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Found 5 results

  1. So my part is now showing up in the VAB, but I can't seem to selected. Am I correct to assume I forgot the collider in Unity? I can select it, and even attach it, but nothing afterwards.
  2. Hello! I am currently in the process of refurbishing my dome. I created a brand-new model, along with a custom collider mesh made out of triangular prisms. Here are the screenshots from Unity, where everything appears to be fine: However, in-game the dome looks like this (the size is correct, it's supposed to be 10m in diameter): ^ Proof that it's the collision mesh that's messing things up for me, and not the actual texture(s) that I'm using. I am really confused as to what I should do at this point. I tried everything, including moving the colliders up and down the hierarchy, applying the mesh renderer and applying an empty texture to it, and a bunch of other things, only to end up with the same result. What should I do? Am I doing something wrong?
  3. Greetings! I am currently working with @Hellbrand to restore some of the works of @CoffeeSE. His works are of exceedingly high quality and they have aged remarkably well (with a few exceptions - see below). This is not a promo thread, so please excuse the lack of details. The issue at hand is one of the 1.25m cockpits, the [REDACTED], which seems to be missing a collider. At least that is my assumption - I know it has one around the hatch, but when it spawns in the flight scene, it sinks into the ground until it catches on the hatch collider (see pics below). In its present state, kerbals can walk through it. There is also the issue of a "Hatch Obstructed" error when trying to EVA. It might be related, as I've heard that's caused by having a hatch collider not extending beyond the mesh. Or something (my skills, such as they are, are confined largely to a note pad). There is another cockpit that has a similar issue (although it has fully working colliders). If anyone has any suggestions or advice, please let me or @Hellbrand know. I should mention these cockpits have fully custom RPM IVAs and it would be a shame if they got sidelined over such a minor issue (I'm assuming people will want to actually leave their cockpits at some point ). Below is a link to the part files in question (textures, model, config) for the [REDACTED] cockpit. Thanks! Download Link Pics: Legal: If you're curious, yes, we have permission from CoffeeSE directly; moreover, the original License (included) on this part was and remains: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0
  4. OMG!!... Yes, I'm new to modelling... Been screwing with a part (engine) in Blender & Unity for several days now, and it seems 80% of my issues are due to a stoopid collider... I've read many threads, I've watched many video tutorials... I've tweaked and changed ALL kinds of settings both in Unity and Blender, and i JUST CANT GET MY COLLIDER 100% figured out... Finally found a KSP shader that "seems" to work... Finally got the dang axes to orient properly... Now my last issue, is that my part is selectable and placeable in the editor... But once placed, the part cannot be selected or removed again... Also, if I launch with it, it wiggles around during physics loading, then when activated (its an engine), it separates from the rocket and goes spinning off on its own, still thrusting even though its no longer attached to anything... (not even a fuel tank? IIRC, I read this might be due to the collider... In tweaking everything to get a 90% workable model model, I notice the blue wireframe highlighting for the collider mesh in Unity has disappeared, also... I've rechecked the collider settings, and I cant figure it out.. I'm sure its something simple I'm missing, but for the life of me... SOMEONE PLEEZE HELP!! Thanx
  5. A few questions, i have today. I'm trying to setup fairings for the FFR rocket mesh i'm doing. I have parts named correctly in Unity and the name matches in the cfg file. Enabling and disabling them makes them show up and disappear within KSP but if i try to separate them they just sit there. they have ejection force but no colliders as stock game ones didn't appear to use them either. Searches haven't been terribly helpful. Any ideas? Second question I'm pretty sure i know the answer to already. Is there any way without setting it up as a ton of smaller colliders to do a hollow centrifuge you can walk (or drive) in. I've been working on a large scale one but colliders quickly start doing strange things.Like ejecting Kerbals at escape velocity. Thanks.