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Found 4 results

  1. We've all seen and read them, so why not share them! I'm sure that you have some copies of sci-fi comics lying around somewhere, or have been inspired by them at some point, and you're not alone (I was five after reading a Star Wars comic, and put myself in a cardboard box, trying to be a Star Destroyer). Besides, it's fun to see what they imagined what we'd have in the 21st century (hovercars, rayguns), and what we actually have (rising tensions between countries, threats of nuclear war, etc). So if you've seen some old sci-fi comics around, then why not tell me about them!
  2. 'Kerbal Adventures' is a comic that I am making, and at the moment it is set around common mistakes that new players often make (structural integrity, running out of fuel, bad piloting, going on a trajectory around the sun or into the sun, etc). I will begin publishing it once I find out how to get images on the forums without using Imgur, as Imgur is blocked for 'photo-sharing' on my laptop, and I can't do it on my desktop since it had a blue screen of death and is in for repairs.
  3. I decided I wanted to start a KSP komic strip. I have created some comic strips in the past and have also wanted to start a Kerbal story at some point. So I have a plot thought out which is great! However I am the kind of person which gets bored quite easily and quits. So don't expect anything big! I also think that when I start, there won't really be a schedule for when I post new strips. At most, it would be weekly. And just so you know, before I start, I have to finish Oberth station in LKO and build a Munar space station and a Munar surface base. So this probably won't start for a few weeks. However I decided to figure out how to make these. MS paint isn't great for comics of this type. Publisher kind of is but I want to be able to combine it into one picture as well as upload it to imgur and share it. So what software did I use? Powerpoint. Yeah. It was the only one that could combine all the pictures into one and make the file small enough to save as a picture and upload to Imgur. So here it is. (If you are wondering, the payload is part of Oberth Station.) Feedback is appreciated and tell me: what software do you use to make comics and how? But that's it for now. Fire
  4. Hello everyone, I have recently been inspired by some forum-goers to start my own book-thread! Knowing their expectations, I will start right now, right here; A lot had happened in the last few hours. Kerbol began setting, a VTOL finished its testing phase, and a mysterious "Space Whale" had appeared behind the runway. The last of these events had attracted the attention of mission control, along with conspiracy theorists who blamed the event on some crazy engineers. With all the chaos this mysterious aircraft was causing at the KSC, the lead group of experts, comprised of Gene, Wernher, and Mortimer, decided the best course of action was to "Blow it up." First, they sent Bill and Bob to investigate and find ways to dispose of the plane, simply telling them to "not die." When Bill stepped out of the car, he simply gasped, ran back in the car, and shouted "Hit the gas, NOW! There is only one way to solve this." Hearing Bill's distress, Bob immediately slammed his tiny kerbal fist onto the Z button, swerving the car around. As they rocketed away from the whale plane, Bill shouted "Get to the SPH! The only solution to this is there! After a nauseating ride to the SPH, the car came to a screeching halt at the door, where two small aircraft were sitting. Bill explained; "Clearly, the only solution is to destroy the craft with missiles." "The one on the left is the Micro Mk1, a compact VTOL made to fit onto rockets. The one on the right is the Goblin Mk1, the new, twin-engine variant of the Micro." Bill stated while jumping onto the Goblin Mk1. Bob, raising an invisible eyebrow in confusion, asked "Wait, so someone jumps into this neck-snapping deathtrap to blow up a plane?" With a clever smirk, Bill answered "Yes, you will." Bob, rushing to make an excuse, stammered "W-well if you do it, I'll give you half of my snack rations for a week!" Bill, stroking his chin, answered "Ok, sure. Just don't "Forget" like you did last time." With that, Bill climbed into the VTOL and whooshed off. Shouting glorious Aztek war cries, Bill got as close as he dared to the spaceplane and slammed the spacebar as fast as he could, firing two salvos of separatrons. However, before Bill could fire his last two missiles, his VTOL plummeted toward the ground like a rock, dashing itself into thousands of little pieces. t What happened next was much, much worse... Meanwhile in another save.... (Inspired by ShadowZone) At the KSC, there was a buzz of attention. The latest generation of spacecraft had been launched, and with some luck, the first one should be reaching orbit. However, it had been a long time since a transmission had been received, and Gene began to fear the worst. Then, just as Gene thought his nightmares had been confirmed, a static ring ripped across the speaker, and a voice rang out "This is Joissa Kerman of the USS Wolly, we have reached orbit." Immediately, Mission Control erupted in cheer, almost destroying the building. Confetti was released in tiny mass relays, kerbals flew across the room, and Gene and Wernher high-foured. Finally, cameras on the ship rang to life, revealing the craft and its sole occupant; Barely able to contain his excitement, Gene ordered the ship to set up maneuvers to the Mun to refuel. Getting back into the pod, Joissa made quick preparations to go to the Mun. With the maneuvers plotted, the mighty atomic engines roared to life, driving the ship out of low Kerbin orbit. Finally, external cameras installed be Joissa were able to take some pictures, giving a real sense of scale. There are also a series of probes designed to drop on a planet, and added vernor engines for extra control. They are ready to deploy at any time, declaring they are "Ready for action" when activated. A few seconds after, as the craft was completing its final burn, the radio was cut short. A few hours later, a wild series of explosions was heard from the transmitter, and mission control flew into panic. Meanwhile, something terrible had happened...