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Found 3 results

  1. I'm wondering how much design can vary for for a given set of limits, for example, a quick design experiment, Make a rocket that lands on Minmus and then back with a surface sample home to Kerbin. Limits: * Must be based on Mk1 command pod * Have real parachute/parachutes * Have solar panel/panels And the maximum part count is 14 . Maximum weight is 11 t. Would be very interesting what you come up with! :-) ! UPDATE ! ----> Kerbal Space Agency has rewarded Skystorm with a gold medal for achievement in RRD (Rapid Rocket Development) and for the very cool Minmus Rocket "Tiny Too II". KSA is still interested in some more rocket designs. But development and budget concerns has suddenly emerged. For ease of shipping and handling we would like to purchase 10 or more rocketships if the following specifications are met: * Must be based on Mk1 command pod * Cost must be lower than 10.000 * Maximum height is 6 m. * Maximum part count is 13. * Weight must be lower than 10 t. * Stock parts only * Parachutes and solar panels are optional. <----
  2. For any planet!* It can very slowly take off on Kerbin. The album. *: Except Jool and Kerbol.
  3. (This shuttle was built 100% stock! No mechjeb nor KER used) Built a shuttle this morning. Doesn't look anything like the US shuttle or Buran but it is nice looking. Smaller than I would thought it would turn out. Kinda cute. (Imgur album is jumbled. Not in order.) It is a mix between the Buran and US shuttle in that it is a glider but it uses kind of an Energia style rocket to lift it off. It has one secondary engine. A skipper. Fully functional RCS system and a realistic docking port. (Inside cargo bay) I haven't found out its full payload capacity but I'm guessing it could take up a full orange tank. TWR of 2.5 to start with no payload. 33 ton shuttle and 455 tons with the rocket attached to it. Surely it could take another 36 tons into orbit with it! The orbiter has 1455 m/s of DV without a payload. Oh yeah and re-entry is a breeze. This legend beasts its way through the atmosphere at flippin' 40 degrees angle of attack. It also doesn't need wings on its bottom. I don't know why but it is very easy to control in the thick atmosphere after re-entry. Oh and it uses a fuel cell for EC charge but that seems to be bugged. Not generating EC when turned on. :/ Action groups: 1. Toggle skipper 7. Drogue chute 9. Cargo bay 10. Fuel cell Download: Fire