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Found 2 results

  1. Colonists! for 1.4.X Colonists! Introduces a new kind of Kerbals the (tadadadaaaa) colonist. (A mashup between Engineers and Scientists). The intention to create them was to have some kind of kerbal wich can be dropped off on a planet with a rover and do some science without mystery goo or materials bay getting useless after the first use and without them and their rover getting stuck because a wheel suddenly broke. Without coding it is just possible to decide wich abilities to copy from a kerbal and wich not. So the possibilities for me are limited. This is exactly what I took/left: Taken from Scientists: Ability to execute experiments in EVA and reset them. Difference to scientists: Scientists can process data in laboratories and provide a science bonus for recovered experiments/vessels. Taken from Engineers: Ability to repair stuff. Difference to Engineers: Engineers boost drilling/converting resources. Taken from Pilots: Ability to provide basic vessel control (activate stuff, steer, etc.) even without connection back to the KSC Difference to Pilots: Pilots provide SAS! Here is what he will learn in detail: Level 0 Reset experiments, Perform experiments in EVA, Full vessel Control Level 1 Repack parachutes Level 2 Repair lander legs Level 3 Repair wheels They will spwan like any other type of kerbal and you can recruit or rescue them. Here you see Jesvie and her description: Hope they come in handy for some of you! Published under MIT License, see source for details. Download (Spacedock): LINK Zip contains the "Colonists"-folder, just drop this in GameData Source (Github): LINK I do love it, but would appreciate some feedback. "Changelog": Deleted the pilot abilities because it was not possible to make the vessel uncontrollable if connection is lost. Without this drawback they would've been too overpowered! Added the "FullVesselControl" parameter to the colonists abilities. So no more pilot stuff but control of the vessel everywhere, hope that is more balanced!
  2. Hi it cratercracker again! And you might think that you are going to make some good old chemical/biological/physical stuff.. SCREW IT Because today, we are going to combine all of this. Have you ever dreamed to be a colonist in the future, in space, in a spaceship, in the middle of the nowhere? Sure you did. But we are talking about less complicated things. Do you think you are ready for an isolation for a whole night? Or how about just one biscuit for 4 hours? Sounds violent, huh? Okay. Ahem, done kidding around. Let's give you some trivia before you start. You are a colonist On Mars You are lone And the sun is a deadly laser Okay. I think you get it now. So. I'll speak with truth and honor, I conducted the experiment myself, and I can clearly say that it is planned so it won't harm you too much or won't harm you at all. Let's get to the plan Preparing~~ Okay. (DON't EAT THE BISCUITS YET) Now, upon it is night. Let's get a bit more planned, so it will be more planned than it was planned before. And now. Now, now, now, now What are we going to do now? I didn't plan it so far. Alright I actually did. (Right now) And after we survived 2 hours after the sunset We are going to survive 1 more... Okay. Now we are tired and wet. Good, just like the real Martian colony. You know what is next? Nothing. Eternal darkness. Experiment is over. The end. Warning Not likely to be done if it is not Sunday, Saturday or Friday. Neither it is good for people younger than 14 years. It doesn't mean anything, you just did a thing. Some not 2.2 stuff, it is different sort of role play If it is actually seems very bad for your health. Take this thread as a joke. NOW YOU ARE AN OFFICIAL COLONIST OF THE TOILET