dl=0 License: CC BY-NC 3.0 BR (Link: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/br/) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PTBR: Fala Galera! Tudo Bom? Bem vindos a minha coleção de peças juntas, ou seja, são varias peças em uma só. Dai vocês me perguntam, por que vc fez isso? Dai eu respondo meu caro jogador de KSP, nem todos nós temos computadores fortes que suportam muitas peças e graficos, e isso acontece comigo. Algumas vezes, as naves tinham um grande numero de peças (que passavam mais de 100 ou até mesmo 300 peças!) e jogo dava Crash. Decidi juntar peças as peças do KSP e tentar fazer "Peças Realistas") Notas: -Vc nao precisa usar deacoplador Radial! Alguns Tanques tem pontos de acoplamento e vc só precisa de um deacoplador pequeno (0.625 m) e junte as peças! -Os "Bicos" dos SRB ou Tanques que tem um sepatron embutido tem no estagio um simbolo de motor liquido! Pois então, cheque seus estagios antes do lançamento. -Compatível com Tweakscale -Tradução em Andamento Link pra imagens do modt: http://imgur.com/a/PMh7G Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/osq9rr84dbqk0uo/AAAC5z-rLbQguPq-jyjqCm-wa?dl=0 Licença: CC BY-NC 3.0 BR (Link: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/br/) Me sigam no Youtube!: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRfZFmOHjHLS0Qvz2DSJedQ Me sigam no Twitter!: https://twitter.com/GTulerman THIS VERSION IS 0.1 Changes: 0.1: Initial Release/ Publicação Inicial!
  6. Hey all! I'm here creating this new thread because now that I finally have multiple missions running at the same time I feel like I need a place to link them all (for me and for you guys). So, here we go! The Call of The Void. This is the second part of The Beginning of a Space Program. It's hopefully going to continue where the last story left Kerbin off, and hopefully I will go to many different worlds with this one. Light it up-A trip to Laythe and Back. Light It Up was originally created when I wanted to do a practice mission to Laythe of deploying a station and landing on the surface in 1.1.3. I then thought: Heck! Let's make a video out of it. The music fit the video very well, I like that it's fast. I can safely say that this is my best one yet. The beginning of a space program. This mission report is about the development of a space program (originally called DMSP) from small probes to the future of space exploration. I try to update it as much as possible and I really do love writing it, I'm sticking with it for a while. It's so Classic-A trip around the Mün. Well, I made this video because a) I wanted to use the song Classic somewhere and b) I wanted a few views and a new video. I had no expectation that it would end up on Video Wednesdays. Messing with the Mun, Mucking with the Mun, and Taking on Tylo. Taking on Tylo is the real jewel out of these. Check it out. Old Stuff (plenty of stuff here).
  7. SpekzCo is where anyone's idea will be considered. The ideas may end in Kerbals no longer being Available for flight ( RIP ) but at least it'll look good. Here I will post the best Aircraft, Watercraft and Spacecraft I build. These craft work with the 1.1 pre-release and up. SCA Eagle T2 When you try to recreate a Basic Trainer Jet, and instead create a Hyper Mental Stunt Jet. When this thing goes slow ( under 70m/s ) it can be really Agile. DOWNLOAD K-17 KerbinAce When you think, I need to make a Cargo Jet and make a glorious looking Aircraft based off a Glorious IRL Aircraft. DOWNLOAD SCM "Duna" Buggy A cool looking buggy that can do some sick drifts ( thanks Squad! ) DOWNLOAD FlatBed Truck Pack ( Empty, Fuel Tanker ) Very Industrial Looking FlatBed Trucks, with multiple uses. With the Empty one, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. DOWNLOAD
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