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Found 1 result

  1. Color Coded Canisters What is Color Coded Canisters? Quite simply, it is a texture/model pack that replaces the appearance of the stock LFO fuel tanks, using Module Manager (required). It updates the appearance of the tanks to look a little cleaner, while paying homage to the originals, and also giving each diameter its own color for the tank interior, which makes them easier to identify in the VAB/SPH menus. (Note: This may not be helpful for those who can not see color differentiation very well, particularly red/green colorblindness). By using ModuleManager to apply the changes, the mod is a non-permanent add-on, which means you can uninstall, reinstall, and update at your convenience, and it will not interfere with KSP's own patching process when a new KSP version comes out. The disadvantage of this method is that KSP still loads the stock models and textures into memory. However, to make the memory footprint as small as possible, these new art assets share texture space and use them as efficiently as they can. So far, each diameter has only one texture that the tanks of that size share. To put this in perspective, many individual parts may use a 512x512, or even a 1024x1024 texture image, each. This pack is using a 512x512 image for each of the smaller diameter sets, and one 1024x1024 for the 3.75m diameter set. Dependencies: Included & Required: Module Manager (by sarbian and ialdabaoth). See the Module Manager thread for details and license and source. Recommended: Fuel Tanks Plus, which adds more tanks with the same coloration and art style, plus enables color-switching with more options. Advanced feature: Automatically detects if Fuel Tanks Plus is installed, and will use its textures to enable color-switching. Advantages: Doesn't overwrite stock files. KSP will still patch correctly. CCC can be uninstalled or upgraded at any time with ease. Doesn't interfere with other mods that rely on the stock textures. Memory usage is low due to shared textures. Despite having more detailed models, performance hit should be negligible, since triangles are cheap. Serves a dual purpose of color-coding based on diameter, while also beautifying the parts. Disadvantages: Color-coding relies mostly on orange/yellow/green hues. People with red/green colorblindness may not enjoy a benefit. By not replacing stock model/texture files directly, memory usage is in addition to those files. KSP loads stock data even if not in use. Beautifies and color-codes only specific parts. Stock parts not on the list will retain their original appearance. Parts from other mods will not have the color-coding unless configs are added for them. Part of the NecroBones suite of mods, that work nicely together: Modular Rocket Systems (stock-alike parts pack, NASA-like alternatives, and filling the gaps) SpaceY Heavy Lifters Parts Pack (stock-balanced large rocket parts, 5m parts, large SRBs) Color Coded Canisters (replacement models/textures for stock fuel tanks: prettier, cleaner, and diameter color-coding for the tank end-caps) Fuel Tanks Plus (collection of large stock-like tanks with Color Coded Canister style) ColorFuel Lines (color-selctable fuel lines) Lithobrake Exploration Technologies (lander parts, large chutes/legs/ladders/etc) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download From: SpaceDock -or- download page -or- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Screenshots (0.5 beta): Change Log: (1.4+) 2.0.1 (2018-03-14) - RCS tank fix - Removed end-caps from 1.25m RCS tank. - Added 1.25m RCS tank to color-switcher. 2.0.0 (2018-03-13) - Overhaul for KSP 1.4 - Overhauled color-changing code to use KSP 1.4's new stock mesh switcher. - Modifications will apply to both the new and old versions of the 2.5m stock tanks. - Disabled end-cap shrouds. - Known issue: X200-32 tank's outer skin can turn invisible when on "stock" color, and you are color-changing other parts in the editor. 1.5.2 (unreleased) - Fixes. - Corrected an issue with Model/Texture reassignment for 2.5m parts when using B9 Part Switch. - Removed some unecessary "NEEDS" ModuleManager conditions. 1.5.1 (2016-07-03) - Hotfix. - Corrected a mistake in the MM configs that caused glitchy z-fighting if FTP was not installed. 1.5 (2016-06-29) - Update. - Added some adjacent diameter colors to the 1.25m and 2.5m tanks, when FTP is present. - Slightly simplified the MM configs for 1.25m and 2.5m tanks. 1.4.8 (2016-05-07) - Mesh switching hotfix. - Prioritization of B9 vs IFS adjusted. - Fixed z-fighting problem with 2.5m Rockomax tanks. 1.4.7 (2016-05-06) - Fuel Switching Tweaks. - Added minimum tech requirements for some fuels in the fuel switchers, when using InterstellarFuelSwitch 2.0.1+. - InterstellarFuelSwitch GUI names updated for IFS 2.0.1. - InterstellarFuelSwitch prioritized ahead of B9PartSwitch to take advantage of tech levels. - Added MonoPropellant as a choice in fuel switching, with minimum tech level when using IFS. 1.4.6 (2016-05-06) - Fuel switching compatibility. - Added more B9PartSwitch support, so that it can handle the fuel switching too, if present. - B9PartSwitch setting added to prevent drag cubes from being regenerated repeatedly in the editors. 1.4.5 (2016-04-29) - Hotfix. - Fixed a mistake in 1.4.4 that was preventing InterstellarFuelSwitch integration from working correctly. 1.4.4 (2016-04-28) - Mesh switching compatibility - Added support for B9PartSwitch. Firespitter and InterstellarFuelSwitch still work too, of course. 1.4.3 (2016-04-24) - Fixes. - Adjusted the mapping of the blue dome for SpaceY integration to match recent SpaceY texture changes. - Fix for fuel-switching to properly disable when something else is adding it (such as CryoEngines), relating to change in ModuleManager's logic. 1.4.1/1.4.2 (2015-12-20) - Bug fix. - Corrected a problem with alternate paint schemes from FuelTanksPlus not working properly. 1.4 (2015-12-18) - Updates and mod compatibility. - Updated the MM configs to work more reliably with Ven's Stock Revamp. - Overhauled the default "fuel switching" config to work more nicely with other fuel-switching mods. - Color change buttons (with FTP) renamed to "Color Scheme" instead of "Variant".