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Found 1 result

  1. I think I am one of the only people that make small but not challenging lander designs. And as Doodling Adventures had to end, I thought it would be fun to try this out for the community. Now the problem with all the past challenges I have tried where that I made no example, they where pretty hard, and there was no rewards at all. So I went on to build the little lander challenge. So here we go: Mission 1: Garage landers Mission 2: Two is better than one Mission 3: Is round 3 right now Round 3: Asteroids, Comets, and giants oh my! Scenario: Your company has recently been more noticed around the spacecraft market. But the giants of SpaceK, Green Origin, and United Kerbal Alliance are more popular. It's time to settle in once and for all a mission that will blow the roof off the Company world. A multi-celestial-body spacecraft. The goal of this flight is to visit Asteroids and Comets. And defeat the giants of yesterday! This round is supposed to make it that you push your spacecraft to visit even more space rocks. I hope that you submit your OG submission and then a few days later post a new asteroid/comet that you visit to grow your score. Your lander spacecraft must accept the following: -Fly 100% successfully all the way. -Not use of cheats, physics editing mods, or non-stock parts (DLC allowed) -RTGs, fuel cells, and relay parts are banned for this round -No crew or lack of probe core -No going higher than 85,000 funds Mission: Mission is simple. You must fly to an asteroid or comet and then either stop their or fly to another space rock. This time you don't need any science modules but if you want to bring any feel free to. Here is considered a successful asteroid/comet mission. -Launch on the pad -Fly to Kerbin orbit (Periapsis and Apoapsis has to be between 70,000-84,000,000) -Encounter the asteroid/comet -Attach to the asteroid/comet with either claw piece -Have some kind of image/video for each step to prove you did this mission Scoring: Scoring is separated into 8 areas 1. Penalties: If you broke rules you will lose 10 points for each broken rule. Except for banned part and fund penalties, it's 5 points you lose for each banned part/1,000 funds. You must have a probe or it's a gatecrasher 2. Every space rock you grab will be an additional points. Don't worry if you can't submit all of them in one day. Feel free to submit more flights with your spacecraft. I have tons of xenon leftover that I will be over the month visiting more space rocks. Depending on what rocks you visit will add to your points. -Asteroid: 20 points each -Drestoid: 40 points for first (10 points for each afterwords) -Comet: 70 points each -Interstellar comet: 400 points each 3. Bonuses of no xenon over what you visit If you visit 2 or more asteroids - 20 points If you visit 2 or more comets - 50 points If you visit 2 or more interstellar comets (Probably impossible) - 100 points 4. Difficulty: Easy: 0 points Fly to an asteroid successfully and no other asteroid visits Medium: 30 points Fly to 2 asteroids Fly to a drestroid and/or multiple asteroids Fly to a comet Hard: 50 points Fly to a comet and multiple asteroids Fly to a Drestroid and a comet Flagship: 70 points Asteroid-Drestroid-Comet mission all in one At least: 2 asteroids, 1 Comet, and 1 Drestroid OR At least:1 interstellar comet (originally 1 comet and 1 interstellar but changed to balance out flagship) OR 4 Comets 5. Athesics: Make your spacecraft, rocket, and/or launch pad look nice. Naming your spacecraft and/or creating a flag will also prove to look nice Max points: 100 points 6. Bonuses: Community Favorite: 30 points Highest atheistic score: 30 points (if more than 1 has 100 then no bonus will be given) Flagship class bonus: 30 points Land on Kerbin in one piece once mission is over: 30 points Crash into Jool to prevent contamination in the Kerbol system: 30 points Collied two asteroids/drestroids together at more than 30 meters per second: 70 points Use this as an example of what to submit (images are welcomed) Rewards and Rankings (note how points will change on mission updates) 1. @EveMaster 1,155 | Comet Chaser | Flagship 2. @GRS 525 | The Collector | Flagship 3. @The Doodling Astronaut 310 | Cosmic Chaser | Flagship 4. @Space Nerd 295 | DelV 16k | Flagship 5. @BallistX 270 | Infinity 1 | Flagship <more rankings will be added if there are more participators> High Quality patch is right here for people who complete this challenge. Copy and paste this image in your account settings then double click on the image to change it's size. For the flagship patch. Your name and your lander will be put on a patch (with your favorite color in the background.) Flagship Class Use this link to look at scoring ROUND 1 Rankings Round 2 Rankings